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The corrupt cat of capitalism

It’s out of the bag …. the corrupt cat of capitalism … this corporate Tom has caught its last mouse. With the Banking Royal Commission drawing to a close, there is speculation whether there will be charges laid against certain heads of banking for fraudulent activities. Now there is a speculation!

But now, thanks to social media exposing in dribs and drabs, with personal story and video evidence shot on phones and mini-cams, all those corporate crimes that could once be hidden under cloak of “old-boy” conspiracy or cassock of the confessional … or simply from a lack of reporting in the once monopoly of the mainstream media … the full-light of day has hit their upturned, open-mouthed and shamed faces! Caught “polishing the silver”.

Knowing as we do now, that one doesn’t even get a foot-in-the-door for these high-echelon jobs without a certificate from a recognised “top end of town” private school education … The same goes for appointments to the high court judiciary and most of the Govt’ authorities … old school chums … as they say. I cannot recall many white-collar crims from so high position getting a stretch in chokey from one of their old class-mates. Sure, Alan Bond got a stretch … but then he never was “one of theirs”, always was a “pretender” … common chappy … doncha know? In contrast, there was Chris Skase … an old Caufield Grammar Boy … He didn’t go down because he was crook with a bad case of “running asthma” … I believe … and he got a ticket to run to Spain to live out his days in delightful shame … the upper middle-classes do have a conscience after all. And then there was “The Goanna” (Kerry Packer) and all those drugs and that gold that was pinched from a safe somewhere … but then the law never could work out quite who he was … we could at a pinch … but hey! … who are we?

Of course Rupert confessed to having the “most humble day of his life” and he got away with the lot on the strength of that head bowing moment and was saved from the total ignominy of a “pie-in-face” moment by the quick actions of his (now ex) wife who, if there was justice in the alimony courts, must have increased her payment by as much as 25% for that one little action … there are some sins that can never be forgiven!

But let’s not dwell on past crimes and criminals. Let us get back to this Banking Royal Commission that almost never happened because those “in-house” financial representatives of the upper-middle criminal class, the LNP, did their damnest to stop it! So now we have the exposed crimes, the exposed criminals and the final act of law is about to be delivered …

Will the law be seen to be done? That is the question.

Most of us have dealings with these large corporations and utilities and institutions. Corporations like banking, energy supply, telecommunications, petroleum suppliers, public transport, health, education, food and household supermarkets … all the usual accoutrements that allow a society to function smoothly … in short, our very existence relies upon the honesty of these suppliers to deliver products to our household. But I reckon you could almost guarantee to a private corporation that they are all involved like the banking/financial sector in some sort of covert corrupt practices.

They learned it on the playing fields of their private schools, you could say. The bills that come into my household from many of those corporations are so convoluted, with clauses and plans and contracts so loquaciously legalese verbose that it would take Mr Squiggle to draw a positive and knowing conclusion from the tangle!

I have sat at the end of the phone trying to get a clear and concise plan for my internet/phone use from one of the major Telcos for hours at a time and to no avail … every other Pilipino “Hamish” or “Louise” or “Kevin” call-centre person telling me a different thing and every bill that comes in more confusing than the last … and the same with many utilities and corporate accounts … and if there is one thing common to every small-time crook and swindler, from a front-bar Rolex seller to a front of the house shonky used car salesman, it is their capacity to confuse their intended target … hence the convoluted accounts and plans and contracts of all those above corporations … They are all crooked! And there is not one, I’d warrant, if brought before a Royal Commission that would not be found to be operating some sort of subversive swindle involving robbing blind either their customers or the government.

Which brings us to that other arm of corporate criminality: The LNP.

Now this here’s a little bewdy, folks … only a dozen or two owners … never used on Sundays and always ready to start-up and drive away! … drive away investigations, commissions, ICACs and/or any look into corporate crime that could involve themselves or their members in name dropping in low places or a connection with stuffed, brown-paper bags full of “folding greens” … you could call the LNP the “Vegans of Venality” … they live off the “green stuff” … and the only reason they seek office, every person Jack/Jill of them is to line the pockets of their own family or their old chums in the corporate sector. No other reason … no ideal of “for the benefit of the State” … no hand on heart for “the greater good” of the citizens of the state … just one downright, honest to their God objective: “Rob the f#ckers blind” … before they are temporarily voted from office and can re-organise their sucker troops to give them the keys to the treasury once more.

