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The Conservatives may have won the election, but what about our future?

In my two most recent posts, I have, in “The State of Play” discussed the background or lead into the 2019 election.

In the second, “The Bill the Australia despised” I canvassed the comparative campaigns of both major parties.

In this one I concentrate on the aftermath of the election and dip into the future of both parties. Firstly, that of the Liberal and National Parties and then the prospects of Labor.

It is predictable, even inevitable, that those who participated in the Australian general election of May 2019 will step back and consider the result. Many have done so already.

Members of the victorious party – in this case the Coalition – all charged their glasses and drank of the well of the unworthiness of its victory.

And through rose coloured glasses – after it sobered up – found that nothing had changed.

They were still the same party with the same incompetent personnel. They had won yet another undeserved victory. Yes, nothing had changed. They were blessed with victory but little else.

The same problems (many of their own creation) still challenged them and they are now battling their way through their own incompetence with all the pace of conservative thinking.

In the meantime, the people who voted for them in their melancholy lethargy give not a thought to their decision to vote through their pockets.

In Australia uninformed voters unfortunately outnumber the more politically aware. Therefore, conservatives fed them all the bullshit they needed and the menu generally contained a fair portion of untruths. It was true of this election, and those before it.

Way back on August 1, 2014 I wrote the following:

How has democracy worldwide become such a basket case? Unequivocally it can be traced to a second-rate Hollywood actor, a bad haircut of an English woman, and in Australia a small bald headed man of little virtue. They all had one thing in common. This can be observed in this statement (paraphrased):

“There is no such thing as society. There are only individuals making their way. The poor shall be looked after by the drip down effect of the rich.”

Since Margaret Thatcher made that statement and the subsequent reins of the three, unregulated capitalism has insinuated its ugliness on Western Society and now we have an absurdly evil growth in corporate and individual wealth and an encroaching destruction of the middle and lower classes. These three have done democracy a great disservice.

Where once bi-partisanship flourished in proud democracies, it has been replaced with the politics of hatred and extremism. Where compromise gets in the way of power, and power rules the world.

Australians have tuned out of politics because of the destabilisation of leadership, corruption on both sides, and the negativity and lies of Tony Abbott. The propaganda of a right-wing monopoly owned media and the exploitation of its parliament by Abbott.

Somehow the lost voters must be given a reason to return. A reason that is valid and worthwhile. A reason that serves the collective and engages people in the process, and a politic for the social good of all – one that rewards personal initiative but at the same time recognises the basic human right of equality of opportunity.

We need a robust but decent political system that is honest, decent, and transparent, and where respect is the order of the day. A political system where ideas of foresight surpass the politics of greed and disrespect, and truth, respect, civility and trust are part of vigorous debate and not just uninvited words in the process.

The right to vote is the gift our democracy gives. If political parties (and media barons, for that matter) choose by their actions to destroy the people’s faith in democracy’s principles and conventions then they are in fact destroying the very thing that enables them to exist.

The misuse of free speech may have contributed to the decline of our democracy, but it is free speech that might ultimately save it.

Of course, since then the phenomenon of Trumpism has reached our shores and taken us into a pit of sewage that we struggle to escape from

Opposition in this country has much to overcome before it can govern.

As for the loser well sad to say that they are still recovering from a loss of momentous proportion. How was it possible to lose an election that was well within their grasp?

(Well I will address that in my next article for The AIMN).

Here, however, is my summary of Coalition incompetence past, present, and likely future.

If government is a work in progress then how come this one has so much carry over work from election to election?

Power: Whatever happened to the 25% reduction in power prices we were promised? When will the government tell us its future intentions regarding coal? You would think a decade is long enough. I watched Angus Taylor on Monday’s 7.30 Report and he didn’t seem to have a clue on national energy policy.

Snowy Mountain Scheme: Taylor spoke about Snowy 2 as though it was a done deal and that the cost estimates all stacked up, whereas I could see cost overruns written all over it. And not just the costs but also the completion date of around 2025 seems ambitious. It’s reasonable to assume that it could come in over $10 billion given this governments record.

Initially promised at $2 billion, it was quickly revised to $4 billion and a contract for part of its construction has been agreed at $5.1 billion,” said Dr Bruce Mountain, director of the Victoria Energy Policy Centre.

Climate Change: Will they ever take it seriously and admit that Abbott’s decision to rescind the ‘carbon tax’ was probably the worst policy decision ever taken by an Australian Prime Minister?

Drought: What is being done to future proof us from worsening drought? Does anyone know?

Water/ Murray Darling: What is being done to resurrect this once mighty river? Who was responsible for stealing much of the water? Who is looking to its future?

