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The Mongrel that is Rupert Murdoch

In an effort to deflect some recent criticism from former Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull, and former Opposition Leader Bill Shorten about his media empire, while addressing News Corp’s December 2019 annual general meeting Rupert Murdoch assured all that:

“There are no climate change deniers around I can assure you” after he was asked at the corporation’s AGM why his company gives them “so much airtime” in Australia.

Unfortunately for Murdoch, Guardian Australia’s Amy Remeikis exposed the lie that this was in her article Rupert Murdoch says ‘no climate change deniers around’ – but his writers prove him wrong.

On April 25, 2014, I wrote a review of the Paul Barry book; Breaking News: Sex, Lies and the Murdoch Succession. Here is a short extract:

Depressingly readable is the best way to describe Paul Barry’s revealing biography of Rupert Murdoch. I placed the word mongrel in the title of this piece but it could just as easily used scumbag, which means a contemptible or objectionable person.

It is a story about one man. A man with a love for money, power, influence, acquisitions, wives, children and even scandal. Scandal makes money.

Covering much of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st, it is fluent yet comprehensive, with a not-too-much-not-too-little approach to Murdoch’s life.

It is brilliantly written. Barry has a rare talent for the exposure of things complex and how to unravel them.

What was depressing for me was the uncouthness of the man in question. He has obtained a vast fortune by printing smut and conditioning people to reading it and in doing so has displayed a complete disregard for the lives of others. His obsession with profit over anything else, even people’s privacy, is staggering. His business and personal moral corruption stands out larger than the worst of his tabloid headlines.

Having the power to elect governments is the ultimate power that carries with it the highest rewards that corruption can bring.

On three occasions I had to put the book down, so affronted was I by this vile nefarious excuse for humanity. One time was when one of his tabloid editors described the reason for his papers existence by saying:

“The reason we exist is to destroy peoples lives.”

On 7 September 2017, I wrote another piece titled about Murdoch, pondering whether he will again tell us how to vote, pointing out that his influence in the distribution of print media had waned but they were still the go-to news for the right-wing.

Again, here is a short extract:

So in terms of political influence Labor has little to fear from the nefarious front pages and slanted editorials of his tabloids. The Labor victories in both Queensland and Victoria have highlighted News Limited’s growing irrelevance to the electoral process.

Last year, the total daily circulation of all Australian daily newspapers was a little over 2.1 million; fully one million lower than it was at the turn of the century. When you take into account the growth in population post Second World War the decline is even more spectacular.

In 1947 two copies of daily newspapers were sold for every five people. In 2014 the figure was 1-14. So now, Murdoch with a 60% share of the Australian circulation can only attract 4% of the population to buy his rags.

I went on to say that:

So, if all the research is correct, Murdoch only reaches less than 10% of the voting population which is about half the reach they had when they so blatantly supported Howard in 2001.

There are a couple of things to remember when discussing Murdoch’s political influence. The first is the flow on effect.

The Australian is the shock jocks first point of call every morning and the presenters of untruth quickly absorb whatever bias is on for the day.

Putting Julia Gillard aside those who feel most aggrieved, Shorten, Rudd and Turnbull have every right to feel so.

That one man through his power of opinion can make or break governments and individuals is just demonstrably and democratically wrong.

During the last election, Bill Shorten copped scathing headlines and opinions from the Murdoch stable of filthy headlines as to his character and anything else they could attack, which I covered in my Election Diary:

With an ever-increasing hostility from the Newscorp tabloids and The Australian Shorten at a press conference on Thursday decided to hit back.

I suggest you read this piece from Paddy Manning in which he says that:

Shorten let rip: “First of all, it is just a nonsense claim,” he said of the suggestion that Labor’s carbon reduction policy could cost business $25 billion. He continued: “It is built upon the back of a big lie. It says somehow that using international offsets to help abate carbon is a bad thing.” In terms of the costs, Shorten said that the Labor plan relied on the same public modeling as the government.

Shorten continued: “The News Corp climate change deniers and their ally, the prime minister – a coal-wielding, climate-denying cave-dweller on this issue – they all say, ‘Look at the cost,’ but never mention the cost of extreme weather events, do they? They never mention the cost of not getting into renewables, and they never mention energy prices, do they?”

The Daily Telegraph has been vomiting out its usual front pages. The Australian is in a battle with itself to see how many anti Labor headlines it can fit on its front pages. After dark Sky News is so partisan it only has comedic value.

One cannot begin to discuss the decline of Australian democracy without at the same time aligning it to the collapse in journalistic standards and its conversion from reporting to opinion.

Murdoch and his majority owned newspapers with blatant support for right-wing politics have done nothing to advance Australia as a modern enlightened democratic society. On the contrary it has damaged it, perhaps irreparably.

They even promote free speech as if they are the sole custodians of it.

I don’t think anyone could deny Newscorp’s bias and their capacity to influence the character assassination of any individual should they want to.

However, as I said earlier given the declining influence of its mastheads the question is how much influence does he really have?

The outspoken former head of News Corp Kim Williams reckons Malcolm Turnbull has overstated the Murdoch press’s ability to influence elections because News Corp is “old media” with dwindling power.