The Liberal Party started here in SA, you know … you can go to their State Branch website and see there that they trace their roots back to the “National Defence League” … a nice little coterie of “chums” like the original Downer and co. George Fife and his “confidential clerk” Charles Flaxman … they were all privy to the shenanigans of the South Australia Company that led the charge to form the party that professed the same rapacious and deceitful policies that the LNP professes today! Nothing has changed … neither the criminal intent, the fraud, the vicious treatment of the poor, weak and vulnerable … it is all there in the denied (by them) history … the foundations laid down at the same time they laid the foundations of the large, private schools so prevalent to their twisted educations … they can’t hide from history any longer, the text books are being re-written.

When corporations rob, they do it with sweets, when they steal, they do it with charm and when they kill, they do it with hired help … and when they want the whole grubby mess covered up, they do it under the cover of their old school tie.

Corporations, politicians, high judiciary, heads of authorities … all stacked to the gilded rafters with a “consciousness of kind” camaraderie.

But now … the cat is out of the bag … where will it run to? Watch this social media space!


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  1. Ill fares the land

    Whatever the outcomes of the Royal Commission are, they will be far less than the offences of corporate thugs; criminals; charlatans and psycopaths warrant. The fact is that there is an unholy alliance between governments, large business, the judiciary and the rich and powerful.

    Yes, many humble everyday people expressed their outrage at the way they were treated by banks, but unlike the scandalous child abuse, where it was easy to take the moral high ground and pillory those who perpetrated abuse on helpless children and those who perpetrated that abuse by ignorance or that classic symptom of curruption, the “cover up”, there are too many in power who don’t really think the banks have done anything wrong.

    How would a government that has eviscerated APRA and ASIC to make it harder to charge and prosecute corporate criminals genuinely do a 180 degree morality shift and seek appropriate retribution? How does a judicial system that has long favoured the interests of those who can better afford the services of psycopathic lawyers who can comfortably overlook the vile acts of their wealthy clients and ignore the harm done to their victims genuinely believe that corporate criminals should be brought to justice? There will be the gnashing and confected outrage and the faced of retribution, but at the earliest opportunity the Roytal Commission outcomes, delivered as they will be by those who are themselves embedded into a corrupt and biased system, will be buried.

    I read only this morning of another whistleblower in government who was forced out. How does that not suggest rampant corruption within the very DNA of government and its corporate allies/mates? How does that not point to a systemic process of covering up the wrongs done by governments and the mates of government? How does an LNP government that rejects the idea of a Federal ICAC seriously intend to deal with multiple examples of corporate corruption?

    Both the conservative and the liberal sides of government at all levels tend to steer a wide, wide berth around the corruption of their opponents lest those opponents then turn into accusers. Theyt are all “at it” – personal enrichment is either the starting point, or soon becomes the end game because they can GET AWAY WITH IT. The rest of the corporate world, the rich and powerful vested interests (the “establishment” if you will) are relieved by the Royal Commission, but only because it diverts attention away from what other corporations do on a daily basis – enlist comparatively ordinary people to do vile acts in the name of the corporate ethos, which is that as long as an act generates profit and substantial rewards for the perpetrator, it is acceptable.

    For several decades, we have had regularly and catastrophic “wake up calls” over the banking and finance sector. We had the various state bank debacles. Then we had the GFC. Had governments been paying attention then everything they needed to know about how corrupted the financial sector is was on full display. What action was taken? How many bank executives in the US, the UK or Australia were charged or imprisoned? The answers, respectively are – none and none!!

  2. Karen Kyle

    You need to take a chill pill. We all know about white collar crime and corruption of various kinds And all these evils are not confined to capitalism. They happen everywhere even in Communist and former Communist societies. If fact Russia and Chinese crooks can probably show the rest of the world how. So stop your blathering.

    What we can do is fight to keep our own country clean, but to say without evidence that every member of the Libs goes into politics to rip off all and sundry is a bit OTT.

  3. Joseph Carli

    Ill fares the land….Back in the early days of SA settlement, when George Fife Angas and his “confidential clerk” ; Charles Flaxman, grabbed large swathes of the Barossa Valley through a swindle called the “Special Surveys” at the recently marked down price of 12/6 pence per acre, and then tried to flog it off to the pioneer settler Germanic people there for 10 POUNDS and acre (fortunately the British govt’ stepped in and put a stop to THAT outrage), settling for between 4-6 pounds/acre..and these people were written into Sth Aust’ history as the “Founding Fathers” of the settlement….Bastards!…would be a better title..and they are still in situ!

