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The damage Scott Morrison and his policy vacuum are inflicting on this country will be felt for decades

You could probably divide the world’s adult population into three groups. Those who have minds open to accepting new knowledge, those who have trouble absorbing anything that requires re-thinking what they have always accepted – and those who refuse to even consider that what they already know might not, in reality, be correct.

The essential scientific process is based on probability – an area which leaves many people a lot poorer after backing the wrong horse! In fact, the failure of education authorities to provide as many as possible of their students with a proper grounding in statistics and probability, enables a great many charlatans – political and otherwise – to flourish!

The scientist formulates an hypothesis to explain certain phenomena, gathers and then examines all possible evidence for the null hypothesis (i.e. that their hypothesis is false) and finally tests the power or probability that the null hypothesis is indeed true. They set a very high bar, and the whole process is very clearly documented so that fellow scientists, in the same specialist area, can repeat the process and compare results – this is what is known as peer review.

This makes it clear they are actually going in to bat for the opposition, as it were, and trying to prove their hypothesis is false – which should reassure those who believe that scientists are trying to prove their own theories!

You need to understand that peer reviewed research, when published, provides evidence of research which has been repeated and/or checked by other than the original specialist scientist, and which establishes scientific knowledge or fact – until and unless subsequent research updates those facts. Opinion has no place in this process and opinions provided by scientists in other discipline areas – unaccompanied by peer reviewed reports – carry no weight whatsoever.

Opinions published by those with neither scientific credentials nor, in particular, expert knowledge in the specific specialist area, should carry no weight and are simply smoke and mirrors, attempting to discredit, for whatever motive, information about the real scientific facts. Sadly, this succeeds far too often. The shock jocks are a source of misinformation for the gullible and should be banned, IMHO! They won’t be, because the profit motive beats social responsibility hands down!

Science and religion have fought many wars over the centuries.

Clearly documented, and available to all, is information on how the Catholic Church (and other Christian sects) have promoted the Holy Bible as being the word of god, and everything in that book is regarded as incontrovertible fact.

In fact, some religious so-called educators still promote the creationist theory – in flat contradiction of accepted knowledge of the development of the known universe.

Belief and opinion are often enemies of truth and at present we are witnessing the consequences of letting belief, opinion and vested interests, subvert public information and delay action which was shown, decades ago, to be necessary to avert catastrophic climate conditions.

Our current Prime Minister proudly boasts of his religious affiliations – a boast which should at once raise our suspicions that his judgement is biased and therefore faulty in any area which involves science!

His background as a failed marketer is responsible for his current, underhand way of promoting himself and fund-raising for the Liberal party in the guise of an information post on social media, linked to the Liberal party ‘Donate’ page!

He can’t help himself, because, on the evidence, he apparently is incapable of understanding the image he projects.

His party members are happy, because he has succeeded in leading them to an unexpected third term in government, but the damage he and his policy vacuum are inflicting on this country will be felt for decades – and may shorten many lives.

Throughout their current dominance in politics, the Coalition have promoted themselves as being better at managing the economy – and compliant media have supported this myth.

It seems that few people are aware of how massively the Australian debt has blown out since the Coalition undertook to restore the economy to balance. People do not understand national finances enough to realise that achieving a surplus is simply saying that, in the current fiscal year, the government will actually receive in taxes of all sorts – and from the sale of the country’s assets (thank you so much Peter Costello!) – more than it actually spends on services, while failing to mention that “As at July 1 2018, the budget estimate of net debt in Australia was about A$341.0 billion, up from A$174.5 billion in September 2013, when the Coalition took office. That’s an increase of A$166.5 billion, or roughly 95%, over almost five years.”

Fact Check: has Australia’s net debt doubled under the current government?

And when it comes to cutting services to achieve a surplus, what is the cost of damage to lives engendered by processes like Robodebt?

Emphasis on ‘fiscal rectitude’ has camouflaged incredible human damage, wherein the poor lack support and the borderline are actual driven into poverty and suicide.

