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The gross incompetence of a mediocre middle-class

Gather around fellow workers and producers … gather around citizens and retirees, gather around young and old … and all you who are now concerned at the gross mismanagement of the nation’s commodities, utilities, resources and people power. It is time to talk of removing those middle-class incompetents from office and replacing them with a skilled worker/producer political force.

There is no longer reason that only the certificated, private-schooled white-collar professionals are the most sought-after people to run for political office. There is no longer reason that the semi-professional trades and producers of any colour or ethnic stripe ought to be passed over for high office or if selected, only as a token fixture. Indeed, I say it is high-time those who have accumulated those very skills and capabilities that give credence to the name of a ministry take command of those portfolios of governance … perhaps even restricting certain ministries to only those people who can claim “on-site” working experience in that area of governance.

For instance: development and infrastructure – engineers and architects … housing and construction – building trades … health – practising nurses or doctors … agriculture – practising farmers … and so on into social and administrative needs … and defence. No more dropping mates names into a caucus hat where you have some gormless wanker whose only experience at life/work is to be able to talk with a plummy voice, look stupid or wear high fashion well.

I mean, have a look at this latest mob now in power … can anyone for the life of you recall … even in your own workplace or pub … in rumour or frustrated experience … a worse, more hopeless collection of crooks and fraudsters hell-bent on screwing over what should be a healthy (for everybody), wealthy (for the economy), and well educated with excellent communications systems society … and we end up with nothing but the threat of bankruptcy in every aforementioned topic!

This middle-class system of management was given carte blanche back in the days of the waning aristocracy of the Queen Victoria era when those “captains of industry” of the industrial revolution sought validation from their aristocratic debtors to plunder the colonies under the guise of Imperial Permission … Hence such rapacious institutions as the East-India Company and the South Australia Company … or any number of colonial plunderers who invaded, robbed and killed their way to personal wealth for the few with impunity, seeking and getting military backing from their Imperial partners when they had need to concoct “native wars” so as to rid themselves of a bothersome Indigenous presence that denied those robber barons land and minerals to fatten an already overflowing purse.

So we have these laws and legislation passed that have favouritism and benefits most suited to that class of people already sited within those closed perimeters of a social privilege and comfort zone that needed to be protected from worker/producer/Indigenous outrage at being both denied the same rights restricted them from birth or by the connivances and schemes to rob the workers of their hard-earned savings and/or their rights and wages at work. Time and again we see Union people, common workers in some cases getting hauled before the beak and sentenced for false or wrongly claimed accusations, yet when real criminal activity is exposed in high business institutions or within a corrupt govt’ department, we see a lack of even rudimentary investigation and none charged! … this is because the bastards doing most of the white-collar criminal activity are of the class that wrote the bloody laws!!

What we have been witnessing over the last years, is a motley collection of private-schooled, bumbling incompetents, a mediocracy squabbling amongst themselves like junior fags in some private school trying to curry favour with their upper-school prefects when they do the bidding of such business or political lobby groups to cull government services so as to outsource plum contracts to their private school business chums, destroy working contracts and agreements to allow cheap / coerced or bonded labour to be used to destroy union strength … when we see false intelligence used against some groups or nations that then allow policing or military operations to be used against those vulnerable people for no other reason than to divide and rule … then we are seeing a corrupt regime that has been infiltrated to the very top of power by influential lobby-groups.

It is time to rewrite the rules for many work/agricultural/social platforms and to re-write the rules, we must replace the ruling classes … For much too long has this “Consciousness of Kind” cosy confederacy given succour to a lazy, indolent, self-deluded class of fools as bent as a drawer full of used Uri Geller soup spoons.

It is time to draw a line under the old Imperial / Industrial legislation that is supportive of that corrupt class and their institutions … for there has to be agreed that if a Royal Commission was opened onto any of the most valued commercial providers like communications, utilities, social/education providers, mineral councils etc … we would find as we have found in banking/superannuation, that there would be very serious questions to answer. These institutions run on and thrive upon that old Dickensian confederacy of “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” … with so many operating a Fagan-like management and administration of “rob-blind while you can get away with it” policy.

Never in the life of me … never – and I am talking 67 years now – in a lifetime spent in trade/labour, have I met more than I could count on one hand those who have been highly educated and individually competent at multi-skilled workplace management … and I have worked for many well-placed business people and some political people in high office … but for the most you wouldn’t trust them to shuffle a pack of playing cards without them attempting to “stack the deck”. No bullshit … they are in the majority just absolutely mediocre and incompetent.

Get rid of the lot of them!

Replace them with the working/producing class and then we will see some real advances put in place for the country that will return both prosperity and respect for the whole citizen body!

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  1. Kaye Lee

    Whilst I very much agree that the current government are incompetent and corrupt, I very much disagree with the idea that education is an impediment and I think “class” (whatever that means) is irrelevant.

    Politicians have departments to advise them. None of them can possibly be experts in all the legislation they must consider. They need to be able to understand and evaluate expert advice. They need to be able to prioritise the many and varied challenges facing us. That means listening, not assuming that simplistic populist ideas will solve problems.

    We need people of integrity who realise they don’t know all the answers.

  2. lawrence winder

    Well, having seen this class repeat the same mistakes again and again with particular reference to Ruling Rabble’s Mk’s 1,2 & 3all I can say is….Avanti, Comrade… to the barricades!

  3. Shaun Newman

    Kaye, the L’NP LNP CLP NATS hate, not dislike, the working class. They were mostly born into wealth, and they have no concept of the struggle we working class people go through in order to try to get ourselves a decent standard of life. They see us as “expenses to their businesses” and nothing more.

    This explains their actions on leaving the dole unchanged even though the people trying to exist on it quite obviously cannot exist on it unless they group together in a flat and pool their benefits. There are in excess of 3 million Australians living below the poverty line, most of these people would be either on the basic wage, a pension or the dole. Yet this government has just given the farmers (who have bought this drought upon themselves and the rest of us as well) $5Billion, spent $500 million on the Canberra War memorial and you tell me there is no class system in Australia. I tell you open those very knowledgeable eyes of yours and see what’s in front of you.

  4. Shaun Newman

    We are badly in need of educated people in the social sciences and in the union movement to create a revolution to enable ordinary people to live as we used to comfortably not in squalor and poverty.

  5. Joe Carli

    How long…HOW BLOODY LONG…have we ; Th’ people been waiting for “people of integrity” in leadership?…and are these “people of integrity’ the same blowhards that make their way via a soft-shooed network through the “mates system” to a well-payed sinecure of old-school tie, consciousness of kind political retirement package?…RUBBISH!..and exactly my point..forget the waiting for bleedin’ Godot, the second coming or the well-heeled, well-spoken well-presented bullshit artist with the leather jacket and a running list of diplomas and degrees that would make the Magna Carta blush with a feeling of inadequacy….They just don’t cut it anymore…and they have run out of ideas for direction for our society..
    Enough……enough…I know a complete roll-over of workers replacing non-producers is never going to happen 100%…but by the livin’ Jayses, something better be done or we’ll all be on the bread-line chanting useless slogans…

  6. Joe Carli

    Exactly, Shaun..and now there are many 1st. generation working-class tertiary grads’ like Sally M’cManus, Ged Kearney and others who have integrity and have the knowledge base to take leadership positions within the political structure.

  7. helvityni

    Many of our politicians seem to be police men, even some in in very high places, some are detective, some have fathers who were part of the police force.

