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The Meaning of Treason

This is an older post of mine that I have updated and still consider very pertinent and relevant in the light of what has happened with our nation and social conditions since the election of the Abbott/Turnbull governments.

Read on …

Part One

In the closing days of the Second World war, the name “Lord Haw Haw” was synonymous with the cry of “traitor!”  Because a traitor in those days was seen as a clear-cut thing … in fact, as quoted from Rebecca West; “The Meaning of Treason” (Penguin, 1965):

… by broadcasting between … the eighteenth day of September 1939 and on other divers days thereafter, and between that day and the second day of July 1940, being then to wit, on the said several days, a person owing allegiance to our Lord the King … It was in fact the case for the prosecution that a person obtaining a passport placed himself thereby under the protection of the crown and owed it allegiance until his passport expired. (A clear case of loyalty to the crown, His Majesty the King).

“Lord Haw Haw” (aka William Joyce) did betray the Crown and the people by broadcasting subversive, demoralising and destabilising material against the people and the government, while taking payment from a foreign national. He was subsequently tried and hung for his treason.

These days, the allegiance of loyalty to the State and the people is somewhat more beige. Today’s democracies lean more toward public perception and cultural dominance for a definition of loyalty. But it must be admitted that to work hand in hand in a brazen manner to both bring down the democratically elected government of the day and then import and place in control of management (Col Allen) of those agents used to work to get elected a “favourite” of the foreign vested interests, by destabilising, stealth and deliberate slander of the elected government, and would then have intent to demolish national infrastructure and work against the social equality of the peoples of the nation. Well, that has to have some definition of treason.

For in my mind there is no doubt that we, as a nation, have been betrayed. Those many “national interest” policies: the NBN, Gonski, NDIS, ETS (Carbon trading scheme), Environmental Protection and National Parks that are in the national interest and coupled with a now switching to and fro; “Non emergency with the budget” are at risk and indeed in some cases will be dismantled for no other reason than to satisfy vested or financial interests of foreign corporations … not solely out of a twisted ideology, but certainly out of sheer insatiable greed.

This is the act of treason against the nation’s interest. To have the LNP destroy national infrastructure and public policy that benefits a majority of citizens and gives financial reward to a extreme minority of foreign capital invested players … in short, Judas gets his thirty pieces of silver. That was his treason in every sense of the word and meaning. The fact that those modern major players are set to gain many billions of dollars through an act of LNP vandalism against the nation … that is their treason, in every sense of the word.

But the government was voted in by over half the population we hear. That is correct, but we are also aware, and no lame explanations can deny it, that a vast percentage of that section of the voting public we now read, were mislead on many  policies by the mainstream media (MSM), a percentage of votes along with other misleading “facts” could have swayed the outcome in many areas. And some are neither politically astute nor very interested in political outcomes other than a strange “payback” for MSM  trumped-up delusions of injury. And then there are those who would sell their own mother into slavery for a couple of quid. Whatever it was that swayed the voters, it certainly was assisted by sometimes outright lies and slanderous accusations against the sitting government by the MSM.

It is the political players in collusion with big media and big business that has done the most damage, particularly the MSM. We know their names, we have railed against them on social media and elsewhere on their perfidious behaviour … and they continue to obfuscate and manipulate, out of either self-interest, financial gain or a perceived political  future too obscure for us mere mortals to comprehend … but must involve a good deal of crawling! And only now are we reading of the vast number and scope of the rorts carried on by the the government. Why was this common information withheld when several members of parliament and even the former Speaker of the House was goaded to resign and were vilified for lesser amounts? There can only be one real reason.

This government was voted in on a base of fraud and deception manipulated upon the people by the MSM and its employees. There is no contesting this fact. Their so-called policies were unexamined, uncontested and unopposed by that very estate that sanctimoniously holds itself up as the fourth estate of democracy. Indeed, it continues right to this day to set the agenda for government policy … even with those overseas trips to Indonesia and Asia by the last (now ditched) PM, we read that it was a roaring success, not because of what was achieved (there was more given away!), but because we were told so by the fourth estate media! The lie is maintained, the circle is complete!

Returning again to Rebecca West’s book; “The Meaning of Treason” she makes some very interesting observations. I will quote a couple of passages for interest on how the modern media has played it’s part in the dissemination of propaganda:

Never before have people known the voice of one they had never seen as well as if he had been a husband or brother or a close friend ; and had they foreseen such a miracle they could not have imagined that this familiar unknown would speak to them only to prophesy their death and ruin.”

