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The Nasty Government

Malcolm Turnbull avails himself of every opportunity to tell us how exciting it is to be alive with his new agile government and its positive paradigm but sitting behind him are the bullies that persecuted Gillian Triggs for telling the truth about the state sanctioned torture of children in detention.

Triggs had the courage, integrity, and dignity to quietly and calmly stand her ground under the most disgraceful abuse. She would not be silenced. She would not be bribed.

Report after report, including the government’s own Moss Review, confirmed the abominable conditions facing the people locked up in these hellholes and still the abuse of Triggs flowed. Case after case came to light, people even died, and still new contracts worth billions were awarded to Tony Shepherd’s Transfield.

Two of Ms Trigg’s worst abusers, Peter Dutton and George Brandis, have never apologised for their bullying and instead, appear to be being rewarded for incompetence.

Dutton was described by basically every stakeholder as the worst Health Minister ever yet retains a position in Cabinet and appears to have adopted the cloak of leader of the rabid right. Brandis, after innumerable stuff-ups like the ‘right to be bigots’, the sacking of Graeme Innes to gift his little friend Tim Wilson a high paying sinecure, and the appropriation of arts funding to gift to associates, has been made leader of the Senate.

Apparently Malcolm and George have met with Ms Triggs recently. I hope George was forced to apologise for his unforgivable personal attacks. Somehow I doubt it as “sorry I was wrong” doesn’t come easily to Liberals, but I am sure that Gillian would have savoured the moment regardless.

Scott Morrison, who suggested the Liberal Party exploit fears about Muslims for political reasons, who complained about asylum seekers being flown to attend the funerals of their loved ones who drowned, who insisted on the dehumanisation of ‘illegals’, was a natural choice for Immigration Minister and now, having achieved the fear and mistrust he wanted to foster, has been rewarded with the role of Treasurer despite showing little aptitude for the job.

Greg Hunt retains his position as Minister for Coal and resolutely sticks by the lie that increasing our emissions by 6% over today’s levels by 2020 is something to boast about. When pensions, education and health spending increase by less than they were going to, it’s an increase. When emissions increase by less than they were going to, it’s the biggest cut in the world according to Hunt who labels any questioning of this as “pathetic” and any legal challenge as “vigilante lawfare”. Maintain the lies with gusto and a little boy puppy dog face as you watch the world burn.

And then there is Christopher Pyne who, as Education Minister, wanted to rewrite the curriculum to go back to basics and Direct Instruction with an emphasis on phonics and our Judeo-Christian heritage. He threatened to defund university research if he did not get his way with fee deregulation but got nowhere in convincing the Senate. Despite his failure in this portfolio, now all of a sudden he is the man of the moment pushing the government message of innovation and digital disruption.

Pyne, aside from being able to change direction without blinking, has a rather nasty predilection for calling people “c*nts”.

And in case you were unsure of what he said he spelt it out on Sunrise.

Our very polished and sophisticated deputy leader of the Liberal Party also likes to hurl catty abuse

As does our recently promoted Minister for Employment and Minister for Women

Fiona Nash has been made Minister for Regional Health despite the controversy surrounding a conflict of interest where her Chief of Staff was a lobbyist for the junk food industry when she made the decision to take down the healthy food website. He resigned but was then taken to China as part of a trade delegation with Andrew Robb in August. As Penny Wong pointed out, “A senior minister, trade officials and an unregistered lobbyist shouldn’t be doing business together.”

There are also questions about inappropriate behaviour and corrupt dealings facing Arthur Sinodinis, Mal Brough and Wyatt Roy, the practice of allowing people to buy contact to Ministers through large donations, and the numerous politicians’ entitlements scandals. The new Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Turnbull strategist, James McGrath, is infamous for paying for dirt files on Labor politicians

Add in a back bench which contains Cory Bernardi who thinks same sex marriage will lead to bestiality, Eric Abetz who thinks abortion causes breast cancer, George Christensen who thinks we will all be under Sharia Law if we accept Muslim refugees, Andrew Nikolic who thinks civil liberties are an impediment to the war he wants to wage on us all in the name of national security, Dennis Jensen and Chris Back who, as recently as July, called for a parliamentary inquiry to examine the evidence of climate change before the Government signs up to post 2020 emissions targets, and many other ‘colourful’ characters whose research seems to extend only to the Murdoch press.

And finally, a partnership with a National Party full of empowered dinosaurs who are extracting promises and actively recruiting in order to expand their power base, mixed with a seething nest of discontent from deposed Liberals.

The polls tell us that the Coalition are a shoe-in to win the next election despite internal disunity, a worsening economy, inaction on climate change, a failed Fraudband, and every policy blatantly favouring big business and the high end of town.

I am at a loss to understand why the Coalition has shot to the lead in the 2 party preferred polling other than an overwhelming gratitude and relief at seeing the back of Abbott.

As has been continually pointed out, nothing has changed except a leader who delivers 300 word slogans in a pleasant tone.

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  1. Wayne Turner

    With a nasty MSM promoting this lot. The MSM do NOT believe in democracy. They ONLY believe in promoting the side they want in government. They got Abbott in,but even they couldn’t hide Abbott the idiot once he got in.

    Also,democracy clearly doesn’t work,when the MSM is owned by too few,and campaign hard for their chosen side. With the masses either being ignorant and gullible that fall for the MSM crap,or ignorant people that don’t care. The informed is a minority,of critical thinking people. The ignorant majority ruin and rule so called democracy.

  2. Wayne Turner

    Turnbullsh*t = All style and no substance.

    Idiot Abbott = no style and no subtance.

    It’s the same crap Libs. With a different leader, who speaks and sounds better. The terrible policies continue.

  3. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Time for Labor to get serious and form an effective, alternative and innovative Alliance with the Greens, sane Independents and energetic new parties like the Australian Progressives and maybe the Xenophon Party which can raise the expectations of the Australian community for what good governance is about.

    No better way to blast the spotlight on the cancer inflicted on Australia by this LNP Degenerate Government.

    Once the Alliance wins, the LNP will be cactus forever.

