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The eve of destruction

Sometimes people say the best of things. Their words stick with you, they strike a chord, they have us all nodding in agreement. They say exactly what everybody else was thinking.

As was the case with a comment yesterday from ‘Salstarat’. It was a comment worth sharing. It was a comment worth spreading. Here is a slightly edited version of Salstarat’s comment:

When one stands back and has a good long look at the catastrophic legacy of this horrendous ‘fascist’ government, the only diabolical things they have actually managed to do are:

1. Tear down any semblance of democracy, equality and do everything in their power to stomp on free speech or, with the help of the despicably biased Murdoch press, try to shut down all debate and opposition to their fascist, cold blooded ideology.

2. Defund the ABC/SBS and stack the ABC Board with a range of ex-LNP politicians and Murdoch journalists who will endeavour to mute and silence any opposition to the LNP and control every aspect of our media to ensure that the people of Australia only get to hear what THEY want us to hear!

3. Vilify, target and demonise the poorest, most vulnerable people in our society.

4. Encourage, foster and increase their savage, brutal inhumanity against innocent, vulnerable asylum seekers. Turning a blind eye to the torture, rape and assaults inflicted upon them and their children by LNP delegated thugs that has caused the complete traumatisation of little children. The LNP go on and on defending their appalling fascism and stone cold cruelty that has caused Australia to become one of the most despised, condemned Western countries in the world.

5. The LNP have managed, in just over two years, to completely devastate our international reputation. It will literally take decades to recover and undo what they have done.

6. In just over two years, the reckless mismanagement of the LNP, in every facet of government, has quadrupled our national deficit from only $24 billion to a whopping $100+ billion and yet they still keep lying and lying about the economic ‘mess’ bequeathed to them by the Labor Party which, in reality, was the third lowest deficit in the world (only Estonia and Chile were behind us).

7. Pander to the relentless rapacity of the greediest, most predatory multinational corporations in the world, allowing them free reign to vandalise every inch of our environment.

8. Sell off every taxpayer-owned asset they can get their claws on for a quick, transient profit that was expended within two months on their own self serving agenda.

9. Spending countless billions and billions of dollars on ramped-up terror campaigns, war and weapons of war.

10. Use their political power to benefit their personal bank accounts and feather the professional and financial nests of their families and cronies. Abbott’s relentless nepotism in relation to the ‘corrupt’ abuse of his power to favour his daughters was blatantly apparent over and over again and should be the subject of criminal investigation!

And speaking of Abbott, his appalling obsequious subservience to British imperialism and elitism with his nauseating reintroduction of knighthoods and, shockingly, a sickening nod to a vile, unpopular Prince Philip – a man whose hatred of Australia and Australians is well documented.

Abbott and his band of bible thumping, pseudo Christian hypocrites standing by and defending their never ending homophobia and outrageous misogyny yet protecting and defending the likes of George Pell!

The LNP have managed to defund just about everything that is of any benefit to Australians and the future of our children: defunded and dumbed down our children’s education into obsolescence yet spent billions on a mind numbing, regressive chaplaincy program that nobody wanted (except the bible thumping rednecks on the lunatic fringe of Abbott’s Flat Earth Society); sacked every scientific researcher on climate control in the CSIRO; defunded scientific and medical research to the point where Australia is now labouring under the biggest brain drain in our history with outstanding, talented scientists rushing overseas because they know that the new, dumbed-down Australia will not tolerate any factual research or finding that goes against the Neanderthal, regressive views of the most stilted, primitive government in our history.

The LNP have proven over and over again that they are nothing but ‘media whores’ to Murdoch and the unelected swill of dangerous, neoconservative Oligarchs in the IPA – following the IPA agenda to the letter, trying to tear down our unions, get rid of penalty rates, desperately endeavouring to enslave unprotected workers, getting rid of their benefits and forcing them to work for a pittance so the employers represented in the IPA, eg the mining, tobacco, oil, power, gas industries can go from being billionaires to becoming obscenely rich at the expense of the working class who will no longer have union representation to protect them! And who else are signed-up members of the IPA? Gina Rinehart who earns $680+ for EVERY minute yet pays minimal tax, old Rupert Murdoch himself, and none other than the notorious George Pell!