    These men of law-enforcement are not always the most pure of heart as one would expect, at least I do….

    Are they part of the working class, do they belong to the middle classes, I also don’t know were do they belong in our educational standards….

    Once a copper, always a copper…???

  8. Joe Carli

    I have never condemned education for education’s sake…It’s not education that is at fault, it is how one utilises that education…It is of no use to the great majority if a well-diploma’d person goes into politics on the back of a hard-won degree and then, when the whistle blows from the political party bosses to “GET INTO LINE” behind even vile legislation, they immediately nurtured…right into line behind such policy..So it is not the academic education that is the problem, it is the ” in-house expectation training” that is nurtured into and alongside the academic training.

  9. Joe Carli

    helvi’….any male who comes through such militaristic instutions…like the police or otherwise, has to go through a priod of brutalisation..not officially, but certainly via the crude, “in-house” bastardisation method…coppers…they are another class altogether..

  10. Joe Carli

    Kronomex…God!…it’s horrible to watch…Trump has a MAGA cap..What’s Scummo got…an Eveready battery cap?

  11. helvityni

    Paul Keating left school at a tender age of fourteen (14), he became our PM, and may I say a pretty classy one…

    Kronomex, Trump’s thumbs- up is rather cocky and confident, Scomo is looking like a new-comer and seems to be asking ‘ am I doing it right…’

  12. Joe Carli

    The State doesn’t need any more people who don’t have the answers. The State needs people in leadership who can read the mood and the wants of its citizens..and the one thing the majority of us want now is to be able to have work / financial security so we can keep our heads above water!…And if the “people of integrity” cannot supply answers to THAT simple demand, then they have no right to stand for office…and that’s why I am saying..: “piss them off and get people who know what to do”.

  13. Baby Jewels

    I agree with all of you and if all us like-mindeds did something every single day to point out a lie, an unfairness, corruption, a poor decision, make a phone call or send an email to our local member/ a relevant MP or the PM, we could bring an end to the lnp as they know it. Don’t sit back and be angry, do something yourself, every single day. It’s the responsibility of us all. We all have a need for a better, fairer future, not just those of us with kids and grandkids.

  14. Michael Taylor

    It is unfair to look at a person and mutter “He’s a snob because he/she has a couple of uni degrees”, just as it is to look at a garbo and snigger “Look at the job he’s got … obviously a low-life.”

    Twenty years ago I was a racist, sexist snob. That changed when I went to uni. Uni taught me not to discriminate – to respect a person regardless of colour or creed. In that regards, I believe it made me a better person … within myself. Some might argue to opposite: it turned me into a bleeding’-heart leftie do-gooder.

    But having said all that, I don’t think there are enough people in parliament with a working-class background. How the hell can a bunch of rich lawyers represent people they can’t relate to?

    We need more Mick Youngs or Doug Camerons: people who come from the School of Hard Knocks.

    And yes, helvityni … more Paul Keatings. 😀

  15. paul walter

    “I reject your reality and substitute one of my own”.

    Been there done that.

    He’ll have to be a better man than me to get away with that sort of nonsense.

  16. Joe Carli

    Well, Michael..they say ; “Nine tailors maketh the man”..perhaps you are that one of that line who made it!…: ” A phrase spoken after the custom of ringing church bells for a deceased male. The number of times the bells rang traditionally indicated the deceased person’s sex, with a male receiving nine “tellers,” or tolls, of the bell. A: “Did you hear the bells ringing?” B: “I did. Nine tailors make a man.”

    Reminds me of my mother being shocked when she was told by an aged relative that “she could keep nine men ‘happy’ ”
    “Why such an odd number ; nine?” I asked..” Is that a cricket team?”
    And I remember that same aged relative confessing to myself years later that..: “The old man (husband) was not much cop in the ‘trousers department’….but she had a curly-haired Italian that would ‘look after her’..”

  17. Aunty Uta

    Joe you say: ” . . . when the whistle blows from the political party bosses to “GET INTO LINE” behind even vile legislation, they immediately nurtured…right into line behind such policy. . . . ”

    I ask you, why on earth do they actually do get into line? It looks to me as though the politicians are expected to follow the party line, and the ruling party is expected to follow the demands of the capitalist system or else the capitalists go on strike. Sometime some independents or people like the GetUp people can make a difference as far as policy making is concerned, and this may have to do the fear of losing votes or the desire of catching votes could be involved. But for the most part government does not like the voters to be all that well informed and rather try to catch them with slogans.

    I don’t think Kevin Rudd or Malcolm Turnbell lacked in education or in good will towards the people. I would like to know what could they have done to govern better for longer?

  18. guest

    Joseph, we have been through all this before. Your ‘simple demand’ is to ‘have work/financial security to keep our heads above water’

    Ay, there’s the rub; It is not so simple, otherwise t would be done in a flash. When we try to find out what people actually want to achieve that ‘simple demand’, the result is a huge range of answers seeking demands that no single government or individual would possibly please everyone. That is the reality.

    One answer given to that range of demands is to give money to all citizens so that they would be able to ‘keep their heads above water.’ But then there would be complaints that some were getting more than others and that some were being paid and were not working. Welfare is not a popular idea for some.

    Another view is that things can be made so difficult for those taking welfare that they will be forced to make an effort and lift themselves up by their bootstraps. Or tight restrictions on access to such welfare could control spending.

    We have heard of such ‘answers’ even recently. But how do governments create jobs except by enlarging the public service. How can government help mining for example, if commodity prices fall. Can industry pick up the displaced workers?

    Can a government of people from working class origins have such insight that they would easily find solutions?

    What some people are advocating is that we allow a government with parliamentarians of various backgrounds to come together. This has produced people who have had much to offer, but it has also produced people with single issue programs which can stifle debate.

    So the question is: Who are the people who know what to do? We have had many people who claim they know what to do, but it does not get done – squabbles within the party, international events, public unrest, political incompetence …

    As you know, Joseph, the Gracchi failed because they relied too heavily on the support pf the populus.

    Some people are advocating the big strong man – a Trump-like figure – to solve all their problems for them. We see how well that is going in the US.

    Baby Jewels points us in the right direction. We as voters should be able to let the governors know they are unhappy. I cannot believe how people in power, in the public eye, are able to get away with incompetence, lies, secrecy, deception, theft, self-aggrandisement, cronyism…and nothing is done about it. Sometimes the only recourse is election time and that could mean waiting months, years…

  19. Michael Taylor

    There are always exceptions.

    Julia Gillard – a lawyer – introduced more legislation to parliament that would help the working-class or the poor than any other government I worked for. (Most of them were knocked back by Abbott, the prick).

    Kaye Lee is right though. The policies didn’t come from her, but her departments. At least she listened to them!

    But Julia was also different in another way: she encouraged involvement.

  20. Joe Carli

    As you say, guest..there are really no direct answers to questions of multi-policy…but there is the capacity to push certain policies through without regard to capital opposition and sure, not all will work or be tidy polity or not end in tears…it is not always the end that is sometimes to be sought, but rather the forcing through of new, innovative policy..the force of that thrust, be it with legislative principles or raw political power can shatter long held we witnessed with the Whitlam years..short as they were..or the Gillard years even shorter still..decent, long-lasting policy can be appreciated and by the sheer benefit witnessed by the mass of voters, be kept in-situ regardless of degenerate or destructive conservative politicians.
    Sometimes the beauty is not in the climax of the piece but in the play between…

  21. MöbiusEcko

    But more and more departments are being outsourced as APS workers are being laid off in record numbers to be replaced by consultants who mostly advise based on what they believe the minister wants to hear, or worse give advice the way the minister directs them to. It’s why there are so many policy failures.