  4. Joseph Carli

    Karen Kyle…just what we apologist for all things bent…a Uri Geller pupil, I suppose?

  5. New England Cocky

    Now, now Joseph, don’t give @Karen Kyle a hard time just because she does not see that egalitarianism is dying the death from a thousand cuts by government sponsored middle class persons having the benefit of numerous government subsidies contrary to the best principles of capitalism. Australia has a 200+ year record of the upper classes demanding and receiving government subsidies in one form or another while the workers struggle to put food on the table.

    For us the optimal resolution is likely voting against the LNP misgovernment in the 2019 Federal elections, or possibly voting for an credible local Independent to represent the best interests of the Australian voters rather than be manipulated by the unelected political hacks who control pre-selection in the major parties for the benefit of foreign owned multinational corporations.

  6. Bronte ALLAN

    Yet another fine article Joseph! You have written the thoughts of a vast majority of us! Now all we have to do is ensure that this inept, lying, flat earth, right wing, climate change deniers, obscenely over-paid,so-called “liberals” are booted out (the lot of them!) & maybe some normality will come back into Federal Parliament! Trouble with ALL the f*cking liberals is they think they have been given sole rights to control the country. Bad news for them if they continue on with this sort of thinking, but then we all know that they think they are always right, that the Labor lot are a bunch of quasi socialist/communist buggers who are hell bent on trying to make all the obscenely wealthy bloody industrialists, pastoralists, mining barons, media owners etc go broke by asking for improved wages & conditions, how dare the Labor people try & do these things! The cheek of us!

  7. Brad Golding

    The empire of capitalism is failing, it is in its death throes. Aside from massive corruption at government and civil service levels, there are two other factors that will cause its downfall.
    First of these is that capitalism can gain no benefit from old people, other than to steal their assets. Capitalism has no place for old people and their learned wisdom after they have lost everything.
    The other factor, and probably the most important of all, is that capitalism places no value on motherhood other than for the reproduction of slaves who are educated to a level of subservience, that is, able to work the machines but not able to think for themselves other than as cogs in a corporate machine, addicted to their electronic devices.
    Once, a family could do okay on a single income, but no longer! I do not criticise a woman who wants to work, that is her choice and I respect it, however, a mother who wants to stay at home and raise her children does not have that luxury in today’s world. Even if she is single, she is obliged to work for the system, by the system.
    Our society is so greedy and selfish that it does not want to see the suffering our government is responsible for around the world and by their silence the people are complicit.
    It was said in Classical Rome, “Give the bread and circuses and they will not revolt.” Just like then, today we have commercial entertainment also known as “sport,” and governments are elected based on what the zombie sheeple will get out of it and to hell with what is right!

  8. Joseph Carli

    Karen says..: “. . . but to say without evidence that every member of the Libs goes into politics to rip off all and sundry is a bit OTT.”

    There are so many investigations into the behaviour of LNP members and their associates that one has to concede there is not enough honesty in governance to legitimately hold power…and it is only holding onto that power through a lack of conclusive investigation by the AFP and other authorities…Now, if there were ANY honest members of the LNP HOR.., then they should declare their disgust and throw in the towel and bring this wasted space of a “govt'” down to let the people elect a new govt’…but they don’t and they wont…ergo..the hand that signs the paper…

  9. Karen Kyle

    How many of these investigations are current and who is under investigation? You have to be a bit careful about lose talk. It can get you into trouble. And you can’t make complaints about the behaviour of politicians or anyone else without evidence. It is speculation on your part and based in anger and malice because the world is not to your liking. It isn’t to anyones liking but that is no reason for trash talk.

  10. Joseph Carli

    Aww…stop it Karen…other people who collate those sort of John Setka could give you the current list…you know many yourself..unless you are trying to be fey or have been living under a rock for a while..and where’d you get this certainty that one can’t make complaints about politicians?…and trash talk?..there’s a Royal Commission winding down if you recall..and I mentioned it in passing in my article…and many here have had the same frustrations with their telecommunications..and their energy suppliers…and their food bills etc..what trash talk?…just what’s know to everyone I’d say.

