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The Liberals Need Moira Deeming!

Sorry, that was meant to read: “The Liberals Need More Redeeming!” but phonics is a harsh master… or mistress, depending on your bent…

Actually, I just realised that one shouldn’t be allowed to decide whether phonics is a master or a mistress because some things – like gender – are determined by what God said. And if God was a bit unclear, then it should be the parents who get to decide one’s gender.

Take me. When I was growing up my father said that I was being “a bit of a girl”, so I embraced that and immediately stopped trying to do anything that involved strength or manual labour. Yes, it was a bit sexist, but hey, what can a girl do?

Oh wait, we have a problem with parents deciding one’s gender and it should be left to the child themselves when they reach an appropriate age…

No, actually we don’t support that either.

Look, I think there are two basic problems with anyone whose gender is different from what we think it should be, and that’s sport and bathrooms… And by bathrooms, I mean safe spaces for women. And by “we” I mean the people who have the right to decide that gender is always clear except for those times we don’t want to talk about because it ruins our argument!

For some reason, I am reminded of being at the urinal and having some guy say to me, “Cold today, isn’t it?” If I’d been braver I’d have said, “Stop looking at my penis!!” (This may be a joke… but it’s only a joke that those with a penis will get… or those who’ve looked at penis on a cold day… or… actually it may not be a joke at all…)

I think it’s the idea that we all need safe spaces, but I can’t quite understand how banning trans people from women’s bathrooms makes them safer. I mean, I get the idea to some extent, but to my limited male brain, it’s like, “Wow, there’s a rule I can’t dress up as a woman, go in to a bathroom and attack a woman. I was prepared to break all those other laws but this one will stop me in my tracks because in order to enforce it, there are security guards checking genitals as one enters…”

I more than happy to let someone who isn’t Posie Parker – a dead giveaway of a name – explain to me what I’m missing here.

Anyway, there’s a bit of an irony about the fact that Moira Deeming sounds like More Redeeming, given her strong Christian beliefs. Of course, when I say strong Christian beliefs I mean the ones that are taken from the bit in the Bible where God issues the Ten Commandments which include the one about not allowing transgender people to read to kids…

Mm, upon checking I find that there’s no specific commandment unless they’re reading to kids on the Sabbath and it’s the one that goes: “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy and remember if you’re prepared to work on that day, then you’re a sinner who doesn’t deserve penalty rates…”

Or something like that. I’m doing the Ten Commandments from memory, which enables me to forget all the ones that don’t suit me, such as “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” so I can lie my ass off and not have my neighbour covet it.

Or the one about “Thou shalt not commit adultery unless you’re as pissed as Barnaby and don’t intend to remember it unless the press find out!”

Whatever, I did intend to discuss economics tonight after Peter Dutton reminded us the fundamental commandment of our times: “Labor can’t manage money.”

The federal Liberal Party (and the Murdoch media) are reminding me of the famous experiment by Solomon Asch where he tested the nature of conformity and discovered that if you put people in a room where everyone else was clearly giving the wrong answer a large number would just acquiesce and give the same answer.

It’s a strategy that’s worked for years. The only trouble now is that they’re not controlling the room and once someone says, “You’re all fucked in the head if you can’t see that that line is the longest, then you’re either corrupt or stupid and in the case of that guy with the lump of coal, probably both!”, then the only people who won’t nod are the confederates in the experiment.

Sometime later, I’ll talk about inflationary and non-inflationary budgets, but until now I’m just going to leave you with the idea that sometime soon the Liberals will start to argue that the only reason that Labor has a surplus is because they’re high taxing government and that, if Angus was Treasurer, he would have given away a large part of that in tax cuts to the sort of people who’d be happy to employ your grandmother so that she could add to her pension.

The Greens better get their act together because it’s only a matter of time before the ABC have to introduce their leader as “the alternative Prime Minister”…

Oh wait, it’s only when the Liberals are in Opposition that the leader is the alternative PM!

Yes, the Liberals need more redeeming…

But I suspect that they may be beyond redemption!


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  1. K

    Good point, well made! And I missed the phonics! Totes cracked me up to read it from you!

    Cheers for the laugh…

  2. New England Cocky

    Oh Rossleigh ….. what a great way to start the day!!. However, I believe that I have discovered a rare factual error.