    The consultants are in the complete control of the minister and PM, as their contracts depend on the minister’s whim. To compound this situation, the government is piece by piece shutting down transparency, especially when it comes to contract consultants and industry. Recently the AG raised a certificate to stop the AG from revealing damning information on a contract.

    That is the Attorney General stopped the Auditor General legitimately releasing information on a contractor.

    But it gets worse with this current government. More and more they are raising certificates on security grounds, even when security has nothing to do with a contract or report. When this goes to a hearing, the prosecution can put their case forward as they have the necessary clearances, but more often than not, the defence are civilian lawyers with no clearances so cannot see any documentation and sometimes not even the prosecutions case so the whole case on whether information can be made public or a contractor malfeasance or mismanagement is one-sided.

    This also protects the minister concerned, which is why this government is running the government and its scrutiny this way.

  22. Mark Needham

    “4 legs Good, 2 legs bad”

    Maybe some tribalism, is what is wanted.

    Bugger me,
    Mark Needham

  23. Joe Carli

    Jeezus, Needham…you had more to say when you used to regularly post over on that right-wing site..what was it…Pickering..I believe…wasn’t it?…you know, when you said that you go to The AIMN under your real name to stir up the lefties over there…well, NEED-ham…are you stirring us up?…I don’t think you have anything to say TO stir us up!

  24. New England Cocky

    An Australian Manifesto I think Joseph. Well done!!

    Perhaps you may not have recognised that the majority of politicians in Canberra follow the Roman Catholic faith or were “educated” in the Catholic child minding system at enormous expense to Australian taxpayers and great financial benefit to Rome.

    @guest: The stark reality is that government does NOT “give money to all citizens”. Rather it gives money to its mates that in Australian history has been the practice since 1788 and in England before that, back to whenever.

    Then successive governments have forsaken the Australian voters by allowing foreign owned multinational corporations to provide “foreign capital” to develop extraction of our natural resources for minimal mining royalties cost offset by advantageous tax concessions to them yielding maximum profit for foreign shareholders and little benefit to our voters.

    So unnecessary given that we are a sovereign nation that can produce our own capital on demand and fund such developments for the benefit of Australian voters.

  25. Phil

    The objective of private schooling is not education – it is the continuation of ruling class hegemony achieved through the indoctrination of the privileged class offspring wherein rigid conformity with class ideology is ruthlessly taught. Just look at the school uniform of every private school institution – the suit and tie – ie the uniform of business and authority.

  26. Joe Carli

    Aunty Uta..

    I had to give some thought to your posed questions…and while I have at hand those glib answers so favoured by those who “know” so many things yet have knowledge of very little..I will resist the easy answer of both Rudd and Turnbull being more subservient to their own egos and declare that I do not know what they could have done that their party didn’t demand of them…both being swayed by polling of public opinion beyond what should be considered good policy direction…This is where we are in need of confident leadership of perhaps not one person, but a quora of several to steer the state..I blanch at the title : “Committee”, it having that old zebra / horse affiliation..But I would have liked to have seen good past Prime Ministers like Gough, Paul and Julia Gillard be recruited to take a very public presence in state leadership..perhaps as visible and involved “advisers” of public policy.
    Bob Hawke I will leave to his joyous lifestyle.

  27. Joe Carli

    guest wrote : ” We have heard of such ‘answers’ even recently. But how do governments create jobs except by enlarging the public service. How can government help mining for example, if commodity prices fall. Can industry pick up the displaced workers?

    Can a government of people from working class origins have such insight that they would easily find solutions? ”

    Yes to both Q’s…it ought to be the “job” of government to create work via development in mega commodity exploitation projects through state funding and ownership…and in times of lag, there ought to be enough govt’ projects going in a variety of commodities to be able to shift employment from one mining operation to another or from raw materials to “value-added” production..and as for the workers having such insight..I say yes, they do…there being a close-communicated network exchanged between workers from one location within a state to others outside that sate Australia wide so that most know the health of their industry over the whole of the nation way before the stock-market can work a swifty with inside information…It was always like that in the multi-storey const’ industry…you only had to make enquiries on site about the chances of work in any place in Aust’ and it didn’t take long till you were informed..I’d say it would be even quicker in these days of mobile phones.
    And a govt’ exists solely for the benefit of the people…it has no other reason to exist except to serve the needs of the people and if that need is for continuity of secure employment, then so be it…get to work and supply it!…DON’T give money to blundering private enterprise…become the industry..employ the people..turn the wheels!

  28. Ross in Gippsland

    Another question you may ask is why are those chairmen of the board’s types, usually men, all the same?
    Inevitably extremely well spoken in their expensive dark suits oozing sincerity when time has shown it’s all a con. These people are generally nothing more than grubby, greedy third rate incompetent sociopaths.
    Chairmen of the boards don’t become politicians but a lot of politicians aspire to be chairmen of the board.

  29. Bill Ovenden

    Where do we find enough candidates who would sit in our our parliaments who are educated in life not just schooled at universities and have the required integrity? I hope for my grand children’s sake these people assume leadership roles to make Australia a fairer place for them.

  30. Geoff Andrews

    “In a survey of 1000 drivers, 90% believed that their driving skill was above average.”

    It’s an old statistical joke but it reminds us that, by definition, about 50% of voters have below average intelligence (assuming “intelligence” is still a recognised quality and is normally distributed).
    It is intelligence that we seek in our parliamentarians, together with a sense of justice; a sense of curiousity and a sense of humour.

  31. Kaye Lee

    This whole fixation on “class” makes me very uncomfortable. Saying tradies would make better politicians than people with a university education is just as exclusive as the reverse idea. It has an unhealthy feeling of anti-intellectualism. I agree that the progression of people from student politics to political staffer to political representative has created a political class where mediocre apparatchiks are gifted jobs in reward for party loyalty rather than any aptitude or talent but that is a somewhat different issue.

  32. Shaun Newman

    I don’t see coppers in any different light to any other worker. As far as I’m concerned if one must get out of bed to earn a livelihood then that person is a worker, whether they are a labourer, a doctor, or a copper. I understand that coppers think that they are above the rest of us like professional people do, but that does not mean that they are.

    I don’t recognize the so-called ‘middle class’ as far as I’m concerned they are working class people who think that because they own a microwave oven and a car under 5 years of age that somehow they are better than ‘working class’ which of course they are not. Only in their minds are they better than the next person.

  33. Shaun Newman

    Michael TaylorNovember 17, 2018 at 5:49 pm I agree more Doug Cameron’s perhaps Mick Young’s but Keating’s I’ll pass on him, he did bugger all for working class people. He will claim superannuation but he conveniently forgets the number of pay rises we had to forgo to get it, and his L A W law tax cuts. What is needed currently is a leader with the balls (whether female or male) to stand up and explain that the multinational corporations operating in Australia are paying little or no income tax on their billion dollar incomes, and that’s not fair.

    We allow businesses to operate in Australia and get rich so they pay a decent amount of income tax to the host country, this is not happening. Just imagine if you will, how many tins of Coke are sold in this country every day, then check the level and amount of their income and the amount of income tax they paid last year, as an example. It’s criminal!