He described Newspapers as a “terminating technology” and would soon disappear.

“I am surprised at the severity of Malcolm Turnbull’s comments because it attributes a level of power to old media that I don’t think they have any longer… ”

Conversely, Turnbull’s view was that:

“Media barons, and many other billionaires, like politicians who are dependent on them…

So, while it’s easy to say that the Murdoch’s thought I was too liberal, at the heart of it was the fact that they knew I was my own man, and had seen that up close many times over 40 years.

With Abbott they had a deferential prime minister they thought they controlled.

A similar assessment can be made of Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and their colleagues at 2GB – in their vanity and megalomania, Jones and Hadley berate and bully politicians who don’t kowtow to them.”

Sometimes it is good to stop, think, evaluate and formulate one’s own opinion instead of being influenced by the media and other vested interests.

In a no holds barred piece for The Guardian late last year Kevin Rudd went on the attack:

“And for those who think it will all expire when Rupert dies, there’s another Murdoch in waiting. Lachlan is every bit as conservative as his father, including being a climate change denier. Murdoch has cultivated an atmosphere of fear in Australia.

Debating Murdoch’s power has long been effectively off-limits. Politicians, academics, corporates, even journalists and commentators from other news organisations are fearful for their own reputations, because they know from experience that Murdoch’s editorial henchmen will come after anyone who attacks them, with a view to shredding the offender’s reputation.

Murdoch editors see no need to correct the record when they print inaccuracies or just make stories up. After all, who is going to have the guts to challenge them? Which is why we have such a deafening national silence in this country on the problem, which dare not speak its name: Murdoch.”

A Death Certificate might show proof of death but the legacy you leave behind will demonstrate how you lived.

A Royal Commission is long overdue into the nefarious working of Murdoch and his mafia-like behaviour.

It is well known that Murdoch’s media outlets in Australia lose millions of dollars every year, so why does a man who luxuriates in the making of it allow this?

It can only be for the power and influence it gives him. At nearly 90 one might question its importance, but then, old habits die-hard.

My thought for the day

There are those who make money but are never remembered. There are others who do great deeds and are.

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  1. Andrew Smith

    Agree, and one would add that it’s not just Murdoch’s and NewsCorp’s own or sole influence with declining sales, but how they can act in lock step with other or encourage other influencers, but seeming to take the lead.

    You can sometimes recognise whole and simultaneous array of media, PR, astro turfing, ideology, tactics, spin across various media and communication channels to achieve particular ends; a strategy not just used in Australia, but the US and UK too.

    In Oz it’s the (radical right libertarian, fossil fuel and eugenics driven Koch think tank linked) IPA doing policy, funded by deep pocketed corporate business interests, leveraging particular LNP MPs while ensuring the remainder and parties are neutered, with seemingly unconnected others doing PR and messaging whether shock jocks, tv networks esp. 7 & 9, commentators, sock puppets on panel shows, use of academics or ‘experts’ to promote the same feeling or understanding on the same issue(s).

    Conversely, the negative agit prop can also be applied by the same to demonise, white ant or shoot messengers who threaten the issue (i.e. desired outcomes) being promoted, including the ABC, academia, good journalist, while importing and promoting of (non) experts to create doubt e.g. climate science etc.

    Further, also creating a negative social environment and uncertainty by e.g. attacking and dog whistling refugees, ‘immigration’, unions, the ABC again…, all to confuse, deflect and preclude voters from making rational choices e.g. Trump, Brexit, cuts to services, environmental regulation etc.

    An incomplete and complicated picture but the ‘architecture’ seems quite transparent…. Jane Mayer describes it as Koch’s being central, creating a ‘media assembly line’ of influence ‘architecture’.

  2. Terence Mills

    There is a major tussle taking place at the moment as media groups and sporting associations try to re-design funding models for future broadcasting of sporting events in Australia.

    Foxtel is committed to achieving a model of monopolising certain sporting arenas and codes and thus forcing Australians who want to watch these events to subscribe to the Murdoch pay TV model to the exclusion of free to air TV.

    We have already seen this happen with cricket where Murdoch has been able to exclusively put One Day International games, International T20 matches and 16 Big Bash matches behind his paywall.

    We saw how former Communications minister Mitch Fifield was able to direct a five-year grant worth $30 million to Newscorp ostensibly to promote women’s and niche sports behind the Foxtel paywall. This was achieved without any form of tender process even though the ABC and SBS were arguably much better placed than Foxtel to provide this community service to a much broader audience.

    The anti-syphong regulations which were meant to preserve major sporting events for free to air broadcasters have been weakened to the extent where only money talks and that excludes the public broadcasters and increasingly is excluding the money-strapped free to air TV stations. But it places Foxtel in a powerful position as not only do they have the financial resources of Newscorp behind them but once they achieve their exclusive monopoly they have the advantage of charging to allow you and me to access their paywall. And of course they have a very compliant government, just look at the way conservative politicians and talking heads queue up to be seen on Sky.

    Word has it that in the NRL Foxtel are pushing for State of Origin exclusivity : if they succeed in that, just watch out for the AFL.