And looming over all this is a genuine existential crisis which our government refuses to recognise by promoting appropriate actions.

It is worth repeating what everyone knows – Australia’s efforts alone will have minimal impact on world conditions but if every country took that same attitude, we are all doomed.

In fact, a significant number of countries, and States within a country in the case of the USA, are making great strides in developing policies which radically reduce the use of fossil fuels and counter pollution.

The start of serious efforts has come so late that we will be playing catch-up if we are to bequeath to our grandchildren a world in which they can do better than merely exist.

We need every innovation to be explored and every viable invention put into action.

We still have time – just – but, under this government, Australia appears to totally lack understanding of what is required.

The Prime Minister only returned early from a totally ill-timed holiday because his reputation was taking a public battering.

He only developed a policy to support the fire-fighters because he was pressured into doing so.

Initially he only offered financial support to volunteer firies in NSW – his home state – until he was made aware that it had to be a national offer.

Instead of having an experienced Public Service to advise him, he has been relying on advice from political advisers.

Their advice is directed to keeping him in power – not into doing what is right for Australia!

There are so many things on which we could expect our national government to be formulating national policy, while we have a Prime Minister who seems intent on throwing all responsibility to the State governments!

If our accidental PM had a vestige of commonsense, he would be forming a national, non-partisan government, including representatives from all states and political areas, plus experts from the CSIRO and other appropriate scientific and service organisations to deal with the climate emergency, housing those displace by the fires, related employment and food production issues – you could make your own list – it is endless and needs careful prioritising.

We are at war with the elements and the country needs to be on a wartime footing.

Can you do it, Prime Minister?

If you do not have the bottle, then step aside and let others take on a job which appears to demand more than you can give.

Once more – this is my Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

Will you join me and get out on the streets – maybe Australia Day would be appropriate? – and tell those whom we rashly elected that they need to go because they are not governing for us!

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  1. Yes Minister

    So SCUMMO MORRISCUM et al are f#ckwits …. whoopy do. Now would all the welded-on lefties please explain why shitten and albo are any better ? Quite frankly Australia is f***ed and its the fault of the sheeple who don’t give a rats what kind of bottom-feeding bloodsucking parasites they elect.

  2. Roswell

    Probably not the most intelligent comment I’ve ever read.

  3. Kaye Lee

    As at 30 November 2019, net debt is $396.1 billion and the year-to-date deficit was $13.85 billion

    As at 3 January 2020, gross debt was $561.8 billion

    Funny how any talk of our public debt has disappeared. All we ever hear about is a surplus that has yet to be delivered.

    Interest rates are low. Since they won’t allow the RBA to buy our bonds directly, they may as well borrow and invest in things that bring a return. Or save an enormous repair bill. Or employ people.

  4. Jack sprat

    Notice that the other ministers in smoko’s government staying silent on the current crisis . The knives are out they are all distancing themselves from him. He is a dead man walking

  5. Kathy

    Yes, I”ve noticed Jack. I’ve been asking for days, Where are all the other ministers? It’s like a one-man show when it comes to the federal government.

  6. paul walter

    Never a problem with the ethics of these people.

    Ready, Fire, Aim: PM’s Office Caught ‘Leaking’ Against NSW Libs, Conservative Journo Confirms

    No fan of Glad-bag and it may be a diversion, but otherwise it is yet another example of why any question as to the government’s standards is ruled superfluous.

    It has been suggested that the NSW Premier was ordered NOT to ask for help from Canberra despite the public indications that a state of emergency request would be acceptable.

  7. Carol Taylor

    I think that this is Morrison. Think of him during the election campaign, he was a one-man show. I think that this is the way that he likes one is allowed centre stage as this might distract from all the attention being on HIM. Think of the way he talks, it’s always about himself – people wanted HIM back. Think of the way he has handled the fire situation, again all about himself how HE could be distracted by the cricket. This is his undoing because he does not consult, does not conference, he does not seek advice, so much so that even in his belated effort to cast himself into relevance by bringing in reservists, he did his minus consultation with stakeholders, doing more harm than good.

