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The Burden of the Beasts of Civilisation

Marcus Cato the Elder: “Di Agricultura” … on the care of beasts of the fields:

“For these are your beasts of the fields, look to them carefully. Litter the cattle and flocks carefully, and see that their hoofs are kept clean. Guard against the scab in flocks and herds; it is usually caused by under-feeding and exposure to wet weather. See that you carry out all farm operations betimes, for this is the way with farming: if you are late in doing one thing you will be late in doing everything. If bedding runs short, gather oak leaves and use them for bedding down sheep and cattle.”

“But mark carefully, these are yet but beasts of the fields, certainly they are to be cared for as any animal deserves. Take care that they are rightfully contained within their paddocks and pens so they do no damage by brute force and actions to your other crops and gardens. Their freedom to wander must be curtailed and their habits contained to do only that as you see fit and proper to good farm management.”

Was having a debate on Twitter with a like Leftie but with differing opinions about the tactics of ‘attack politics.’ … Their notion of NOT attacking the political Leader but rather debating the policies of the party, I disputed on the grounds that in politics … both ancient and modern, the personality of the Leader … (In this instance; Morrison at the NRL game) was direct representation of the politics of the party … and the portrayal of Morrison as the ‘daggy-dad’ … or the cutsey ‘Scomo’ and the other portrayals of sports enthusiast, family man etc, are but promotional icons used by the party machine to give credibility and validity from image to application of policy.

Hence, if we rewind back a couple of Liberal Party PMs, we have the ‘Man of Steel’ (Howard), the ‘Conservative Warrior’ (Abbott) and the ‘Cautious Man at the Tiller’ (Turnbull) … on to this now useless bum in situ … and with the appellation of the nickname came appropriate policies … I need not spell them out, you saw them … cruel, vicious, lying, devious and blundering incompetence … all the usual actions that one has grown to expect from a LNP govt’ … and yet they keep getting voted back in … go figure … well, actually, it’s not rocket science, it’s “personality politics” … aka; ‘Popularism.’

But in truth, those above LNP Prime Ministers and their cabinets were/are but beasts of the fields … animals that are used by covert masters who ‘work’ them under a yoke of obligation and dedication … That they owe their ‘success’ to the rabid onslaught of the MSM in both outrageous promotion on one part and vicious denigration of Labor on the other is common knowledge and common practice, with the leaders of either party getting the best or the worst of printed/broadcast copy laid before the feet of a gullible public … the cruellest of slighting or outright accusation saved for those who can display the slightest degree of political honesty or care for the most vulnerable.

These beasts of the field of politics gave carte blanche to Howard when he condemned the Siev X passengers of over 300 mainly women and children to death by drowning at sea … allowing him the excuse that he was “protecting our borders” … indeed, I have heard some stupid members of the general public, his supporters, giving credence to such a circumspect excuse by claiming that at least it will deter ‘others’ from trying to “invade” the country … death by slow hanging would, in my opinion, be sufficient for such people to dissuade them from being so dismissive of innocent lives!

And this is where personality politics has brought us … to the perceived “right” of the incumbent and his lieutenants to lay down the most egregious policies that bludgeon and brutalise those citizens who reside or seek life in this once … I repeat for the more obtuse … ONCE (well .. at least for Whites) brilliant nation, a life worth living … that now such policies is swiftly making life hardly worth living.

I recently was at table with several other retirees who vehemently repeated the memes and slogans of this LNP sickness with all the confidence and encouragement of aggressive permitted social approval that; “Homelessness was a life-style choice. The use of guns to shoot-to-kill mentally disturbed citizens was justified as “if you break the law then you must take the consequences” … and finally (but certainly not the last!); “The unemployed aren’t really looking for work as there are jobs ‘out there’ for the taking” … most of these claims they put forward with the rider that they knew them to be true “because they were told by, saw it themselves ‘every day’ or had a cousin who ‘worked in the dept’ ‘ and knew for a fact … ” but in reality and with scant investigation revealed the shadowy world of Sky News/After Dark to be their main validation/source.