    Murdoch is demanding that all Australians subscribe to his pay TV station, it’s his only salvation in a tough market where advertising has largely moved away to Google, facebook and other digitel platforms. Already he has starved the public broadcasters of funds by constantly lobbying our politicians.

    His dreams of media domination are being realised at the expense of our freedom of choice and our democracy.

  3. Roland Flickett

    The truth is that ‘the left’ has no support in Australian or US politics, and no support in the MSM. I subscribe to the Guardian, but it’s Australian version is not so much left as centre, occasionally leaning left when it doesn’t really count.
    Just as the Catholic Church destroyed the ALP with its DLP – a three-word titled political party, two of its words being lies – it was not democratic and it wasn’t Labor, and then infiltrated the Liberals when the DLP faded away, so the right has infiltrated the ALP to the point where the Right Faction could slot into the Libs.
    This week I watched a speech by actor Ricky Tomlinson on youtube, in which he said that after the Thatcherites destroyed the mining unions and the shipbuilding industries in Tyneside, Merseyside etc (‘Why don’t we just let them die?’ the harridan said about working class cities), mining union leader Arthur Scargill was told that the executive of the NUM actually had four MI5 operatives on it, and ‘was he surprised?’; Scargill said he WAS surprised, he thought there were more.
    Nobody in politics or the media actually represents the poor in any western country; and when a true believer rises – like Hugo Chavez, for instance – all the power of the right, including the fake leftist Barack Obama, is used against him or her.
    The left has no friends in power positions, anywhere.

  4. whatever

    The Sports Betting companies are very impatient with the disruption to their business, all the ‘urging’ to restart the NRL is coming from their camp.

  5. ajogrady

    Roland Flickett there was a time when people were proud to be members of unions and proud to state that they were a working class man. Unions provided a decent days pay for a descent days work. The arbitration system and the awards that came from them were negotiated between the employer groups and the unions. The rules were agreed upon like a game of football and the referee was the arbitration court. It was a fair go for all but the right do not believe in fairness or honour. It has to be winner takes all and the floundering Australian economy is a result of this. The conservatives have turned demonising and sophistry into an art form and for what. They will soon have 100% of nothing and that is not smart business.
    Australia and the rest of the world have been badly let down by conservatism. Imagine where the world would be if progressives had been in power for the vast majority of the time rather then how it has been dominated by conservatism and the greed and blatant corruption of the few at the expense of the many.

  6. Ben

    @whatever, this is way it will all unravel, special deals for special interests. How will contact sports survive in the era of social distancing? Get rid of scrums and tackles, and what is left? I see tennis, squash and other 2 person sports along with solo exercise being the winners. Social distancing, what is it really? Looks more like a way to frustrate shoppers to the degree most people will say stuff it, ‘Order it online’. After a couple of years of on-again off-again lockdowns and limits on driving, the next step will please Greta Thunbergs fanbase – ban or make car travel unaffordable. Most will give up that option readily to keep their sane. For those lucky enough to still have a job, how crap is it going to be sitting on a train or bus for more than 15 minutes knowing any person nearby could be your ticket to self-isolation in the next week or two? Once commuters work that one out I expect public transport to be abandoned. Reliable vaccines are a year off and by the time one arrives covid19 will have morphed anyway.
    It is going to be interesting to see how this experiment pans out.

  7. Roland Flickett


    Unions DID go too far occasionally, but conspiracy theorists might say that the Right infiltrated the Unions (as the MI5 allegations in the UK would bear out) and pushed the boat too far quite deliberately.
    My late wife (very late, 23 years ago) was in a union which conducted a ‘work to rule’ strike. The most vociferous unionist among them used to go home early, after urging the rest of them to ‘work to rule.’She, ardent unionist that she claimed to be, sent her kids to private schools.
    I used to tell my wife that their union agitator was the Liberal Party’s wet dream.

  8. wam

    The influence of murdoch’s zealous editors, goes deep into the education process, as used by religion, reinforce the learning over and over.
    The papers peddle the anti-labor bias for each of the voter classes.
    For us, lord, and the boomers, it is the commos in china with whitlam. the recessin we had to have and juliar for gen X and millennials who in turn repeddle the bullshit exacerbated by clubs, pubs and bbqs . The morning shows link the bias of the papers and the radio, including the ABC, completes the circle.
    The task for albo is to break the cycle. The parliament is not available, the papers, the wireless, are out, the morning shows require too much effort Word of mouth, windows of labor offices, the net and demonstrations???
    Good luck to mike kelly.
    now roland the moisture comes from the loonies

  9. Michael Taylor

    Murdoch is an arsehole.

    End of rant.

  10. Mrs Wobbly

    Death awaits Murdock beings, bring it on as it want change Australia’s media laws in this country but it will get rid of one parasite leeching off the back of Australians wealth with open arms of our politicians.

  11. Jack Cade

    Michael Taylor

    ‘Murdoch is an arsehole’.
    It is appropriate that he supports Trump, which is what farts are called in the North of England.