  4. Miriam English

    Discontent with Labor is pretty high. This may be one of the reasons Turnbull gets away with it. The QLD Labor government is working to extinguish native title so they can steal the land for the giant, disastrous Carmichael mine to go ahead and utterly demolish any chance of controlling climate destabilisation. It seems sometimes there is little to differentiate the two parties. They both appear to be cynically interested in their own power and as such are bought and sold by, and jump to the call of, their puppet-masters.


  5. kathysutherland2013

    Great article. My despair at the current government is matched only by my distress about the weak Opposition.

  6. Terry2

    Abbott, Dutton, Brandis and that so called Senator Ian McDonald had never encountered a person with principles and integrity and found Gillian Triggs difficult to deal with.

    At one stage I had worries that these bullies may force her to resign but I’m now much more comfortable that she will prevail over these bullies.

  7. mars08

    For those who are feeling “distress” at our weak opposition. After all this tme… have you considered that maybe, perhaps, possibly… the opposition isn’t displaying weakness at at? Could it be that the opposition is simply showing what it really stands for???? Maybe it’s just finding very few things it wants to oppose!

    Denial much?

  8. jim

    Out if curiosity I went to a Liberal Facebook page and what stands out is that quiet a few right wing Libs really hate that Turnbull has stabbed Abbott in the back so I like that anyhow.

  9. Adrianne Haddow

    I totally agree with your comment mars 08.

    The conspiracy theorist in me believes that Shorten and his cronies are liberal plants, carefully infiltrating the Labor ranks and subverting the party from within.

    The other part of my theory supports the idea that they all really know how stuffed we are as a species, and they are shoring up their wealth bases to survive the climate holocaust that they, and their big business marauders, have created.

    But……….You can’t eat or breathe money.

  10. Kaye Lee

    I too am disappointed by Labor but they do have some better policies. I like the 100,000 scholarships for maths and science places at uni. Christopher Pyne just said the Coalition will not support that. They have better aspirations for action on climate change which must be given some detail sooner rather than later. They are stubbornly clinging to offshore detention but have at least agreed to independent oversight. They had policies to target corporate tax avoiders and tax concessions for the wealthy – they must be expanded on and presented, with figures, as an alternative to raising the GST. Turnbull’s ineptitude with the broadband should be highlighted, particularly as a counter to his supposed passion for innovation.

    The thing I truly detest about politics is their view that it is a game that must be played with strategic timing. Peta Credlin is representative of all that is wrong with politics nowadays if you ask me. Ignore experts, sack public servants, hire spin doctors and media monitors, listen to focus groups and polls, massage the media via leaks, collect dirt and try to crucify people publicly completely out of proportion to any alleged transgression – if you destroy people’s lives it is just collateral damage on the road to VICTORY!!! Whatever it takes. Credlin has NO idea of what it takes to be a leader. Intimidation and control are NOT qualities I would look for in my employees and yes Peta, you were just an employee and a poor one at that.

  11. Adrianne Haddow

    Peta Credlin watched too many of those American political soap operas, and fancied herself as the hard-nosed power behind the President.

    I think Julie Bishop may view herself in the same light.
    With enough machiavellian schemes and ploys, she seems to think she’ll soar to the top job.

  12. Chris

    Miriam,Mars,Adrianne,Jennifer,kathy,et al…..that has been my point. I couldn’t vote for Labor while they stand for no principles and their is no ‘red line’ they are not willing to cross and their ‘core policies’ get thrown away so easily.
    So many of them go on to work for the ‘bad guys’. So few of them seem to care about anything.
    PS Xenophon is a scam…..Don’t go there. He is making a huge effort to appear principled again but he hasn’t even done that for a long time.

  13. paul walter

    I can’t find anything to add to Kaye Lee’s last comment, not a nano too much or too little.

    The only thing else is the debilitating problem of myopic faction politics in gridlocking our politics, as also happens in the US with the Republicans and the TeaParty, but Kaye Lee covered that with her comment about politics as a game.

    The public hasn’t woken up yet to the probability that Turnbull is as paralysed Howard was at his end with Costello, then Rudd and Gillard after him. The ABC columnist Paula Mattheson commented at the Drum that if Turnbull didn’t get his right-faction under control very soon that he would face huge headaches, shortly. Dutton has already demonstrated how perverse they can be if they decide to be.

  14. mars08

    Ah, I don’t think that Shorten and other ALP movers are sneaky Coalition plants.

    I just feel that the ALP has consciously changed their stance on certain topics, and are aiming for a different voting demographic. Just a marketing decision. Notbing sinister… they’re just playing to an easier crowd, while trying to hold on to the old timers.

    Just plain old opportunism

  15. babyjewels10

    Meanwhile, with daily opportunities, Labor fiddles while Rome burns.

  16. guest

    I have commented here before about the kind of negativity exhibited by mars08 and Adrianne Haddow. Even Kaye sounds rather soft in support of “some better policies.”

    The plain fact is that Labor is stuck between a rock and a hard place over some policies, such as immigration and security. These policies are dominate the media and influence the populous. It is difficult to go against public opinion, especially from Opposition.

    But the Coalition point to Labor and the Senate for the fact that some of the 2014 budget remains un-passed. It gives the Coalition an excuse for not having made inroads on the debt, but we know why these policies have been opposed.

    We see also that there is a clear distinction between Labor’s policy on Climate Change and the Coalition’s Direct Action policy. That kind of distinction should be made more clear and emphasised with reference to other clear distinctions.

    The ideas expressed in this thread that Labor does not know what to oppose and is simply made up of ‘liberal plants…subverting the Party from within’ are just silly. Nor does Labor believe we are ‘stuffed …as a species’ and are shoring up their wealth’. This, too, is is just silly talk that gets Labor support a bad name and does nothing for the Party.

    What is needed is more talk about what separates Labor from the Coalition with more talk on policies and why the announced policies are worthy of support. And less talk about personalities; we do not need US style presidential campaign where the one with the most money wins.

    Dozy conspiracy ‘theories’ and double guessing what Labor does/does not oppose are not good strategies for argument about what are serious matters.