Religion and free speech: With religion now (as proven by the last national census) in rapid decline will the government come clean on its proposals regarding the influence of religion and free speech?

Banks: The government is going through yet another ‘bash the banks’ exercise, shouting that it’s not us who are responsible for such low interest rates. It’s them, the banks. Now we have to wait for another inquiry for some blame shifting.

Newstart: The government continues to put a surplus ahead of any rise in Newstart. Their reasons are purely political and without a thought for the welfare of its recipients.

A fair rise in this welfare payment would kickstart the economy

National Broadband Network: Together with the tax on carbon it has been a monumental tragedy. To have spent so much money on something so important to the country’s future is a national disgrace.

ABC News reported the Chairman of Telstra, John Mullen as saying that the NBN “was a massively expensive waste of resources that has entrenched a slow, state-owned monopoly, rather than a competitive high-speed broadband network.

Aged care crisis: It is totally incomprehensible how any government, whilst at the time of instigating a Royal Commission into what is another national disgrace, should instead seek a budgetary surplus when previous reports have disclosed problems that could be attended to immediately.

Immigration: Forget about the boats, asylum seekers are flooding in by plane. This is what David Crowe of the SMH had to say:

“Australia is on track to post a new annual record for asylum seekers who arrive by air after official figures confirmed more than 95,000 arrivals over the past five years amid fears of corruption and exploitation.

About 80 people every day since the start of July have claimed protection after landing at an Australian airport, highlighting a huge change in people smuggling operations since the government’s crackdown on boat arrivals.”

And might I mention those who came by boat and are now in year 7 of an unofficial jail sentence for not committing any crime. Shame, Dutton shame.

Inequality in education: The Australian Government continues to spend the majority of commonwealth funding of private and Catholic schools. This is fundamentally wrong. Every child is entitled to equality of opportunity in education.

According to this article in The Guardian, educational inequality has cost the Australian economy more than $20bn, as well as contributing to the widening gap between rich and poor.

International Diplomacy.:Since Scott Morrison adopted the language of Trumpism our voice of international diplomacy has declined into crass gutter talk. Sure you can make your point, but trying to punch above one’s weight usually results in a very uneven fight.

Instead of trying to build a relationship with China it looks as though we are trying to intimidate them. Ah, the art of diplomacy.

Just who does this Prime Minister think he is that on a thought bubble of his own wind, in the loneliness of his limited intellect, think that he can make decisions concerning Middle Eastern peace with all the simplicity of a leader unsuited to the task. It’s not often you can offend all sides of an argument?

Trumpism: In his speeches in America the Prime Minister seemed to indicate that the characteristics of Donald Trump – with its self-styled disingenuous narcissism, hard right authoritarian dictatorial messages using accusations of fake news, or other methods to attack one’s opponents – would be the style he would follow.

The problems facing the world are global ones yet we find right-wing dictators of the Trump ilk using populism to talk about national issues.

Australians have a low opinion of Trump, and for the Prime Minister to deliberately copy his concept of and attitude towards life is to embarrass and lower the public opinion people overseas have of us even further. And at a time when restoring trust in politics is important.

The Office of the American President was once viewed by its people as an office of prestige and importance. Trump has reduced it to one of ridicule and contempt.

Internally the Coalition’s hard-right is holding sway over the small L liberals. Scott Morrison has control but only for as long as Peter Dutton’s ambitions are kept under control: Usually by allowing him to do and say what he wants.

Former Liberal leader John Hewson recently wrote this for the SMH:

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison would have us believe that he is putting Australia “first”, and is governing primarily to reflect the values and aspirations of the “quiet Australians” he would also have us believe gave him his “miracle” election win.

He would have us believe he was putting Australia “first” when he sat like a muppet through US President Donald Trump’s excruciatingly embarrassing press conference at the White House recently, when he allowed Trump to turn the opening of an Australian manufacturing plant in Ohio into one of his cheap presidential campaign rallies, when he did Trump’s bidding on the trade status of the Chinese and when he grossly misrepresented our climate actions in his address to the UN, including a sideswipe at the messenger Greta Thunberg and other student climate protesters.”

The economy: With what appears to be an economy going backwards and the government more inclined towards a political surplus, just what does the government plan to do? Create a surplus or try and fix what they have broken, including many people?

On Wednesday of this week the International Monetary Fund reported on the state of the Australian economy and it wasn’t pleasant reading:

The IMF – again – downgraded Australia’s forecasts, slicing 0.4 of a percentage point off growth for 2019 and cutting the 2020 expected recovery rate by 0.5 of a percentage point to a below-average 2.3 per cent.