  12. mark delmege

    I rarely comment on Murdoch for the simple reason I dont much go there. I do listen and watch the ABC though – a lifetime of habit still takes me back (less often these days) but it is a sad decrepit shit show these days. Right and centre right rubbish and mostly even the so called lefties are as useless as handles on a football. Its just another useless state broadcaster with few redeeming features – just a few mind you. But for the most part when it comes to news and especially opinion its best ignored – probably much like Murdoch.

  13. Vikingduk

    Not only an arsehole, but also the toxic emissions that said arsehole squeezes out of his diseased being. The compleat arsehole, the prime arsehole, the arsehole of poisonous fascism. Also a complete arsewipe.

    NewsCorpse — where the truth goes to die. Can you picture the anguish of some when this rotten reprobate rots away on his deathbed, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, will they preserve this noxious thing, this repulsive rupert, formaldehyde and a glass case, place the rotter in the lobby of Parliament House, his adoring followers genuflect as they file past this great destroyer of democracy. Will the liar from the shire shed a tear, will phoney Tony seek solace once more in the arms of creepy credlin, will baaarnaby drink the Red Lion dry, will we see the Dutton thing attempt to exhibit human emotions. Time will tell.

    Meanwhile, a quick perusal of the latest NASA info tells us we are neck deep in the shit, like rust, global warming does not sleep. A fact that I am finding increasingly concerning, perhaps quite depressing. Once again, time will tell. Unfortunately, I think it will tell us we are fcked.

  14. Aortic

    I often defer to that wonderful interview between Melvyn Bragg and the erudite Dennis Potter, who sadly was dying at that stage. When asked by Bragg what would Dennis do if he ever met Murdoch he said, ” I would shoot the bugger.” Tis not a shame they never crossed paths. It must be terribly constricting to have to habitually adhere to one point of view regardless of the circumstances. Any perspective cannot exist consumed immediately by that ever narrow point of view. As you say John, it behoves all of us to look at any circumstance and evaluate it as dispassionately as possible, an objective those mentioned are incapable of doing. I often wonder if people like Murdoch, Trump Packer et al were ever really shown any love or were the demands of domineering fathers all consuming to the extent they have created megalomaniacal monsters.

  15. Michael Taylor

    Jack, they ‘dinna’ like Trump in Scotland, either. Was thrilled to see “Stop Trump” stickers on lampposts in Edinburgh last year.

    As an aside …

    Coca Cola is the biggest selling soft drink in every country but one: Scotland. I forget the name of the drink – which is made in Scotland – but it ain’t too bad.

    Anyway, Trump’s largest golf club in Scotland caused a massive uproar when they made the decision to no longer serve it.

    Truth be known, if you spill some on your clothes or carpet you will never remove the stain. But it didn’t stop the Scots from rising to new levels of Trump hate. 😀

  16. Michael Taylor

    And speaking of England … Murdoch papers are banned in Liverpool. They hate Murdoch with the same intensity that they love the Beatles. And chips. 😀

  17. Aortic

    Michael I think the name of the Scottish soft drink is Ir’n Bru made frae girders. Available in Woolies and still as good as ever.

  18. Michael Taylor

    That’s the one. Iron Brew. 😀

    I’ll get some from Woolies. Thanks for the tip. 👍

  19. Jon Chesterson


    All you Australians who buy, cite, share articles in social media, advertise or read the Australian and Telegraph or any other news Corp rag, rely on Foxtel or Sky News for your entertainment, read this and remember you are contributing to the destruction of Australian democracy, fair go and way of life. Perhaps it is time to put Morrison’s hat on just for a few seconds and say, ‘Stop it, just stop it’, and take our foot off the pedal straight after, before getting infected by him as well.

    And all you coffee shop owners, clubs and businesses out there who subscribe, advertise in or accept these newspapers for free on your premises for customers to read, and gratuitously screen Foxtel and Sky News in your clubs, shame on you for giving Murdoch and News Corp the power to destroy the peace and our way of life.

    And ABC you can stop it too – Interviewing Sky News journalists and editors or citing Sky News on ABC News, becoming like them more and more, disgraceful:


    News Corp
    Sky News and Foxtel
    The Australian
    The Telegraph
    Sunday Telegraph
    Herald Sun
    Courier Mail
    The Mercury
    Australian Financial Review
    The Sunday Times
    The Sunday Mail
    The Advertiser
    ..and dozens of State, regional and local papers throughout Australia all listed here:

    The News Corp catch cry ‘We’re here for you’ – A lie bigger than even Morrison could muster, but here to destroy. Not just fake news, a mongrel media mogul who stops at nothing to destroy and undermine us all. Time to rid ourselves of this ugly mug and image.

    At risk of becoming infected with no hope of protection from the new Morrison App CovidSafe, once again, everyone, coffee shops and clubs, just stop it!

    What has this media mogul, his son who will succeed him and his empire got against Australia?

  20. Michael Taylor

    Damn, just checked the catalogue and our Woolies doesn’t stock it. Looks like I’d better get back to Scotland. Want to go there to pick up some Stroma anyway. 😀🥃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Eventually. ☹️

  21. Michael Taylor

    Jon, it puts a lie that their motto (or something like that) claiming that they “hold governments to account” (again, something like that).

