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The baggage they have lugged from one year to the next means 2020 will be a hard slog (part 4)

In Part 1 my focus, in the main, was on “Global Heating” and the lies being told to justify the government’s denial of the problem. The government’s denials has been with us for over a decade now and it is difficult to comprehend how educated men and women can be stupid enough to allow such a catastrophe to occur when it is in their power to do something about it.

In Part 2 I concentrated on a return to trust and transparency in our governance.

In Part 3 I talked about the lack of leadership in our country and in Part 4 I’m talking about the actual baggage list. So here we go.

1 “One-third of Australia’s largest companies paid no corporate tax last year despite the total tax take increasing by more than $6.6 billion.” What is the government going to do about it?

“The tax office doesn’t name the companies but all were able to deduct their profits from previous years’ losses, reported an accounting loss, or claimed deductions such as research and development”

All it does is create an enormous tax burden on the honest companies who pay their share.

Having proposed tax cuts to big business how does the Prime Minister explain so many of them not paying any?

Samantha Dick in The New Daily writes of wage theft:

“Celebrity chefs pinned over wage theft scandals included former Masterchef judge George Calombaris, Rockpool Dining’s Neil Perry, British chef Heston Blumenthal, French-born chef Guillaume Brahimi and Australian pastry king Adriano Zumbo.”

She reports also that companies doing the same were Woolworths, Sunglass Hut, Commonwealth Bank. Domino’s, ABC, Quantas, Super Retail Group, Michael Hill and Bunnings.

2 Julian Burnside in The Saturday Paper 21/12/19) on The Secret Trial of Witness J:

“The underlying criminal case against Witness J remains a mystery to the public. In the Senate on November 28, 2019, the minister representing Attorney-General Christian Porter refused to provide any details about the case. That Witness J was charged and sentenced in secrecy is scandalous in a country that purports to be a democracy. It is also a serious warning to all of us, raising the risk that Australia is quietly becoming authoritarian.” (My bold).

3 Didn’t the Prime Minister promise a form of federal ICAC as part of his election campaign? Whatever happened to it?

4 The election narrative of “jobs and growth” seems to have dropped by the wayside now that the unemployment figures are rising. With school leavers about to hit the jobs market unemployment will be a pain in the backside for the government this year.

“November’s figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show Australia’s jobless rate has snuck up to 5.32%. That’s up from 4.98% last December and 5.25% in June,” writes Alan Austin.

He continues:

“The number of workers aged 15 to 24 now unemployed is 275,500, the highest in 20 months. The youth jobless rate is now 12.4% which ranks 20th in the OECD. This is also the lowest ranking on record.”

5 Conservatives have never been sympathetic to the arts. Even though they sell more tickets than the AFL, NRL and the BBL combined.

And they employ more people than the mining industry.

Art in all its forms is but a reflection of the society in which we live and should be encouraged, not relegated. The arts will not take their demise lying down reciting Shakespeare.

6 The issue of political donations wont bury its head in the sand in 2020. A shake-up of political donation laws is well overdue, including real-time disclosures and to curb the potential for foreign influence in order to protect Australia’s democracy from manipulation.

7 A report into how Question Time can be improved is due to be released but don’t expect anything that might disadvantage the government.

8 Will 2020 disclose just what the secret deal was with Jacqui Lambie to repeal Medevac? It would have to be a worthwhile proposition in order take away people’s proper medical treatment.

9 It has been suggested that the Government will have to write down the value of the National Broadband Network, however Finance Minister Mathias Cormann says they have no intention of doing so.

Ratings agency Standard and Poor’s has issued warnings that the value of its investment in the national broadband network is under threat from 5G mobile technology, saying that it will eventually supersede its hybrid technology.

The problem with designing a network to meet the needs of today is that it denies you the ability to meet the needs of tomorrow.

10 Did you know that 2020 would, for some asylum seekers, be the beginning of year 7 of their incarceration for not even having committed a crime?

Will Dutton now continue with his wild almost crazy assertions that Labor will allow the boats to return if they win the next election?

And they say that Dutton is a future leader. Wow.

11 Further to my previous post, Angus Taylor has been referred to the AFP but given their record on investigating these sorts of things one wouldn’t be confident they would find anything.

12 The lack of funding for the NDIS will continue to be a thorn in the government’s side as will its failure with Robodebt. You can expect more agitation from our First Nations peoples over The Uluru Statement, but water theft will be forgotten. New ideas for the common good will not arise until the next election and any hope of a Morrison legacy will have passed us by.