As the IMF gave the Australian economy the thumbs down the Australian Financial Review reported that:

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared his budget surplus plan will not be ‘spooked’ by international events, as the International Monetary Fund slashed Australia’s economic growth forecast to just 1.7 per cent and advised world governments to unleash a spending stimulus.”

Rudd prevented a recession during the WFC with a massive stimulus spend. However, it looks as though the Coalition, according to Mathias Cormann, would never consider a Rudd style stimulus.

Given that they have no intention of spending anything immediately on infrastructure and their tax cuts and other measures haven’t worked l’m wondering just what miracle Scott Morrison is praying for to prevent a full-on recession.

Employment: Unemployment is measured with a less than perfect analytical process (one hours work a week= full time) and is probably much higher than the current figure.

Any increases in work participation are only matching the immigration rate so when the government heaps praise on itself for creating jobs this is all they are doing.

It has become obvious that the party that promotes itself as the only one that knows anything about economics is making a mess of it.

In fact ,during their tenure of government this government has made a monumental mess of almost everything they have touched.

* * * * *

Thus far I haven’t yet mentioned Medivac, funding for health, funding for the NDIS, an urgent requirement to do something about political donations, a national ICAC and revised rules for Question Time.

To say that we are ambivalent about our politicians is an understatement. Now we are ashamed.

We have been wandering around like a drunk looking for a drink under this government, from one serious setback to another. They say they have ‘a plan’ but in six plus years they have never revealed it.

What an abysmal bunch of well-educated yet incompetent fools we have in charge of so many important portfolios.

You cannot have clowns in positions of authority when the future of the country is at stake, and with two and a half years of his term still to go just being some sort of crazy clone of Trump wont get us to where we need to be.

My thought for the day

Power is a malevolent possession when you are prepared to forgo your principles and your country’s well-being for the sake of it.

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  1. John Lord

    The news that the Prime Minister has been responsible for yet another lie is reprehensible. This time it is the one that we are, on a per capita basis, the largest investor in renewable energy in the world. We in fact rank 5th.

    That he gets away with it is even more remarkable.

  2. Joseph Carli

    Twitter thread..
    Joe Carli
    It has to be accepted that the situation Australia finds itself in regards to economic/social stagnation is a direct result of the collapse of the middle-class management moral, ethical and philosophical base.. their attention being consumed with self/vested interest, they have..
    7:27 am · 19 Oct 2019·Twitter Web App

    Replying to
    ..lost sight of the reason they govern. Because they have been educated and groomed from similar instutions with similar objectives to graduate as a “consciousness of kind” political and societal bloc…they have completely lost direction…they must be removed and replaced..

    Joe Carli
    ..with the new educated working class, which has “on the ground” knowledge of what needs to be in situ for good governance…a good and decent society…out with the old and in with the new…
    We cannot afford to have social trash like Dutton/Cash/Joyce/Morrison/Murdoch rule us.

    Joe Carli
    The vast majority of our political leaders. the CEOs of major corp’s , the heads of departments & oversight authorities and the judiciary…right down to so many of the MSM have that same consciousness of kind ennui that washes over our society, wasting it for their own delusions.

  3. Terence Mills

    The House of Representatives will only sit for 45 days this year : just as well judging by last week’s performance as they have no policy program and no direction.

    By the time they get their messy religious protection legislation through and repeal the Medevac legislation of the previous parliament – wouldn’t it just be easier to resettle the remaining people on Nauru and PNG ? – they won’t have much to talk about.

    Labor at the present time seem to be completely lacking in energy and enterprise. When the coalition came to office in 2013 it was on the back of a scare campaign about Labor’s debt & deficit disaster, at which time our net national debt was in the region of $175 billion. It has now topped $400 billion and not a word from Labor. Instead they are still asking Morrison in Question Time whether he called Sam Dastyari Shanghai Sam : give me a break !!

    Speaking of Question Time there is an committee enquiry to take place and you can do a submission or just complete the Online Survey

  4. Phil Pryor

    Constipation sufferers of Australia, unite, gather, read this article and behold the ugliness inside and outside the skull of Morrison the Mighty Merde, all for an instant cure!! Career social and political perverts occupy the pot without reason or effect. The nation is going down and back steadily, perhaps irreversably, because tedious, terrible, turpid turds occupy the ranks of government, in the Illiberal party or the conservative country party, a large clique of coprophagous clowns and cloacal clods of no decency, ability or honesty.