  22. Jack Cade


    Dennis Potter called his disease Rupert, in ‘honour’ of Murdoch!

  23. Jack Cade

    Michael Taylor

    It’s called IRN BRU. Were you looking for Iron Brew? If so, that’s possibly why you couldn’t get any.
    Scousers won’t buy Murdoch rags – specifically The Sun – because of its disgusting coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy.
    A few months ago a newsagent in Liverpool risked being lynched because he put some copies of The Sun On his counter.
    The Sun, and the now defunct News of the World, are mirrored in Australia by The Toiletgraph.

  24. Michael Taylor

    Jack, I went through the 9 pages in the soft drink section of their online local catalogue. Didn’t do a word search. I specifically looked for Ir’n Bru.

  25. Jack Cade


    I’ve never had it, and I would be surprised if it was available in Australia, but it might be in some liquor outlets. It’s mentioned in almost every Scottish article and football report. I assumed it was alcoholic but your comments lead me to believe it is a ‘soft’ drink. It’s name would suggest otherwise.

  26. Michael Taylor

    Yeh, just a soft drink, Jack.

    It’s not bad, but it’s not my favourite drink in Scotland. 😉

  27. Phil Pryor

    This covid is nothing at all compared to the planetary pox of a personal and political perverted press peanut, a media maggot, an Un -Australian, a yankee wankee cranky hanky full olf sneezy snot and slime. One wonders at the source of his magnificently defective inner rot and regressions, perhaps a touch of neurotic psychopathic guilt/aggression/drive? He hates what he is ,unmanly, ugly, untrustworthy, incoherent, narrow, surprisingly ignorant, BUT super cunning as a continent of shithouse rats of immense size. He has become expert at areas of putridity…gutting, undermining, white anting, betraying, cheating, infiltrating, coercing, dumping, slurring, everything negative and stinking and unmanly. He knows he is poxy, pestilential putridity and overcomes it by thrusting at life. Keep away, honesty, decency, enlightenment, friendship, wives, dedication, devotion, patriotism. Come on accumulation, acquisitioning, hoarding. That is his meaning, his reason to exist, his core security. Imagine old Rupe the Poop, dreaming his crusty date was so huge, he could crap out the whole effing world and get rid of the effing substandard and inferior humanity…the triumph of hate!!

  28. Michael Taylor

    Terry, there is a way of removing the stains but it’s a Scottish secret. 😉

  29. Andrew Smith

    The left and liberal values or movement has been moved to the centre (right) over decades, mostly through US influence whether a corporate, media, ideology, cultural etc. being adopted and/or marketed in Australia.

    According to US writer Chris Hedges a decade ago:

    ‘The Death of the Liberal Class examines the failure of the liberal class to confront the rise of the corporate state and the consequences of a liberalism that has become profoundly bankrupted. Hedges argues there are five pillars of the liberal establishment – the press, liberal religious institutions, labor unions, universities and the Democratic Party— and that each of these institutions, more concerned with status and privilege than justice and progress, sold out the constituents they represented. In doing so, the liberal class has become irrelevant to society at large and ultimately the corporate power elite they once served.’

    However, although it appears obvious sometimes it’s very cunning long game in shaping attitudes and culture. If we look at fossil fuel sector’s knowledge of the harm being created by their outputs in causing climate change generations ago, there was a clever strategy applied politically and socially to avoid crimping of their future income streams and status.

    This was done by weakening or blocking environmental protections by good government policy, while also shaping societal or electoral attitudes to match the 1% view of society (and creating cultural deflections in a mostly Anglo/Irish and/or European electorate) which has also impacted and been conducted by our own culturally specific politics and media, led by Murdoch. A desire for a return to nineteenth century master servant capitalism, compliant society, limited electoral franchise or democracy, and eugenics masquerading as a concern for the environment.

    New Republic reviews a new title ‘All American Nativism’:

    ‘How Democrats Let the Right Win on Immigration. A new book traces the ways liberals have enabled nativism and xenophobia for decades. A theme of Daniel Denvir’s book All-American Nativism is the role that liberal political journals have played in giving cover to deeply reactionary ideas.’

    In short using Nativism’ through ‘immigration’, along with ‘population growth’ as observed in Australia, especially since Tampa, as an electorally and socially divisive issue for political electoral purposes, but as important, ‘greenwashing’ to blame immigrants, population growth etc. and preclude any meaningful action on environmental protection and sustainable energy sources.

    (Many if not all the people cited in the article have visited and/or been influential in conservative/nativist circles in Australia, while masquerading as ‘liberal and environmental’ plus being supported by fossil fuel etc. oligarchs’ money or think tanks at sometime in the US)

  30. Andrew Smith

    As important, regarding Coca Cola, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have had their own tasty alternative ‘Kofola’ since the fifties.

  31. Ken Fabian

    “There are no climate change deniers around I can assure you” – like a lead-in line for “the climate has always been changing”? Which, as a deliberately misleading “misunderstanding” is actually a lie. But from what I understand of Mr Murdoch, lying is simply a tool to be used to get what he wants – and if the public are stupid enough to believe lies that is their fault.