  11. Rossleigh

    Anyway, Joseph, I don’t mind loose talk, but if you start with “lose talk”, then you’re bound to lose…

    People sometimes get upset when I point out the odd spelling mistake. However, I always think that it’s at least something where we can all agree when we’ve made a mistake, apologise and move on. Or we can argue that spelling doesn’t matter…

    From there, it’s a slippery slope to arguing facts don’t matter and before we know where are Donald Trump will be president and Scott Morrison will think that it’s a good point to make when he suggests that Bill Shorten is disrespectful to the POTUS!

  12. Joseph Carli

    What is dangerous..and very dangerous indeed is that the banks and other corporations integral to and reliant upon social trust to allow them to keep cutting into the fat of society, get exposed to such an extent that they become social pariahs and people do a run (away) on their products….like we see in commercial super funds, banking trust, energy reliance more on batteries/renewables and those other things that form the backbone of a stable stock market…Once things go pear-shaped, the whole house of cards could come down…and then many of us will be sticking our thumbs out on China’s ‘One belt one road” trying to hitch a ride..

  13. Joseph Carli

    Ross’…yes..i see that… but in fairness, I sometimes see a typo or grammatical error in the going over of a post but just leave it there..thinking ..: so what?..if an article or comment depended solely upon correct spelling etc. for its legitimacy, then it is already lost..
    I have other bones to pick with Karen..I didn’t like the rude way she introduced herself to me on our first meet on these pages..

  14. auntyuta

    Joe, you ask Karen : ” . . . . where’d you get this certainty that one can’t make complaints about politicians? . . . ”

    Well, I ask myself, do we have now a “Big Brother Government” as in Orwell’s 1984? Brad Golding says it all very well, so perhaps we are already right in George Orwell’s 1984 society or heading very fast towards it. I agree with Brad, that by their silence, people are complicit.

  15. SteveFitz

    Thanks Joseph – The whole thing reads like an off beat horror move. You know, if you leave the theatre scratching your head and have a good think about this? If you really detach yourself and look at what’s going on from afar, you can work out the plot: – We are being coned by criminals. LNP, corporates, wealthy elite, media moguls together – The whole things a con and they know it.

  16. Joseph Carli

    Steve’…It will show that nothing N-O-T-H-I-N-G is too big to fail…

  17. paul walter

    It’s interesting that Joseph Carli draws attention to inadequate complaints services.

    On the news tonight it was reported that Ian Naarev was paid $45 million over his seven years at witch bank for concocting various so called policies now under scrutiny at the RC.

    If you add dozens of others in high position to a list like this, how could there ever be anything but complaints access, monitoring and responses at the banks. You almost wonder if the money wasted on executive bonuses was not the source of an inadequate system employed to stifle customer dissent.

  18. Karen Kyle

    Auntyuna…..I apologise for the spelling mistake and the poor expression re complaints about politicians. I should have said accusations of wrongdoing rather than complaints. Of course people can complain. But accusations are different and Joseph’s claim that so many Lib pollies are under investigation that there are not enough cops etc is bogus. He is talking about supposed criminality and for that you need proof.

  19. SteveFitz

    Joseph, I’m going to take a few more steps away from this and look at the much bigger picture. It’s hard to believe we let this system evolved right under our noses or, maybe it hasn’t failed. Maybe it’s working precisely how it was set up to work? We didn’t see the big picture until well into the internet and social media. You see, the world is changing and now we are in a position do something about this.

    I’ll do my bit at the next election. I’ll tell LNP how to vote distributers that they are supporting people who behave like criminals. And I’ll do it in front of lots of people. I’ll be sure to wear my runners. I can just see myself taking off down the road waving my arms in the air and screaming. With LNP supporters chasing me with big placards and belting me over the head with a photo of you know who. They won’t stop me, they can’t stop me, it’s a free country.

  20. Joseph Carli

    SteveF’…You are correct in that none of this secretive collusion between big corp’ would have been exposed without social media…it is the “democracy’ of social media with all its faults that has exposed the beast within the shadows…and now I don’t think they can ever hide again… is with the experience of age and the life-long condition of working -physically – for a living that gives insight to the criminality of some people…and no Paul Keating accused those sitting opposite him in the House..; “They have a criminal mind”…to be a part of that smear of oily paste of the LNP, you’d HAVE to have a criminal mind.

