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The Machiavellian Egg

If any of us on the “progressive” side of politics still believe there is room for civilised and rational debate on the current portfolio of LNP Government policy, then I would confrontingly suggest you are a f#cking idiot!

With the cancellation of next week’s parliamentary sitting, we see white-hot evidence of corporate interference from both the banking sector and the religious hierarchy to forestall the inevitable popular demands for both financial and social change. For this cabal of “corporate grease-nipples” that call themselves the LNP to act in the best interests of the State, they first would have to extract themselves from their toothy grip firmly planted on the inner colon of big business.

We … the people are being royally screwed over by the fossil-fuel energy suppliers, the energy re-sellers ,the Financial Banking sector, water supply authorities, petroleum suppliers, medical, educational and many other once safe, secure government run utilities that are now if not totally in the hands of incompetent private corporations, are being given over to private outsourcing to manage and manage badly all in the interests of the stupidity vacant middle-class opportunists comfortably ensconced in their pension seats of Parliament.

There are so many corporate bodies circling and lobbying the federal government these days, the Canberra Capital’s roundabouts look more like a Hollywood movie set of Red-Indians circling the covered wagons on the American prairie and there are more strings being pulled in the corridors of power than in a Sicilian Puppetry theatre.

This current malaka of a government has laid an egg … a Machiavellian egg … in that it is not only has a soft centre open to corporate corruption sucking, but it also has a brittle shell all ready to be shattered at the first tap of a voter’s fingernail. It is such a stereotype of a corrupt government, it is a wonder Seth Blatter is not on their payroll as some sort of adviser … except they’d have to replace Rupert Murdoch and we all know HE now needs the money!

But old Machiavelli knew a thing or two about how a government works … particularly a right-wing government and he drew up the “rules of engagement” for the running of such and those of that persuasion who now sit in the catbird seat of power are running the country according to script. Turnbull and his entire cabinet are but mummers … thespians ham-acting set pieces and lines for corporate power …

We are the Corporate State

The LNP have betrayed us as a People and Sovereign State to international corporate bodies. Our energy producers are mainly international corporations, as are many of our water holdings, our financial sector is controlled by international banking, our petroleum managed by international manipulated pricing, much of our food produce, delivery and resale … we are being squeezed for every penny we have in both our savings and future prospects. The LNP has sold us down the river to these voracious corporations for their own personal gain … which if we read their philosophies so clearly stated on their IPA manifesto of 100 (or whatever it is) wish-list … decrees quite openly if a tad convolutedly that it is a case of every person for themselves and if we but peruse the property portfolios of that end of the political town, we can see they have achieved that end with more than a degree of success!

We are Gorn!

Machiavelli recognised the above problem arising as a matter of course in civil governance and did write a very lucid and instructive chapter on cause and effect of such an event in his “Discourses”. Here is a short example (from Chapter 33: When an Evil has Sprung up Either Within a State or Against a State, it is a More Salutary Proceeding to Temporize With it than to Attack it Rashly) that will lead those with more an interest in instruction than argumentative confrontation to have a read:

“On which subject it will first be discussed, that when an evil springs up either within a Republic or against a Republic, whether from intrinsic or extrinsic causes, and has become so great that it begins to make [everyone] afraid, it is a much more safe procedure to temporize with it than to try to extinguish it. For almost always those who try to crush it, make its force greater, and make that evil which is suspected from it to be accelerated. And incidents similar to these arise more frequently in a Republic from intrinsic and extrinsic causes, as it often occurs that it allows a Citizen more power than is reasonable, or the corrupting of a law is begun which is the nerve and life of a free society: and this error is allowed to run so far, that it is a more harmful procedure to want to remedy it than to let it go on. And it is so much more difficult to recognize these evils when they first arise, as it seems more natural to men always to favor the beginning of things: And such favors are accorded more to those accomplishments which have in them some virtu or are done by young men, than to any other thing: for if some young noble is seen to spring up in a Republic who has in him some extraordinary virtu, the eyes of all the Citizens begin to turn toward him, and they agree without regard [to consequences] to honor him … “

What we see now in our State is the shifting of the base of power from the democratic process to the autocratic … when the democratically elected govt’ goes against the parliamentary majority to suspend the Sitting of the House, without doubt upon instruction (we can’t seriously believe that a Turnbull cabinet made the decision on its own!) from an “extrinsic cause”, for to stall essential legislation that would forfeit the power of the corporations, then without doubt we have an autocratic regime … no longer a government, but a Fascist State.

We have but one last chance to crush this takeover of our future and that is by the next election and we need the ALP to combine with any other political entity to be able to effectively muscle-up against this global right-wing power grab … and we see the same modus operandi in Britain and America and rising very fast in Europe … We have to extend the “progressive” out-reach to bring into the tent those many groups operating in a loose conglomerate to unify action against this direct threat (and not to make too fine a point on it) to life and liberty. For as that great Machiavellian scholar himself said: “The delicate problem those who oppose bad politics have is that they; being the good people, cannot act in any way that brings them down to the same level as those they need to defeat.”

