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The Gold Rush of Social Media: 8 Realities for Business

In 2014 The AIMN will be broadening the range of articles we bring to you. We have become very popular for our discussions on politics, media and climate change, as well as the short stories and book reviews we offer. In 2014 we will be introducing Camille McClane as a guest author who will be writing about Internet business opportunities, which I for one, and many of our authors and readers have a deep interest in. Here is Camille’s first article, The Gold Rush of Social Media: 8 Realities for Business. For those of you who have your own business or website, I hope you gain as much from this article as I have.

Websites can only be as good as the marketing content introduced. However, the recent developments in the parameters for search engines have required that websites provide higher-end content in order to be accessed easier online. The goal now for website owners and content managers is to provide compelling content not only for search engine purposes, but especially for the users and visitors of the site.

The following are several of the most effective ways in creating engrossing material for your site:


The phrase “there is no original content found online” can be a very true notion. One way to generate quick content for your site is to actually take material from other forums or sources and spin it in an original direction. This is the process of curation and initiates alluring content for your website and its followers. Pulling from other places and people who are clearly successful and doing something right is a great way to obtain your own online success.


Though it can be painful to review, accept and ultimately utilize in the strengthening of your online presence, feedback is crucial. This can be done by a simple post on your website and/or a video message addressed to your readers which will open up a suggestion box for topics to be discussed. The article “Ways to Create Exciting, Unique and Memorable Content for Your Small Business” on web hosting mecca HostPapa.co.uk further addresses the importance of customer feedback, stating that sharing highlights of positive feedback on your own website and social media profiles, as well as publicly addressing negative feedback and proactively taking steps to correct the negative perceptions people may have are all ways to immediatlely improve a bussiness’ relationship to its community.

Guest Submissions

An effortless way to introduce new information without the hassle of writer’s block or limited time is to share the spotlight on your blog/website. This is accomplished by allowing guest posts or commentaries on your website. It proves to the online community that you are open to an array of opinions and voices, and that the company’s message is not the only message it stands by.


Additionally, writing a critique on a movie, event or fellow blogs are sure-fire options to bring in more foot traffic and develop conversations between readers.


Currently, the most popular course of action in order to produce text is to observe what has become popular and viral online. In doing so, your site would be riding on the coat tails of the popular online topic, as well as, drawing interest to your site from others that are engaged in the topic.


Sometimes, your inspiration for original content can be a bit hard to chew and can drive away your readers with short attention spans. A creative, unique way to gain their attention would be through the use of infographics. A vast amount of internet viewers are visual learners and seeing your thoughts drawn out for them will not only help reel them in but help them comprehend your concept. After all, a picture paints a thousand words.

Image by socwork.wisc.edu

Image by socwork.wisc.edu


Blog posts or other web content forms do not have be intellectual or even monumental in terms of their effect. They can be as simple as sharing an event or as brazen as a reportage of a newsworthy story experienced firsthand. This would make for compelling content for anyone’s website, whether it be it written in words or seen through images. If you live in a certain area, then you are most likely privy to its events and happenings. Share your perspective of those themes with the rest of the world for some really unique content.


Content with your physical presence is a great way to have readers connect with you and makes you relatable, down-to-earth and perhaps more compelling and interesting. You being visible on your site would provide the viewers with a face to the voice they’ve been following.

Content is obviously essential for any website, so make it good with the steps listed above. Stimulating material is required every single day to give your site a fighting chance to be ranked in any search engine results. While inspiration may be fleeting for many, all of these tips can help furnish your site and avoid getting lost in the clutter mass of the Internet.

Camille McClane is an online entrepreneur who is passionate about viral marketing concepts, growth of technology and mass communications. She lives in Southern California with her son and loves when viewers reach out to her on Facebook. Camille wishes you luck on all your future business endeavors!


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  1. Gina

    Excellent advice.

  2. John Fraser


    "We have become very popular for our discussions on politics, media and climate change, as well as the short stories and book reviews we offer."

    And because you give people the right to "Comment" as they see fit.

    Not like Murdoch and Fairfax media's heavily censored comment.

  3. John Kelly

    Can someone tell me how I re blog something on my own website?

  4. Bacchus

    If you’re logged into WordPress John, look at the toolbar at the top of the screen. There should be A WordPress symbol, the blog name (The Australian Indep…) , a Follow button, a Like button (star) , and a Reblog symbol…

  5. johnbkelly

    Reblogged this on THE VIEW FROM MY GARDEN and commented:
    Some vital information here….

  6. cartoonmick

    Thanks Camille.

    Time is short at this very minute, but tomorrow I’m going to slowly pick my way through all you have detailed here.

    I’m not all that clever with internet techniques and have been trying to market myself (unsuccessfully) via my blog . . .


    Til tomorrow . .


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