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The Corporatization of Women

Before I go here, let us agree to lay our weapons at the door and seat ourselves quietly and not interrupt until the speaker is done … agreed?

Right … let me make an observation about the outrage and disgust concerning certain male behaviour, not naming those individuals accused, for they have to answer for their own crimes, but as for the heterosexual male of the species in general, we have to ask: “Why do we sometimes act so stupidly around women?” Now, I admit I am entering dangerous territory with this article … but let’s start a conversation anyway.

So let us begin:

There was a time in the mid-sixties – and right into the seventies – where young males (myself included) grew their hair very long and individual styled, and wore radical coloured and styled clothing that outraged the older males in society and there were frequent bashings and abuse and homophobic accusations committed against many of those young men … even to the point of sackings from their jobs. For a while there, it was full-on. This attitude and the abandoning of the old social mores and habits of employment led many young people to opt out and start collective life-styles in out of the way places … I helped build several mud-brick structures-including my own in these communities.

Of course, males and females both joined in the search for a different, “better” lifestyle. Places like Nimbin in NSW became one of the most famous, but there were many. Unfortunately, the fact that there was only the one generation to sustain the dream left it vulnerable to economic necessity and open to a decay of entropy through generational change and loss of sustained enthusiasm.

The need for one or other of the partnership to go out for work re-introduced “role-structure” back into the home. And since children came along with usual progress, the male mostly assumed … again … the role of “bread-winner”. This situation, once women had finally taken the early steps in the sixties toward liberation from male-dependency in economics and marriage, naturally bred resentment and more radical liberation theory and practice. The conservative mood of politics in the Menzies/Fraser governments exacerbated the anger … a ready pool of misogynist males in media and the workplace and in many social circles did more damage. There were those men who did support women’s liberation who often found themselves lumped together with the worst of the worst of the males … of course … how does one discriminate this from that of a herd of similar gender … and if those particular males did make their voice heard, they were many times attacked by other males with more aggression both verbally and physically.

A “lose-lose” situation …

A tragic end to a noble ideology.

But now the political theatre is shifting the plot … changing the scenery … With the rise of social media putting a spotlight on the gender inequality, those female “assistants” to media front-men “news anchors” have gained their voice. No longer the petite “bimbo” or the older “classy dame” to attract the early rising “sportsmen” of the breakfast shows, we are seeing stylish women making conversation in many platforms at equal level to the males … certainly … we have to acknowledge that mostly there is a male “behind the scenes” either owning or overseeing the network. But gone mostly are the likes of Kerry Packer’s shouting abuse and sexism into the intercom phones. All is certainly not equal (as can be seen by the recent gross accusations in the news) but the lumbering wagon has been set in motion.

However, this is an early-warning call to women … and I give it as a male who has lived through those years of suspicion, threat, abuse and retaliation by other males against what is seen as revolution against “the norm” … I am seeing the early warning signs of the “Corporatizing of Women” …


noun: corporation; plural noun: corporations

  1. 1.

a large company or group of companies authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law.

“the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation”

synonyms:company, firm, business, concern, operation, agency, office, bureau, house, guild, institution, organization, trust, partnership, federation, conglomerate, consortium, syndicate, group, chain, combine, multiple, multinational; More

informaloutfit, set-up

“he was chairman of the corporation for three years”

  1. 2.


a group of people elected to govern a city, town, or borough.

“the City of London Corporation”

synonyms:council, town council, municipal authority, civic authority;


“the corporation refused two planning applications”


As political power is not only gained, but recognised to be present and available to those who “seize the day”, one finds that strangely, that power seems only to gravitate toward a certain group of citizens … not to the collective … and from that certain self-elected group, there comes forward certain “authorised” edits and demands of behaviour, language, style and conformity to protocol. In short; the febrile energy of the mass is gathered to a central power of management … a corporation.

Nothing, neither masculine stupidity at high-governance, macho brutality at low socio-economic levels nor any religion foolish enough to demand obedience to their patriarchal God will slow down this “Vishnu’s Juggernaut” from rightfully taking what is theirs by human destiny.

“What is born of equal pain has right to equal reign.“

But I tell you this for free … there are those in these groups, of either gender, who do not hold the best interests of the whole group, no matter the ethical philosophy, in their hearts. Many good, sensitive males have been crushed and destroyed by those men of power who know how to hold onto that power, and neither wisdom, faith nor decency has been able to save them. Ladies … watch your backs!

I would always gratefully stand to one side to let those most qualified do the task … but I do have regrets that when we boomers had our moment in the sun, and we shed those chains of social bondage in regards of work, play and life-style, we did not also take the opportunity to once and for all rid ourselves of this ponderous burden of gender oppression and religious patriarchy … we blokes should’a seen it right there in front of us … and we should have busted the bastards!

With just a bit more sacrifice we could have all been free! … But were too drunk on our own vain masculinity to comprehend the state of our sisters plight in our midst … fools that we were. Now we pay the price.

Mea culpa.


  1. wam

    Thanks Joseph, had great fun with this post.