  21. Joseph Carli

    Karen K’….First, I want to thank you for commenting on my article, for your presence here guarantees me at least a couple of hundred more hits as we exchange banter where you insult me and my politics while I try to steer you down the right and correct path with some of the good oil.
    Those hits onto my post will, I hope put me in the running for a prize I believe is offered at the end of the year for the most hits in one day on any article. And I have been visiting this site on a irregular basis ever since I was driven into exile…like Ovid to Tomis in 8 AD by the bowdlerizing Augustus…because I dared to write an article commenting on and praising the delights and visual appearances of the “fairer sex” of the species…and in coming to the site I have seen yourself go hammer and tongs at anybody and anything that annoys a lives to the comments section equal to that of the proverbial cat!
    But enough of me..let us forgive and forget…but I am still keen to get my hands on that winning prize offered by the site of..I hear..a fully paid dinner at one of Melbourne’s most elite restaurants..: “Maqqahs”..If I heard right…sounds Moroccan !…I love Moroccan!
    So thanks again Karen and may we have many good point-counterpoint posts on my articles.

  22. SteveFitz

    Morrison had the crap kicked out of him at the Wentworth by-election and it was the LNP’s own falt. So, what did he do? He screamed and ranted and raved in parliament and beat his chest then, he proceeded to attack the neediest people in our society by cutting funding to the Foodbank charity 6 weeks before Christmas?

    Trying to prove he is a big man, I mean, what is that? It’s the kind of animal behaviour you would expect from a trumped up third world dictator and megalomaniac. For me at least, it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. This government sucks and so do the banks? With evidence! There’s a lot of sucking going on.

  23. Joseph Carli

    Time for a touch of poetry….why not!?

    Into the fire she did cast,
    Letter by letter until the last.
    Her stern face, flame-lit aglow,
    No pity nor sentiment did it show.
    No regret, nor heartfelt loss,
    As letter by letter she did toss.
    Until the last in hesitant hold,
    One short sentence writ in bold,
    One final line that caught her eye,
    And though the rest she did despise,
    That one broken promise with love’s death,
    Gave pause for memory’s catch of breath,
    Forgotten above this, all the rest;
    “Forever, my love, my pledge, to you,
    I do bequeath”.

  24. helvityni

    An epilogue

    I have seen flowers come in stony places
    And kind things done by men with ugly faces,
    And the gold won by the worst horse at the races,
    So I trust, too.

    John Masefield (!878-1967)

    The Times commented that it was good to have as Poet Laureate a non-university man like Masefield who was used to manual work and could “touch to beauty the plain speech of everyday life.”

    The other poets competing for this Prize were: Housman, Kipling, Yeats and Walter de la Mere…..

  25. Joseph Carli

    Ah!…John Masefield…from my school days ..: ”
    Spanish waters, Spanish waters, you are ringing in my ears. . .

    Good one , Helvi…

  26. SteveFitz

    Yes, we have our art and music and poetry to sooth the soul while we ponder dictatorship, 21st-century style. It wasn’t very long ago that staging a coup d’état meant bringing out tanks into the streets or launching a massive popular revolt to topple one government and replace it with another.

    But that is so 20th century. What happens now is much more gradual, but no less effective. Complacency is costly. Early moves demand a firm response.

    Modern-day would-be dictators don’t overthrow another government. What they do is take over the system of government. As we have seen from autocrats — from Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela to Vladimir Putin in Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, and Han Sen’s Cambodia currently in different stages of this process.

    The secret is manipulating the democratic norms, wearing them down to a thin shell, a cosmetic shield that contains only the wrecked remnants of democracy. Their stories offer an anthology of cautionary tales filled with useful information for people who want to save their states from a similar fate.

    The autocrats move in and slowly start dismantling the system. First, they win an election, then they begin discrediting the opposition, smearing and undercutting the free press, inventing “enemies of the people,” at home to undercut critics’ claims. Foreign threats are also helpful, especially if the autocrats can claim they have allies lurking within the homeland.

    Accusing the opposition or free media of being part of a “deep state” allows an autocrat to paint those who point out problems as having ulterior motives. This keeps the public from heeding their arguments and their warnings. Then, the autocrat and his team systematically dismantle the independence of the judiciary and, ultimately, the rule of law.

    Before long, the democratically or pseudo-democratically elected leader is indistinguishable from a dictator. By the time most people realize what has happened, it’s too late to push back. In fact, by then, the leader, in full control of a false narrative, may also win popularity. A government of, for, and by the people becomes all about protecting the rule of one individual or party, plus cronies.

    Sound familiar doesn’t it – It’s got LNP written all over it.