  5. wam

    More of the same was preferable to labor and the greens.
    ‘The guardian reported independent senator Jacqui Lambie has rebuffed Peter Dutton’s claim that “the vast majority of veterans” would want her to abolish the medivac laws…
    the debt, aldo, the debt???

  6. Lee GH

    Don’t forget the destruction of the NDIS, the LNP want it to exist as much as they want Medicare.

  7. Wobbley

    Lambie, what the fck more can you say???

  8. James Cook

    Front page headline in SMH [Independent Always]: “Record Streak on Jobs Growth”. Now, we all know that’s misleading and bullshit, but this is what Labor is fighting against. If the SMH, once a reasonably neutral paper, is now simply a mouthpiece for the Coagulition, what hope is there?

  9. David Bruce

    John, I look at what is happening here and now, throughout the rest of the world, and get the feeling this Australian Government is in a holding pattern, waiting for the hard landing.

    When the world banking system owns the media, the intelligence agencies, the telecommunications networks, the judiciaries and the advanced technologies, there is not much individual private nationals can do.

    My own opinion of Labour in Australia changed after I found out Whitlam had signed the Unidroit Treaty on behalf of Australia. Then I found out Ken Henry AC (head of Treasury at the time) signed the documents to register the Australian Government as a business, with the SEC in USA, to underwrite FED funding to bail out Australian banks during and after the GFC.

    What surprises me is why our banknotes no longer use the monetary term “dollars” with note value. 50, 20, 10. 5 Australia appears to be our new currency? Now the RBA seems to be preparing us for negative interest rates!

    Is the whole Western world facing a catastrophic depression because of the actions by the conservatives? This article identifies some of the issues too!

    For those who are interested in taking action, von Greyerz will be in Australia this week give a keynote speech on:

    Thursday, 24. October 2019, 9:10 – 10:00
    Gold and Alternative Investment Conference, Sydney, Australia
    Egon von Greyerz will give a keynote speech: ” THIS IS IT! ARE YOU PROTECTED?”
    Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel, Sydney, Australia

    I bought my gold (not paper) in 1978 at $167 per ounce…

    What are the chances of a Jubilee Year before 2030, where all debts are forgiven and we all start again with a clean slate?

    In my dreams?

  10. Vikingduk

    With labor portraying themselves as gutless losers being led by a clown, I see no hope in deposing the fascist traitors of the lnp. Politics will not provide the answer, a change of government will not provide the action necessary to finally and completely accept the reality of the ecological disaster facing planet earth. Couple more years of this shit hoping that labor wake the fck up. Well, good luck with that.

  11. Keitha Granville

    The Labor party is doing more to damage its own reputation right now than the government could ever hope for.

    And yet, every single day, the LNP mentions Labor. Every day, they bring up how bad it would be if Labor was in power. Becasue they don’t want us to notice that they couldn’t manage a chook raffle.

    Reminds me of an illusionist – don’t look at me, look over here, look at this.

  12. Joseph Carli

    You can never kill off capitalism, because it is an extension of that basic human search for self-security…of lifestyle, self sufficiency and family/home security…but it can be contained within a perimiter of need rather than China is doing…need not greed.

  13. Matters Not


    can be contained within a perimiter (sic) of need rather than China is doing

    Why not take a visit? Contrast the wealth in Beijing to the poverty in Hebei province. Examples only.

    You will be surprised. Those corrupting middle classes are everywhere. LOL. Same in Russia. Not to mention …

  14. Joseph Carli

    Isn’t Beijing actually IN Hebei province?…I don’t doubt there are numerous pockets of poverty in China…it is still a “work in progress”…..and considering that there is around 60 times the population we have..and even here, poverty is a nation-wide scandal product of capitalism…I wouldn’t be so cynical..and no..I am also not nieve..

  15. Andy56

    Our economy has been allowed to hollow out. Our over enthusiasm for mining has created its own issues. Our ever enthusiasm for realestate speculation has made life a misery where once it was a haven. We told our manufacturers to fck off. We allow employers to run businesses where employees earn below the minimum. Exploitation is rife, not just at 7/11. This is a story yet to unfold properly. We privatised electricity and added an extra mouth in line. So the myth of privatisation
    giving us price drops is definitely DEAD. We privatised Telstra and look we got $50b to balance the budget, sorry we paid over $50b for a second rate obsolete broadband network. We privatised water for the Murray darling, now farmers cant afford , let alone get any. So my friends, what do we have left? Low interest rates and housing to grow by double digits, employment is woeful, most people probably havent had a pay rise, contary to what the economic dicks say. Communism is starting to look good. Think about it. Look what china is doing. If the same party is in power for ever and a day, it may as well be called communism cause it aint democracy.