    Why the need for an empathy consultant, clearly it’s because empathy isn’t part of his makeup..and it shows.

  8. Lawrence S. Roberts

    `About the only thing you could wish for is a government of national unity which would demonstrate conclusively that the first reply is correct. Dweedle Dum and Dee to paraphrase the good Dr. Bob.

    We are not really a people nor does the geography enable civil unrest and Demos will only get you on the news for 90 seconds.
    Let us ridicule them for the fools they are and no amount of spin is going to fix it.

    Scotty from marketing’s position is untenable as he is now a lame duck prime minister. He will be lucky to get marketing in the next shuffle.

  9. Harry Lime

    Kathy, Morrison got them into the shit on his own , now apparently, he can get them out of it, on his own.Ain’t karma a bitch?Tell enough lies and they will eventually bury you,isn’t it wonderful? Couldn’t happen to a nicer chap.

  10. Carol Taylor

    Paul, that’s what I also heard. Also that when Morrison has said that he hadn’t sent assistance to NSW as he did for Victoria, that Gladys said (somewhat quietly..but said nonetheless) that she had never been asked. Protocol has always been that the PM offers and then the Premiers then put forward their list. Somehow Morrison has been able to twist it around into: I never helped because you didn’t ask.

  11. Roswell

    Morrison was quick to announce today that he is not to blame for our current crisis.

    Code for let’s blame someone else.

  12. Carol Taylor

    Lawrence, on Scotty’s position now being untenable. Does Morrison honestly think that he can revert to his daggy dad routine and not appear to be a complete hypocrite, which he is. More importantly, we know have a PM who we know we cannot rely on in a crisis. There aren’t many people in politics who I dislike more than Tony Abbott, but at least Tony would have been better than this..would have actually cared.

  13. Dennis Bauer

    In reply to Yes Minister, Don’t know about blaming people anymore and calling them sheeple, its favorite terminology on all the right wing sites, its the fault of the System, Capitalism is a world wide system, a ponzi system ever since Darius the Persian King of Kings. lol. Its all about money and power, and who likes power. Its really about power, a terribly lot of humans love power over others. I must say, in all my life, this Pentecostal Prime Minister is the most shallow deceiving person in any power I have ever seen. Any way Dutton is next, so we will really have something to sit up and take notice about.

  14. Carol Taylor

    Roswell, Morrison is clearly trying to wriggle and squirm out of this. Don’t blame anyone is code for don’t blame me. Too late, we already do. Morrison said that he believes in the connection between climate change and bushfires (an amazing on the road to Damascus conversion), however, taking him at his word, then WHY did he refuse to meet with the fire chiefs? Morrison is saying in spite of accepting the science, that he chose to ignore it.

  15. Jack sprat

    During the Exxon Valdez oil spill deaster millions and millions of dollars were spent by insurance companies and government to clean up the mess. This caused a economic boom thru creating work and jobs for many americans. Sadly no doubt the same thing will happen here after the fires have subsided . The current government will then take credit for the boom and reinforce the myth that they are better economic managers .

  16. RosemaryJ36

    Yes Minister:
    I am a strong supporter of social justice and have yet to find any political party I can wholeheartedl support.
    People always talk of left and right as if we have to choose. The whole adversarial nature of current political thought mitigates against good government.
    My most recent career was as a mediator.

  17. Kaye Lee

    Peter van Onselen – a Professor of Politics and Public Policy, a veteran of the Canberra press gallery, a long-term columnist for The Australian, and the political editor for Network 10 – sent out an explosive tweet overnight.

    “I kid you not, I can confirm the inner sanctum of Team Morrison are actively backgrounding media against the NSW Coalition government to try and make sure the PM doesn’t wear the blame for his handling of the fires. It’s extraordinary that is their focus at the moment! ”

    Backed up today….

