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The breathtaking, arrogant fools in the LNP

By Kathryn

The committed fascists and breathtaking, arrogant fools in the LNP absolutely refuse to listen to the experienced credible scientists, steadfastly refuse to listen to renowned economists (like the Nobel prize winning Joseph Stiglitz who has loudly criticised the LNP’s appalling mismanagement of Australia’s economy) and refuse to listen to the people of Australia whom the LNP treat with sneering, condescending contempt! No other government in our history (with the exception of the alleged war criminal, John Howard) have managed to defund, annihilate and destroy so much in so short a time.

It has only taken six short (devastating) years for the Wrecking Ball Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison circus to go on a campaign of such wilful, methodical destruction, it has changed the face of Australia and altered who we are in the eyes of the world. Outlined below is just a small list of the devastation the LNP have caused and links to further published chaos under their catastrophic mismanagement:

Quadrupled our national deficit to more than one trillion dollars.

Completely destroyed the longest river system in our country, ie the Murray/Darling river by handing over unlimited water to the greedy predators in the cotton growing industry in the middle of one of the worst droughts in our history. This unspeakable act of criminal vandalism by the notorious, reckless Barnyard Joyce, went on to seriously impact desperate farmers down river and had disastrous consequences on Adelaide which city relies on the (once) great Murray River for its water supply!

The LNP continue to turn Australia into an international laughing stock and have now just about destroyed our once fine international reputation. We are now known, internationally, as a shallow, climate-change-denying nation of xenophobic racists who, despite every international law on the fair and just treatment of asylum seekers, have chosen to indefinitely lock up desperate asylum seekers (including defenceless little children) escaping from an illegal war that we helped to create in Iraq and Syria.

Morrison has received worldwide derision and scorn for treating our island neighbours with such open, blatant contempt that our country has now become the Pariah of the Pacific.

Waste countless billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars on ridiculous weapons of war, eg ludicrous submarines (providing jobs for the French and not Australians) which will become obsolete before they are completed.

Shut down Australia’s enviable motor vehicle manufacturing industry by refusing to provide government subsidies (despite the fact that every government in the countries that manufacture cars subsidises their car manufacturing) – this insane move by the short-sighted idiot, Abbott, cost Australia thousands of jobs within the car manufacturing industry and within related industries! This action from a government who brags to keep industries and jobs in Australia – what outrageous hypocrisy!

The countless millions of dollars defunded from public school education, Medicare and health!

The relentless patriarchal misogyny that sweeps through the LNP at every level.

The LNP’s ongoing totally corrupt, politically-biased association with their propaganda ministers in the Murdoch dynasty which goes on and on remorselessly attacking the ALP and the Greens whilst printing NOTHING about the appalling failure and escalating fascism of the LNP.

The LNP’s ongoing perverted association with the cold blooded neoliberal billionaires in the IPA which nefarious, undemocratic and unelected organisation have so much power and undue influence over the agenda and policies of the LNP!

The callous inhumanity by the LNP in its breathtaking mistreatment of asylum seekers, the poor, the homeless, the unemployed – non-stop virulent attacks that have allowed the worst, most heartless and cruel people in our society to crawl out from under their rocks and give them “permission” to vent their hatred and scorn on the most vulnerable people in Australia!

The absolute refusal to address climate change issues despite the fact that hard evidence has been presented by credible scientists all around the world and we are – right at this minute – experiencing the WORST most devastating fires in our history. Climate change is no longer on the horizon – it is here and now yet we have a deaf, dumb and hopelessly blind government too stubborn, too stupid and too arrogant to admit that they are dead wrong! Their inability to address these issues is killing our environment and causing the death of Australians and the rapid extinction of countless Australian native animals!

The list goes on and on as outlined by The Guardian and even on their expose of Abbott.


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  1. John O'Callaghan

    And they have also completely destroyed which would have been a world class fibre optic broadband system and left us with one of the slowest and inefficient broadband in the world. ….. and all at the request of the evil Murdoch.

  2. JudithW

    Could someone please start a go to list of the LNP’s economic wastefulness, the millions eroded from public projects, the millions funnelled into their mates’ pockets and the economic inequality this government has been responsible for in preparation for the next election…

  3. Yes Minister

    100% correct. Every single welded-on LNP type of my acquaintance maintain the view that SCUMMO can do no wrong. If the f.ckwit says climate change is a myth, then that is the truth. Not that ALP or whatever weldeds-on are any more enlightened. All of them are in an incestuous relationship with the coal / fossil fuel / dinosaur juice racket.

    I believe we’ll need to get to the point where the extent of climate change catatrophe is such that it cannot be ignored by the demented lunatics infesting Canberra. That will include bushfires destroying major cities, thousands of people dying from extreme heat, major rivers drying up, inland towns being abandoned, what is left of the farming / agricultural / grazing industries shutting down, unemployment skyrocketing etc etc. Until all those occur, the sheeple of all politicial affiliations will continue to believe support for coal mining / csg / whatever, never-ending population growth, dinosaur-juice vehicles are all absolutely essential to what passes for civilization.