  17. Kaye Lee

    I find the attitude of Credlin supporters, of whom many are women whose opinion I usually respect, unfathomable. They say it was up to her boss to dictate direction and that she, single-handedly she would have us believe, brought the Liberal party from opposition to government.

    It should not be up to my boss to control my behaviour, particularly at such a senior level. They should be confident that I will do my job well. Part of the job of Chief of Staff should be to prioritise meetings, not run them…to sort out the diary for your boss, not place yourself at the negotiating table…to build relationships, not destroy them. She overstepped her role, which could include adviser, to dictating what would happen not just to her own employer but to all his colleagues who actually WERE elected unlike Credlin.

    I understand there are two books coming out about Credlin and Abbott, one by Nikki Savva which will not be complimentary considering both Credlin and Abbott tried unsuccessfully to get her sacked.

  18. Kaye Lee


    I want to see detail from Labor. I hate the ‘wait for the campaign’ game. They have released some good policies but they need teachers rather than arrogant young marketing people to advise them on how to get their message across.

    I suppose a lot depends on whether Morrison produces a budget. Turnbull could well call a snap election and leave Labor too little time to convince people.

    I don’t think making announcements with no detail is a good idea regardless of what ‘political wisdom’ says.

  19. Miriam Possitani

    We are a while out from an election and Labor won’t release policies till close, which saves MSM writing rubbish ,but hey don’t let me stop you from giving Labor a good kicking and turning a few more off .
    Malcolm should be good for 3 terms then

  20. Miriam Possitani

    I found this, somebody posted on the AIMN a few months ago .
    how quickly we forget
    • NBN (the real one) – total cost $37.4b (Government contribution: $30.4b);
    • BER 7,920 schools: 10,475 projects. (completed at less than 3% dissatisfaction rate);
    • Gonski education funding reform;
    • NDIS – DisabilityCare;
    • MRRT & aligned PRRT;
    • Won seat at the UN;
    • Signed Kyoto;
    • Signatory to Bali Process & Regional Framework;
    • Eradicated WorkChoices;
    • Established Fair Work Australia;
    • Established Carbon Pricing/ETS (7% reduction in emissions since July last year);
    • Established National Network of Reserves and Parks;
    • Created world’s largest Marine Park Network;
    • Introduced Reef Rescue Program;
    • National Apology;
    • Sorry to the Stolen Generation;
    • Increased Superannuation from 9 to 12%;
    • Changed 85 laws to remove discrimination against same sex couples;
    • Introduced National Plan to reduce violence against women and children;
    • Improvements to Sex Discrimination Act;
    • Introduced plain packaging of cigarettes;
    • Legislated Equal pay (social & community workers up to 45% pay increases);
    • Legislated Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave scheme;
    • Achieved 1:1 ratio of computers for year 9-12 students;
    • Established $10b Clean Energy Bank;
    • Legislated Murray/Darling Basin plan (the first in a hundred years of trying);
    • Increased Education funding by 50%;
    • Established direct electoral enrollment;
    • Created 190,000 more University places;
    • Established My School;
    • Established National Curriculum;
    • Established NAPLAN;
    • Increased Health funding by 50%;
    • Legislated Aged care package;
    • Legislated Mental health package;
    • Created 90 Headspace sites;
    • Created Medicare Locals Program;
    • Created Aussie Jobs package;
    • Created Kick-Start Initiative (apprentices);
    • Fu• Legislated Dental Care package;
    nded New Car Plan (industry support);
    • Created Infrastructure Australia;
    • Established Nation Building Program (350 major projects);
    • Doubled Federal Roads budget ($36b) (7,000kms of roads);
    • Rebuilding 1/3 of interstate rail freight network;
    • Committed more to urban passenger rail than any government since Federation;
    • Developed National Ports Strategy;
    • Developed National Land Freight Strategy;
    • Created the nations first ever Aviation White Paper;
    • Revitalized Australian Shipping;
    • Reduced transport regulators from 23 to 3 (saving $30b over 20years);
    • Introduced NICS – infrastructure schedule;
    • Australia moved from 20th in 2007 to 2nd on OECD infrastructure ranking;
    • International Infrastructure Minister of the Year (2012) awarded to Mr Anthony Albanese;
    • International Treasurer of the Year (2011) awarded to Mr Wayne Swan;
    • Introduced anti-dumping and countervailing system reforms;
    • Legislated Household Assistance Package;
    • Introduced School Kids Bonus;
    • Increased Childcare rebate (to 50%);
    • Allocated $6b to Social Housing (20,000 homes);
    • Provided $5b to Support for Homelessness;
    • Established National Rental Affordability Scheme ($4.5b);
    • Introduced Closing the Gap;
    • Supports Act of Recognition for constitutional change;
    • Provided the highest pension increase in 100 years;
    • Created 900,000 new jobs;
    • Established National Jobs Board;
    • Allocated $9b for skills and training over 5 years;
    • Established Enterprise Connect (small business);
    • Appointed Australia’s first Small Business Commissioner;
    • Introduced immediate write-off of assets costing less than $6,500 for Small Business;
    • Introduced $5,000 immediate write-off for Small Business vehicles over $6,500;
    • Introduced a national levy to assist Queensland with reconstruction;
    • Standardized national definition of flood for Insurance purposes;
    • Created Tourism 2020;
    • Completed Australia’s first feasibility study on high speed rail;
    • Established ESCAS (traceability and accountability in live animal exports);
    • Established Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse;
    • Established National Crime Prevention Fund;
    • Lowered personal income taxes (average family now pays $3,500 less pa than 2007)
    • Raised the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200;
    • Raised Australia to the richest per capita nation on earth;
    • First time ever Australia has three triple A credit ratings from all three credit agencies;
    • Low inflation;
    • Lowest interest rates in 60 years (average mortgagee paying $5,000 less p.a. than 2007);
    • Low unemployment;
    • Lowest debt to GDP in OECD;
    • Australian dollar is now fifth most traded in the world and IMF Reserve Currency;
    • One of the world’s best performing economies during and since the GFC;
    • AAA+ Credit Rating;
    • Australia now highest ranked for low Sovereign Risk;
    • Overseen the largest fiscal tightening in nations history (4.4%);
    • 21 years of continuous economic growth (trend running at around 3% pa);
    • 11 years of continuous wages growth exceeding CPI;
    • Increasing Productivity;
    • Increasing Consumer Confidence;
    • Record foreign investment;
    • Historic levels of Chinese/Australian bilateral relations;
    • First female Prime Minister;
    • First female Governor General;
    • First female Attorney General;
    • Introduced Small business $1m loss carryback for tax rebate from previous year;
    • Legislated Australian Consumer law

  21. Trish Corry

    Guest, if you are the same ‘guest’ I thought was awesome in another post, guest commented on, I am thinking the same today.