This is why it can be futile to “debate the policy facts”, as the voting public rarely does … they vote on emotive hunches … the most vacuous knowledge … no study of history ever crosses their remote control, save some commercial channel docco’ of the most facile nature … there is no history, no lesson, no intellect, no depth of reason, no logic and certainly no brainpower input … there is only ‘brute force and ignorance’ … and such ‘fossilised knowledge’ can only be counteracted by a greater defence of containment and corralling … like you would do to hold and seize any runaway stock … and beast of the fields.

There is only ONE way to contain the right-wing of politics, either they are brought to heel with sound and secure “at arm’s length” authorities to check and control their natural inclination to corrupt and steal governance, or they have to be brought under the work-boot of accusation and charge of criminal actions by that “arm’s length” authority and taken to a place of containment and severe retraining …

”for these are yet but beasts of the fields, certainly they are to be cared for as any animal deserves.Take care that they are rightfully contained within their paddocks and pens so they do no damage by brute force and actions to your other crops and gardens. Their freedom to wander must be curtailed and their habits contained to do only that as you see fit and proper to good farm management.”

We currently have the in-situ remnants of civilisation that can and ought to administer for the benefit of all the citizens under duty of care of The State … but we are in grave danger of losing control of that civilisation to a menagerie of beasts and animals passing as human form that will trample and crush those most sensitive environmental gardens that sustain and replenish our very capacity to survive as both a civilisation and a species … it is becoming our sovereign duty to attack … not with lame words, but rather with decisive action, those most determined to destroy our society and our country … and by consequence; our very lives!

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  1. Roswell

    Interesting take there, Joseph. I like the parallels you’ve drawn.

  2. guest

    Strong writing, Joseph. Your understanding of the classics gives you a strong base to unravel the muddles of the present. Firm opinions and enjoyable humour here.

  3. Joseph Carli

    As many here would have noticed, I have stopped writing articles for a while now…even the penning of this gives me pain…a pain of foreboding of where we as a nation are to go from here, for this LNP govt’ has reached the nadir of what must surely be the most corrupt, insensitive and cruel administration since the times of when we were but a penal colony…for we are all now imprisoned withing a fantasy of ultra right-wing ambition and enactment…this epidemic but a frustrating pause in the scheme of development of more fascist-like governance….

    When I was a young teen walking with a friend in Rundle Street (now ; Mall) I witnessed three drunks in the middle of the road, one big goofy man in his twenties was holding a smaller man and beating him about the shoulders and head with his fists while they both stumbled about in drunken furore whilst the third tried unsuccessfully to stop the bigger brute from hitting the smaller man…a large crowd soon gathered about the scene and many called for “someone do something!”…but of course, no-one did…why…I suppose because no-one knew the circumstances of the argument or were unwilling to be drawn into that larger man’s circle of fists and blows…so the spectacle continued for a while until police officers stepped in to break it up…much to the yelled thankfullness of the mob watching in impotent horror….

    Which is where we citizens of our beloved nation now stand…: witnesses to a savage beating of our nation’s peoples, the indigenous peoples, the old, refugee and vulnerable by a cowardly brute of the rich and uncaring political beasts now in power…if you doubt the uncaring cruelty of these LNP government, witness the treatment of the Biloela Tamil family incarcerated on Christmas Island for …NOW…no more than a minister’s spite…and the mother just this week having to be flown to Perth for emergency hospital treatment after suffering intestinal pains for more than a week…her children left in what must be bewilderment and fear….just one instance that would make any returned ANZAC turn their head in shame and disgust.

    If you want a comparison of the level of cruelty this LNP administration has delivered to any number of citizens and the vulnerable…; hundreds dead from the Robo-Debt cruelty, dozens dead from the Ruby Princess shenanigans, thousands suffering from the abandonment of guest workers and students invited to our “house” for cheap labour or study to be cast to the dogs for daring to accept our invitation…a beast of a govt’

    Here, read of Raskolnikov’s dream in “Crime and Punishment”, where Mikolka the peasant kills the small is brutal, it is painful and it is where we as a nation now find ourselves…do we just watch and witness or do we act? ……start from note #11…read on…

    And so too is the cry now from those same blood-spattered lips of the LNP members…: “MY PROPERTY! MY PROPERTY!”… they sell our country, our culture, our souls and finally our persons without qualm or compassion to the highest bidder.