    What I don’t really understand is what he really wants that is worth convincing his media’s audiences that the greatest and gravest danger to enduring global prosperity, peace and security isn’t real or serious – and why those who keep going on about it should be vilified.

  32. Old bloke

    Murdoch does see himself as a king-maker and surely revels in that sense of power. It’s in his genes. His father Keith Murdoch saw to the sacking of Sir Ian Hamilton, commander at Gallipoli, by influencing the British parliamentarians. Probably went to his head and then with Charles Bean led an attack on John Monash, the most brilliant general on the allied side and tried to have him sacked, by lying to the Australian PM, Billy Hughes. But Hughes saw through the lies and Monash stayed in command. And after the war when Monash proposed the ANZAC memorial in Melbourne, Keith Murdoch strenuously opposed Monash’s design. Murdoch lost, Monash won and it still stands today. What were Monash’s sins? Well, Monash was of German heritage and was a Jew and a most successful engineer in Victoria. It’s in Murdoch’s genes, handed down by his father.

  33. Aortic

    Michael check out this site. Barrs Irn Bru Drink Sparkling can 330 ml/ Woolworths

  34. Andrew Smith

    Old Bloke, agree there is a real chip on the shoulder with Murdoch father and son, possibly related to not being accepted as equals by the establishment?

    Further, Keith Murdoch has been described as a media mogul, not true at all. He attended a modest church yard school Camberwell Grammar and was an employee of the Herald & Weekly Times, albeit executive level, owned by the Baillieu family; he owned on the side some modest regional media assets the Adelaide Advertiser and a couple of radio stations.

    With Rupert, why did he attend Geelong Grammar (where less academic kids of western district graziers go or when parental relationship issues at home?) and not one of the elite Melbourne public schools accessible by tram e.g. Melbourne Grammar or Scotch College? Although there was plenty of anti-Semitism round those days from the WASP establishment, it’s quite possible he would have been told to f’off for attacking Monash, one of their own community, in fact Scotch College.

  35. Kathryn

    Murdoch cares NOTHING about Australia or Australians. It was Murdoch who tossed his Australian citizenship in the garbage all those years ago when he realised he wanted to spread his tentacles throughout the USA and could not do so with dual citizenship! All Murdoch cares about is himself and the fascist, neoliberal agenda of his IPA!

    It was the MURDOCH press that annihilated Julia Gillard in an avalanche of vindictive, misogynistic attacks and false character assassinations that continue today; it was the MURDOCH press that propped up the vicious, serial LIAR, Abbott, on a pedestal and pulled him across the electoral line on a platform of incessant lies and broken promises; it was the MURDOCH press whose malignant malicious propaganda and distortions of the truth ensured the horrific manipulation of its dumbed down readers. It was MURDOCH who got the worst PM in our history, the non-achieving vindictive hate-filled Abbott into power and now it is the Murdoch press, again, who are promoting the diabolical, callously inhumane attack dog, Morrison! Murdoch is a megalomaniacal monster who thinks the Australian public are going to forget and forgive that diabolical intrusion into our political affairs. Not likely!

    Murdoch fancies himself as a political Bobby Fisher “playing” our politicians like pieces on a chess board! At 84 years of age, it is a tragedy that the ONLY things that motivate this ageing predator are all-consuming power and political influence. Instead of using his influence to benefit the world, Murdoch enjoys playing the role of Puppet Master to the whimpering members of the LNP and other right-wing neoliberal politicians around the world. His control over others is like SPORT to this ruthless old narcissist who has not achieved a single thing to benefit the lives of ordinary people.

    The people of Australia should absolutely REFUSE to purchase or read ANYTHING that is pushed out by the worst, most discredited criminal predator the world has ever seen. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is beneath Murdoch … even criminal behaviour (as witnessed when he and his notorious newspapers were taken to court for phone hacking which bought down the closure of the infamous Murdoch rag, “News of the World” in the UK in 2011).

    Murdoch has proven that he will swim through any sewer, bug people’s phones, DESTROY lives, spy, lie …. crawl through any gutter to get what he wants! I refuse to buy Murdoch papers, Murdoch magazines and will NEVER connect with Foxtel or listen to the verbal diarrhoea on Sky News. Murdoch is behind the LNP/IPA Alliance push to destroy the ABC and SBS (through lack of funding). Ever since Turnbull esconsed the ex-Murdoch sycophant, Michelle Guthrie, as GM on the Board of the ABC and then placed the then placed the Murdoch lacky, Janet Albrechsten (who just once happened to be a Director on Murdoch’s IPA) on the Board of the ABC, this once unbiased, public owned media station has become totally prejudiced towards right-wing ideology with a softly-softly approach to the never-ending CHAOS of the LNP. Now the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance have parachuted Sky News sycophants, like David Speers, into influential positions overseeing biased panels on programs such as Insiders and Q&A. Why? Because the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance only want the Australian public to see and hear what THEY want us to see and hear. Now that just about every media station and form of news in the country (excluding The Guardian and Crikey) are now infiltrated and manipulated by Murdoch, we are now living in a parallel universe and faced with a twisted, depraved scenario akin to “The World According to Garp”.