  22. Adrianne Haddow


    My comment is ‘purely having fun’.
    People who comment here occasionally indulge in throw away comments. It’s fun.
    It also helps alleviate despair at the world that is being created for us.

    Just what would you say are positives in the current Labor position of caving in to assaults on citizenship, off-shore detention ( and all the human rights that policy flouts), meta-data retention legislation, not demanding greater transparency and accountability of all parliamentary entitlements funded by the public purse, particularly during a “budget crisis”, and permitting the LNP to decide to go to war without parliamentary debate.

    Add to that list, their lack of strong opposition to the various trade agreements that disadvantage Australian industry, workers and farming sector. That was a missed opportunity for winning the hearts and minds of working Australia.

    I’m sorry if my attempt at humour trod on your political toes. But it is an opinion page.

  23. Adrianne Haddow

    @ Miriam Possitani. 3.01 p.m

    Agree to all of the above.
    That was the Labor Party pre-Shorten.
    That was the Labor Party that represented my world view.

    I much prefer Labor policies to Lib policies but at the moment they don’t argue hard enough or long enough to demonstrate real opposition.

  24. Miriam English

    I was actually reluctant to post my comment because I don’t like to have any part in improving the appearance of LNP vs Labor, but then I thought, if the LNP were still in power in QLD they would not be merely trying to extinguish native title in order to steal the land. They would have already done so! In an instant! In this light Labor is better than the LNP, but the fact that they are cravenly doing what their coal-masters want is still abhorrent.

    If Labor doesn’t stop caving in to rotten corporate power then they WILL lose the election. They need to be a viable alternative to the utterly repellent LNP government, otherwise we will be stuck with awful Abbott policies couched in sugar-coated Turnbull-speak for years to come.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Miriam P,

    “but hey don’t let me stop you from giving Labor a good kicking and turning a few more off .
    Malcolm should be good for 3 terms then”

    I am wondering if you even read my article. I have noticed you have a tendency to be very selective though I appreciate your relisting of the achievements of the Labor government.

  26. Chris

    paul walter … Paula Matthewson was media adviser to John Howard in the early 1990s……I don’t really like or trust her at all.

  27. mars08


    The plain fact is that Labor is stuck between a rock and a hard place over some policies…

    Seriously? Oh, give me a break!

    Of course the ALP is “between a rock and a hard place over some policies”, because that’s where it INTENTIONALLY planted itself. That’s where it chose to be.

    With “some policies” the ALP took the convenient “me too” approach with the Coalition and, in the process, validated the Coalition’s arguments. They have been doing it for years, in government and in opposition.

    Now, even if it intended to, Labor is stuck riding the tiger. It has wedged itself. On asylum seekers, budget deficits, citizenship laws, welfare “reform” and domestic spying… the ALP took the expedient, lazy path rather than build an opposing case. And that’s the route they will stick to. Any attempt to swerve from that path will be politically catastrophic. Again… that’s assuming there’s even the slightest chance that they intend to review their policies.

    So please, Guest… tone down the Labor propaganda. Most people on this forum have been around long enough to see right through it.

    Now, if the ALP has decided to pitch policies it’s at the less progressive voters, so be it. If they think it will win them power, I can see some logic in their shift. Maybe you are happy with Labor’s policies and actions in the 21st century, but a lot of people on this forum are not. Maybe you think their policies (in toto) are worthy of your support, but I refuse to condone the direction they have chosen.

    So… PLEASE don’t throw around the “negativity” argument… it’s insulting.

  28. Terry2

    The criteria for which we choose our Ambassador to the US :

    “If I was going to stay it’d be overwhelmingly about getting even with people that brought me down.”

    Right, Joe you obviously shape up as the most eligible candidate for the job !

  29. lawrencewinder

    Vindictive, venal, dishonest and guided only by their own cupidity, this mongrel ruling rabble has been and remains the worst collection in any political party to hold sway over the electorate; that “Slit-Her-Throat” Ciobo has never been sanctioned for his atrocious utterings, Pyne-The Whyne for his dealings with Ashby and all the other crooked little happenings that are never mentioned in the MSM, all this pales into insignificance when their total incompetence is considered. I am frightened that this nation will never recover.

  30. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear mars08 @4.39pm and Terry2 @4.41pm.

    I agree with mars08 because Labor has lost my trust to believe in them for themselves alone and I can only stomach the thought of them in government again if they form an alliance with other more courageous parties and independents that are prepared to stand for social justice; and true policy and political reforms that provide for the needs of everyone, including the vulnerable on welfare and in detention.

    I agree with Terry2 because Hokey Pokey proved his petulant vindictiveness by his backward slap at his enemies instead of appreciating his undeserved gift of the US ambassadorship. How many of us well educated and well experienced people would love to have such an opportunity and he gets it because he’s rubbed the right backs or bribed the LNP with threats if he didn’t get his own way.

    Hokey’s off to the US but Brough, Pyne, Roy, to name just a few are still around for target practice considering their questionable roles in Ashbygate. If you haven’t already read the text by Ross Jones (printed by Independent Australia), I suggest you do.

  31. Miriam Possitani

    I think Labor have made it clear enough, No more Alliances .
    They got bitten before .
    The Premiers of QLD, Victoria and S.A. have already ruled them out , I don’t see it happening again in Tasmania and I have read where Albo is also opposed .
    It is something the minority parties seem to seek out as they realise that on their own they have no hope of ever gaining any meaningful role in the governing of Australia .
    Are the Greens sidingup to the LNP, with their Tax deal and the ridiculous deal over Asylum housing at Callan Park {read Peter Wicks wixxyleaks report} in the hope of gaining some clout

  32. Kaye Lee

    “It is something the minority parties seem to seek out as they realise that on their own they have no hope of ever gaining any meaningful role in the governing of Australia .”