  4. guest

    Joseph, you can choose: face up to them or walk away. There are those who say we should speak with our opponents with respect, try to understand where they are coming from, listen to their point of view. God knows, we have been listening for a long, long time. We have been very patient, but it is clear we are being dudded by self-serving propagandists intent on ruling at the expense of the people, the land and the economy – the future, even, of our children and their children. They do not care. Just look at Trump to see the model of neo-liberal ideals: free speech that allows clear garbage, secrecy, putting the blame on someone else – preferably the poor and disadvantaged, trickle-down nothing, endless wealth for some and endless consumption.

    With regard to the effects of climate change, Greg Sheridan said if “these crook environmental outcomes are going to come about anyway, would you rather confront them as rich people or as poor people?” (Judith Brett, “The Coal Curse”, 2020, p 69)


    Your choice, Joseph. But you have the ability to speak up vigorously.

  5. Joseph Carli the risk of sounding too “fossilised”, one can read history’s “organic formulae” of decline and fall in the habits and behaviour of the right-wing aspirations…it cannot go any other way but down and I cannot see with a now corrupt people any democratic way out of the conundrum…I have searched primary texts for an optimistic approach, but nowhere can there be seen, even in any “Arab Spring” like solution less than open rebellion..and THAT..for this old bloke is now out of reach…but yes..I can “speak up”…

  6. Phil

    Joseph Carli

    Oh Joseph your skills will be required when the revolution starts. You are a chippy are you not? Imagine building a scaffold, where we can dispatch the toe rags by the dozen. The scaffold could have that Australian touch, you could make it out of a River Murray Red Gum, if there’s any left, or a nice stringy bark. We could recite Banjo Paterson and sell fairy floss to the eager spectators, as we send them off this mortal coil. Of course some of them would have to be dispatched in private, even a hardened old salt like me would go to pieces hearing them scream for their mothers.

  7. Jack Cade

    Unfortunately age turns idealism into realism. You realise (now more than ever before) that ‘they’ are in the ascendant and there is no ‘we’ to pit against them.
    Bernie Sanders betrayed a movement that could have inspired the majority which now sees the options as a mendacious lunatic versus a sclerotic cellar dweller who can’t be allowed out. With the New Democrats and the possibility of Jesse Ventura backing him, he could have shaken the very foundation of the corporate stranglehold on US politics.
    In putting up Biden the Democrats are conceding the WH. Presumably they hope to sweep both houses but the gerrymandered states are already working against that. Another 4 years of Bunker Baby and partisan houses, the US faces an economic tsunami and a dollar being abandoned as reserve currency. The theory is that world corporatism is rooted and ‘local manufacture’ will save us all. Nice idea, but fat chance.

  8. Joseph Carli

    Now, Phil….I KNOW you mean those things you say….but thee and I along with so many of our generation, we can see the problems, we have knowledge of history enough to know what the “solution” will be, and we have an inkling that the young will end up having no choice but to enact that “solution” time…the slow gathering in of the wealth and services of The State into that demographic that has only selfish resistance to community needs and NO intention of sharing them will determine their actions…and if history shows us one thing and one thing with little to no deviation, it is that the right-wing ruling classes have a blind-spot toward their own salvation and will, like Mikolka, go to their demise either socially or physically with the cry of “MY PROPERTY!…MY PROPERTY!” frozen on their lips.

  9. Joseph Carli

    Jack Cade…I don’t believe there is anything now that can stop the juggernaut of collapse from rolling along its pre-determined line…we are now but spectators watching impotently on “fate’s” actions…the only caveat being if a “strong leader” with total command of authorities and with a good heart can take control of the political machine to lead society to a “healing place”…but then, all faults aside, we had Whitlam, Rudd, Gillard and they all fell victim to the vicious treason of the incumbent political class…

  10. Phil

    ‘ Now, Phil….I KNOW you mean those things you say….but? ‘

    Like King I have a dream but, a dream is all it is.