  34. Joe Carli

    K-Lee..: ” This whole fixation on “class” makes me very uncomfortable. Saying tradies would make better politicians than people with a university education is just as exclusive as the reverse idea. It has an unhealthy feeling of anti-intellectualism.”

    So what’s “uncomfortable” about class?..Know your class and be comfortable within it…I know mine and I’m VERY comfortable within it!…call it “working class” ..but I think it of more as : “producing class”..a class of people who actually make something..and that can apply to many trades and professions..if you take raw material and with your physical work produce a finished product then you are “working class”..
    To my understanding there are two basic types of people in this world..: there are those who will take some raw material, be it animal, vegetable or mineral, will shape that material into a finished product that will be useful to humanity ..and then there are those who will take those valued or useful products be they animal, vegetable or mineral and through wanton misuse and greed, destroy what was once a decent object….THEY are that class of people that I rail against and should be thrown out of every position of influence or authority.

    And what is this “anti-intellectualism”?… the first place put the label of “intellectual” on university education?..perhaps we should call trade education “intellectual”..after all, in my experience, it is the trades that do most of the thinking when it comes to applying or converting theory to practice…and I say Tradies would make better pollies because of their “hands on” experience of creativity..and if you think that working a trade is more of a craft than creative art…check this out..:

  35. Shaun Newman

    guestNovember 17, 2018 at 6:48 pm You ask how can government help by increasing the public service and how can they help mining, if commodity prices fall – well mate, they help mining by, a massive diesel fuel subsidy which cost the federal treasury billions each and every year. Gina Reinhardt isn’t the richest woman on Earth for no reason. These billionaires fall into the same category as the multinationals, they are parasites on our society, Twiggy, and Packer likewise.

    If businesses paid 20% income tax, in real terms, every business large or small this country would have a surplus, not a deficit, the lowly paid workforce are not capable of paying any more in income tax, but businesses are. You may claim that they have had their tax cut and they now pay 25% income tax, but that’s a falsehood because they have so many taxable deductions so the net result is closer to 17% than 25%.

  36. Joe Carli

    Shaun…coppers are different…they carry a gun to show they are in charge!

  37. Joe Carli

    Anyway, K-Lee..I’m still miffed at you and your “gang of four” for getting my article “I’m worried about you ladies” pulled off the site BEFORE I could defend my “intellectual” argument…it caused a rift between myself and “the management” that has taken a toll on my nerves (I’m a delicate chap!)…and is only lately getting back on some sort of balance..( I believe)..and now I can feel an article coming on concerning the mood and outrage of those recent times when the “franchise on women and how they must act” had been taken over by a feral cooperative of finishing-school prefects!

  38. Shaun Newman

    New England CockyNovember 18, 2018 at 6:17 am yes I agree wholeheartedly mate, we need a politician with the balls to nationalize our natural resources for the benefit of all Australians, but There is no politician who immediately comes to mind who would do such a thing because most of them are wedded to the neocapitalist system.

  39. Mark Needham

    No intent to “stir”, maybe “point out”.
    Maybe, I am too, or not Enuff educated. But yes, I disagree with you, and your class system I see in your article. I shall read it again, and try to hear what you are saying, not what I think you are saying.
    Mark Needham

  40. Shaun Newman

    PhilNovember 18, 2018 at 7:46 am, spot on mate, Whitlam’s one of very few mistakes he made was providing public money to private schools. I contend that if they want to send their children to private schools for the networking that they should pay for it themselves. Public money has no business being put into private institutions.

  41. Shaun Newman

    Joe CarliNovember 18, 2018 at 10:06 am Nail on the head stuff Joe, well said mate.

  42. Joe Carli

    “Dr Steve Garner
    ‏ @SteveGarner5
    16h16 hours ago

    My son’s new job: he gets up before 5 to walk 45 mins for 6.00 shift in a warehouse. No buses. So far he’s been sent home 4 times out of 8 because they already have enough ppl. They don’t call, just wait until he and other un-needed workers arrive. I’m horrified. Is this common?”

    Cut and paste from Twitter just now…THIS is an example of the type of bastards in charge of a nation’s employment that we have to throw out of office before they destroy us all.

  43. Diannaart

    No single social/cultural/religious/ethnic group should hold sway over all others, especially our parliamentary system. To replace, as Joe is suggesting, one social class with another is not a solution.

    The best, most challengng governments are made up of a diverse range of people, thus providing better representation of the population. Not easy, why should it be? The swapping of one social group for another or the “benevolent” dictator are simplistic responses.

    Time for a little Diversity 101:

    Better Politicians
    The brightest and most effective politicians do not all come from one particular group. Reaching out to minority communities and encouraging interested individuals to participate in politics has potentially enormous benefits. For example, it draws on a larger pool of candidates, increasing the chances that the very best will take office. It also encourages political participation by traditionally marginalized groups, helping to bring their particular issues to the forefront. Diversifying candidates, in turn, diversifies policy.

    Varied Skills and Passions
    Political diversity doesn’t have to be all about race or sex. Diverse backgrounds, skills and passions are also advantageous in politics, where different issues and constituencies often call for different measures of communication. For example, if everyone has an Ivy League education, but no one has good public speaking skills, all of that education is largely lost on constituents who want to hear and trust their political leaders. Similarly, too much focus on one policy area, such as trade, can be harmful. Diverse political leaders can help focus attention on smaller policy areas.

  44. Shaun Newman

    Kaye LeeNovember 18, 2018 at 11:01 am Kaye, we are saying that the parliament should represent the population. The population is not all male, lawyers. We need some people in the parliaments of Australia with working-class experience. Policy does not have to be so bloody complicated. It can be streamlined in any number of ways and sometimes it is not the most educated brain that comes up with the best solution to a problem.

    I recall in the Whitlam years there was a huge problem that neither he or any of his Ministers could solve, the bloke who came up with the solution was a bloke by the name of Clyde Cameron, I think from memory he was a South Australian, he had been a shearer for 30 odd years before entering the federal parliament, Whitlam praised him and I’m sure gave him a Ministry, that of Aboriginal Affairs.

  45. guest

    Joe, I mentioned goverments increasing employment numbers by increasing the public service because that is what the present government has done. And there are other ways of increasing numbers by allowing increases in part-time jobs, or where workers are not employees but are contract workers. The numbers are fudged.

    So your answer is that governments constituted by workers will find jobs because that is what governments do – which is not the case. Government at best can only try to provide economic circumstances in which jobs arise. Shaun, above, tells us all peopl at work are workers.

    Needham really stirs the pot with his reference to Orwell and what happened when the animals took over the farm. Something to think about. Ross, above, also made an oblique reference to this by suggesting all Chairmen of the Board all look the same.

    I am with Kaye on this.

  46. Shaun Newman

    DiannaartNovember 18, 2018 at 12:23 pm yes Di, that is what both Joe and I have been saying a more diverse mix of politicians with some working class people put up for election instead of the usual suspects with university qualifications, people with real work experience to look at policy and help to engineer it to help the overwhelming majority. We had such a politician in Queensland politics in the 70s by the name of Kev Hooper, who before he would approve any new policy he would ask a simple question “how will this policy affect the most vulnerable in our community” the Kev Hooper’s are sadly missed in today’s politics.