In Scott Morrison’s Australia everyday citizens are not supposed to protest those things we know to be unfair. The things we know to be wrong. We are not supposed to object when government doesn’t meet our expectations. Workers cannot strike for better conditions.

Nor are we supposed to protest our inability to see or obtain information about the workings of government.

Free speech is in rapid decline. People who report government wrongdoing are castigated and worst of all, government propaganda is seeking to change the way we think.

The absence of empathy is being replaced with narcissistic self-importance.

The Coalition contains some of the most outstanding liars, propagandists and hypocrites our Parliament has ever seen, including the Prime Minister. Is it possible the punters might, in 2020, see through them?

This chilling act of self-promotion was evidenced when the Prime Minister authorised a social media advertisement outlining the government’s actions in response to the bushfire crisis.

My thought for the day

The government’s words and actions bring into question the very essence of the word ‘truth’. Or they have at least devalued it to the point of obsolescence.

Have I mentioned the state of the economy? Oh well. you know the state it is in.

In spite of doubling our debt the economy is being promoted as being in good shape by the Murdoch media. That’s not the truth of course.

While you are at it think about these:

  • No world leading NBN.
  • No carbon price.
  • No booming alternative energy industry.
  • No Gonski scale school funding.
  • A weakened NDIS.
  • No republic.
  • Damaged relations with China and our region.
  • Subservience to the fascist Trump.
  • Wage stagnation.
  • Attacks on multiculturalism.
  • Attacks on welfare for the poor and vulnerable.
  • Massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Australians and foreign corporations.
  • Attempts to undermine Medicare.
  • More expensive university degrees.
  • $500 million cuts to university budgets and research.
  • Shrinking home ownership.
  • Everyday cost of living up.
  • Higher debt.

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  1. New England Cocky

    “The Coalition contains some of the most outstanding liars, propagandists and hypocrites our Parliament has ever seen, including the Prime Minister. Is it possible the punters might, in 2020, see through them?”

    JL, you have accurately described the present economic situation in Australia WITHOUT mentioning bushfires, their catastrophic effects, subsequent long term re-building and the enormous emotional and psychological damage to the survivors.

    This very disappointing list of government non-achievement will only be remembered by Australian voters if it impacts upon the AFL Grand Final or increase beer prices.

    However, even water wears away rock over time by constantly drip, drip, dripping. That is the strategy thinking Australians will require. Follow the example from the 1972 informal election campaign that freed Australia from Billy McMahon and the Liarbral Country Party leg-irons.

    We need to keep these matters before the uncaring majority of Australian voters who believe planning for the future means seeing the end of your nose.

    Break the social rules of being disinterested, uninformed, “quiet Australians” at social gatherings by mentioning your favourite “the government does not care” story, regardless of the reactions, then ask why the government is so uncaring and self-serving. Expect disinterest in response, but then ask why would a thinking person employ a worker for the free benefit of somebody else who is woking against the best interest of that employer.

    Thank you JL for a thoughtful update on why Australia is being led backwards while the LIarbral nat$ COALiiton misgovernment clap up an economic recovery miracle. Hallelujah and pass the ammunition.

  2. Ken

    I also thank you John Lord for telling it like is. Things have gotta change.

  3. Keitha Granville

    Thanks for the list of total failure JL, that’s really cheered me up.

    Do any of the rusted on LNP voters understand this? No, because they are too busy hanging on to their stockpiles of wealth that will be threatened if the liars and cheats are ever tossed out.

    Does Labor have a chance next time ? Not as long as they chase the LNP to the bottom of the barrrel.

    We are doomed

  4. John Lord

    Inadvertently l left off the government’s intention NOT to increase Newstart.

  5. wam

    A good dirty dozen today, lord.
    Had fun with your obsession (and mine) with the 5 letter word that needs honesty.
    Cannot find a truth to your “$500 million cuts to university budgets and research.”. Still I accept your honesty in believing your truth.
    I did find something including:
    a 2012 reference to Wayne Swan has cut almost $500 million in research funding for universities
    sabra lane feb 2019
    ‘The sector had 2 billion dollars slashed from it in 2017 and another $328 million was sliced from university research in the budget update last December.’
    april 2019
    Universities have slammed a budget decision to repurpose a $3.9 billion research infrastructure fund into a new Emergency Response Fund.
    jesus nec next you will be saying labor could do worse than equip its grass roots members and supporters with counter arguments to the bogans’ slogans.

  6. Terence Mills

    In what some may see as having biblical references, David Speers three times asked Morrison last Sunday if the government would increase its emissions targets.