    I know how it’s all going to end and it is not going to be as easy as having your neck broken, at the end of a rope. The collapse of the eco system is coming and if God spares me another 5 to 10 years I will see it. Anyone that is not in an acholic coma, or have their head up their own arse must be seeing the signs. I have a small but lush garden with plenty of flowers, the bees are disappearing, as are the spiders. We live near an estuary and we had water rats in our garden, as big as grey hounds, I haven’t seen one in two years. The frogs that would scare my wife when she is gardening are gone. All houses have cockroaches, I have seen one in two years, these bugs are supposed to be immune to nuclear radiation.

    Of course this is all anecdotal on my part, but this is what research is beginning to show. We are on borrowed time, this doesn’t even consider the depression that is coming. Just looking at society tells me the enemy is just not the money bagged toe rags. But the enemy is within our friends, brothers, sisters, etc etc. We have a society that is thumbing their nose at science. The anti vaxxers, the anti face mask imbeciles. The tools that actually believe that Covid – 19 and global warming is a deep state conspiracy. The world has gone nuts. And the people that believe some of this shite are not grade six drop outs, they are so called educated people, with letters after their names. I despair.

  11. Joseph Carli

    Phill..I agree fully with your conclusions….Back a few years..a goodly few years when I was that younger firebrand that used guest above to and try to convince the doubters on Jennifer Marohasy’s blog of the changing environment here on our Mallee property..I pointed out the strange out of season burstings of fungi around the horse stables and I drew their attention to the relationship between bacteria and fungi spores that formed partnerships to change and transport eachother around the world…resulting in all these weird toadstools appearing in my yard…even today with a frost, I notice a pretty toady there by Warum’s stable…

    I also used to tell of the many postholes I have dug here on the property to a depth of around 700mm and I told them those years ago that at the bottom of those holes it was as dry as an Arab’s fart!…there was “nothing in the bank” as the local cockies say…well..they laughed at me..called me “Farmer Joe with his post holes”…even Marohasy mocked my interelationship anology about the bacteria / fungi…and SHE is supposed to be a qualified biologist!….and I used to do comparative temperature tests between bare and littered ground to show why mallee trees do not germinate outside existing copses…and I was mocked..I researched the local history for rainfall evidence, I have examined cross-cut sections of native pine cut back in the 1880’s and can see the mostly uniform developement of the rings showing generally uniform rainfall over the preceding years back to before the province started…and I have been mocked, I pointed to the underground tanks dug here on the property..dug through, by hand, thick layers of calcrete to dimensions of c;10x10x10 feet on av…hand burnt lime plastered and finished…hard work in any modern sense…backbreaking then as now…and they wouldn’t have even started digging them if they didn’t think they would fill with water….I told of these things and many more and I have been mocked…laughed at and abused…on here too by a coterie of fools and stupid people…and here we are… we are…

    And as My partner’s old mother would say in that generation’s shrugging, dismissive manner..; ” Well good luck to you!”:

    So there we go…and no…there is no hope in this current climate…

  12. Carina McNaughton

    When I was a kid if you went out at night thousands of insects. Your parents car windscreen at night like insects Armageddon but now nothing. The bees are dying. The trees are flowering out of season. The tomatoes won’t ripen because the weather fluctuates so much.i hear the same accounts from loads of home gardeners. Everything is out of kilter. Blind Freddy can see something is wrong. Australia will burn again and again. The whole world is doomed to burn and the science is ignored.Yes people laugh at you and say its just a cycle. It is too late already.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt

  14. wam

    ‘dole bludgers’ allows people to not to see the human suffering the family suffering the children suffering
    ‘welfare cheats’ allows people to ignore the robodebt misery
    ”socialism’ allows people to be afraid of communism.
    ‘They’ allows people to forget individual suffering.
    Synagogues, Churches and Mosques allow people to lie for the good of their god which is soon interpreted as for their good.
    Fear of labor’s debt allows liberal debt to be ignored
    Your foreboding, joseph, is warranted when we cannot show the accepted truth to be lies and labor gives us no shields against the slogans