    The are many types of women in Australia with the most prevalent those who open their legs and happily produce. Like the woman who has just spent 3 years in an Afghani hole and produced 3 children. To jump to a conclusion, what sort of an arsehole didn’t pull out?
    Why coitus interruptus, after all animals are wired to breed.

    Some women are greatly prized at work for their senior management over men and as advisers to ceo level men.
    These women are fierce defenders of their non-affirmative path to success(invariably levels below capabilities). I have met several of these women and two were victims of accelerated women and forced out of the system with none of the compensated afforded men in their situation.
    The religions flourish because of women but exist for men will this change?
    The women marching in palestine is exciting as is the 98% of school girls deciding they are not treated equally and want to be.

    With the boomers’ kids in their 40s women are waking up to gender bias, religious claptrap and political exclusion.

    I hope the green, white and purple rises and gives the macho meekers some leadership.

    My two indicators are:
    the exposure of the role of religion in domestic violence and suicide
    equality of gender in the court system

    with the laws granting religions freedom from discrimination laws and taxation being evaluated.thrown in.

    mea maxima culpa

  2. Joseph Carli

    Wam..thank you for the kick-off post..and here I was thinking you only posted when you wanted to tease..a very astute reply..and yes, it is needed for the men to stand beside the women..not only as a support group, but as partners in the attack on the patriarchal religions, to once and for all reduce their power base and drive them ALL OF THEM back off the public places and behind the doors of their temples…AND STAY THERE!

    Those males who do have sincere intentions toward equality in the gender wars need to step up into line and to physically take on those macho males who will place a curse of complicity on them for the bad, sad behaviour of the alpha’s amongst us. We have to physically take them on where it is required. we must be part of the solution.

    With the opportunity of a more social govt’ gaining power, the laws must be put to full advantage and the strong arm be muscled-up to totally destroy any remnants of right-wing brutality. And if force need be applied, let the police apply it, if laws need to be created, then create them, but we must take these delinquents of the right and the religions on once and for all..We cannot let them any more run rampant over the social contract of a citizen body..they have bullied and bluffed their way into power and they must be removed from having that power in a civil and determined manner..but removed once and for all !

  3. Joseph Carli

    What is a worry though , and the point of the above article, is the boxing-in of women into an expected type, dictated by a managerial strategy..attempting to create a corporate type that doesn’t “go against the interests of the team”…and creating an image and expectation of behavioural agreement that could be impossible for many to fulfill..after all, we are none of us saints..we all hunger for contact and once the libido comes into play, anything can happen..good-bad-or indifferent..

    On the male side, there can be example of the most sensitive behaviour…but then it can all go very nasty..we read everyday of such things..risky business all ’round..but we cannot stop the carousel..only change the can all be a ghastly, messy business, and though I am no longer in the play, being old enough to know better..nah!…just too old!..I can remember the chaos of “clubbing” and and women must play..and sometimes dangerously..

    Damn!..but it’s an adrenaline rush of the first order and I would hate to see the baby thrown out with the bath-water for the sake of some arsehole men behaving sadistically…It can be a desperate and lonely hunt for that heart, but it was always thrilling when you met someone for the first time and you were all pumped-up and primed for that first meeting..oh..the thrill of it!

    I hope for the young generation’s sake that the suspicion of one against the other does not destroy the thrill of the chase.

  4. Tracie

    Thanks for the article Joseph. It has made me think.

    I remember when my cousin committed suicide. I kept thinking how sensitive he was. At the time, I blamed the patriarchy for not supporting real men. I still blame the patriarchy, as suicide rates (particularly in relation to men) are rising.

    The patriarchy want to label all of us, as it’s easier to control and manipulate us if they can box us all in with a label. We are all different, and need to push that point at every opportunity. I think we can all stand together, and know the difference between a real man and a patriarchal male. This will take time, as those patriarchal types really love their external power and money, as well as the status quo.

  5. Joseph Carli

    Thank you for the sensitive reply, Tracie..I was beginning to worry that I had trespassed on a sacred ground..yes, the treatment of a patriarchal society toward young men who do not want to be a part of their cabal is deceptively cruel and vicious..I can remember in those days of social revolt in high school being dragged to the front of the class by an “old school” teacher and made an embarrassing example of because of the length of my excruciating experience. And I did some work once for an immigrant German lady whose brother had committed suicide because their old Nazi..tried to “make a man of him”..

    There is need now more than ever for all those conscientious for social change to stick together.

  6. diannaart


    You have observed the corporatisation of women, no shit, Sherlock? Such women are not new. In recent history there was Maggie Thatcher and there are always the apologists for the behaviour of various sexual predators… those women who ALWAYS side with the men, no matter how hypocritical this makes them look. Y’know the type, they deride other women for lacking a sense of humour, that, “boys will be boys”.

    … and, yes, there are decent well-meaning men who get caught in the cross-fire. Well, yes, this is wrong. However, I would posit that more women get verbally abused for expressing a POV than men – just sayin’.

    What was your point? Oh, that women are as likely to be idiotic corporate shills just as much as men – who’da thunkit?

