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The mechanical foundations of a Theory of Logical Truth

Back in my frivolous days of attending a course on Archaeology as part of the Classics curriculum in a mature entry course at a local university, we – the class – were confronted with pictures of ancient Roman structures that included several strata of long retaining walls made up of medium-sized stones of uniform pattern. The lecturer, under questioning from the largely young audience wistfully explained that no, there being no exact records extant on how hard individual slaves were worked per day on these projects, we had no way of knowing how long many of these walls took to complete.

At this point I felt it legitimate for myself to intervene … armed with my personal knowledge of building structure in all forms of material … I could explain that given that the physical weight of one kilogram of stone in those times would – in essence – weigh the same as a kilogram now … the shifting of one ton of stone then would take that same average time of one ton now … a measurement I could easily calculate from my own experience. And … given that we can see that the pattern of stone-work on the lower retaining walls differed from the pattern of the repeated retaining walls above … we can conclude that the above wall was completed by a different hand … and given that the known practice of those ancient times was that the sons of the tradesman father were compelled by law to follow in the trade:skills footsteps of the father, it must have been a difference of at least one generation between the construct of the lower to the higher walls.

This can be easily proven in these modern times by observation. The example I use is the panels of stone walls there as you come to the bottom of the Sth Eastern Freeway in Sth Aust’ there at the junction of roads outside St Pauls Retreat at Glen Osmond Road.

These panels of free-stone wall were built by one stone-masonry gang a number of years ago … the whole length and each section of stone wall matched the next in both size of stones selected and pattern of stone-laying … what is called the “stonemason’s fingerprint”, for each mason, having a different eye and hand, selects that size stone most favourable to his want … of, in the case of a large contingent of labourers, the stone is selected by the head mason to his own criteria of taste. But at some years after the completion of that wall, a truck crashed through a section, requiring replacement of the damaged section and you can see that it was a different “hand” that built the replaced section, the stone-work being a tad “busier” that the neighbouring panels … a different hand, a different pattern.

And there was the first inklings of the awakening in my own mind of using “Logical Truth” to fill in the gaps between recorded knowledge and existing reality.

Of course, the brief overview I give above has many more experience-related facts behind my “awakening”, but space and the reader’s patience forbids … we know you all like to skim.

So let us give every-day example of the reasoning behind my variation of the logic in “Logical Truth”:

Here in front of us sits a loaf of bread. Just your standard loaf in the accepted Australian ideal of a loaf of bread … It is real … we see it, we smell it, we touch it … and leaving aside all those fantasies of existentialism etc., … it is a loaf of bread.

Now beyond the crust of this loaf, there has to have been a collation of both ingredients and activity unseen in the completed loaf … unseen but absolutely essential to the finished product … so we have a beginning and a middle section missing from the picture. Here, a history of both procedure and experience of knowledge of construct come into play. We have recorded history of what is required to make a loaf of bread … we know of the ingredients, we know the measurements, we know the heat and time needed to make the loaf and in many cases personal experience fills in the time-lapse between activity and consumption of the finished product.

And it is a similar, though admittedly more complex sequence of events that can “fill in the gaps” in any span between first knowledge … like those pics of retaining walls in ancient Rome … and final conclusion … like the finished loaf of bread.

So if we extrapolate this theory onto the debate of a sequence of events argued over Indigenous habitation, activity, art, hunting grounds and cultural and language diversity, we can with accrued knowledge of pertinent points in between the earliest, middle (for ease of explanation) and contemporary occupation, fill in the dots with logic and reasoning that this series of events pre-that series of events warrants a certain set of logically imperative events to have happened in between time … the same as any descent through historical time. Sure, there may be argument as to what exact date this or that event exactly took place, but if the pre-existing and post-existing evidence is correctly dated, then a certain set of circumstances must have happened! … and those set of circumstances, like the adding of ingredients before the rising and kneading of the dough and before the cooking time of the loaf of bread … or whatever … must follow … must follow one on from the other.

So there is my theory of the “Mechanical Foundations of Logical Truth” … now go on … tear it apart … after all, it’s logical that since doubt always follows after announcement … you will want to. You will want to … but logical truth tells me that since we are in the here and now of the moment; I … giving announcement and you voicing doubt, a sequence of logical truth will prove me correct! 🙂


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  1. Florence Howarth

    I believe we all construct our own reality. Something we should always be aware of. Should always be prepared to question the reality we construct.

  2. Joseph Carli

    Hah!…Thank you , Michael….right, sharpen the gladis and gird the loins Matilda it’s “Over the top” we go!

  3. Joseph Carli

    Yes, Florence…but there are essentials that make up a construct that cannot be ignored…the foundations..if you will..that must be in place so the next step can be made…like the yeast to the dough..

  4. Stephengb

    Sounds very logical to me Joseph


  5. Joseph Carli

    That’s the stuff, Stephen…But what you can do with it is to trace steps BACK from the finished product or event and re-create those essential “ingredients” that were needed to advance forward…For instance…if we take something as simple as a traditional dance…A collection of movements evolved from both mythology and cultural sensitivity…for each one of those movements to evolve, it would take consultation, consideration and evolution to harmonise them into the choreographed dance…We know from studies that a traditional dance MUST NOT be mucked around with on pain of condemnation…So when we see a traditional dance being performed, whilst the movements of the dancers may seem swift, or sensual…you can know that from a knowledge constructed by the logic of cultural evolution that every movement is a product of a long and well-considered process..going back to perhaps some cultural sketch or statue a thousand or more years ago.

  6. Florence Howarth

    What are the essentials?

  7. Joseph Carli

    The essentials, I believe, are the known bits and pieces that can be backed up by evidence..they don’t and in most cases won’t be the full story, but will give clue to the complete picture..even a family history may have bits and pieces missing but then can be reconstructed using essential knowledge and the rest filled in with what can be logically deduced…But you got to have those essentials…
    That is the problem with Christianity…we have the full, existing church…and we have its evolving history from such a long time ago..but there are two major essentials missing that give lie to the entire construct…We have no evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed at the beginning and we still have no evidence he or his “father” is there at this end of the history…ergo..there has to be doubt..

  8. Joseph Carli

    “The Hungry Womb”…it was an obsession with middle-ages literature, where female sexual voraciousness was seen as a barometer of and in the case of excess as a threat to social order. An interesting title for a topic, I am thinking..For I have intimately known two infertile women in my adult life, and their adventures into the sexual realms were fraught with risk and hunger..The womb is a powerful force..as I wrote in a recently published piece on this site : “Write again, Blue eyes”..
    I think I’ll think about it….For even such a quiet, retiring person as myself will admit that with some women, the sex-drive can have a voraciousness much superior to the male..indeed, you could say she has to have…the survival of the species may depend upon it…and perhaps the cruelest, most vicious act of sexism is to slander those women who have the stamina and enthusiasm their right to indulge in it…
    The Greeks have a saying among the males…: “To refuse a woman’s enticement to have sex with her, is the one sin God will not forgive.”
    I am thinking of crossing over to Greek Orthodox.

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