  27. Karen Kyle

    Good one Steve Fitz, but you left a few out. Trump firstly. Then the Soviet Union in Egypt. They caused two wars with Israel….The Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War trying to seize Egypt, Syria and Iraq by the throat. Israel was in the way and what the hell they planned to do about Jordan I don’t know.

    We do know what Yasser Arafat planned to do about Jordan….. take it over by means of conquest which they tried to do and failed, All with the encouragement and egging on of the Soviets. The PLO was set up, trained and financed by the Soviets. Terror was introduced into the ME by the Soviets. So poor old Yassir Arafat had to take his army to Lebanon where their presence was so objectionable there had to be a civil war to get rid of them.

    It was those two horrifying Wars that made Anwar Sudat expel the Russians from Egypt break off relations with them, recognise Israel and become a client of the US. I will tell you more one day. Promise. But the Soviets were expert country taker overs having done it first in Eastern Europe and then tried and failed in the ME. Now I suspect China is having a red hot go by means of debt. It fits the Communist type tactics and it is compatible with their long history.

    And I worry that someone is giving Trump lessons in how to damage democracy.

  28. Joseph Carli

    Karen..I was told..and I now believe mistakenly…that you are of the left…yet all I see from you is condemnation of those two behemoths of liberated imperialism..Russia and China…I am beginning to see you as a right-wing troll!..You say terror was introduced into the middle-east by the Soviets…yet we can read that both the French and the British had formulated plans and did divide and rule the region for many years before the Soviets even gained their political feet in the 1930’s…and as to Israel even being an established State by the time of the six-day war, I can also read that it was still a American “work in progress” right up till that time and it was the USA giving logistic support and also permission to use the threat of a nuclear weapon that gave Israel the edge of fear in that war..
    Indeed, if we are to consider the years it has taken Iran to try to develop a military nuclear industry and the fact that Israel’s seemed to appear overnight, we can conclude that a degree of “assistance” was given in that area..
    And of course, the Soviets have need to keep a footing in those states that border the Bosporus Straights as it has its Black Sea Fleet ingressing and egressing that channel in competition to the American Mediterranean Fleet permanently cruising the sea there..
    “Communist style tactics” say..yet there is another “super-power” with military bases in more countries, atolls and islands than both China and Russia put together!..There is another “super-power” using bribery, corruption and plain brute force in many historical wars, skirmishes and coups than the aforementioned “communist” nations put together..
    “Now you suspect. . . “…is this a case again of a “Unknown unknown”?

  29. Karen Kyle

    Joseph…….yeah I am Left. Progressive but not Marxist. And you have got most of your history wrong. And what I do is go where the facts take me. Not nailed by ideology…….just a truth seeker. And the truth is more surprising than you know and the ordinary people of the West are just becoming aware of it thanks to the work of former Soviet spies like Lt General Ion Mihai Pacepa who was the head of Romanian Intelligence defected to the West…..wrote a book called Red Horizons which was serialised and broadcast over Radio Free Europe into Romania. Result….the people rose up and pulled the Ceausescus Government down and executed Ceausescus and his wife Elena.And filmed it so the people would know they were really dead. It took the CIA two years to debrief Pacepa.

    Then there was Vassili Mitrokhin. He was the head archivist for the KGB in Moscow.He defected to the UK taking with him thousands of hand copied documents from KGB files which was the biggest hoard of documents ever to fall into the hands of the West. They explain just what the KGB was up to all around the world and especially their diabolical shenanigans in the third world as well as Europe the US and Canada. And don’t forget South America, the backyard of the US. It came in for special attention.

    Now there has been another defection from the time of Gorbachov. (spelling). This spy sent the entire KGB archive to secure places around the world via computer.and it is all in the hands of Western Intelligence. It will take a long time to translate those documents and let the historians loose. But it is coming. We already know most of the basics. This will fill in the gaps.

  30. Karen Kyle

    You see Communism was hated so much it was pulled down from within. And you can’t get much further within than the archives which hold the records of all the strategies, tactics, aims and crimes of those dreadful murderous regimes. And these are not the only spies who have defected. There are many of them. These two were especially valuable.

  31. Joseph Carli

    ” We already know most of the basics . . . “.. “WE”……oh dear…is this the “crack in the door” to the paranoia room?…I’m having desserts..will respond in a little while…and jeezus, man (gender neutral)’re for it!