  47. Joe Carli

    Guest..: ” Government at best can only try to provide economic circumstances in which jobs arise. “…bollocks to that!…government controls the circumstances in a domestic market..or ought to…and it is best left to them to place capital in those quarters where jobs are definitely…NOT CIRCUMSTANTIALLY..created..forget the private sector when it comes to mass employment opportunity..they are market driven and as we see by the example of “no-contract” employment..they are useless.

  48. Graham Milner

    The ‘middle class’ is not the problem. Professional and semi-professional people; small business owners, and white-collar workers as opposed to blue/grey collar workers are all themselves victims of the capitalist system, and suffer badly just as the working class itself suffers, especially when the system lurches into crisis. The enemy is concentrated big capital – and not only multi-national capital. In this country (Australia) the ruling class consists of corporate/financial interests which dominate through their control of politics at all levels (Federal; State and local/municipal), and through the control they exercise over the means of ideological/cultural influence (the media; education system, and other institutions such as the churches and the nuclear family).

    The ruling class can be removed only through a revolutionary assault led by the working class and its allies among the rest of the oppressed masses. Such a revolution would entail the conquest of political power by the working class and its allies in a genuine sense at a local, State and Federal level, that would sweep away the hegemony over politics in Australia presently exercised by the bourgeoisie and its party duopoly (Coalition and ALP). State and Territory governments, and the Federal government, would be replaced by workers’ and farmers’ governments on a State/Territory level, and nationally. Such workers’ and farmers’ governments would then move rapidly to transform the Australian political structure and to dispossess the current capitalist ruling class and move forward to construct a socialist economy and society, while seeking to extend the socialist revolution in Australia to the rest of this region, and more generally internationally.

  49. Graham Milner

    Why has my comment not gone through?

  50. Kaye Lee

    “I’m still miffed at you and your “gang of four” for getting my article “I’m worried about you ladies” pulled off the site ”

    Excuse me? I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Any “rift” you may have had with anyone has absolutely nothing to do with me. I am sorry if you have been upset but hell’s bell’s, with the personal stuff you have flung at me at times, it’s just as well I’m not a “delicate” tradie.

  51. Joe Carli

    Diannaart..: ” To replace, as Joe is suggesting, one social class with another is not a solution.”…….I tell you WOULD be if I had any say in it!!….Joe Stalin was too soft!

  52. guest

    Thank you, Joe. So there we have it, the Manifesto writ small: someone tougher than Stalin at the top; rule by the proletariat; a command economy; meetings held in front bars. Should work a treat.

  53. Joe Carli

    guest…as long as it is the right front bar!…and anyway…couldn’t go any worse than what we got now!

  54. Kaye Lee

    “So what’s “uncomfortable” about class?..Know your class and be comfortable within it”

    What determines class? Wealth? Occupation? Address? The school you went to?

    I don’t acknowledge class. I don’t judge people on any of those things or treat them differently because of them. We all have different skills and specialties. We all have different interests and talents. We need each other.

  55. Joe Carli

    What determines class? Wealth? Occupation? Address? The school you went to?

    all the above and then include personal attitude.
    Seriously..and I DO MEAN SERIOUSLY!! you live in some sort of isolation bubble?….where you are untouchable by and cannot touch the outside world?…You may not judge people on class, by by jingo…THEY judge you!

    And we of the producing class do not need the managerial class…we can arrange systems and provide for ourselves…the bourgeois are the parasites who need us!

  56. Kaye Lee

    It seems you are a prisoner to something of your own making then Joseph. None of those things matter a rat’s arse to me. If someone is a twat, why do you care how they judge you? Ima thinking tradies are too fragile to run a country. How about we let mothers, teachers, nurses and barmaids run the joint.

  57. Diannaart


    Joe has been arguing the case against a “university, educated middle class” for some time now. He has also repetitively argued for a working class take over – vive la revolution …

    Therefore, I am with Kaye Lee, Guest on this, Joe Carli’s inflexible belief in the tradie is every bit as narrow as the belief of born to rule conservatives.

  58. Joe Carli

    You see!..this is the trouble with the middle-class idea of resolution…nothing but problems..nothing can be resolved without obfuscation and consultation…endless problems…endless discussion..and in the end nothing fixed or resolved…and on and on it goes…just the very thing that suits the managerial middle-class and after confusing and conflating and ballsing the whole situation up until there is nothing but a scramble of ideas and suggestions so nothing gets resolved..they say..: “There…they need us to sort things out!…now…where were we?..oh ..that’s right..back to the beginning!”….and we once again have the “wise men” displaying the complexity of the proverbial Gordian Knot to Alexander the Great and he finally gets jack of the whole bloody thing and takes out his sword..and the rest. . .

    I wrote about it here… …but you probably didn’t even read it…now here’s your chance.

  59. Joe Carli

    K-Lee…I am in a good mood today, so I will take your word for what you say re; my article..but can I suggest some of you here have a look at some online anger management courses…for your own’s a starter..:
    That , or take deep breaths and chant : “Om..Om…Om…”

  60. Kaye Lee

    Joe, let’s get serious here. Any large construction project must have managers at every point from idea to completion. You can’t build Snowy-Hydro 2.0 or Barrangaroo by just having a thousand tradies turn up. And not all things that need doing involve construction. You can’t operate a hospital without managers at many levels. A school can’t operate without a managerial hierarchy. Doctors’surgeries have managers. Someone has to co-ordinate activity.

    You do not have to convince me of the worth of good tradespeople. They have saved me many a time. I cannot do what they do. I have found and stuck with locals who I trust implicitly and appreciate greatly (after being badly burned on occasions in the hunt for honest people who knew what they were doing – not all tradies are good but when you get a good one, treat them well). They have become my friends and go above and beyond for me.

    And you seriously made me chuckle with your advice about anger management. Thanks. But if you think you make me angry, you are sorely mistaken. Rest easy.

  61. Joe Carli

    ” None of those things matter a rat’s arse to me.”..that’s what I mean, K’ you live in a bubble?…many people are held hostage to just their postcode when it comes to access or services..and they do not have the luxury of saying they “don’t give a rats”…a tad too dismissive, I’d warrant…I mean, if you were an indigenous person seeking services, or a poor female seeking services, you’d certainly “give a rats” when you get knocked back because of your social position.

  62. Joe Carli

    K-Lee..didn’t I mention ‘engineers’ in the above article?..I guarantee you didn’t even read it..and to add, some of the best project managers are on-site tradies…many a time have I seen a foremen tradie re-set a blunder instruction from the office so that it will actually work…many a time is the architects plan “detailed in” by the tradie on-site…now you’re just guessing..I’ve been there…the same for many working platforms where “head office” can sometimes do more harm than good and it is left to those on-site workers to do a decent job.

  63. Mark Needham

    Yes Joe.
    I am wrong, I think you are at, ” 2 legs good”, again., or is just, that you are at an “infamy” stage in life.

    …the right-wing “Pig-Dog” is raping to its heart’s content…

    Hard at it,
    Mark Needham

  64. Joe Carli

    And there’s the problem..I must have written on this problem and offered solutions dozens of have , i suspect hundreds of other qualified people…perhaps less martial then myself..over many years..millennia even..yet here we are..the same old ruling class, the same old obfuscators who can’t quite work it out but are full of “wholistic” suggestions and the same old hierarchy ruling the joint…and I’m telling you, as have many before..all you can do is to..somehow..(and nobody seems to like my Joe Stalin approach!) throw the bastards out and kick the whole thing off again with a new set of adjudicators in charge…hey! worked in China!