  16. Matters Not

    Joseph Carli, Beijing was once considered to be part of Hebei province (which physically surrounds the national capital) – now the capital of Hebei is at Shijiazhuang, But the main point is that there’s a massive wealth divide within China, particularly between the large cities and rural areas. And within those cities there’s some additional eye-watering wealth inequality. Yes, the powers that be acknowledge that evident wealth divide but argue that it’s a work in progress.

    I’ve only been there a few times and certainly not an expert but the guides usually speak very good English (China has more English speakers than any other nation) who are quite forthcoming when you get to know them – particularly those from (decadent) Shanghai who are aggressive capitalists one and all. Often own multiple apartments etc.

    Seriously, you should go and see how things really work. If not China, try Vietnam whose population seems even more aggressively capitalist.

  17. Joseph Carli

    MN..While I do not doubt thare are many individulistic ambitions of a certain demographic of Chinese or any ethnic group to become tin-pot capitalists, these singular desires do not threaten the overall designs of The State…indeed, it is a maxim of total governance that if one wants stability in a peoples, one does NOT disturb the status quo, but rather encourages, then, “manages” it to appeal to the great majority and with that expectation of limit of ambition, contain those more reckless ambitions of the feral speculator…the status quo is the great leveller in a society…for it is not the collective ambitions that threaten us, but rather those who would greedily use opportunity to corrupt by-laws and regulation to profit themselves or their is to those individuals that one must do justice to with extreme prejudice.

  18. Kaye Lee

    Once again, I will object to Joseph’s constant use of the phrase “with extreme prejudice”. I know he is doing it on purpose but I cannot ignore how absolutely idiotic it is to keep repeating that term which is literally a call to murder people. Please find a better way to express yourself Joe.

  19. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo and his rotten government can and will get away with anything, even murder, because the people don’t really care and no one will tell them the truth. All of us here on this site can see and get the facts and use our intelligence to realize the miserable state of our country, environment, justice, economy. But out there, none are the wiser. Murdoch and Kerry Stokes and Costello along with the SMH and the ABC and SBS have effectively persuaded everyone that there is nothing to worry about and that Scummo the LNP and God will take care of them and their children. Now go back to your hovels and keep praying.

    Thanks Mr Lord for summing it up comprehensively.

  20. Joseph Carli

    ” Please find a better way to express yourself Joe.”… don’t really want me to do THAT, Kaye Lee…

  21. Terence Mills

    Yesterday Morrison said that the government had created almost 1.5 million jobs since 2013 and this record “lights me up”.

    The media never seem to critique these assertions by Morrison and his crew : the same assertions are included in their leaked media talking points.

    I read that over the same period we have brought in in excess of 1.2million permanent migrants and temporary workers.

    We have had a massive increase in Australia’s annual permanent migration intake – from 85,000 in 1996 to 208,000 last year. The number of international students alone has more than trebled since 1996, from about 113,000 a year, to more than 340,000 and many of these are on a step two path to permanent settlement.

    So is Morrison is saying in his typical snake-oil salesman way that had it not been for Liberal policies, all these people would be out of work ?

    In my regional area of Queensland we are seeing local shops being boarded-up and the last major bank (NAB) pulled out in December. When I questioned this – as they were not even leaving an ATM – they said if you need money, go to the IGA.

    Talk about bringing migrants to regional areas is nonsense in all but a couple of towns in SA I understand ; around here there is more talk about redundancies and lay-offs than there is about jobs growth and with the gutting of TAFE young people need to travel to major centres to get training and apprenticeships.

    Morrison’s flim-flam is all very well but soon, somebody is going to have to start telling the truth : our economy is in trouble and we won’t acknowledge that.

  22. Kaye Lee


    In September 2013, there were 706,400 people unemployed (trend) or 697,100 (seasonally adjusted)

    In September 2019, there were 718,000 people unemployed (trend) or 709,600 (seasonally adjusted)

    They aren’t keeping up with population growth. Why does no-one ever say in response to the jobs growth claim, that there are 12,000 more people unemployed now than when they took over?

  23. Wobbley

    How about we all concentrate on the fascist scum who are destroying the place big time here. I see one avenue left to us plebs, the collateral refuse in the great pile of junk known as neoliberal trickle down bullshit. That is to take to the steets big time and not relinquish our position until something positive is done for the majority of Australia’s population and not just the fascist criminal scum who perport to be a government and their ilk. The Labor party it seems is hell bent on delivering this country into a one party state so unfortunately in light of labor’s gutlessnes we will have to do it ourselves. And the msm media can get fcked as well!

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