There are other ignominious, horrendously shameful things that the Abbott/Turnbull/Murdoch/IPA Alliance have undertaken – too numerous to list here – and none of them good. In fact in 29 months of staggering destruction, annihilation and vandalism, the LNP have not achieved one single thing to benefit the ordinary people of Australia who are, in fact, their real employers! This unholy alliance has made Australia the object of scorn and derision throughout the world and has changed our once friendly, intelligent, progressive country into a national haven for screaming, crass, parochial, xenophobic bogans! The lying LNP has made Australia almost unrecognisable to what it was only 30 short months ago … how far we have deteriorated. God help us if these repugnant, morally bankrupt, self serving ‘fascists’ win the next election … what they have not had time to destroy, defund, annihilate and vandalise … they will finish off over the next three years – you can count on it!



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  1. Garth

    I read Salstarats comment yesterday and at the end nearly punched the air saying ‘right on!’. Since I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with the family around I didn’t as they might think I’m going a bit loopy but I can assure all, I was screaming inside at the insight and accuracy of the comment as well as the dread as it’s all true. Thanks Salstarat and AIMN. You both make my world a little more sane.

  2. gangey1959

    There is not one single word written above with which I disagree.
    The only people who can do anything about it, and them, is US.
    I found AIMN by sheer chance. I started telling my friends about it, and they thought I was nuts. I gave them the link, and now some of them are as crazy as me.
    Spread the word about this site. And any others like it.
    The truth is the truth. It doesn’t belong to some dickhead in a shiny bazillion dollar suit, or waving a holy book.

    PS. I have another sticker on my car. Beside the Southern Cross. It just says DON’T VOTE LIBERAL !

  3. Paul Murchie


  4. diannaart

    I guess Turnbull won’t be saying “We turned back the boats” any time soon?

  5. pappinbarafoxPappinbarra Fox

    The LNP are destroying any sense of community that holds our society together. The sell off of all our assets is just one example. Margaret Thatcher used to say ” Government should not be in the business of ….” Insert your own item. But the point is that the government should be in the business of community building not community destruction. John Howard said the basic unit of society is the individual. He is wrong – because that distorts the community as a functioning entity to assist all members of the community to be better contributors to the community.

  6. lawrencewinder

    I’m with Paul Murchie… but with a blunt knife!
    A royal commission into the IPA and its donor list after cancelling its “charity” status.
    Nationalizing all the mines and electricity systems.

  7. Ella

    Great read and needs to be disseminated! Hopefully we all remember come the election.

  8. Douglas Pye

    When I wrote, in a post yesterday, that I was too ‘cross’ to write more , I believe ‘Salstarat’. picked up and wrote for us all!

    My sincere wish is that all these perpetrators (traitors) could have to read our sentiments … and hopefully experience the ‘cringe’, to at least some degree!…… please …..

  9. Anthony Element

    I can only agree, with every word of the article, and with every comment.
    It’s nice to be, not just among friends, but among friends who think and care.

  10. Mick


    Thank you.

  11. Wayne Turner

    Here here.

  12. Kizhmet

    after reading such a brilliantly articulate article I can only say – BRAVO.

  13. Bob

    Absolutely spot on.

  14. Cee Jay

    “… stack the ABC Board with a range of ex-LNP politicians and Murdoch journalists …”. Only Peter Lewis, Dr Kirstin Ferguson and Donny Walford have been appointed by your so-called “‘fascist’ government” (very amusing old chap) and none of them have been LNP politicians or Murdoch journalists. That makes Salstarat a liar as well as a nutcase!

  15. Audioio

    Cee Jay, what about Janet Albrechtsen? No longer a board member but stacked by the previous iteration of the Looters.

  16. Salstarat

    Cee Jay, many of us SUSPECT that LNP sycophants are as ill-informed as coal dust but perhaps you may like to do some research BEFORE you make wild accusations as your inane comments remove ALL doubt. Let me list the members of ABC Board who are clearly biased towards the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance (some information sourced from Wikipedia and the ABC website):

    Mark Scott:

    Scott worked for the New South Wales Greiner Liberal government, as chief of staff to the Education Minister, Virginia Chadwick, and as a senior adviser to notorious education minister, Terry Metherell. In November 2014, as Managing Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Mark Scott announced that after 55 years, the Collinswood ABC television studios in South Australia would be closed. The announcement, following the 2011 demolition of the ABC TV facility in Perth and the 2012 closure of Tasmania’s TV production unit also revealed the end of state based current affairs show 7.30 Report (state editions) – Formally Stateline;

    Peter Lewis:

    Peter Lewis was a Howard favourite and one of Abbott’s notorious Captain’s Picks! Mr Lewis will serve on the board for five years. He was shortlisted by the members of an independent nomination panel that includes businessman David Gonski, former diplomat Ric Smith, News Corp Australia columnist Janet Albrechtsen and former deputy Liberal leader Neil Brown. Community and Public Sector Union National President Michael Tull said the appointment was “hostile” and could undermine the broadcaster’s independence.