    The Liberal Party received a smaller primary vote in the last election than Labor. It is only their alliance with minor parties that sees them in government.

  33. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Miriam Possitani @7.35pm,

    if Labor does not take on the new reality of forming alliances/friendships/winnable/lastable positions with other forward-thinking and equitable parties and independents, then Labor proves themselves to be fools, very misguided and certainly NOT the party my family for generations loved and could love again if it sees the error of its ways.

    Those of us already disgusted, loathe Labor’s fawning of the coal industry. We also loathe Labor’s desire to be appealing to the lowest common denominator even when that means being ethically bereft.

    I suggest YOU go back to your Labor stalwarts and repeat my words: if Labor does not wake up NOW then Labor is irrelevant except if they form a coalition with the LNP. Maybe that’s what Labor wants???

  34. Miriam Possitani

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith.
    I am not a Labor Party member so its not much good me telling them anything .
    They have made up their own and apparently, after being burned before .
    I think those hanging out for an Alliance are whistling dixie, from all I’ve read .
    Now those waiting for it may as well settle back and watch Turnbull roll on to old age in the Lodge
    Kaye Lee,
    The Libs and Nats have had their coalition for a long time .
    They manage to stay that way because they are not out shafting each other daily and do provide a united front to the public even when they know they are toast .
    Look at the way they, and their supporters rallied around Abbott, right till the blade was plunged
    Those supporting Opposition Parties, or those opposed to the LNP, spend their waking hours shit potting each other .
    Point me to a site where LNP supporters relentlessly attacked Abbott , And the anti LNP sited attacking Shorten ? hundreds I personally don’t like Shorten but the likely outcome is either Shorten or Turnbull will be PM.How many voters have been turned away with the neverending attacks on Shorten
    .Shorten is but one man , It is the Labor Party who set policy

  35. mars08

    Miriam Possitani:

    …. They manage to stay that way because they are not out shafting each other daily…

    True enough. Usually they’re out shafting the man and woman on the land, who still have faith in the Nationals.

    And that Ian Macfarlane thing? Hardly worth mentioning really…

  36. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Ok Miriam Possitani,

    you speak some sense.

    Don’t write off an opposition force that comes Left of Centre or at least the middle-ground made up of a combination of alternative, progressive, ethical and also agile thinkers and doers from the Greens, sane Indies, some worthwhile residual Labor and new truly progressive parties.

    Just coz LNP pretend to be well-gelled does not make them well-gelled. I suspect you know that already.

  37. mars08

    Okay. Now I want someone to convince me that Miriam P isn’t Neil of Sydney…. in a frock….

  38. Miriam English

    Oh, that’s easy, mars08. No contest. She actually speaks sense. Neil never made any sense.

  39. Miriam Possitani

    An in house joke is it ?
    Am I supposed to know or care who Neil of Sydney is ?
    Or is that one of your cross dressing friends ?

  40. Diane

    Going back a bit, but @Chris… I will reserve judgement on Xenophon until I see who he puts up against the obnoxious Pyne in the next election. Xenophon seems popular with the blue rinse Burnside matrons that have kept Pyne in his seat with a large majority all this time, so he may be our best and only chance of getting this self-serving, whiney little creep out of the position. I used to quite like Turnbull but judging him now by the company he keeps (Morrison, Dutton, Pyne et al) he has sold his soul to the devil for personal gain, just like so many others…

    Whilst Shorten may be so bland as to be unnoticeable most of the time, perhaps that’s what we need for a while as Prime Minister – we’ve had too many ‘personalities’ in recent times.

  41. Miriam Possitani

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith, I just read this on Independent Australia , Alliances , wonder why not ?
    THE Queensland Greens will contest the state election campaign with no leader — and plan to run stooge candidates in some seats.
    Their “committee system” means they do not have a leader, and the profile of the candidate named as their “first among equals” — Charles Worringham — has been quietly removed from their official website.
    Senator Larissa Waters will fill the role of “figurehead” for the party, which leaked emails reveal has dwindling membership and cannot attract real candidates in many seats.
    Secret emails obtained by The Courier-Mail also reveal how paid up members are dwindling and the party was struggling to find genuine candidates for the state election.
    Mr Worringham’s candidate profile page had yesterday disappeared from the party’s website.
    When asked about his absence, the party said they would reinstate Mr Worringham’s page.
    Mr Worringham said the party operated on a “first among equals” basis when it came to leadership.
    “No, I’m not (the leader) — I’m the lead spokesperson,” he said.
    t comes as a leaked report to the Green’s Management Committee in September from campaign director Kitty Cara showed the party’s membership was dwindling.
    Ms Cara’s report reveals the party has just 1026 current members after 336 became “grace or expired” since the start of 2014.
    Mr Cotter sent another email thirteen days later saying the party was abandoning normal preselection process and branches were to fast-track meeting and pick someone among those who turned up.
    “The branch will call preselection meetings immediately to decide on the floor of the meeting who shall be the candidate/s,’’ he wrote.
    “A minimum of two days notice of this meeting shall be given to all members in the electorate.”

  42. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    NO we don’t want bland.

    We need a government made up of parties that speak for something progressive, alternative, reformist, innovative and agile to achieve.

    Labor has NOT won the right to represent THAT ground alone. Bad luck.

    Now, it’s time to form THAT ALLIANCE that I advocate between the Greens, some deserving Labor, new progressive parties such as Australian Progressives etc, and sane Independents (not Lejenholm). You might want to invite some reputable LNP like Stone. Just saying

    Important thing is to form that growing and ever-green Alliance that fulfills the beliefs of a wide range of egalitarian, ethical and progressive Australians.

  43. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Miriam Possitani,

    think about what I am offering and then all the dirty inside party politics is reduced to lesser significance as the parties must make a lasting Alliance together to bring true lasting good for the Australian people.

    While they build their Alliance, YOU and I, tell them what WE expect and THEY incorporate. That’s how politics works. They get nowhere without our grassroots help.