    Those who followed the history of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt will be aware how long it took the pharoah to sit up and take notice of issues that were blatantly obvious to the enlightened. What we are witnessing in Australia and yankeeland is a repeat of the same mentality. As with the pharoah, we have totally deluded clowns making mindless decisions BECAUSE THEY CAN.

    There is a total and abysmal lack of any semblance of accountability, and absolutely no separation of powers. The legislature, bureaucracy and judiciary work hand in hand to protect each other, and the mainstream media maintains an incestuous relationship with all the official scum.

  4. Athena

    Let’s not forget that these mongrels are also enabled by women who are equally as ignorant and callous, who get their greedy, self-centred mugs in newspapers, women’s magazines (ugh!) and on tv, telling us how wonderful their corrupt husbands are. The spouses are complicit in duping the public with their lies, all for their own personal gain.

  5. New England Cocky

    The obvious point that you have overlooked is “Who is benefitting from this turmoil and malfeasance in the federal misgovernment”?

    The obvious answer is the foreign multinational corporations and agri-businesses who receive contracts based on a whim or like the mining industry, simply provide the executives in senior government advisory positions to influence the few government policies in favour of their private sector patrons.

    Is this activity treason? Well, it certainly IS NOT in the best interests of the Australian voters.

  6. Padty

    Climate Change – ‘killing the environment and causing death’, true.
    But is there a bigger picture?
    Seems to me that mobile tech and microwave radiation is a more of a threat to our existence.
    WHO EMF Project Professor Oleg Grigoriev described our misuse of wireless tech as like ‘a slow Hiroshima’.
    We are all being microwaved, slowly cooked by non-ionizing radiation, 24 hours every day, 365 days a year.

    Try these videos if you have the slightest doubt govt-business-media are telling you the facts. No interest? no problem, enjoy your snooze. Recommend downloading as Google might purge lots of material re Wifi dangers on 10/12/2019.

    ABC Catalyst Wi Fried 2016 (ABC has already taken this video off its website)

    Generation Zapped – Dangers of Wifi technology

    Barrie Trower, Real dangers of 5G and Wifi technologies
    Ex-Naval microwave expert and Physicist shares his knowledge (UK 14mins, 2018)

    5G: Health Risks, Surveillance and BioWeaponry – Lena Pu (Sept 2019)

    For teachers and students alike, or for adults who want to lower their risk of dying with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

  7. Keitha Granville

    All of this supported by the slimmest of majorities because of the greed of some in our community at the expense of our country. And with the parlous state of the Labor Party it’s not likely to be changed.

  8. Bronte ALLAN

    Very well said Kathryn! I could not agree with you any more than I do now! What a sad list of tragic “decisions” etc this fcking COALition mob have committed on ALL Australian! And the ythink they are always right, WTF?? BASTARDS the lot of them with ALL their lies & half truths etc. Also with just a 2 seat majority they think they can do whatever they like.

  9. David Stakes

    52% of the people voted for this bunch of charlatans. And the ALP have no chance of turning that around any time soon. Another three terms of this gov will turn this country into a mere shadow of what it could and should be.

  10. Phil Pryor

    C Kelly, a recycled orifice from under a goat’s tail, has apparently announced that lies are truth, ignorance is bliss, fantasy is fact and thieves, robbers, murderers and superstitious shitthinking is fine. What a skinful of reeking shit is this randy bumboy for corporate scraps and scrapings. Too many sluts for money and notice and posturing infest the filthy ranks of conservative political perversion and poxery.

  11. TuffGuy

    Yet despite all the slashing and cutting they have done the deficit continues to explode out the back door. Some would ask where has all the money gone? Well all their rich mates are certainly getting a lot richer. Things like the $440 million to the GBRF, $80 million for non-existent water, $50 billion for submarines we don’t need and that are useless before even being built, untendered squillions to companies like Paladin, and a shit tonne more we don’t even know about.
    Nothing but stinking rotten fascist scum.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Kathryn, our email is having problems and my emails to you keep bouncing back. The short answer is; go for it. 👍

  13. Glenn K

    The LNP are corrupt. Willfully so. Oh, and having lived in France for the past 2+ years (after 30 in AUS)….. you are spot on about how Australia is being viewed by other democracies

  14. Hungry Charley

    Thanks for that exert form the Doomsday Book of Australia. Can we take back our democracy and country from this filth acting as our ‘elected representatives’? We better start acting.

  15. Josephus

    Not to speak of young, white thuggish police swaggering about with their guns at the ready shooting or bashing any uppity black they feel like. Plus ca change… colonialism rules.

  16. jillian Steel

    not to mention the cover up by the government of the corruption that took place at Manly small court on 10th Feb 2014.

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