  65. Kaye Lee

    Of course. Each level must help each other. Head office may have an idea. Consultation with people on site might show it isn’t feasible. That is normal working interaction.

    You seem to have deliberately misinterpreted my words. You want to tell a woman what its like to be “knocked back” and you think I live in a bubble? Try having a bank manager tell you that, despite the fact that you have saved the deposit, have a full-time job that you have been in for five years, no other debt, and want a loan to buy a property at a price half of what it has been valued at, he can’t give you the loan because you are of “child-bearing age”.

    What I actually said is that I do not care about any of those things in judging people. if you want to have a discussion about the discrimination and disadvantage in our society, that’s a whole other topic. I thought this was about tradies taking over parliament.

    And you’ll forgive me if I don’t keep up with everything you write. While I’m typing you have usually posted three more comments.

  66. Graham Milner

    Trotsky’s ‘Transitional Programme’ ie ‘The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International’ (1938) is still very much of relevance today, in my opinion. We are still in the transitional epoch, and the choice facing humanity is the same: socialism or barbarism (or by now more like socialism or extinction).

  67. Joseph Carli

    K-Lee…: ” Try having a bank manager tell you that, despite the fact that you have saved the deposit, have a full-time job that you have been in for five years, no other debt, and want a loan to buy a property at a price half of what it has been valued at, he can’t give you the loan because you are of “child-bearing age”.
    Sympathies, K’….but it’s the same with any can’t get a loan because of the erratic nature of your income..I was even knocked back for a personal loan once because although I had no debts, i : “hadn’t done the right thing”…and got into debt and so have a credit rating…but hey..great segue!

  68. paul walter

    Havent read all of the thread but initially I”d agree with Joe on class simply because the masses are always shut out. K/Lee could be heading for a rare defeat due to a tangentialism.

  69. Diannaart


    The “masses” includes Kaye Lee, most of the middle classes and anyone who works on contract or irregular gigs, not just tradies.

  70. Joseph Carli

    K-Lee..: ” . . . I’m thinking tradies are too fragile to run a country. How about we let mothers, teachers, nurses and barmaids run the joint.”

    Barmaids! there’s a sentimental treasure for a bloke…

  71. ChristopherJ

    Joseph, thank you, bro, but you can’t blame ‘class’ or really define it, even though I know I come from working poor, who never owned property until my father’s generation.

    It was the land owners that sold us out, divided the place between them, and have continued to do so ever since. Any middle class enablers have simply been feeding their young. Democracy had a brief chance, but lost it when money became the object of politics in Australia.

    As for ‘ How about we let mothers, teachers, nurses and barmaids run the joint.’ Well how about it Kaye? I reckon such people would actually listen to educated, professional, public, servants that work hard for Aussies.

    The ‘ministers’ (a very purposeful word that one) I invariably met during my career never understood why we have two ears and one mouth.

    And yes, Joe, I remember the moment your management felt it necessary to ‘edit’ you. It wasn’t polite given what you have contributed in this space and others. Yet, not a good place to air this, and you know it

  72. Kaye Lee

    It’s interesting how differently we view the world Joseph. I was thinking of the skills of people who have to satisfy the needs of others whilst exerting control over them in a way that gains their co-operation, people who know how to prioritise a limited budget to get best value for money, people who can multitask whilst genuinely listening to others, people whose focus is never on themselves. Christopher, I agree they might do a better job – we need people who will listen to the experts and then get things done in the best interests of all.

    Having been a barmaid, I can tell you it is no fun being the object of customers’ daydreams. I didn’t take it as a compliment when the owner’s velour tracksuit clad, gold chain wearing friend (about my father’s age) said I want to stick my tongue down your throat. Conversations between patrons estimating my bra size did not bring a smile to my face. I quit when they introduced lingerie night where I was supposed to wear baby doll pyjamas as I served these people.

  73. Joseph Carli

    ChristopherJ… these times to tackle the gender issue, a bloke’s on a hiding to nowhere…but I am tempted to give a male’s perspective..I have been waiting for some of those more “certificated”…more qualified men to broach such a delicate subject..but they all appear to be curled up -feotal-like – in some corner not wanting to “front the ladies”…so it may be left to this ‘aged male’ to perhaps give a word or two to, as we have lent and ear to, the subject of why a man’s desire for the women ends up with men behaving badly….gird the ol’ loins and come out defending…

    I dunno..we’ve all been naughty boys…but I’d like to give it a go…be a challenge but!

  74. paul walter

    Exactly, Diannaart.

  75. Kaye Lee


    This is a discussion – not something to win or lose. When people explain things from their point of view it helps us understand each other. But we have to be able to listen to each other too. I don’t want to distract from Joe’s topic. I agree with much of what he says regarding the value of trades and life experience. I disagree with his stereotyping of other people. But we both want social justice and a collective voice for workers and protection for the vulnerable.

  76. Joseph Carli

    You’re right , K’ L…it isn’t’s all a disgusting potpourri of lust and desire with a mix of booze and bozos!…and it IS mostly males on the delivering end…but even amongst all that disgust..there is moments of tenderness…after all, even the most ferocious Lion can purr…

  77. Kaye Lee

    Oops…if the discussion is heading towards a justification for objectfying women based on a man’s sexual desire, particularly when they are at work, I am outta here. That is an argument I had in the 1970s. I certainly am not going to have it again over 40 years later.

  78. Aunty Uta

    Joe Carli November 18, 2018 at 7:54 am
    Aunty Uta..

    I had to give some thought to your posed questions…and while I have at hand those glib answers so favoured by those who “know” so many things yet have knowledge of very little..I will resist the easy answer of both Rudd and Turnbull being more subservient to their own egos and declare that I do not know what they could have done that their party didn’t demand of them…both being swayed by polling of public opinion beyond what should be considered good policy direction…This is where we are in need of confident leadership of perhaps not one person, but a quora of several to steer the state..I blanch at the title : “Committee”, it having that old zebra / horse affiliation..But I would have liked to have seen good past Prime Ministers like Gough, Paul and Julia Gillard be recruited to take a very public presence in state leadership..perhaps as visible and involved “advisers” of public policy.
    Bob Hawke I will leave to his joyous lifestyle

    Graham Milner November 18, 2018 at 3:55 pm
    Trotsky’s ‘Transitional Programme’ ie ‘The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International’ (1938) is still very much of relevance today, in my opinion. We are still in the transitional epoch, and the choice facing humanity is the same: socialism or barbarism (or by now more like socialism or extinction).

    First of all I copied here your answer to my comment, Joe, and I also copied what Graham Milner wrote about a ‘transitional Programme’. According to Graham’s interpretation, for humanity to survive our choice has to be socialism. I would like to know what your thoughts are on this!

    From Capitalism to Socialism. This would be a major change in our society, right?
    Now , the way I see it, Rudd and Turnbull both had to work within the capitalist system. You mention something about good policy direction would be needed. But does not in our system the party room determine the policy direction? Past prime ministers and others may give good advice. But is the majority in the party room necessarily willing to adopt good advice? What sort of government would be willing to govern in the interest of the whole nation or even in the interest of everyone on this earth? I mean, I would say it is all right to look after your own little tribe first but maybe not at the expense of every body else on this earth. Exploiting the people on this earth ought to stop. That does not mean we all have to live like paupers or that everyone should have the same standard of living. To me a good life does not mean that I can waste things and resources. It is also important for people to be able to contribute to society in some way. And I reckon everyone should have clean air, clean water, healthy food and a place they can call home. Most of the money that is being spent on our ‘defense’ could be better spent on all the things that make a peaceful world a possibility.