She speaks of William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw). She continues:

He was not only alarming, he was ugly. He opened a vista into a mean life. He always spoke as if he were better fed, and better clothed than we were …

The above portrayal is an example of the malicious persuasion that manipulates a people – a people hungry for simplicity of policy, for entertainment, contentment and insulation from the harsh realities of the world on their doorstep. It is the propaganda style of those who have in many cases helped cause those very disasters that bring trouble to our doorstep, or are trying to stop programs that could alleviate and soften such events in the future. Such people give voice to a meanness of spirit and ugliness of heart and opens the door to cruel intent … that is a betrayal of the trust given to the MSM, a trust that was bestowed upon those called to shine a light on duplicitous behaviour that can ruin a society, not to collude with reckless abandon in that very behaviour..

I give the last words on such a tawdry subject to Ariel Gonzales on West’s book, that it “reminds us that sometimes the worst betrayal is the trading of values for the illusion of safety.”

That is the meaning of treason!

Part Two

In Part One above, I proposed that certain parties had committed treason against our democracy by using the platform of a foreign national whilst being financially rewarded by that foreign national to broadcast propaganda to destabilize the democratically elected Labor government for the benefit of that foreign national. Just like “Lord Haw Haw” in the 2nd WW, all the while sheltering under the protection of their own nation’s passport.

That was their treason.

And, just as Lord Haw Haw could claim to be a sympathiser of the enemy’s politics, when destabilizing and demoralizing the British nation, those who did likewise to the last Labor government could claim to be acting with their beliefs. Even so, to use a foreign national’s media platform to promote the same agenda and accepting payment for it … dissolves any appeal to innocence … and the only title they could own is; “Agents Provocateur”.

But now, after all the dust has settled on this ratbag of a LNP shambles of governance, with the wisdom no longer of hindsight, but witness of damage done to the infrastructure, manufacturing, international relations, social order and well-being of its own citizens, not to forget the corruption absolute from top to bottom of the Party, resulting in the sacking of so many ministers, including the Speaker of the House, and the final, shameful collusion of the national broadcaster in blocking or obfuscating information to the public in particular the NBN, these provocateurs have promoted themselves to; “Agents Saboteurs!”

The sabotage of this nation surpasses anything ever witnessed by its citizens before. Never has such wanton destruction been worked upon this nation. The deliberate smashing of the NBN infrastructure is more than equivalent to the sabotage of a rail network in a time of war. The dismantling of the Gonski Plan for universality in education is the equivalent of driving the poor and uneducated into sweatshops for their lives, unable to plan their own careers. The off-shoreing of both manufacturing and labour hire is equivalent to condemning the nation’s workforce to gross unemployment and all the social woes that derive from that. The privatizing of all government utilities and services is equivalent to hocking the family heirlooms for a quick gamble on a horse-race. This is not why a democratic government exists. It is political dictatorship. Nothing more. Our lives, our well-being, our children’s education, our future in old age has been hocked off to an ideology of childish foolishness that can only benefit one small minority of any society, and that minority, by its shifting of currency and profits from one tax-haven to another to avoid paying a fair share of the benefits and burdens of a civilized society have crueled this nation’s future opportunities, until we will be driven like the poorest of the poor to beg in the street for our daily bread.

The disgrace of this LNP and its supporters and promoters is that they have acted with a kind of vicious glee in moving from once as opposition and agent provocateur to blatantly display their “talents” as in government agent saboteur.

These criminals have gone too far. And those hangers-on who give and find succor with such vandalism have to forever wear their family badge of betrayers of the national interest.

That is the meaning of treason!


  1. Freethinker

    Excellent post Joe, the pure reality without excuses.

  2. Roswell

    Yes, damn ripper of a post, Joe.

  3. Jack Russell

    Precisely that!

    I look forward to your articles, and comments, Joe. Thank you.

  4. Ill fares the land

    Excellent article – showing just how truly vile the LNP is.

    I find amusing how Scott Morrison (whose buffoonery is only exceeded by that of the masters of idiocy – although the list is long – Dutton, Kelly, O’Dwyer [why has she been so quiet lately?], Brandis, Sinodinos, Abetz …..) trumpets that the LNP has to govern for all Australians.

    A vital component of LNP strategy, indeed of “conservative” strategy, is to throw the poor enough “scraps”, so they feel their needs and their very existence aren’t being ignored, but at the same tame targeting their mates and supporters as the true beneficiaries of their support.

    The NBN was never meant to be a crock – but it became so as soon as the megalomaniac Jesuit (Abbott) decided he had to eradicate all trace of anything Labor. His nomination of Turnbull was Communication Minister sounded gracious, but was designed to put Turnbull in charge of what would become a national disgrace, thereby eliminating Turnbull as a rival. Needless to say, the treasonous MSM let Turnbull off the hook over this expensive debacle – and it is a debacle.

    The offshoring of local jobs and the on shoring of cheap imported labour has been going on now for several decades, but it is under the LNP that a trickle of Asian immigration and money has turned into a veritable flood and the losers have tended to be Australians wanting to buy property – Asian money is doing nothing but push prices up (it’s not the only factor but it is a significant factor). Moreover, the massive rise in exports of foodstuffs to China has lead to all Australians being asked to pay paying prices for meat that many simply can’t afford. There might be other factors at play here, but shows like Landline never actually delve into those reasons (if they exist). As with natural gas, big business reaps the benefit of export prices and Australian consumers get shafted.