    “Nice to see the PM complimenting the states for their efforts in this media conference. It’s a far cry from Team Morrison backgrounding against state premiers, close Morrison confidant David Gazard targeting the states for failures on his now deleted Facebook account etc etc…”

    It’s always someone else’s fault in the Liar from the Shire’s world.

  18. Alan Nosworthy

    Nice work with the observation about reliance on partisan advice, manufactured to order rather than the unbiased advice we would expect from a properly funded Public Service and C.S.I.R.O.
    As a physical embodiment ot the Peter principle
    these Muppets remain true to Abbotts only sustained promise of a
    “Government of no suprises”
    No joy, no fairness, no empathy, no talent, no leadership, no responsibility accepted, and no real suprises from the “born to rule” self proclaimed “adults in the room”

  19. Roswell

    He can ignore it at his peril, Carol.

    Even the Murdoch media won’t be able to spin his way out if this.

    If they had their fingers on the pulse of public mood, they’ll turn on him in an instant.

  20. Kerri

    Oh Rosemaryj36,
    Thank you so much for this.
    Being scientifically educated myself and having a daughter with honours in science (genetics) I am well aware of the peer review process and it’s inestimable worth.
    Trying to explain to my husband, why the opinion of our accountant quote “I am a sceptic” is worthless and should be completely disregarded. In my humble opinion, science and opinion are incompatible and therefore opinion on issues of science are garbage. Just as my opinion on accounting is worthless. I am not qualified.
    The greatest crime committed in the 20thC is the “creation of doubt”. First practised by the tobacco industry and stretched beyond belief by the fossil fuel industry and the right wing ideologues.
    Their opinion has no place in this or any century.
    And in spite of the exposure of the lying and cheating from both industries and many more (I’m looking at you James Hardie) the hard right idiots persist in listening to their wallets.
    ( #no emoji for tearing hair)
    There must be a term in psychology for that moment when a person or persons finally realise that they have been lied to for decades? The Truman effect???

  21. Phil Pryor

    Who can say enough true and accurate comment on the Shitbag from the Shire, the Skull full of faecality, superstitious garbage, self inflating penislike pontification, and mediaeval maggoty misfittery. How low has this nation gone, with the bowelfuls of beastliness, lying larcenous louts, rotten robbing ratbags, Murdoch’s media maggotheads and scrotal scribblers, all combining to lie their way over us.

  22. Michael Taylor

    You’ve got a fire in your belly, Rosemary. I hope you are the match that lights everybody’s fire.

    Great work as usual.

  23. Lambchop Simnel

    Carol Taylor, It again exposes the distance between public contrition and private recalcitrance that is the hallmark of Morrison era politics.

    I saw a tweet from Tony Windsor that the public transport system is running out of buses as Morrison looks for more to throw his victims under.

    Kaye Lee, the report that involves the Gazard represents a fascinating glimpse into the behind the scenes machinations that constitute a really ugly part of mindless modern politics involving really ugly people.

    What a creature this Gazard must be and you suspect the rest in the PM’s press unit are just the same

    As for Morrison, he is just a puppet. More and more obvious it becomes that the PM and for that matter the NSW premier, are mere fronts for Murdoch and his allies by way of the scum in press offices and thinktanks of the conservatives.

  24. Matters Not


    The whole adversarial nature of current …

    Yes, the society we live in is adversarial because that’s the inherent nature of capitalism. Perhaps everyone needs to re-read the “tragedy of the commons” . (It’s a bit like saying – the Pope is a Catholic.)

  25. Jano

    We have already Had Robo debt ….Its Sco mo debt , And this debt ..Sco mo debt ,,will be felt as long as- work for the mole- and dead start payments have been in ,,,,,,Now ,the people who use to hassel the un- employed for being – unemployed ,, will feel the heat of the consuming poverty ..coming on Australia !!!!!. Cause -you voted a dead heart ,stone cold Government …who hates the unemployed and poverty ! ,,work for the mole and dead start payments ,,Is that the long term solution for poverty in this country ??????????????