  79. Joseph Carli

    K’Lee..I wouldn’t be so stupid as to confine any discussion on gender relationships to “a man sees women thus” soliloquy….give me a break..give us all a break..we have come a long way since the seventies..I haven’t even written anything yet and already I am expected to go on the back foot!…and it’s not all about you…whatever your circumstances..and I am not yet ready to don the sack-cloth and ashes…perhaps I could write something that would both give food for thought and then delight your humour…you never know!
    Ps..Did you read my story : “Write again, Blue eyes.”

  80. Joseph Carli

    Aunty Uta…in my experience, in a room full of discussion, the person who holds the floor with good, sound reasoning will generally be listened to…not all the time, but in most cases..particularly if the well-being of the group as a whole depend upon it..The crazies will rant and rave..sometimes just to disrupt..but it is always the sensible ones get heard the longest and if they have good, solid ideas to put on the table…they will be given a go…Angela Merkel has had the ear of the German people for quite a while now…and regardless of the risk of some of her policies, the nation as a whole is still the strongest and one of the most stable in Europe.

  81. Kaye Lee

    I apologise for misunderstanding.

  82. ChristopherJ

    K and J – get back to writing the good truth and interest stuff that you excel at

  83. Joseph Carli

    No, K’Lee…no need…these are interesting times…but I think to examine the shadows we have been drawn into, it would need to bring into the discussion many threads from old and new tapestrys..I don’t know if a median point could be reached..for the violence of the age may have created a schism too wide…perhaps the olden days need to rely so heavily on each other just to survive created bonds inseparable even unto death…something our cosy generation could not even begin to fathom….
    I collect and read letters..many hundreds of letters…correspondence found in deceased estate reno’s, old relatives letters to each letters and business letters…one has to “know” to write of such..and there is a depth of both guilt and forgiveness inherent in the human condition that would amaze us all…Humanity…it is an amazing adventure!

  84. auntyuta

    Joe . . . Angela Merkel depended on the SPD (Social Democrats) to form a coalition. I think her party, the CDU (Christian Democrats) could never govern on their own. Now the SPD is shrinking, a far right party (alternative for Germany) has been overtaken the SPD! If that is not worrying, I don’t know what is. I believe some people in Germany are happy that Merkel is losing her hold on power. Well, this is democracy for you. I am not against democracy in principle, but I am at a loss to imagine how on earth the voters may be able to vote in leaders that are able to govern for the people in a truly democratic way. It looks to me voters on the whole do not get a very good chance to vote in suitable leaders.

  85. Joseph Carli

    AuntyUta…I do not know enough about German politics to have an appreciative opinion on the outcome of those parties…sufficient to see that the rise of the autocratic right-wing is a step backwards in ANY democratic to my complaint and solution in th article..I offer this sage writing from Theodore Mommsen on the genius of Caesar and his bureaucracy..:

    ” The Roman house was a machine, in which even
    the mental powers of the slaves and freedmen yielded their produce
    to the master; a master, who knew how to govern these, worked as it were
    with countless minds. It was the beau ideal of bureaucratic
    centralization; which our counting-house system strives indeed
    zealously to imitate, but remains as far behind its prototype
    as the modern power of capital is inferior to the ancient system
    of slavery. Caesar knew how to profit by this advantage;
    wherever any post demanded special confidence, we see him filling it up
    on principle–so far as other considerations at all permit–
    with his slaves freedmen, or clients of humble birth. His works
    as a whole show what an organizing genius like his could accomplish
    with such an instrument; but to the question, how in detail
    these marvellous feats were achieved, we have no adequate answer.
    Bureaucracy resembles a manufactory also in this respect,
    that the work done does not appear as that of the individual
    who has worked at it, but as that of the manufactory which stamps it.
    This much only is quite clear, that Caesar, in his work had no helper
    at all who exerted a personal influence over it or was even so much as
    initiated into the whole plan; he was not only the sole master,
    but he worked also without skilled associates,
    merely with common labourers.”

    And if one can draw on one’s own experience in instructing common labourers as to the detail and direction of work wanted from them..which they will do without question, not knowing the full extent of the plan of the leaving the tradesman as sole manager and which both the necessities and the satisfactory completion of the job will benefit is of best advantage to ALL concerned.

  86. Mark Needham

    Nothing a good dose of seratonin, won’t sort out. You realise you are trying to change the flow of water uphill, with out any mechanical or chemical contrivance.
    Hierarchy is just about set in stone. You may change it temporarily, but the errors, lies and inequalities that need to be used, to make that change, will soon be found wanting.
    Evolution, is not the want of a good idea.

    Lobstering away,
    Mark Needham

  87. Joseph Carli

    That is why people like yourself, Mark, always find it sufficient to adore their masters, never to be able to stand in their own shadow.
    Go take your drug.

  88. Mark Needham

    Vive la revolution.
    Mark Needham

  89. Jon Chesterson

    ‘I reject your reality and substitute my own’

    I do

    ‘For much too long has this “Consciousness of Kind” cosy confederacy given succour to a lazy, indolent, self-deluded class of fools as bent as a drawer full of used Uri Geller soup spoons’.

    We need a full blown social, political and economic revolution, a full blown republic, not just in Constitution and name. And if Labor won’t do this, then the people of Australia will have to ride over both parties one day soon.

  90. Joseph Carli

    On the money, Jon…right on the money..

  91. Kronomex

    For the last few weeks something about Scummo has been niggling at me until a few minutes ago. And it’s this –

    Scummo is the next level of human (d)evolution, either that or he accidently managed to time travel back here. We have a genuine idiot in charge. Just look at his cringe causing performance at the APEC photo session or the many other equally cringeworthy nonsense (glass on the head, thumbs waving around (but not where they should be) he goes on with. A disgrace to the country, what’s left of it that is.

  92. helvityni

    Kronomex, talking about Scomo, I read this on John Menadue blog Pearls and Irritations:

    “He is a member of the Pentecostal church which believes that Jesus will return in Jerusalem so we must support Israel. As he faces elections next year that is probably all that will save him.” LOL

  93. Joseph Carli

    Jesus is now a Rosicrucian !

  94. ChristopherJ

    Spot on, Kronomex. So un-selfaware, I just can’t fathom it, for a PM, FFS.

    As for his religion? Already lost that one, with the Lord’s Prayer first order of business. Yet, you wouldn’t trust anyone out of that church. A cult as much as all the others are. Object? your wealth…

  95. Kronomex

    This is astonishing arrogance and utter stupdity from Scummo –

    “”Population growth has played a key role in our economic success. But I also know Australians in our biggest cities are concerned about population,” Mr Morrison said. “They are saying: enough, enough, enough.”
    “The roads are clogged, the buses and trains are full. The schools are taking no more enrolments. I hear what you are saying. I hear you loud and clear.””

    Which Australians is this moron talking about? He certainly didn’t ask me or anyone else who posts here did he? Then you read to the bottom of the article and, of course, he’s pandering to, and panicking about, how the LNP rusted ons feel and may react. And we, no doubt, feel that he’s playing to the racists and red necks as well. I thought Malcolm was desperate to stay as leader and PM but this prick takes it to a whole new level. Duttonuci must be causing his raincoat, with the holes in the pockets, to give off a burning rubber smell in excitement.