  32. Joseph Carli

    So we have several defecting agents incriminating the Soviets and their operatives of spying/infiltrating other nations??..HELL!..that’s no headline!…that’s never happened before!..nor used by any other nation..(whose names shall go unmentioned..ssh..ssh!) we don’t want the whole world to know of THEIR shenanigans….shenanigans?? you mind..spying, double agents and intrigue have been professional spying de rigeur since the time of the Roman Empire and perhaps before.

    What you are accusing the “communists” of..with a confected degree of outrage and alarm is no more than common practice in a multitude of states…even right up to the current outrage de jour..: The Kashoggi murder, which your idolised “freedom states” playing a starring role…and as for being of the Left and NOT Marxist…I find such a claim as incongrous to the very idea of left-wing…so if not Marxist, and certainly not Maoist..and then by default neither Leninist / Trotskyist perhaps you are a “Hayek leftist”..would fit your political paranoia!

    As for communism being so hated it was pulled down from within..I would say its system was under siege for so long from an aggressive west that it died from the deprivations and constraints of a sieged regime..but I do believe there are many now who have regrets for what was lost..and the popularity of Putin gives truth to such a claim..

  33. Joseph Carli

    ” And what I do is go where the facts take me. Not nailed by ideology…….just a truth seeker. “…Oh no!..not another “seeker of truth”..there are none so blind . . . as for facts..: A fact is a small creature that crawls around the bottom of the sea-bed collecting fish-farts for use as the bubbles in spirit levels….and THAT’S a fact!

  34. Karen Kyle

    How about left built on principles and not ideology? It happens. Especially in the UK where the Left has never been particularly Marxist perhaps because they have other left traditions of their own including Fabianism, Robert Owen etc.

    And my outrage is not confected it’s real enough. You are talking about murderous one party state totalitarian regimes you know. How the hell can you justify and defend that.? You would have to be nuts. How many millions of their own people have Communist regimes killed? And don’t play what aboutism. It won’t wash. The crimes of the Communist world make the West look like a picnic in comparison. The 20th Century was the age of the rise of totalitarianism. Nazi and Communism. Not much difference between the two. They both have to be defeated.

  35. Karen Kyle

    Joseph… facts and spirit levels…….Jesus that is a good argument.

  36. Joseph Carli

    ” And don’t play what aboutism.” that the childhood equivalent to ; “barleys!”….The trouble with your “comparisons” is that the “killing fields” of the west are traditionally conducted under the guise of “nothing to do with us…it was a natural epidemic that got out of hand”…sort of thing..either that of the covert slipping of arms and ammunition into a “dark operation” like the early days of Vietnam..Afganistan..Syria..Israel…oh, I don’t think I need to go can join the dots even in the jungles of anywhere much further south of the Mason / Dixie line.

    I believe the Soviets were the prime agents that destroyed Nazism regardless what the west’s history tries to tell us.

  37. Joseph Carli

    ” .re facts and spirit levels…….Jesus that is a good argument.”…one of the best..I let you have it..

  38. Joseph Carli

    A “left” built on “principles” is humanism..not is the base of left-wing politics, but by itself, it is a static state that needs polity to move it along..that is where Marxism or the other variations of “left-wing” politics come into could say that you love animals, but unless you move to save animals from cruelty when you see it, you are just making a matter how intense your feeling..I’d be inclined to call you a “disruptive humanist” rather than “left-wing”…or maybe just a right-wing confusionist!

  39. Joseph Carli

    Karen..going by the time it has taken you to reply, I can see that your repertoire for repartee is very shallow..that disappoints me as I am still short of that magical number I need to win the exclusive meal at Maqqahs..

  40. Karen Kyle

    The West is quite honest about it’s history. Hollywood is the culprit for fostering wrong ideas with heroic war movies where one American wins the war.

    At university I was taught that the Allies were not making much headway during the war. German and Allied armies were evenly matched with neither side gaining the upper hand. It could have gone on like that indefinitely and there was no change until the Soviets entered the war. Then the tide slowly turned in the Allies favour. The crunch came when the German Army invaded Russia and the battle was horrendous. And the Russian Army defeated the German Army. In other words the Soviets won the war in Europe. However this reality needs to be somewhat qualified. What the Americans had during the war was material. They were lousy with it and they supplied the Soviet Army with miles of telephone cable so they could communicate on the battlefield, enough food to give Soviet Soldiers a meal a day, hundreds of thousands of pairs of boots and clothing, trucks by the hundreds, guns, weapons and medical supplies. Without those badly needed supplies the outcome could have been different. The Soviets killed 8 out of every 11 German soldiers. That is the history that is taught.