    The fires ,,have now added thousands to the dead start cue ,,,
    What kind of response , will this tight ass government do ???????????????????????……….

    The same old bull shit ,,more Nazi like, draconian measures !!…………………………………………..

    there has never been a solution for the home less .the unemployed or poverty , (,Red scheme- any one ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Its every man for him self in this selfish world .. And politicians ,,who claim to love God- will be judged first ,,,And scientist who denie God mattter how academic ..will find them selves in hell ,,if they denie Creation and a Creator !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………………………….

    It comes back to the heart of the matter ,, The crux ….If we love and know love ,,we must act in love ..for the benefit for all !! , All people ..No matter class or distinction ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this government acting in love ..for the benefit for all ….???? Is its policies , done in the name of love or politics ? ???????????????????????????????????

    you the blogger ,,you decide ……….Love can conquer all .. providing – you aint got any looney tunes , nutters …holding on to past glories and ullusions of granduear ,, ( Love is crystal clear ..politics is dia areah !!! )

    when will a good man or woman ,,rise up ,,in the name of love – And take the country forward ,,in the name of love ???????????…………………………………………………………….

  26. RosemaryJ36

    Carol Taylor: on credibility:
    More than 20 years ago, when my hormones were still capable of blocking out rational thought, I was in an I’ll-advised relationship with a man whom I understood had nursed his first wife through terminal cancer. They had no children. He turned out to be a control freak and I was grateful to my adult children for their help in eventually getting him out of my house and my life.
    A short while later I was (understatement!) surprised to receive a phone call from his first wife (Yes – I said “He said you were dead!” and she said ”He wishes!”) and she said she wanted to remind him that he had undertaken to sort out their divorce!
    We had an illuminating conversation about his skill at lying and she reported that he had once told her that if you mix enough truth with the lies and have a good memory you can always get away with it!
    He has now departed this life!
    Lesson: Always check the facts if you possibly can!

  27. Patagonian

    I read about three years ago that the owners of Exxon Valdez had still not paid any damages to those impacted. They had a finding against them years ago but just kept dragging it through the courts. Last I heard, they had forced the original multi-million damages bill down to $1.5 million and were still proposing further action to try to wipe out all the damages. Their amoral behaviour contributed to the suicides of many of those who lost everything in the disaster.

    Point being that the fossil fuel companies in Australia, far from being made to pay for the damage that they have ultimately caused, will continue to receive massive taxpayer handouts and favorable deals from the amoral cabal that is the LNP. Coal lobbyists wil still continue to be employed in Federal Ministers’ offices, and the arseclowns in 2GB and the Merdochracy will still continue to fawn over them.

    It’s not enough that they have flagrantly rorted our financial coffers and flogged off our natural resources for a pittance. Now they are stealing our environment as well.

  28. Uta Hannemann

    “. . . to provide as many as possible of their students with a proper grounding in statistics and probability . . . .”
    You’re right, people with some more education would be better able to recognise lies!

  29. Mal Adroit

    Thank you for your admirably presented article, Rosemaryj36. I have recently stumbled across some information regarding basic issues of law, which I’d like to share…
    Naturally, I wasn’t aware of the grassroot movements against local “government” such as the one in Milton, Victoria, led by Rena Iliades, which was or still is, on…

    ‘The mind is like a parachute; it has to be open to work’, from unknown.

  30. New England Cocky

    @Yes Minister: Your comment devalues one of the most valuable books on organisation theory that explain why self-absorbed, narcissistic egomaniacs get elected to political power or weild informal power in organisations. I find this comment abusiver and irrelevant!!

    @Jack Sprat: Somehow the absence of supporting ministers, delayed overseas while completing their “face to face ministerial research”, makes one wonder whether the Ides of February are ahead of us.

    @Alan Nosworthy: Excellent comment.