  15. Greeny

    Carina, the whole world is under chemical and radiation assault.
    Last year Bavaria held and carried the yes vote in a referendum that ran the byline “Save the Bees!”.
    ABC Foreign Correspondent partly covered the story with ‘Insect Armageddon’ but only looked at ag chemicals.
    Thousands of tonnes of soft metal particulates from geo-engineering and EMF radiation were not mentioned.
    Apparently such things equivalent to covid-19=Ebola to journos and their paymaster editors wanting to keep their jobs.
    Monsanto has mounted a rescue of sorts: GMO trees & plants (but not insects) to survive high aluminium-content environ.
    The elite and their industrial mega-corps have a plan that doesn’t include your wish for a healthy world, not yet anyway.

  16. Matters Not

    Greeny re:

    Thousands of tonnes of soft metal particulates from geo-engineering and EMF radiation were not mentioned

    Sounds terrible. A conspiracy of monumental proportions. Geo-engineering polluting the atmosphere and a complete lack of publicity. But here’s your chance to provide a link to some published articles that supports your claim. Or are you doing this research all by yourself? If so, then all the more reason to take this opportunity. So fire away.

  17. Phil

    ‘ Despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt ‘

    There are none so blind that do not see.

    or Can’t see the forest through the trees.

    Joseph. My brother had an orange farm on the Murray River in South Australia. He put chemicals on his trees by the truck load. All this as you know, would wash down into the river system in a never ending cycle. When I was a kid we used to go to Mannum on the Murray you could just see the bottom in the middle of the river. Now you would have less chance of catching something, taking a dip at your local sewage treatment plant, than swimming in what was the greatest river system in Australia. I remember the damage the Carp ( Goldfish ) did to the river system, undermining the red gums and them dying in their thousands. The building industry in South Australia was kept in timber from the forests that were some of the most awe inspiring in the world. As an aside they have destroyed them in Western Australia as well. The fungi and other weird coverings of moss you speak of are in my garden in WA as well. Nature is telling us to go and quietly die somewhere and give it a rest.

    Most people never see the real bush they go to the managed tourist spots sit in the cafe and drink coffee and wax lyrically on how wonderful it all looks. Not seeing the damage done by the rising salt problem and introduced species that should never have been brought here in the first place.. My wife and I are keen prospectors, we venture out where you might not see another car for a week. I remember our last trip, even in the middle of no where you’ll find human rubbish strewn about the place. I remember a small snake had stuck its head in a beer can and obviously couldn’t shake the can off and was dead but not yet decomposed. I could have in my moment of grief, had killed some f%^*&# if I had caught them dumping their rubbish in the bush.

    We don’t deserve this planet and it is on borrowed time. I was in England a couple of years ago and I noticed something I had never experienced before, I could taste the aviation fuel on my lips not that close to the airport. You can see and taste the pollution in the air. I was there in June in the high tourist season and my enquiring mind had me thinking WTF are they doing with all the human waste? Where are they getting the water and food to service over 70 million people not including the tourists in the UK, the mind boggles, well mine does at least.I drove up the M1 and I thought the traffic, my God it’s a nightmare. I give it five ten at most, before the SHTF. The US will be the first cab off the rank. That gibbering idiot Trump has reversed all the Ecological/Environmental standards put in place over the few years in his tenure. We are being led by gibbering idiots into the Abyss and for mine it is all too late .We baby boomers have not seen a world war, that is on the cards as well. Happy days.

  18. Jack Cade

    I thought my fire had gone out because I felt sorry for the Adelaide Crows last night, and made an apptmt with my doc.
    But I reviewed the latest MOATS and decided I’m okay. Just a compassion burst. I had a lie down and it passed.

  19. Matters Not

    Greeny – thanks for your response but I won’t trouble you again. What with chemtrails etc.

    Guess there’s one born every …

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