    “Mr Lewis should absent himself from any board deliberations related to his report,” Mr Tull said.

    Fairfax Media reported in July that the government wanted more business hard heads on the ABC and SBS boards to drive tough savings decisions. Senior government sources pointed out that the Coalition had learnt from the Howard years in which Coalition-aligned figures were controversially appointed to the ABC and SBS boards but had little success driving cultural change.

    Janet Albrechtsen:
    Works for the Murdoch/IPA Alliance and is a notorious right wing warrior – enough said!

    If this is not enough, the selection panel to employ other ABC Board Members also included Albrechtsen and the former Liberal leader, Neil Brown.

    Cee Jay, get informed!

  17. Michael Taylor

    Cee Jay, I’m afraid you’re the only nut case around here, old chap.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Only nut case on this thread, at least. There’s a fellow called Neil of Sydney on another thread who’d give you a run for your money.

  19. corvus boreus

    Nutcases abound, but some an bear kernels.

  20. MichaelW

    Now I’m really depressed. Time to take the dog for a walk. Yep even at this time of night….C’mon Mollie…

  21. Kim Kucera

    Ever since the Abbott bully was elected I have been saying all of the above in some form or other to anyone who would listen to me – wonderful to see it put so eloquently! I am so deeply ashamed of what my lovely homeland has become in such a very short time.

  22. gangey1959

    Fair go MT. We are all nut jobs on here. None of us have a clue, it was sheer fluke that Salstarat struck a chord that resonated with so many of us.
    I was just watching QT on channel 2. What a bunch of wankers they all are. The member for Sturt, who also happens to be the minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, (Considering he has an IQ lower than my cat’s litter tray does he even know what the words mean?)
    crap on about how wonderful the new submarine deal is. It is a shame the AFP won’t do a bulk deal and arrest him and wyatt roy and broughendofthepineapple and just lock them all up with some of the other political detainees we have hanging around the country waiting for decisions to be made on their futures. None of the 3 would be missed, and think of what could be achieved with the savimgs in government pensions.
    CJ. Are you for real, or are you NoS having an out of keyboard experience?
    KimK. Me too. They are a disgrace.

  23. Rex Alfie Lee

    There is a way to change all this but it takes some courage & a bit of naughty…

  24. Sir ScotchMistery

    I suggest a Tee Shirt for all members of AIMN to buy, to be worn whenever possible before the election, and on the day with a loose jacket or cardigan to use s cover if some blowhard from LNP says “you can’t wear that in here”.

    It has to state plainly, our objections to being ruled by arse-hats, and make an alternative view public.

    I believe we should start by developing a theme then getting a picture done and get it printed and my first foray into the words would be:

    Fix Party Politics – nuke Canberra Today.

  25. Bronte ALLAN

    What a great article! It sums up almost entirely just what this obscenely over-paid, co-called “political party”, which is an inept, lying, flat earth, tea party, right wing mob of conservatives–have managed to do in such a short space of time! The sooner this lot of hopeless idiots is kicked out of power the better! However, the inept Labor mob will have to lift their game if they are going to win the next election. The tabling of their latest range of policies is a great start.

  26. jim

    To me this stands out a lot ; (Defund the ABC/SBS and stack the ABC Board with a range of ex-LNP politicians and Murdoch journalists who will endeavor to mute and silence any opposition to the LNP and control every aspect of our media to ensure that the people of Australia only get to hear what THEY want us to hear!) I do not watch the ABC or SBS when the LNP creeps are spewing their rot. NEVER EVER! vote LNP they are ruining our country. the above post is right on the money, please,PLEASE, folks do not let them get another chance at wrecking our once great country put LNP last this year you must.

  27. Well I didn't vote for him...

    Sorry Sir ScotchMistery, the problem isn’t Canberra – the actual population tend to be left leaning, highly educated individuals who aren’t hoodwinked by this government’s BS. I agree with your point re fixing party politics, but please leave Canberrans out of it…

  28. Cee Jay

    Salstarat – you’re still not right. Janet Albrechtsen is NOT on the ABC Board (and the CPSU is somehow not biased? Very amusing again!). And isn’t it funny that nutcases always assert that people who point out their shortcomings must be (in your words) “LNP sycophants”. It is you that needs to “get informed”. It’s so sad that informed debate has now disappeared to be replaced by clueless idiots venting their bile. And, by the way, if you ever had to live under a REAL “‘fascist’ government” you’d pee your pants!

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