    The current government (under Murdoch’s control) will voice NOTHING but Murdoch’s opinions and Murdoch’s agenda. The ABC and SBS are the stations that Australian taxpayers own – it is these stations that are the ONLY form of media that SHOULD represent the people of Australia (who are paying for them). The ABC/SBS are the stations that belong to the AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYERS and NOT to the self-serving politicians who are SUPPOSED to represent us (and never do)! The ABC and SBS are public-owned media stations that are supposed to be the ones asking the hard questions, they have a responsibility – indeed, the moral obligation – to challenge the sitting government (no matter WHO is in power) and provide an ALTERNATE view. This is NOT happening now because the LNP/Murdoch/IPA have undue influence over OUR public-owned media. Once they are completely defunded and muzzled, they are gone forever. NOW, we have Murdoch’s cancerous influence over every single media station in our country who are muzzling free speech, shutting down democratic debate against the LNP’s rising fascist ideology, openly denigrating and attacking anyone and everyone with a left-wing or socialist view. Murdoch’s megalomaniacal control over every media outlet in Australia is now a sad, undemocratic actuality with a level of ownership and control unequal to any form of media in the world. The sad fact is that the LNP (under Abbott, Turnbull and, now, the depraved sociopaths Morrison and Dutton) allow this to happen because the unholy LNP/Murdoch/IPA alliance is mutually beneficial to them all .. but will be absolutely catastrophic to free speech and devastating to our democracy!

    Murdoch employs Z-rated hacks, like the appalling xenophobic racist, Andrew Bolt, the ex-Abbott handbag, Peta Credlin and the hysterical harridan, Miranda Devine, who are nothing more than vacuous mouthpieces for his own hollow Machiavellian narcissism.

    The malignant, pervasive Murdoch press are as guilty for what they DON’T print as they are for the vindictive, totally biased lies and character-assassinating slander that they DO print:

    NO MENTION of the catastrophic waste of BILLIONS of dollars by this spendthrift LNP (on unwanted memorials to Captain Cook, $44 Million on a needless,unwanted plebiscite for same-sex marriage, more than $144 MILLION on a corrupt dodgy Barrier Reef organisation run by the same oil drilling environmental vandals who want to drill the Reef) et al;

    NO MENTION that this EPIC FAILURE of a government has increased our national deficit to a whopping HALF-A-TRILLION-DOLLARS in less than seven years of epic waste, bogus accommodation/travel rorts, unbridled nepotism and ceaseless corruption;

    NO MENTION of the LNP’s constant vindictive divisiveness and the fact that they have now surpassed the ALP playing the game of Prime Minister Roulette!

    NO MENTION of the staggering corruption and self-serving rorts by just about every “entitled” member of the LNP (at federal and State level);

    NO MENTION that this pathetic, do-nothing Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison regime have achieved absolutely NOTHING in seven years of the worst governance in our history!

    NO MENTION how this elitist government are making countless BILLIONS in handouts and tax rebates to their rich cronies (Murdoch included who was the recipient of nearly $1 Million rebate under Abbott) whilst they defunded BILLIONS from our children’s education, Medicare, hospitals, health and defunded MILLIONS more from foreign aid, charities (who are now begging for money) resulting in a horrendous spike in homelessness all around the country (with families and children as young a 10 on the streets)!

    NO MENTION how the LNP have never ceased their vicious campaign of non-stop attacks against the most vulnerable people in our society: the unemployed, the sick, the homeless, the mentally ill, the pensioners – with the Murdoch papers steering and publishing the campaign of hate with gusto!

    NO MENTION of the delegated torture, savage brutality and criminal neglect (causing the death and mental anguish) of over 1,350 asylum seekers (including little suicidal children) who are ILLEGALLY locked up on Morrison’s and Dutton’s ill-equipped gulags on Nauru – a brutal criminal action that has been decried and condemned by every recognised humanitarian group around the world!

    Murdoch is quick to stab his LNP allies (like Abbott) in the back if he suspects that they are starting to lose public opinion because the traitorous Murdoch is not beneath currying favour with the rising tsunami of anti-Abbott or anti-Turnbull feeling out there. However, once the

    tide changes and it is election time, you will soon see Murdoch revert back to his conservative line because it is the wrecking Troglodytes, Abbott, Dutton, Morrison and the lunatic right wing fringe of the LNP, who are in his pocket. Murdoch OWNS Abbott’s LNP and an ultra-conservative LNP (now under Morrison) is going to aid and abet the horrific agenda of Murdoch’s IPA.

    Never forget that Murdoch tried to corrupt Whitlam all those years ago and when Whitlam refused (because Whitlam was one of the most honorable and honest politicians in our history), Murdoch swaggered into News Limited with the instructions: “Kill Whitlam!” … and that’s exactly what the fascist Murdoch papers did! Murdoch was the one who helped bring down the democratically elected Whitlam government and the manipulated, gormless idiots out there in the Australian public hung on to every word, believed his lies and followed his agenda. Murdoch did it ALL again with Gillard and Rudd and, trust me, he will do it again at the next election!