  5. Joseph Carli

    Ill fares the land…One could see as soon as Abbott and Murdoch came within kissing distance of each other, it was arse to lips straight away!..and as for the pouring in of Asian money…there is an interesting, but rather under reported “newsy piece” of Roman history that tells of the strategy of Julius Caesar to undermine the patriarchy opposition in Rome by flooding their market with his huge supply of gold looted from his wars in Gaul and elsewhere so as to destroy their currency and property wealth..

  6. Max Gross

    Treason is indeed an accurate descriptor. Pure LNP! The only question is: what do we do about it apart from bleating in an online echo chamber?

  7. Joseph Carli

    Max Gross…These blogs are more than an “online echo chamber”..we’d all be surprised how far they reach..you have to remember and consider.. that if words written in a facile manner, like limericks on the back of a office file or the graffiti on a wall in Pompeii get remembered and read thousands of years later, then one has to accept with a degree of confidence that words written on these blogs move through society…and perhaps in today’s environment.. the world with greater impact than one could know.

  8. Michael Fairweather

    I cannot agree more, Turdbulls action states it all. He is punishing the Australian people for his own financial and personal gain. We need a patriotic lawyer to take him to court and it could be crowd funded if necessary .

  9. paul walter

    There would be a lot of people up for treason if the truth were out. Starting with Murdoch and the megaphones and black propagandists and a swag of public servants and business people. Some in the government would be on the wrong end of a rope also.

  10. Marilyn

    Fantastic article! We have indeed been betrayed by the very people we put in power to protect the interest of the people and the nation! No where is it more evident than in the sale of our essential infrastructure and land to foreign entities. We need investment, granted, but investment dos not have to mean outright ownership or preferential treatment to raise costs for dividends.

    A simple search of advisory forums and councils to the government will yield the fact that the multinational corporations are over represented on all of them and have way too much influence on the government.

    Time for constitutional reform and to kick the traitors OUT!

  11. Vikingduk

    Yes, Joseph, that is the meaning of treason, the traitors have been enabled by us, the brain dead, the non thinkers, the irresponsible many. My current attitude is that of rage and, unfortunately, depression. How we can continue to allow these fluckers, these black hearted twunts to rule our lives, to tell their lies, to trash all that makes us human and we effing well permit this shit to happen. Dog help us. I hope you are right, Joseph, that this is not a mere echo chamber, I would like to believe you. As usual, me and hound on early morning beach walk, as usual picking other effing arseholes’ rubbish, and there we have it, the irresponsible dropping their shit with no care or concern, contributing to the destruction of this beautiful ocean and planet. Traitors, effinng traitors, treachery in all its many guises.

    I love this planet this earth this most amazing place, well f*ck you traitors you bastards I will just go over there and cry and mourn the many losses.

    Thanks, Joseph

  12. helvityni

    Vikingduk, your posts remind me of the excellent British political satire The Thick Of It, both you and Malcolm Tucker make me smile, so there ,one for you and one for him : 🙂 🙂

    There’s not much to smile about when it comes to Oz politics today…


    the meaning of ‘treason’ in ordinary usage and in australian law are not the same. the ‘treason’ that is legally actionable is much narrower than the treason of ordinary usage. a traitor may be such within the ordinary usage meaning but not so within the legal definition.

  14. Vikingduk

    Thank you, Helvityni, and yes, very little if anything to smile about. Wondering, Helvityni, if you got the Gulia Ender book and if so, what you think. Yes, I know, this isn’t the forum for enquiries between commenters, but, you know, suck it up and move on.

  15. Ron Chandler (@RonChandler6)

    Two things spring to mind.
    We have no more car-making. VENEZUELA makes its own cars, 4WDs, trucks and buses! And neither major party gives a stuff.
    Gonski was admitted even by the Libs, to be a mechanism for more equitable distribution of education funding. Yet the LNP opposed it. Never declaring why, they backed and filled until they could fudge up a reason not to implement it.”Unsustainable”? No. It’s as clear as a bell, their only reason was to AVOID fair funding, and to guarantee the unfair feather-bedding of the schools of the wealthy. Equality of opportunity is ANATHEMA to these creeps!
    I wonder if there has ever been a party (before Thatcher and her anti-social Mont Pelerin-brainwash policies) which actively plots against the majority of the people. LNP are literally, the enemies of the people.

  16. helvityni

    Yes, Vikingduk, I bought it, read it quickly and then passed it on as birthday present to a friend who suffers from gluten sensitivity, rather mundane so I had buy the best bunch of flowers to go with it…

    Ron Chandler, and Dutton is so much scarier than Thatcher ever was, enemies of people indeed the lot of them, not a very clever move from Trumble…

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