    Morrison responded with: “Well, the cabinet and the government will continue to evolve our policies.”

    Then he added: “What I’m saying is I’m not going to put someone’s job at risk, a region’s, town’s future at risk.”

    And finally: “What I’m saying is we want to reduce emissions and do the best job we possibly can and get better and better and better at it.”

    So, what he is actually saying is that his government will continue down the path that is now well worn and do nothing about our emissions.

    I think we should welcome David Speers to the ABC’s Insiders . He was like a shag-on-a-rock at Sky as the only trained, impartial and objective journalist employed by Murdoch Television. He has a dogged way about him and if he sniffs a hint of BS he goes in for the kill.

    When Insiders returns I think we can expect some good incisive interviews coming from Speers and perhaps the time has come to change the Insiders panel that was getting a bit stale : having Gerard Henderson on just to give a bit of right-wing ‘balance’ is just perpetuating this man’s dismal career as a conservative commentator – he’s not even a journalist !

  7. Phil Pryor

    Past, present and future failure, at everything relevant, are the effective policies of the filthy liars under Scott Moron (his name has been shortened to correct a typo). When a suburban yabbering shit becomes a leader, a speaker to represent us all, you know that a knackery horse is set up in a rigged race to “win”, but not on merit. The course of modern society has been for increasing consumption, affluence, prosperity, brought to you and owned and controlled by corporate capitalism and its rented political marionettes. So we get shit posing as sugar, stained undies posing as statesmen, lesions posing as leaders. Morrison is drenched in idiotic superstition, riddled with the cancer of righteousness, unable to comprehend or reason, full of self inflating penislike posture and pose, actually a figure of total ridicule, of tragedy for us and a disgrace to honesty. Australia has had a succession of these conservative tumours on the body politic and it STINKS.

  8. Kaye Lee

    When someone from Dutton’s office leaked classified information to The Australian regarding the Medevac bill, the AFP said it was too hard to find out who was guilty because 200 people had seen it. Except only 11 had seen the classified copy and only one person from Dutton’s office had emailed Simon Benson. The police didn’t even look at the emails.

    As Kristina Keneally said, “When classified information that embarrassed the third-term Liberal National government ended up in the newspapers, the personal homes of journalists were raided.

    “When classified national security information that suited the government’s political purposes ended up on the front pages of newspapers, the one person in touch with the relevant journalist hasn’t even been spoken to by police.

    “Why is there always one standard for Peter Dutton and another for everyone else?”

    Speaking of baggage, what’s happening with Kathy Jackson?

  9. Josephus

    Not to mention the increasingly supine ABC, served by mostly uncritical journalists. Far too much bluster from the government, hardly a positive mention of independents or the Greens.
    We have enough propaganda. We need debate, scientists, people who can speak proper , like. Who think , evaluate, see the dying of our continent and elsewhere.

  10. New England Cocky

    @wam: And why not have Labor provide “grass roots members and supporters with counter arguments”????

    Surely the best antidote to lies, skullduggery and media spin is accurate, real evidence providing incontrovertible proof that the COALition misgovernment’s assertions are ill-founded and self-serving. Just read a KL offering on AIMN to see an example.

    @Josephus: All ABC staff members are stepping very cautiously because the Smirko Morriscum COALition misgovernment is using every excuse to remove skilled journalists for the organisation. An ABC journalist leading debate on a point that is critical of Smirko & Co can too easily mean an early retirement without the benefit of a redundancy payout.

    Then I am at a loss to remember when the greens under de Natali have been anything except self-serving in their approach to government. Some fine policies certainly, but no political nouse and even less political integrity.

  11. Aortic

    Lordy Lordy Lordy, you have done it again. What a damning indictment of a leaderless visionless mob of idiots elected on some spurious claims of franking credit and negative gearing interference. We blame the government for having no long term vision but we must surely sheet home the same lack to those who put them in power. I was going to say we should forward such articles to the Prime Ministers Office, but having done similarly in the past, I just received a vacuous meaningless politspeak answer in reply. We are travelling more swiftly along the road to fascism spearheaded by that Queensland nutcase Dutton. Government of the people by the people is a laudable but unfortunately laughable aspiration. Keep up the good work at AIMN, we need your voices more than ever.