  44. Miriam English

    Miriam Possitani, I’d be wary of taking a lot from the Courier Mail at face value. Isn’t that another Murdoch mouthpiece? The Greens definitely have a leader: Richard Di Natale. He was elected by vote from inside the Greens.

    Perhaps the Greens are more of a threat than I thought, if Murdoch trying to destroy them.

    In a way that’s good news. But to have the Murdoch assassination machine aimed at them is also really bad news. That arsehole has far too much power. I wish some elected government would pull the plug on his media empire.

  45. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes Miriam English,

    Labor and its Alliance colleagues could aim to pull the plug on Murdoch’s empire.

    Surely, that is enough to encourage Labor to leave its comfort zone and aim to end Murdoch’s disgusting reign, and then re-learn public policy, advocacy and innovation for the betterment of ALL segments of Australian community and responsibility.

  46. bobrafto

    It’s as though everyone is mesmerized with Malcolm and that he is a shoe-in to win the next election.

    Malcolm can only win one seat. Take a look at the rest of his deranged colleagues and one should see a ray of hope of seeing them being toppled.

    One Term Tone slogan worked well, maybe it’s time for One Term Mal to be used constantly if only to overcome the pessimism generated by some writers and hopefully One Term Mal, will become self-fulfilling.

  47. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    True bobrafto,

    we can use that as one of our strategies, but beware it is one of the strategies.

    All of what we’re saying will take sensible and collegiate negotiation between the Greens, progressive parties and voices, sane Indies and yes some residual worthwhile Labor people who see beyond their retirement plans.

  48. Miriam Possitani

    Miriam English .
    According to the comment on Independent Australia, this was forwarded by a resigning Green and was about the QLD state election , Now Murdoch didn’t make the quotes, send the emails or release the reports , that was Greens members . and as for Milnes replacement there are continuing rumblings over that with the Greens right getting Di Natale up , no members votes, 1 hour notice, a select few being pre warned to freeze out Bandt
    Their own Senator said
    NSW senator Lee Rhiannon voiced frustration at the rapid transition, saying she believed that in the interests of transparency, the party’s grassroots members should be given a say in electing a leader. That afternoon, she told Sky News the process was too quick, that she “personally would have liked more time” and that the party had “learned some lessons today”.

    “We need transparent processes,” she told The Saturday Paper on Thursday. “Otherwise we could run the risk of people concluding, fairly or otherwise, that some MPs have got together to engineer the outcomes that they want.”

  49. Miriam Possitani

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith.
    Alliances, I don’t think so .
    You might want to read the article by Peter Wicks of Jacksonville fame, the tireless fighter to bring Kathy Jackson to justice.
    This article of his, just a couple of days ago , makes you consider what is commitment what is opportunity

    Play The Game – NSW Greens Turning Back The Refugees?

  50. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Miriam Possitani,

    don’t presume to tell me how to bring anybody to justice.

    YES ALLIANCES will work.

    You haven’t had the guts to identify which group you represent. Say it. Spit it out. Then build your argument.

    You know we are ready listeners. Playing political games is just the usual party ploys and NO longer acceptable.

  51. Miriam Possitani

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    How am I telling you to bring anyone to justice ?
    I was pointing out what Peter Wicks background was and the article he wrote about the absolute ballsup the Greens had made
    “You haven’t had the guts to identify which group you represent ”
    What absolute rubbish . right here a few days ago I said I opposed the LNP with a passion and had so for 40 + years and had little time for Labor or the Greens , that my allegiances would be more to the Socialist Alliance , but I won’t swallow all their beliefs and policies, or that of any party for that matter .
    I have been very open and civil in my responses {something John Lord and the Editor commented on} but I won’t be brow beat by anyone
    Now just tell me where again where you have “had the guts to identify which group you represent.”
    The fact that I alternate between NZ and Australia , because of business interests and family allow me to escape some of the crap spewed out as policy , at times

  52. Miriam Possitani

    Jennifer Meyer Smith , I am ducking no one, even though you seem to be accusing me of it . This is exactly what I said in John Lords article here on the AIMN

    Miriam PossitaniDecember 6, 2015 at 7:40 am

    “John Lord , Or Michael Taylor, could you be the arbiters of something for me .Determine Left
    I really would like to know just how you and others on this site determine who is “Right”
    I am in my 60s, have been involved in Anti Apartheid demonstrations , Anti Nuclear rallies, been a Unionist, continuously since I was 18 , campaigned for womens rights, indigenous rights , believe Climate change is real , support Universal Health Care, a just Tax system and a strong Welfare safety net .I oppose the LNP, and am not impressed with LAbor or the Greens {more Socialist Alliance}
    For most of my life I’ve been branded a “Leftie”
    Now I have a different view on Asylum Seeker Policy and support some of the ideals of Reclaim Australia
    Actually, really opposed to Islam {and organised religions in general }
    For that, I now get branded a raving “Right winger, feral and a “Nazi .
    Just what determines a “Left Winger”
    Who decides . Is there some points ranking system I don’t know about or a check list that I can go through ?
    Is someone who has a different view on ONE policy one of those “ferals” you speak off
    This Left and Right thing I think is all rubbish and a simple battering ram to use against people with opposing views on individual issues”

    would you like to rethink your statement
    “You haven’t had the guts to identify which group you represent. Say it. Spit it out. Then build your argument. “

  53. Wally

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    “We need a government made up of parties that speak for something progressive, alternative, reformist, innovative and agile to achieve”

    After the Abbott/Turnbull circus has finished its term I would be happy enough with a no frills, non pompous government that knows how to govern. Our political system has lost all semblance of morals, this needs to be fixed to stop the rot before we can move forward, wouldn’t it be nice if politicians kept their word wherever possible instead of knowing as soon as they open their mouth that half of what comes out will be out right bloody lies.