    You can never, ever underestimate the demonic, malignancy of Murdoch and you can never underestimate the number of manipulated fools out there who will, once again, play right into his hands!

  36. ajogrady

    I have just finished watching a documentary on YouTube called Shadow World. Inside the Global Arms Trade.
    To say that I am appalled and disgusted is an understatement. Am I surprised, no! Our world leaders and the movers and shakers like Murdoch are nothing more then murderous leeches making obscene profits from the perpetuation of war and international conflict.
    What is the end game? Between Climate Change and the deceitful denial of its existence by those with ulterior motives and the world hurtling towards atomic warfare by the same people with the same ulterior motoves, greed and power, the end game will be 100% of nothing for the victors.

  37. Kathryn

    Michael, yes you may and thank you. It will need to be edited – sorry, paragraph error … The 17th and 18th paragraphs should be joined. Also, the old bastard, Murdoch, is actually 89 years of age not 84. My God, 89 years of age – the only thing keeping this old grub alive is pure hate and an almost incomprehensible thirst for power – will it be enough to fulfil him for the rest of his life? Tragically, the Murdoch Dynasty lives on in Lachlan!

  38. wam

    just got a post that twiggy the philathropissed wants every one on the basics card @ $10000 per head he is up in rupert’s greed, going from millionaire to billionaire in the ‘super profit’ era, even more arrogant, spending in the hope we don’t see his iextent of his rort, and he is younger.
    dear Kathryn,
    murdoch’s vigour comes from his prick as he has stabbed hundred withh it.
    Including 3 wives 6 kids. Perhaps his latest is influential?
    Whatever it is the zeal of his editors who commit the lies.


  39. Dave G.


  40. Ivana CSAR O.A.M.

    Struth ! Hardly a woman in sight. The ingredients for his replacement/reconstruction remain present : greed and a strange kind of aspirational interpretation [is it a local brand ?]. Are we all a nation of orphans ? Looking for Daddy ? Be it Head of State, Media Magnate, Sporting Hero ? Anyone but ourselves is to accept responsibility in our own and this Nation’s daily life : He, She, They,.
    anyone but ME.

    Blow the buggle [if we can find it] please !!!

  41. Henry Rodrigues

    More than just an arsehole, a suppurating, drooling, leaking, stinking orifice that should have been bunged up the day it was born.

    My only wish is to know where the crinkled bastard is going to be buried or a memorial erected, so I can attempt to piss on him and his memory.

  42. DrakeN

    Ivana, dear Lady, the “Aorta Syndrome” is a well established phenomenon as you well know: “Aotra do sump’n abaht it”, being the most common cry when things do not match a person’s preconceived idea of what should be; neither who, when, where nor what.
    It goes with that other obiquitous affliction – hardening of the attitudes.

  43. DrakeN

    MT, you called Murdoch and arsehole.
    That is completely unfair.
    At least in the case of my fundamental alimentary orifice which daily eliminates the kind of shit to which you may be referring, except, that in my case my excrement could still be used as fertiliser whereas Murdoch is entirely too toxic for that purpose.

  44. Jack Cade

    The arrogance, the sense of omnimpotence the wrinkled old Yank cuckold has, was on full display immediately before the last federal election when he gave out that he was prepared to wear a one-term Labor government if it happened. The inference being that he could change it whenever he wanted.
    Luckily for him, Bob Browns caravan saw to it that his genie powers were not needed.

  45. Ivana CSAR O.A.M.

    First and last entry today. Do not welcome lecturing entries and presumtuos comments, nor attempts at languages other than English, misspelt and not addressing the subject.

    Seems I entered the wrong room,

  46. Jack Cade


    Spelling and syntax are irrelevant if you write from the heart and get your views across. And contrary views are pertinent and ought to be welcomed. People ridicule Cormann – wrongly – because of his accent, and not because he is a gobshite

  47. guest

    Jack Cade,

    it is far too simplistic to blame Bob Brown’s caravan for the voting in Queensland. Bob Brown has made it clear that he has opposed over decades the burning of coal, an agent for climate change. While local governments have tried to block protests against coal by people “not immediately adjacent”, the fact is that huge numbers across Oz have also been opposing coal, as have many, many people within the state.

    The real culprits are the foreigner Murdoch with his character assassination of Shorten and the preferences trawling of Palmer (in Murdoch papers).

    While people might be concerned about their families with regard to jobs and caring for their families, what are they thinking with regard to the effects of climate change evident now and threatening ominously into the future?

    What future for Adani with India stopping the importing of coal after 2023-4?

  48. Henry Rodrigues

    Guest……. Adani is a front for fat Gina, and the rest of the coal mining sector, though he is as corrupt as any third world ‘businessman’, aligning himself with those who will aid and abet him in his deals. Clive is a bastard who’s there for himself.
    Never stand between a corrupt third world businessman and the promise of millions of dollars sequestered away in a tax haven.

  49. Roland Flickett


    Take Qld out of the equation and Morrison got belted. I have friends in FNQ, and they were buoyant until the caravan loomed. It was Brown that won the election.

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