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The Day John Lennon Was Shot I Had A Cold Sore So It Was A Bad Day For Both Of Us!

I remember clearly that the day John Lennon was shot was a pretty bad day for a lot of people. Personally I had a cold sore so it wasn’t flash for me either…

Ok, I know a lot of people will think that I’m drawing an equivalence between the two but I don’t think you should draw that inference. And a number of you probably think I’m making reference to Scott Morrison’s remarks about January 26th not being flash for the convicts that arrived…

Although, now that I think about it, why would arriving in Australia after a long sea voyage be a day that wasn’t good for the convicts? I mean, I’m not saying that life was great for the convicts; I’m just suggesting that it may have been nice for them to actually survive the voyage and disembark but I wasn’t there so I’m only speculating and one shouldn’t speculate about such things unless one is the PM, which I was shocked to discover is short for Prime Minister and not Posing Model!

And speaking of not being flash, I must say that I was particularly shocked that Margaret Court is about to be given a Companion of Australia which is a higher honour than the one she has.

I’m not one of those left-wing people that think she should be excluded because of her views. After all, if we start excluding people from Australia Day honours just because their views are homophobic, racist, fascist, unscientific or ignorant, we’ll end up with a very small honours list indeed.

No, what surprised me was the number of people saying that she was being given it for her tennis! Given that she hasn’t won a grand slam event this century and that she already had a court named after her and the second highest gong, what tennis has she played to deserve an upgrade? I mean I’d not expecting Phar Lap to be named “Horse of the Year” or Bradman to be awarded the Alan Border medal any time soon, so I have to conclude that it’s her work spreading the word of Robert Copeland. (For those unfamiliar with the man, I’ve added a video at the end.) She apparently ordered a series of tapes from the Robert Copeland Ministries and that she wore them out which is a rather silly thing to do because that wouldn’t meet many dress codes. She then ordered a second set and this time she “listened to them until she was established in righteousness.”

So there, she’s established in righteousness, so take that people. When you call her self-righteous, she actually agrees.

Last year we had Bettina Arndt for her services to men and this year we have Court for her service game because what says “Australia” more than the capacity to hit a ball and if that’s not deserving of our highest honour, then what is?

Still, that controversy about changing the date just won’t go away… particularly when various media personalities and politicians start complaining about those suggesting a date change well before anyone has even mentioned it. I had an idea for a compromise this morning, so hear me out before you reject it out of hand.

Keep the date the same, but change the name. Yes, I have suggested calling it Rum Rebellion Day before because that actually occurred on January 26th and who couldn’t celebrate the overthrow of the ruling elite? Others have suggested it be called Invasion Day but that’s just likely to cause division.

No, I’m proposing we simply call it “White Australia Day”, because after all isn’t it actually celebrating the arrival of white people?

Ok, I realise that there may be some echo of the White Australia Policy which would make it seem a little racist, but surely the people who currently insist on keeping the date where it is would have no problem with a little racism. As for the rest of us, at least we’d know that those honouring the day have no doubt what they’re doing!



But if you want an unedited one:



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  1. TwainandHume

    Court getting the AO has about the same validity as Morrison accepting the trump “Legion of Merit” medal recently. Both are equally without merit, especially since ScoMo’s is supposedly for “leadership in addressing global challenges”.

  2. Regional Elder

    According to the article below, included on the national panel for making these Australian awards, is Shane Stone, former Liberal Chief Minister of the Northern Territory and the former Federal President of the Liberal Party during the time of John Howard’s Prime Ministership, and also, Matheas Corman, currently an eager OECD Presidential aspirant, and the one time close political colleague of Malcolm Turnbull, until he helped pull the pin on Turnbull’s Prime Ministership, in favour of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, an action that served to generate the outcome of granting us our present PM disaster, Scotty from Marketing.

    With people like this as representative of the wider diverse Australian community, overviewing recommendations for these awards, what could possibly go wrong ?

    Methinks Scotty who approves the recommendations of the Order of Australia Council, is using the appointment of Margaret Court as a Pentecostal Trojan Horse, to further his own religious beliefs.

  3. Dave G.

    The ambitions of the religious right is something we should all be aware of. They don’t follow the teachings of Christ but some twisted version of their own.Beware Australia they are the coming threat to our Democracy.Give me a good old athiest P.M. anyday.

  4. New England Cocky

    You are correct Rossleigh. Arriving safely in Botany Bay then up to Port Jackson was a major feat of naval brilliance among many done by Philip in his naval career. Indeed, with the arrival of the Lady Penrthyn containing the women convicts you overlook the about a week of Bacchanalian debauchery briefly commented upon by contemporary historians.

    Indeed, on your example above a sceptical observer could reasonably conclude that commentators were misogynists picking on any woman who has had the temerity to be more successful than every man in creation ….. which under the present COALition misgovernment, is not very difficult.