  12. Kaye Lee


    The ABC also tread carefully because it is entirely up to the Minister whether or not they accept an interview. They just refuse to be interviewed by anyone who presses too hard. Goodbye Kerry O’Brien, Sarah Ferguson, Emma Alberici, and Barrie Cassidy. They also make continual complaints about bias if the panels don’t include someone from the IPA creche for aging Young Liberals, or the pompous Gerard Henderson or, worse still, his silly wife or son-in-law. Local Councillors from Sydney who want to move on up the totem pole are a constant on the Drum. 7:30 Report has been dumbed down with important interviews cut short to go to a fluffy cat story.

    We shall see how David Speers goes.

  13. Alan Nosworthy

    For the latest example of ABC playing lapdog compare the government positivist spin of the online article, video not supplied, to the actual interview by Joe O’Brien of Karen Andrews who is apparently our minister for science.

  14. Terence Mills

    Kaye Lee

    Re Kathy Jackson, the last deferral was so that her new lawyer could become familiar with the ever growing file.

    As all of the very detailed forensic investigations into the various misappropriations she is alleged to have committed was done for the civil case it shouldn’t take much to move ahead on this : February is the next court date I think.

    The government, I imagine, wouldn’t want her case to be running at the same time as their union busting legislation is in the senate so it could be interesting.

    Justice delayed is justice denied they say !

  15. David Stakes

    My Daughter works for a well known Dermatology practice in Macquarie Street Sydney, She is expected on her Roster to work 48hours for no overtime payment. Other employees are in a similar situation. Wages theft is endemic in this business who hide behind a so called contract. None a salaried workers, only a wage. She has contacted Fair Work thru their form, but I doubt anything will be done. Seeing it is stacked with Government lackeys. Today she called sick, dont blame her. I told her just resign, no one deserves this sort of treatment. ITS TIME for people to kick back.

  16. johno

    Is Scottyfrommarketing and his hapless crew of idiots on track for the worst government in Australian history or have they already achieved it ??

  17. LambsFry Simplex.

    johno, they were built to fail after IPA/ Murdochite Abbott and Turnbull and sadly also the pedestrian efforts of the Greens and Labor.

    Einstein would have problems figuring out what to do, let alone the dogma driven pathological specimens comprising the Morrison government.

  18. Steve Berry

    Morrison as Treasurer defunded the Climate Change Adaptation Fund and was warned about increased bushfires of larger magnitude at the time of the 2017 budget. His latest brainwave is to set up a climate change Adaptation body. The fool should just resign now because of the damage he has caused to Australia and Australians.

  19. Birabongs

    Thanks for this series JL, there is little I could argue with except that you haven’t taken the ALP to task for their lockstep march with the government on any security legislation, especially those that limit our personal liberties, I was tempted to say “rights” but our constitution doesn’t guarantee us any of them. Re point 10, I would seriously consider emigrating if Obergruppenfuhrer Potato ever becomes Prime Moron.

  20. LambsFry Simplex.


  21. Aortic

    And Joe Hockey has the Washington elite farewell him from his no doubt wonderful contribution as Ambassador. No doubt given the plum post as a result of his wonderful contribution to cigar smoking with Mathiass because it could not have been as Treasurer, because he was about as effective as the present Fryburger. We truly must be one of the richest countries in the world, as most of us at least seem to be getting by despite the utter incompetence of ongoing Coalition incompetence and insular thinking. If as Morrison probably believes God raises governments I would have to truly wonder of his judgement in inflicting this lot on us. Out tv is almost constantly on mute as the statements made by Morrison and any of his Ministers have no relevance or vision. And don’t get me started on Christensen, Abetz Kelly amongst others too many to list.

  22. Matters Not

    Re the statement:

    create an enormous tax burden on the honest companies who pay their share.

    How? While the Budget may estimate how much tax will be collected over a certain time period, any shortfall due to the non-payment by particular companies is not automatically transferred to others. Where is the mechanism(s) for that? Surely this burden is worn by the government directly or indirectly by the citizens when services are not provided?

    Sure companies who don’t pay tax have an unfair commercial advantage over those who do but that translates to profits not tax. Or am I missing something?

  23. Lambchop Simnel

    Sorry MN, cant quite get what you are saying. If there is a profit and no tax payed, esp when profit is offshored via paper shuffling, what benefit for our community. Also think of royalties forgone as well as tax dodged involving TNC’s.

    If you are saying that some times a business needs time to start turning a buck, all well and good but don’t many TNC’s with multiple international outlets just paper shuffle to avoid declaring profits, often using the monies they have bludged for investments elsewhere that could well be contrary to the interests of this country, say involving the removal of some thing valuable to us in favour of some where using sweated labour or where ecological constraints are useless?

  24. leefe

    You also left out the freedom of the religious to discriminate.

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