    Can we put up with another six odd months of more and more destruction by this oaf? The very faint odour of possible martial law from a physical backlash has just gotten a tiny bit stronger.

  96. ChristopherJ

    Scotty is just a lying cant, Kronomex. Almost certainly the worst PM in my life, a man so insincere, so disingenuous, a caricature of everything we hate in our politicians

    If he had been ‘hearing’ ‘us’, he would have heard the stop the immigration message about ten years ago

    Rougly 10 per cent of Australia’s population are visa holders. Many of them, including the tourists, are working and taking Aussie jobs, jacking up rents for the rest of us and depressing wage increases

    He’d love a bit of civil unrest, the opportunity to impose martial law, bit of excitement for the masses, distraction from the raping a stealing which goes on in front of us.

    Prolly get his govt reelected, ffs. If he does, me and Tonto are out of here for good.

  97. helvityni

    Don’t be mean, Scotty is listening, he is hearing, he is talking ( yes, very fast) , but the main thing is: he is doing, and then some more….oops, almost forgot; he plays some ball game with youngsters, plus he is shaking hands with everybody, and then putting his comforting arm on your shoulder….

    I also like those baseball caps he’s wearing, good for keeping the hot Aussie sun off your face; I’m going to buy one….

  98. Sherry

    Completely agree with this article. Industries are littered with incompetent middle and upper class citizens who got their positions through social contacts or smooth talking their way in. I see this time and time again in healthcare. These people don’t know sh*t and don’t give a damn about those they are paid to serve, they don’t work hard, nor do they particularly care about public welfare. They all seem to suffer from some level of narcissistic personality disorder whereby they rate themselves as intellectually and morally superior to the working class because of their elevated economic status that they never had to earn. The best of them at least realise the limits of their own intellect, but that doesn’t stop them from playing the system. Gotta maintain that comfortable lifestyle after all, who cares if someone more deserving of the job gets left out. We need whistleblowers to stop these nepotistic hiring practices, and also to hold education institutions, that are ripping off the working class, to a higher standard.

  99. Joseph Carli

    Sherry..the counter-argument I keep hearing is : “How do you know they (the working class) would be any better?”…well we don’t..but they haven’t even been tried yet..and I say that the experience gained from actually DOING the job gives knowledge on HOW to manage the job…
    We have been governed by the Aristocracy…and that went to hell, the Oligarchy alone like in the time of the banana republics and the kings in grass castles and that went to hell, now we have the dirty little grubby petty bourgeoisie and they are going to rack and ruin and taking us down with them…that’s why I say to turn governance over to those who at least know how to do the bloody job!
    And we’ll see how we go..can’t possibly get any worse.

  100. Diannaart

    Maybe I have misunderstood Joe’s ideas on what constitutes the middle class. Is it those on incomes over $50,000 which is the median income or those on incomes of over $100,000 which applies to 10% of the working population?

    Both the lower and middle classes have been experiencing wage stagnation and both are given little consideration by the ruling elites.

    In 2017 the median income was $52,988 and the top 10% of employees earned more than $109,668. Congratulations to those in the top 10%, you’re now officially middle-income Australia.

    Low wage growth remains a problem affecting all levels of employment

    It means those who are actually middle and low-income workers are effectively erased from the debate – their situation ignored, and where to even raise it draws a rebuke – how dare you play the class war card! Why do you hate deserving middle class like the police superintendent?

    The budget, despite what we might be led to believe, given the tax cuts that have just been passed without any savings measures attached, is not a magic pudding. Money spent on tax cuts to those presented as middle class but who are actually wealthy, means less money for those on actual low and middle incomes.

    We do have a class war in Australia, and right now it is being won by those who not only would have you believe it is not occurring – and should not be mentioned – but who also would have you believe that those who are actually well off are doing it tough.

    We need to be honest about who makes decisions in this country, how they are made and who they benefit. And we need to be honest about what is the reality for people on low and middle incomes. Failure to do so not only erases them from the debate, it ensures the system remains unchanged.

    Yet, it is the middle class Joe wishes to overthrow (as well as the ruling class, of course).

    Surely, the interests of a strong united force against the ridiculously wealthy needs the entire 90% of the workers to create change towards a more egalitarian society?

  101. Mark Needham

    Us and Them.
    Shia and Shiite.
    Protestant and Catholics.
    Bastards, aren’t they, and tribalism is the answer. Just gots to kill more Hutu and Tutsi.

    Overthrow ’em.

    Now where are we, 2 shoes or 4..?
    Mark Needham

  102. Joseph Carli

    diannaart..if you don’t know after a days work what class you are in…then you are definitely NOT in the working class.

  103. Diannaart


    Sometimes reading and considering what others have written is an excellent way towards communication, nothing to do with labels such as ‘class’, more an intelligent response.

  104. Joseph Carli

    diannaart…I know..I know I should heed closer to what you say and it must be a fault of mine when I read your words there on page…it’s just that there is can I say …”air-brush of insincerity” built-in to your responses that triggers an arching-up of the hackles on my key-board…the same with several others here…they say the right things..they push the right buttons..but there is something..that jenais de something..that throws me..and like the punch-drunk pugilist..I come out swinging…I tell you future I will give a deeper thought and consideration to your words and perhaps we can bury this hatchet of mistrust…alright?

  105. Diannaart

    Not just me, you treat many others here with contempt if you are questioned or, quelle horreur, disagreed with.

    This is an open forum not just a stage from which to pontificate.

    There is a great deal to learn here.

  106. ChristopherJ

    Diannaart, well said. My anger buttons get pushed a bit with people being what they are. Never a good time to write and comment publicly. I sometimes do, but often regret later.

  107. Joseph Carli

    You see!…I come waving the olive branch to be met with prickly boxthorn…Really, Diannaart..what can I say…As that great leader of the Arab uprising against the Turks : Auda Abu Tayi proclaimed (wtte)…”I write a thousand articles proclaiming my ideals…and though through my writings I may be impoverished in grammatical correctness, my readers are rich in knowledge …for I am but a RIVER to my people!!”….( jeezus, I love that moment in the film [Lawrence of Arabia]…always wanted the opportunity to use it!)..

  108. Kronomex

    I thought this was hilarious –

    “The cast: one struggling small business owner; three politicians including a prospective premier, the Victorian Liberal leader Matthew Guy; and the prospective premier’s wife. The dialogue is stilted, except for cafe owner Mariam Jamil, who plays her part admirably.
    “Tell me, your power bills, out of control, are they?” asks Guy, with the air of a man reading from a cue card.
    They are, Jamil agrees.
    “The difference to make up for that increase of the energy is 700 cups of coffee a month,” she says.
    “Seven hundred cups of coffee a month,” Guy repeats. “Seven hundred cups of coffee a month is what you have to sell, extra, just to cover your power bills, the increase. That is unbelievable.”

    In the final week of the election campaign, the Coalition team cannot risk anything going off script. A pity, then, that it soon would.
    Guy orders a round of coffees after the press conference, transforming from a person who can speak only in slogans to a nice-seeming man you would probably quite like if you happened to work with him. Jamil thanks him for taking the time to meet her and Guy chats about the decor, before talking, in a much more relaxed way, about the cost pressures of running a small business.”

    The confected shock, fakery, and above all, overacting on the part of the concerned wannabe Premier. Jeez. He’s a method actor of no ability. About the only thing he didn’t do was place the back of his across his brow and strike bad actors pose. Otherwise he convinced me that he’s worth voting for.

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