Our hands may be tied, but our noble intentions and our demand for equality touch everywhere.


  1. Peter F

    Totally agree. The problem will only disappear when Murdoch goes, among other things.

  2. Terry2

    It appears that we may have an avalanche of dual citizens in the first week of December. Indeed, Julie Bishop is demanding that Labor members come clean and we still have a few Liberal foreigners lurking in the parliament and now an NXT Senator has gone.

    I’m predicting that Turnbull will have to go to the GG and dissolve the parliament with a general election in January, seriously. Evidently they don’t have any legislation to debate beyond the marriage equality Bill and as they are having a separate enquiry into religious protections (?) under the auspices of a doddering Philip Ruddock, the Dean Smith Bill should just go through unamended.

  3. Joseph Carli

    Yes, Terry..federal politics is getting as unpredictable as the weather…and THAT could go anywhere from here!…But I suspect there are a lot of voters out there with baseball bats ready for the LNP.

  4. Max Gross

    Louis XVI is rolling in his tomb!

  5. Harquebus

    No need to do much. The Labor Party is almost certain to win the next federal election but, it won’t make much difference. They adhere to same destructively absurd “jobs ‘n’ growth” ideology that the Coalition does.
    Physics is trumping economic and political ideology and will continue to. It is the ideology of growth that needs to be reversed, not just a change of government.
    One thing that I think will change is that, the complaints made here about the Coalition will change to excuses made for the Labor Party’s guaranteed failure to improve our situation. That should make for some entertaining reading.

  6. Phil

    Spot on JC – spot on. ALP better turn sharp left next corner. Mind you, no matter who sits on the parliamentary leather, the system is still capitalism.

  7. Joseph Carli

    Phil..capitalism is like working dog…it has to be trained to do as you command, not as it pleases..It must be brought to heel.

  8. Ricardo29

    And does Labor have the capacity or the will to bring it to heel? Too many right wingers and religious adherents to do much I suspect though a banking RC might be a good start, if any recommendations for penalties are enacted. Watching Corbyn makes me wish for someone as bold, though I know it’s easy to be bold from Opposition I am just not seeing it from Bill and the team, though I do hope to be surprised when they win as Daily seems more likely.

  9. stove_pipe

    I don’t often agree with you, Harq, but this time I most definitely do. Labor will force through any legislation the yanks tell them to, and they’ll slither up to big business just as much as the LNP. I look forward to the articles from this publication after Labor wins the next election. Which they are sure to do.

  10. Glenn Barry

    Can someone indulge me on this and perhaps explain:
    We have a corporatocracy here in Australia, which shares many common elements with Fascist regimes – to my mind, one element is absent, that being disappearances of dissidents at the hands of security forces.
    Though I will classify Federal Police raids on Union offices as the same phenomenon which only differ in degree.

    Or have I created a false distinction between the two, where we have brutality by legislative instrument and executive government action so the need for murderous disappearances is moot.

  11. jim

    We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

  12. Freethinker

    Bugger, my yesterday comment went missing, perhaps to depressing?

  13. Joseph Carli

    Hello Freethinker…it would be good to hear your thoughts…

  14. Freethinker

    Joseph, I agree with your views about the “performance” of the current government but do not share your hopes in your comment, quote:
    We have but one last chance to crush this takeover of our future and that is by the next election and we need the ALP to combine with any other political entity to be able to effectively muscle-up against this global right-wing power grab … and we see the same modus operandi in Britain and America and rising very fast in Europe ” end of quote.
    IMHO and base by the political history in my 49 years in Australia, the ALP will no going to reverse many of the damage done by this mob with the excuse (previously used) that the damage was done by the Coalition and will cost to much money to reverse it ( the GST come to my mind)
    We can see the weak performance of the ALP now when it is prepared to vote for the Dean Smith’s bill.
    The only bill acceptable for me taken into consideration the views about religion in the last census will be a bill which address the “Freedom from Religion” and not the freedom of religion.
    In the case of celebrants be able to refuse to provide their services based on their religion faith it is wrong and it is discrimination.
    They are Civil Celebrants, not religious and allow them to discriminate is wrong and put a precedent to create more divisions based on discrimination in the future.
    In this case should not be a compromise, the people of Australia have expressed their views and the minority should accept the wishes of the majority.

    I am worried that after next election we are going to go trough the same problems that face now Germany and other countries in Europe, the right and extremists will have too much power.
    We only need the conservative members in the coalition plus the Bernadi group together with One Nation and the opposition to the ALP will be hell thanks to the wishes of the ignorant electorate.
    Talking about the electorate, the next Qld elections will give us and idea what will be expect in the future.

  15. Michael Taylor

    Freethinker, a number of comments – including heaps of mine – went missing from yesterday. We migrated the site to a larger server yesterday and comments that were posted during the migration are now only seen by those readers who are still being directed to the old site (due to their own ISP not yet updating their server records, which can take up to 24 hours). Those people, unfortunately, cannot yet see the new site.