    @Kerri: Having a similar background to yourself you will understand the difficulties of educating farmers and graziers who believe that the earth is flat, Australia still rides on the sheep’s back, mining is a godsend (until your water supply is polluted with arsenic, or mercury or some other by-product of mineral primary processing) and townspeople are there to serve the landholders with unlimited credit.

    @Lambchop Simnel: I think you have identified the cause of the problem; unsurprisingly Murdoch Media again.

    @MN: Wake up MN, you are trolling again!!

    @Jano: Agreed, But will the general population of Australian bogan voters remember these events beyond next weekend?

    @Patagonian: A popular corporate device that politicians allow. See the Kangaroo Court of Australia website.

    Thank you Rosemary J36 for an excellent article.

    Thanks also to our ruthless researcher Kaye Lee for providing updates on how the Lazy Nasty People misgovernment is building Australia into the worst third world export economy in the OECD.

  31. totaram

    Rosemary J36:

    “The damage Scott Morrison and his policy ^ are inflicting on this country will be felt for decades”

    I think the word “vacuum” is wrong. There IS a policy. It’s just not what we would like it to be. We should be clear on that. All the many analyses of his character etc. are simply of peripheral interest. If he goes, another puppet will replace him, just as he replaced Turnbull. The policies will not change substantially, except for some window-dressing. That is the situation we are in. We should be clear about that.

  32. corvus boreus

    So you agree with Jano that ‘scientist who denie matter how academic..will find themselves in hell..if they denie Creation and a Creator !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………..’?

  33. johno

    cb, that statement is competing with Israel Folau.

  34. Lambchop Simnel

    Unfortunately, NEC and totaram.

    As for Jano, you gotta admit it, if there is a bad place, it would be an appropriate place for some of these bastards .

  35. New England Cocky

    Oops!! Thank you corvus boreus and Lambchop Simnel. Perhaps I should read ALL of each poorly constructed post before I react to any one of them in writing.

    FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH ….. “And scientist who denie God mattter how academic ..will find them selves in hell ,,if they denie Creation and a Creator !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” is consolidated bull manure from a fabricator of fairy tales BECAUSE HELL IS A 15TH CENTURY INVENTION!!.


    And SloMo’s answer at the Hillsong Church was “Love, Love Love”

  37. DrakeN

    Roaemary, you wrote: “Lesson: Always check the facts if you possibly can!”

    As a corollary, one should always research the history of an author before drawing conclusions from their writings etc.

  38. Eumundi Grandmother

    I have often thought the “one man band” election campaign was weird; now I understand why – as a “poser” is a publicity seeking tosser, he wanted 100% of the publicity for himself.

  39. George Theodoridis

    Aesop divided them in two.

    Well put, RosemaryJ36

    Aussies remind me of a little story by Aesop called “Zeus and the Frogs.”

    A pond of frogs, happily bouncing about from lily pad to lily pad or whatever else frogs jump to in a pond. Some were more playful and cheeky than others, splashing water on those who just wanted to lie around and sunbake.
    This second lot eventually got fed up with the noisy splashers and one day they got together at Zeus’ temple and prayed to him. They asked him to send them a king who’d straighten those pesky splashers up.
    Zeus frowns and says, “what on earth do you want a king for? I’ve given you the brains and the freedom to rule yourselves!”
    “No,” said the sunbakers. We need a god!”
    “Piss off,” said Zeus. Don’t bother me. You don’t need a bloody king!
    But almost every day the sunbakers kept pestering Zeus until he relented and dropped a huge log into the pond. The frogs were happy so they approached it, talked to it, kissed, begged it and did all sorts of thing but the log, being a log, dis not respond.
    So the frogs went back to Zeus’ temple and begged him again.
    “I told you, you don’t need a bloody king. Piss off”
    But they persisted with their whinging and wining until Zeus sent them a huge, from loving Stork which began devouring the frogs.
    “Shit, shit, shit!” cried the frogs. Please Zeus, we were better off with the log!”

    And that’s what they got back.
    Aussie voters can only vote for either a log or a stork. One day they’ll discover that and perhaps take over govn’t for themselves.

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