    RAbbott, Turdball & Scummo of the Seven Secret Ministries have proven conclusively that ”LIARBRALS CANNOT MANAGE MONEY”.

  3. Canguro

    Nominative determinism can be a bitch, as Rossleigh has pointed out with Moira Deeming… did her parents have a warped sense of humour, or were they deadly serious fundie Christians who’d conceived her out of wedlock and carried deep concern for her future as a bastard child and a sin the eyes of the Lord?

    We’ll never know, as Moira is unlikely to open up on this subject and I’d expect her parents will also remain tightlipped, but, possibly, being saddled with the ambiguity attached to her epithet might go some way to explaining her willingness to take up the fight for her chosen causes, things like trans-bashing, threatening her seniors in the Victorian Libs with law suits and so on.

    As in all things, search deeply enough and something may be found to be thankful for; she’s fortunate not to have been born a guy and ended up being a sex worker named Phil McCracken, or as a female, working as a cashier known as Ka Ching.

    Life, it’s often noted, can be a lottery, and one’s name, it seems, may or may not be more redeeming.

  4. leefe

    Drag Queens (and Kings) are not necessarily transgender. Some are, some aren’t; same as some are gay and some are not.

    As for Moira, like the LNP she is past redemption.

  5. Clakka

    Ha ha ha! Well said.

    Is Moira Deeming a further phantasm of Schrodinger’s Cat (or kitten), and the box, the LNP’s “no f^ckn idea” experiment.

    Seems they’re all disappearing up their own fundament.

    Some might wish you well as we wave y’all goodbye.

  6. Phil Pryor

    Moira No-Re-Deeming is one of many examples of the modern social disease of irritable mediocrity, whereby the below average, even if that is only feared and imagined, behave badly, extravagantly, negatively, all to fill ouit the persona and be HUGE. Loudmouthed defective anusite animals infest politics, media, finance, sports, weird organisatins, all to get noticed, to pose, to feature. It’s an evil social sickness, the dud knowall wannabe winner. Adolf, Josef, Donald, Scott, all the rotten cast of a stinking production, they and so many know all about it…Public life and its requirements, for us, is overwhelmed by private political perverted plotting parasites.

  7. Michael Taylor

    Phil, always good to see you and read your comments.

    While I’m here …

    Apologies all for the site being down all day. Server problems beyond our control.

  8. Phil Pryor

    Thanks, Michael, for your efforts and that of the team; I’ve been away,and will be again, had computer issues (and may again) but this site and the efforts of those who offer views is very useful. The mainstream is a plantation of suffering and divided mustobey types along with determined corporate warriors of fierce mercenary outlook and little restraint in decency, nor quality and real independence of outlook and output. We may appear to be an (old) irritable bunch of wannabe smartarses, but there is a drive to see a better future,and my grandchildren and perhaps yours and others need a good national home in a better world.

  9. Phil Pryor

    Ah, G L. , Lady Gina Lardarrsse, the famous fat frau of the west, and shining light in the Adolf memorial prayer Group, hacks the continent for personal profit and acquisition, all to fatten the corset, ego, reputation (hah) and posing. The nation has needs, it bleeds, and the corpulent clapped out crone grabs. (one day, as the last mug dies and the last breath escapes, will this soul utter a comment??) She is a broom jockey and boasts of her fine work flogging our irreplaceable minerals. It’s too late, but we should have that money for all of us…Norway kept control and money flowed from North Sea Oil, while privatising Thatcher’s U K let the grubs get it and there is none left for the people. Norway has a huge sovereign fund for all its people. So stupid…we.

  10. Canguro

    Phil Pryor, “So stupid…we”, you wrote. That’d be the Howard mob you’re referring to, I imagine. Not the majority populace of this country, who wouldn’t have registered the goings on, but the shills and shysters who populated the Rodent’s fiefdom, Costello in particular, the smirking self-satisfied smarm once called this country’s best treasurer by Murdoch’s The Australian, who had the opportunity to do something along the lines of the Norwegian Sovereign Fund and didn’t.

    Multiculturalism has its good points and I’m not going to knock it but it’s evident that it’s lead to a fractured society that lacks coherence and a united voice on matters where it matters, such as a strong focus on political irresponsibilities such as the one you’ve referenced. We’re not like the French, et c’est dommage.

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