  54. Sen Nearly Ile

    what a good read Miriams.
    Miriam P I found this, ‘somebody posted on the AIMN a few months ago’ spot on it has been there in the air for 3/4 years but little billy and gillard before him, has been unable to talk to any of the points. So how do bottom end labor see them?
    the LNP is a coalition with total L dominance, is there a little chink with macfarlane? Are we likely to see labor, the greens, liberal and the blues?
    Alliance seems distant with few trusting the loonies (9% on economy?) “SABRA LANE: The pension deal’s an indicator the new Greens leader favours pragmatism over protest on some policies.”
    ergo billy steps up or feigns ross river fever or rabies and retires

  55. Terry2

    We thought he had gone but now Tony Abbott is saying that he has received overwhelming support to stay in parliament and ‘contribute’ to public life in Australia.

    You know what this means AIMN : we have failed to make our feelings known and only his supporters have kept up the ‘we want Tony’ slogan. Could I suggest that we all email Mr A and tell him to move on, get a job and leave us alone.

  56. Colin

    Saw this rubbish from Chris Kenny this morning about Gillian Triggs being named Woman of the Year by Fairfax Media. Pity the article was not hidden behind The Australian’s paywall as most of their articles (mercifully) are.

    Trouble is, the reader comments are, in the main, even more concerning than the vitriol which passes for journalism Chris Kenny style.

    I suspect the whole concept of a “Woman of the Year” is anathema to Kenny and his 150 readers.

  57. Terry2

    Colin , It’s gone behind the paywall : probably where it should be – in a way it’s sad that News Corp. journalism is so predictable and so irrelevant.

  58. Colin

    I feel violated to have read it

  59. helvityni

    I just watched Mal on 7.30, what a total disappointment he’s turning out to be.

  60. Möbius Ecko

    Terry @ 7:27 am

    It’s worth listening to what Abbott actually states about his thousands and then many thousands of supporters who want him to stay on. He apparently sees and hears from these many thousands everyday.

    From the moment he finished the sentence you know it’s just another Abbott exaggeration on the back of lies about his proposed policies being defensible, he just needed to convince the Australian people. If they were defensible the 2014 budget would have passed. If it had passed then their terrible impact on lower to middle income Australians would have been almost immediately felt and Abbott along with Hockey would still have been kicked out.

  61. Kaye Lee

    a snap poll by the Manly Daily, taken after Mr Abbott was toppled, showing a massive 80 per cent of local residents were pleased their local MP had lost the top job.

    “A moderate Liberal would romp it in here but if Tony Abbott stays I don’t think Warringah will be a safe seat anymore.”

  62. Sen Nearly Ile

    Is there any doubt that the rabbott is amoral, ignorant and intellectually inept?
    The reformation began long before the 95 theses were banged onto the church doors and is arguably, ongoing. The counter reformation took a 100 years and still the church has only respect for women in a breeding capacity with a tea making sideline.
    However, terrorism may force the church and Islam into discussion on faith.
    Although no progress will be made without the drive of women. So is progress possible?
    We all know the rabbott and his church’s take on women who are not exceptions and Islam seems hell bent on keeping women firmly under control. QED
    It is amazing that little billy still cannot bring himself to fan the excitement fires of the media over a rabbott overwhelming turnball and his treasurer’s exciting times.
    Oh how I wish for a ‘do you slowly’ or, I’m sure turnball would prefer keating’s slash at another ex opposition leader, who was sent as the ambassador to America ‘put him down like a faithful old dog’.

  63. guest


    your charge that Labor has chosen to be trapped between a rock and a hard place is insulting to Labor. The examples you cite are all around issues about which the general public have, rightly or wrongly, strong views which tend towards the right. So you say that in agreeing with them me-too fashion, Labor aligns itself with the right instead of offering an ‘opposing case’. The Coalition set out to destroy Labor policies, such as the Carbon tax, but also adopted a number of Labor policies such as the NBN, NDIS and Gonski, to satisfy the populus, but gutted them so that they are quickly emasculated and abandoned

    The examples of Labor’s me-too policies you give are about security and immigration. Remember that Labor sought very hard to find a regional solution to refugees and was thwarted time and again. Its policy to spend during the GFC was the policy which saved us and yes, it created debt, but the Coalition’s austerity with no increase in revenue and emphasis on reducing spending has got us further into debt. As for surveillance (‘spying’), this is happening world wide.

    Perhaps you could give us examples of ‘opposing cases’ yourself.

    As for Labor propaganda, the propaganda I espouse is of the kind listed by Miriam Possitani – a big list of clearly Labor policies which distinguish Labor from the Coaltion.

    If you find Miriam’s list just too much to accept and insist on criticising Labor for a handful of policies supported widely in the populus, then your own negativity is your problem, not mine.

  64. Chris

    guest, What about the other Miriam’s point about indigenous rights ? …..and the various cases of state Labor policies being ‘without care or forethought’. The wrecking of workcover, the numerous cases of poor development decisions, privatizations. I am personally a bit sick of my Labor Federal member seeming to excel mostly in his ability to be kicked out of parliament for what seems like more time than he is in. …..And then there is branch stacking and unfortunate candidate selection…..Labor leaves many with the impression that they don’t want ‘outsiders’ or the community involved in their party.

  65. mars08

    Sigh… Okay okay. It wasn’t Labor ‘s choice to go the “me too” route. It was their intensely cconsidered decision to abandon those topics. Good for them.

  66. guest

    Chris and mars08,

    look again at Miriam’s question about how many Labor supporters have been turned away by the unending attacks on Shorten.

  67. mars08

    @guest… aahhhh… perhaps.. . but think of how many supporters Labor has GAINED by lurching to the right, and backing the Coalition on “issues about which the general public have, rightly or wrongly, strong views”. I mean… thats part of their cunning plan, right?

    Can’t have your cake and eat it mate. Ya jest gotsta go with what them number crunchers tells ya.

    I’m sure my primary vote won’t be missed.