    That you are now commenting on this ‘new’ site tells us you’re in the right place. 😀

  16. Joseph Carli

    Freethinker..While your sentiments may reflect accurately a synopsis of what the future could POSSIBLE be like, I am of the opinion that with many members of the ALP having come from a working class background (regardless of their academic qualifications), they will form the foundations along with perhaps greater union representation, the political party of the future. For we have to accept that the middle classes no longer have either the capacity nor the perspicuity to see a direction for the future beyond their blind acceptance of an economic solution which , as you so correctly surmise, will do nothing but entrench the social strata that currently hinders social equality.
    I hope to do a post soon on this issue and how we can overcome the blind ignorance of middle class fumbling for ideas.

  17. Freethinker

    Thank you Michael for the wonderful work and dedication from you and the team to keep this excellent site going strong.
    No worries about my lost comment, it will not lift the spirits of the fellow readers.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Freethinker. Those were kind words and truly appreciated.

    There are still a few glitches – which our tech guys are working on – so in the meantime I might chill out by doing some gardening.

  19. Freethinker

    Joseph, if the problem was only ignorance it can be reversed by education but it is deeper, it is selfishness, greed and weakness due to their life be ruled by their debts to satisfying the materialistic life style.
    A good example of weakness can be seen now in what it is happens in NSW.
    The NSW government is looking into spending 2 billion dollars in the demolition and building of two stadiums, meanwhile, in the state we have deaths because poor resources in our hospitals, hospital workers and medical staff are committing suicide due to the stress imposed on them, more than 100000 students go to temporary school rooms because the government do not invest in new schools.
    All the above problems can be resolve by with less that one months if doctors and medical staff join forces. They will bring down the government with in a week.
    .As long as there is selfishness greed and not unity we do not have a hope.

  20. Joseph Carli

    ” .As long as there is selfishness greed and not unity we do not have a hope.”…and there you have hit the nail right on the head..and the problem is that the means and structure to deal with such greed have no chance of being applied so long as the aspiration toward the false goals of middle class consumerism is both taught and held high as the only aspiration worth of respect…but that can and will be changed…watch this space!!

  21. Freethinker

    Joseph, one of the ways to reverse that and change the values and priorities of the population was one of the bastions in the Cuban revolution.
    It was a success but only possible for the poverty imposed to the Cuban population by years of being under the rules of extreme right governments/dictatorships.
    Have a look the struggle that the Cuban people are going trough because their determination to change their life
    Do you think that the Australian people are prepared to even come close to it/
    Not in our life time my friend, not in the life time of my children.
    Poverty, have nothing to lose, cannot go any lower it is the only lesson that humans can go trough to learn their lessons and combat greed.
    Sorry to sound negative, but there is no time to dream, it is time for actions.

  22. nurses1968

    HarquebusNovember 22, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    “One thing that I think will change is that, the complaints made here about the Coalition will change to excuses made for the Labor Party’s guaranteed failure to improve our situation”

    I don’t think you have anything to fear on that front.

    There are enough Labor haters here while they are in Opposition so I don’t think your concerns will be a problem.

    Polling shows Labor Victoria will lose the next State election, and Wetherill is trailling both Xenophon and the Lib as preferred Premier in S.A. so things there don’t look good for Labor , QLD could well be a LNP/PHON/Katter Gov come saturday as polls are borderline{people who have been campaigning and working prepolls tell me there seems to be a fair protest vote for PHON happening } and if the LNP tuff it out and have the MSM and ABC running protection for them the Federal election could be as far away as July 2019. So there is still time before you have to worry about Bill

  23. Freethinker

    So, people that do not approve the ALP position in many issues are Labor haters?

  24. Joseph Carli

    The ALP are in a good position to win the next election and bring about change..but they too must be prepared to change..there is a whole new media landscape out here and we of the left WILL be listened to..No more filtering through the lens of fake “respectibility”…it’s gonna be all in your face!

    We, of the working class now have the ways and means of making our protestations heard and we will be listened to. No more sitting at the back of the bus.

  25. nurses1968

    FreethinkerNovember 24, 2017 at 10:53 am
    There are people opposed to Labor policy but there are also the bunch of Labor haters, stay tuned

  26. Spindoctor

    I think Qld Labor will get over the line today with an increased margin What the ON vote is will largely determine its survival while the Nats wil be savaged and rightly so. I feel it is now or never that with a Labor federal government they go all out to take on the big end of town . a Bank RC is one, An electricity RC is another, then there is fuel, food, health insurance, wage rises, cost of living ROC ABCC and the AFP political weapons, the list goes on .Where Labor will fall by the wayside unless Get Up gets involved in mass action is taking on Ruperts propaganda machine, the IPA,resources and business councils, Bankers and Gina. And most importantly banning lobbyists and ex pollies from buying policy with political donations . That is the elephant in the room that must be torn to bits. Any other measures are tinkering.

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