    @TwainandHume: Expect future Birthday Honours for members of the Hellslingers Cult of Greed & Paedophile Protection after ‘donation’ of the appropriate amount into cult funds.

  5. Kerri

    Just wanna say that Court’s religious beliefs align with Scottyfrommarketing in that she preaches prosperity and god approved wealth.
    Also while Scottyfrommarketing claims it is not in his brief as PM to select those gaining awards, can he please explain how it is that Abbott managed to knight Prince Phillip??

    Court’s opinions are foul and, to put it in terms she might be able to grasp “unsportsmanlike”. That photo is the first I have seen of her attempting a smile. She is sour, bitter, nasty and unworthy, quite apart from Rossleigh’s valid point that she already has one and in giving her another effectively robs another worthwhile person (say maybe someone who has worked tirelessly during the pandemic 🤷🏼‍♀️) from getting a gong.

  6. terence mills


    Curious, Court already has the OA and now they are upping it to the higher order of Companion for no apparent reason.

    But, as you note Shane Stone chairs the committee and he’s the bloke who, when Attorney General in the NT made himself a Queen’s Counsel.

  7. Geoff Andrews

    Everyone who has read these comments so far should watch the videos which Rossleigh has thoughtfully provided. Priceless comedy! There are times when the two evangelists look at each other silently like two comedians trying to get each other to laugh.

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    Millions of Americans are spellbound by the antics and grotesque facial expressions of this charlatan, maybe that’s what Margaret Court is attracted to. Is there no way to rid the world of these pests ? The more educated the west gets, the more stupid they behave.

  9. Gangey1959

    I’m sure that at least the second video is an out-take from one of the Python boys’ movies.
    “And now for something completely different…”
    At least we know now that C19 is not a hell sent disease, cos it would have died laughing if it were.
    I used to hope that ms williams would never win another slam, so that court’s record would remain. Now I just don’t give a rats.
    It’s tennis. Akin to golf, but with furry balls.
    AO, or whatever it is now ? Yeah, NAH !!!

  10. Harry Williams

    I too was drawn to the videos of Copeland. The second video reminded me of WWF smackdown. Where the wrestlers mouth off with their usual shit and strut around the ring whilst suppressing the urge to laugh. How anybody could buy into his scam and throw money at him is beyond reason. One now knows how Qanon can garner many supporters.

  11. Brozza

    Re: the videos
    Abbot & Costello? You choose which clowns I’m referring to. ‘
    White ‘Straya Day’, seems very apt. Or perhaps, Silence Day. The day a voice was silenced for good, (or so far).

  12. Geoff Andrews

    Brozza, Henry, Harry & Gangey,
    Talk about poor losers – you’re all just snaky that he “earns” $300 million a year. I liked the bit where he instructed those that have lost their job to “keep tithing”.

  13. Rossleigh

    Perhaps we should start a church with the slogan: « If you give me half your income, God will reward you and he surely will because God knows that I won’t ! »

  14. Max Gross

    Copeland is clearly insane. I suspect he is also indulging in certain recreational drugs.

  15. John Lord

    Seriously funny I reckon.

  16. Jack Cade

    Court getting the award has diminished the AO as much as Abbott diminished Rhodes Scholarships.

  17. Rossleigh

    Still, Sir Prince Phillip raised the status of knighthoods. I mean, rarity means something and he was the last so it’s clearly worth more now…

  18. Michael Taylor

    Prince Phillip truly deserved his ‘Australian’ knighthood, Rossleigh. His efforts in proving to the world that the Royal Family is nothing but a pompous, toffy-nosed rabble of grifters should not go unrewarded.

    I’m thinking that The AIMN should also bestow him with a reward. How’s this one: the Marquis of Botany Bay?

  19. Kathryn

    My God looking at the INSANE Kenneth Copeland gives a very uncomfortable, worrying insight into the unspeakable LUNACY of the type of frothing-at-the-mouth far-right extremists that are allowed to move around – without the aid of a straight jacket! These are the type of appalling, hysterical, irrational red-necks that the lazy Sloth MorriScam supports and cheers on! MorriScam is doing everything in his power to turn this nation into a cheap, tawdry copy of America. Morrison is now stacking his cabinet with evangelical, bible-thumping hypocrites; pouring more than $48 MILLION of OUR taxpayer funds into the pockets of multi-millionaires Brian and Bobbie Houston, the profit-obsessed, corrupt leaders of Hillsong which is a notorious CULT promoted by their delusional #1 supporter, Scott Morrison!

    Morrison is a mad, bad and very dangerous, callously inhumane, xenophobic, homophobic and misogynistic religious hypocrite who has NO PLACE in the federal ministry of this egalitarian, secular nation!




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