    Whataboutism is a tactic used by Russians to deflect attention away from their own crimes by pretending that whatever it is they bring up to discredit the argument is a moral equivalent to what they have done which is of course nonsense. So we get the film clip from Wikileaks illustrating bastardry by American military and this is used as a justification for anything the Syrians and Russians did in Syria? Trump plays whataboutism. Someone is teaching him well.

  41. Karen Kyle

    And when we read modern history there is usually a chapter devoted to the CIA. There is no equivalent chapter on the KGB. But there will be in the new modern histories that are written. They are starting to come through now. For years all Western commentary was the sound of one hand clapping. Because we just didn’t know what the KGB was up to. Western Intelligence had a fair idea. They caught spies. But the depth, breadth, and intensity was unknown. Not any more. You are sunk.

  42. Karen Kyle

    I quite enjoyed your article about women watching. Most men do it all their lives. Thank god.

  43. Joseph Carli

    Well, Karen…you’ve caught me on a good night…I am going to watch some Nordic Noir so I will have to let it go for now..But I could give you a good run over the hidden history of deliberate contagion of infectious diseases into the Kaurna peoples of the Adelaide plains but that last post of yours supporting my article ..: “I’m worried about you ladies”..(which can be found on my blog ; freef’all852 ) has sold me…I’m yours!

  44. Diannaart

    Finally, Joseph, something from the heart, something which is not trying to display how erudite/wise(?) you are, an honest comment:

    A “left” built on “principles” is humanism..not is the base of left-wing politics, but by itself, it is a static state that needs polity to move it along..that is where Marxism or the other variations of “left-wing” politics come into could say that you love animals, but unless you move to save animals from cruelty when you see it, you are just making a matter how intense your feeling

    As for the ‘courtesy’ displayed between yourself and the rather interesting if totally opinion based, Karen; you are both rude to the point where the gentle reader tends to skim, rather than read, life is too short for a load of unnecessary insults.

  45. Joseph Carli

    diannaart..Like the great majority of folk who walk this world, I am of no more importance that the next…and when I walk about in my everyday clothes, I wear a plain coloured coat..but on the inside lining it is a coat of many colours.. and if you are offended by my terseness and language, perhaps it is because, like those many other folk who also have, after a long life, experiences and stories to tell..who also wear plain-cloured coats..when I fling back the outside of the coat, the colours inside are too sudden for you to take and you just turn your head away lest you be dazed by both the bright and the dark side of life…So if you cannot take the “colour on the canvas”…then certainly…you must walk away.
    But keep in mind that all this we see here on the screen is just electrical energy formed into is just vapor..and you and I but will-o-the-wisps..we too disappear at night..Go in peace.

  46. paul walter

    And how does the system work given so much can be involved?

    following from


    Consider how massive the capitalist “biosphere” and the common ethical base and what do we get throughout wider civilisation.

    Hint: Carli mentions the banks as another example.

    There MUST be something better humanity can evolve to?

  47. Karen Kyle

    Or you could say you love the working class (being a member of it) and spend most of a working life as a Trade Union person like I did. Is that good enough Joseph?

  48. Diannaart


    Loves to flash his coat.


    BTW, Karen is indeed from the left, just not your left, Joe, nor mine.

  49. paul walter

    Further to above re suppression, is Xtian Porter an example of someone at the apex of a command economy?

    Wake up Oz.

    THAT far from Murdoch or Tito?

  50. Joseph Carli

    ” There MUST be something better humanity can evolve to?”…THAT, Paul Walter is the very thought I spend much time deliberating over…and if you ever come across a solution to the conundrum ..please let me know!

    Yes, Karen..I DO love the working has given me much entertainment (and not a little heartache) over a working career…and the stories!!??

  51. Joseph Carli

    ” Loves to flash his coat.”…..The Flasher!!…gasp!!

  52. paul walter

    No mate. Well there is, but it would require a bit more grey matter input than most folk show in these neo feudalist times. (dismay).

  53. Joseph Carli

    Karen..are you with the “Shoppies union”?

  54. Karen Kyle


  55. Joseph Carli

    ” Joseph………..No.”…….ok then…that’s all….dismissed!

  56. John Way

    labor not inform by ato, so ta s staff threatened ato jobs, etc..,11864 they wish for the 30s again all proof all sources the alt rt.sorry corporates are so kochkluckoided it is laughable but sad

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