  68. Miriam Possitani

    Chris ,
    your statement “Labor leaves many with the impression that they don’t want ‘outsiders’ or the community involved in their party.” is way off track. In 2012-13 {not exactly sure as the papers are at my home in OZ}
    Labor implemented trials in their preselections letting local residents who weren’t members of the Party have up to 50% of the vote . From recollection seats Like Balmain attracted 5 to 6000, they were held in about a dozen seats around Sydney /Newcastle and were very positive ,info is a bit dated, but
    Labor Party members have welcomed moves to give the public a voice in selecting ALP candidates before the next state election, predicting it will increase political engagement and counter voter cynicism.
    NSW Labor will allow members of the public to vote alongside local branch members for their Labor candidate in the seats of Balmain, Newtown, Campbelltown, Londonderry and Strathfield, Opposition Leader John Robertson announced on Sunday.
    The trial of the primary-style preselection process ”shows we are serious about opening our party up to new people and new ways of thinking,” Mr Robertson said.
    The community is afforded 50 per cent of the vote in the seats while the branch gets the other half.
    Ms Firth, who held the seat for before losing to Greens MP Jamie Parker in the last election, scored more than 3,000 of the more than 5,000 community votes.
    Ms Firth said that limiting the party vote to 50 per cent stopped factions having total control.
    “I think it’s incredibly important for the Labor Party,” she said.
    “This is the opposite of the faceless men; this is allowing anyone who lives in the community and is registered to vote the right to participate and have a say in who their Labor candidate is.”

    My understanding is it is to happen in a few more states in a lead up to Federal trials

  69. Wally


    “I’m sure my primary vote won’t be missed.”

    Last time I had that attitude to a federal election we ended up with a GST and I still blame myself.

    I am certain that many people with that attitude at the last election were amazed that Abbott became PM and have been totally pissed off with the carnage he has caused.

    I don’t think there is ever going to be a political party or body that will tick all of an individuals desired policies so it comes down to using your vote to 1: minimise the damage and/or 2: gain some leverage. Unfortunately people who blindly vote for the LNP without giving any consideration to the effect of the policies force the hand of all political parties to seek out popular choices when formulating party policy.

    If the majority of people did some basic research on election promises/policies instead of accepting the MSM opinions as being the gospel it would minimise the election prospects of the liars and cheats,

  70. John Maycock

    Mars 08
    That sure must be a mind blowing holiday you’re on , if all you can do is hover over a keyboard and lurk around the AIMN
    Get counselling, enjoy yourself, the AIMN will still be here when you get home , and hey, it can survive without you .
    Addictions can be a problem alright , exercise your eyes , stand up every 30 minutes ,

  71. mars08

    @Wally… if the Coalition wins again, it won’t be my fault. I won’t be swayed by the “less of two evils” chat. The things that the ALP has walked away from are deal breakers for me. They are my core concerns. And I have a right to put my beliefs first. If others can do the sums and reach a different result… so be it.

    What annoys me is wben people like “guest” get precious about people walking out on Labor… they have decided to court the bimbo gold digger from Western Sydney… let’s see how that works out for them. This Plain Jane isn’t waiting around…

  72. Wally


    I understand your point most of us have key principles that define who we are and they are not negotiable.

  73. Kaye Lee

    I think that’s it Wally. Compromise is good up to a point but there must be a line in the sand which decent people will not cross. Get rid of Murdoch, get rid of political “advisers”, get rid of political donations, and expect our representatives to do what is right rather than what is politically expedient. What the hell do focus groups know about the science of climate change or the history of colonialism? What do cocky young advertising graduates or chiefs of staff focused on winning care about ethics? Politics should not be a career gifted to eagre young staffers.

    If we don’t demand ethics they sure as hell won’t even consider it in their ambition to wear the crown.

  74. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Kaye Lee @12.53am has hit the nail on the head. Politics without the hearts, minds and souls of people is not worth supporting.

    That’s why we need to be moving in new progressive and reformist directions that cut out the sleezy political advisers, functionaries, and rich donors.

    That’s why having an overhaul of the predominantly 2 party preferred voting system is imperative so that these parasites and their controls are totally upended giving a refreshed opportunity for worthwhile elements of Labor, the Greens, energetic and robust new political voices and parties, and sane Independents to form enshrined working agreements together that allow for proportional negotiation and decision-making on all policy areas.

    That is true proportional and representative democracy working.

  75. Kaye Lee

    Goodness me, what was I doing up at that hour! It all seems so easy at 1am 🙂

  76. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I thought that seemed pretty late but never too late to make correct decisions. 🙂

  77. Chris

    I tend to think Labor plays way too much politics even with their good ideas and consequently even those are often wrecked. I wish they would spend more time on planning, implementation and forethought about risks and impacts. Too often they don’t listen to sensible advice. Politics, dodgy deals and wedging various groups or interests seem to take over from good implementation of anything.
    ……And now that I look I seem to be saying the same kind of thing as the previous few posters.
    I think Naplan, not connected to actual reforms was a dumb idea….(out of the US)
    Labor in South Australia may be different to NSW …..For a long time it has seemed to very much have a siege mentality.

  78. townsvilleblog

    Being a starving pensioner, I’m not as excited as some may be to be alive in Turnbull’s Australia in 2015.

  79. Miriam Possitani

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    “energetic and robust new political voices and parties, and sane Independents ”
    just which of those, of the current crop of Independents would you throw your weight 100% behind ?I n all reality, do you give your “Alliance” concept a snowflakes chance in hell of succeeding ?
    OMG.. it would be like herding cats
    You still haven’t corrected your statement “You haven’t had the guts to identify which group you represent. Say it. Spit it out. Then build your argument. “December 8, 2015 at 10:38 pm

  80. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    naysaying of an alternative idea to a political reformist revival just puts more hurdles in the way to potential changes. That’s playing into the hands of the self-satisfied political functionaries at all levels.

    I assume your desire for effective governance and acknowledge your political pedigree as you cited the other night.

    However, I’m looking for effective answers to this current lamentable flip-flop duopoly of Lib/Lab which in some keys ways is hard to tell apart. Are you?

    While most of the list of Labor’s credentials (as you previously quoted) hold merit which the LNP would never be entitled to, I notice there are numerous references to introductions of policies when perseverance and referential collaboration with specific community stakeholders and community activists would have more likely produced more accurate policy directions and ongoing results.

    Quoting verbatim what appear to be achievements don’t count if various initiatives have questionable effect, if there is no proven enforcement, perseverance and built-in ongoing improvement, after specific collaboration with specific community beneficiaries in the grassroots included.

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