  7. Joseph Carli point was that by “corporatization”, I meant that there would be those self-elected who would become both spokespersons AND policy makers for the whole mass of women..taking control of the conversation and converting it into a “corporate ideal”; “corporate” as in uniform policy and identity.

    No need to come the raw-prawn with me..I put the piece up and deliberately left it open-ended to encourage conversation…after all, we are ALL (incl’d us males) involved with this beast..and regardless that there are some arse-holes “out there”..the rest of us men are not going to go away..unless you want to put a bullet in us all!?..and there are some decent enough blokes in the mix.

    Besides..I don’t think I need to instruct the women on the site on what tactics to use to cut a man down to many of you would have experienced with bullying in high school..there are power systems in place in a competitive society that can be used to the advantage of either’s just that with the rise of the right-wing, it has become a more violent society and , of course, that means the most vulnerable get this case ; women / children / the elderly..

    I do not excuse men, but the reality is that they need to be brought back onto the side of the the moment, some of them are totally out of control..and it may take other males to bring the bastards back into line..

  8. darrel nay

    “man” is the most over-used word in society. A male is not necessarily a man. A male or female does not always protect innocence or build their community, but a man or woman will always protect innocence and build community.


  9. Joseph Carli

    Who the efff’s “Joy Villa”?…sounds like an address to a Corfu knock-shop!

  10. diannaart


    Corporatising women will not change male predatory behaviour – but thanks for more advice…

    Here’s something I HAVE noticed lately, more men speaking out against the behaviour of those so-called alpha males and NOT telling women what they should be doing – its a nice change.

  11. Joseph Carli

    diannaart..thanks to you too for that snippet of advice..and let us keep in mind that it is not only males who have predatory behaviour, only that males can become more violent.. case the yarn above is a tad too long for you..:

    The “Tank Sisters”.

    The Tank Sisters were a couple of voluminous and weighty ladies (not related in any family sense) that hung around the front bar of the Seacliff Hotel..why, was anyone’s there was little prospect of linking up with any respectable males in that least not this side of sobriety..which, of course led to this little tale.

    Overheard conversations of lurid desires between the two ladies had been reported at different times, but the reproduction of those intimate details is best left to more scurrilous publications.. sufficient to relate that the general complaint between them was that if they didn’t get some sexual satisfaction soon (they didn’t say it QUITE like that!) , “It would heal up”…whatever the “It” was.

    My old mate , have heard me mention him in that story of ; “To the Lighthouse”..well, Mark had a Saturday morning routine he would rarely swerve from, and that involved getting to the front-bar of the Seacliff Hotel just at opening time, claiming his favourite spot at the bar with an uninterrupted view of the television set to watch the days footy, open his copy of the Saturday paper at the horse racing page and settle in to a good days exercise.

    This morning, rather than being the first to the bar, he had to share his place with Tim the plumber….who, Mark noticed was sitting sombre mood, slouched, arms crossed on the bar encompassing a pint of beer…further, Tim appeared to be in some kind of trance, staring at the rising bubbles in the amber fluid.

    “G’day Tim..” Mark greeted “How’s it going?”

    “Huruumph!..effin’ shithouse!” Tim growled out the corner of his mouth.

    “Why..what’s the matter?” Mark inquired as he snapped open his paper.

    “Well, I got pissed last night, didn’t I ?” Tim took a long draught of the’hair of the dog’.

    “So..” Mark shrugged “You get pissed every Friday night”.

    “Yeah, well..” and here, Tim tossed and fiddled with the coins on the bar-mat…he finally confessed ; “..I..I woke up this morning , at about one o’clock , on the beach , with one of the Tank Sisters hanging off my dick !”

    Mark lowered the paper down , turned his head slowly toward Tim, wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the seriousness of the situation.

    “JeEEzus, mate!…wadidyado ?…”

    At this moment of reflection, Tim gave one of those involuntary spasm jerks of the arm..making his beer spill a tad.

    “ F#ck it!..waddya think I did ?! ” he angrily spat..

    Now, neither Mark , nor anyone else of that front-bar clientele has ever inquired to Tim for the answer to that question….nobody wanted to know…

  12. diannaart


    Thank you for your expression of support for the innumerable women (and smaller percentage of men) who have been subject to the tyranny of the alpha male doctrine of self entitlement for millennia.

    I really appreciate how concerned you must be… I guess we have different ways of expressing that concern.

  13. Joseph Carli

    diannaart..Yeah, I guess we have..I just hate to see the generic “women” being dragged to a pedestal and placed in a position of sanctimonious sainthood they cannot sustain nor may not want…

  14. Joseph Carli

    I am hoping for a Labor victory at the next election so then there is a political power base that we here on social media can lobby the hell out of to give clout to those much needed social change projects.
    I will want to see Murdoch declared ‘Persona non Grata” and a tribunal set up to investigate the entire network of right-wing cabals…The IPA, the LNP hierarchy, the religions, newscorp connections and media personalities etc…A rolling commission to shine the light on their clandestine activities..time for a bloody good 21st century rheam out!

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