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The Age of Aquarius

By Ad astra

Older folks will remember the musical Hair with its opening song Aquarius:

”This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,
When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.”

Devoid of poetic imagination, astrologer Neil Spencer, rubbished the lyrics as ‘astrological gibberish’. His literal take was evident in his words: ”Jupiter aligns with Mars several times a year and the Moon is in the 7th House for two hours every day.”

Let’s leave Spencer to his own world of astrological reality where no doubt he feels comfortable, and reflect on what these words mean in a poetic sense. How many of us yearn for a world where peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.

As Donald J Trump recedes into a world where all he has left is the reality he creates for himself and what’s left of his ardent followers, where he can still convince himself that he is important, that he is still adored, and that in time he will return triumphant to once again lead his country and the world, the rest of the thinking world breathes more easily in the knowledge that Trump is finished, that his appalling behaviour will no more assail us, and his words and proclamations no longer anger us.

Don’t we all long for peace, decency, collaboration, and unity of purpose. We want to hold hands with those who acknowledge the urgency of the problems we all face: a steadily warming planet with the existential hazard that poses for all living things; civil discord that threatens collaborative endeavour; domestic violence that’s tearing apart so many families, the exploitive behaviour of so many entrepreneurs who cheat us ruthlessly, and the threatening behaviour of the world’s bullies: China’s CPC, Russia and Iran.

The Age of Aquarius is what we yearn for. Is it possible? Will President Biden’s benign yet firm approach draw us closer?

Enjoy listening to The Fifth Dimension giving The Age of Aquarius the oomph it deserves. We can only hope, indeed fervently pray for a new Age of Aquarius soon, very soon.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Pompous ignorance.., the USA is the leading murderer, thief, coercer, betrayer, double crosser and general ignorant village diplomatic idiot. China, Iran, Russia, do not affect me, do not threaten, or attract my interest. But dinosaurial dickskulled deviates like Trump do…so far as feeling repelled by the sheer idiocy, pomposity, fascistic futility, masturbatory misfittery, totally uncivilised imposition on us. In an old known standoff, the Russians and USA have c. seven to eight thousand first class multiwarheaded, redirectional and retargettable thermonuclear warheads available, so a kind of peace has prevailed in my lifetime. Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, Trump, DOGSHIT dressed as human leadership. You could use the contents of a Tel Aviv surgeon’e bucket of cast off foreskins to make better leaders. So, f–k your fist, polish the knob, keep grinning, scribble on and apply to Merde Dog for work.

  2. Phil Pryor

    My apology. for not saying best wishes and do continue your fine work…and, never take anything seriously, anymore…

  3. Matters Not


    in the knowledge that Trump is finished

    Finished? Not sure about that. And at a number of levels. First, nearly 75 million US citizens voted for Trump and did so in the face of appalling, irrational and probable criminal behavior. He trashed the Constitution and the historical conventions.. He knocked for six the notion of checks and balances. And the concept of separation of powers lies in ruins, at least as it applies to the US. No – the King is not dead.

    Second, and at a deeper and more significant level, even if Trump himself fades into history, Trumpism as an ideology (his legacy) is alive and well. Indeed it’s flourishing. Further, there’s any number in the wings waiting to pick up the baton including at least one of his ambitious offspring.

    No ! It’s not over yet. In fact, it may just be a beginning that replicated across the world. Or do we see it already in Australia?

  4. Arnd

    “Don’t we all long for peace, decency, collaboration, and unity of purpose.” I don’t think so. There’s plenty of individuals who find purpose in ruthless competition, lording it over others or getting themselves into positions from where they can do so, and generally upsetting peace and tranquillity, and causing mayhem. Remember Australia’s immediate past prime minister, Malcolm Trumble: “Disruption is Australia’s friend!” And it doesn’t take great effort to upend the idyll – just one woman and one man nicking God’s apples, at the behest of a talking snake, will do nicely. According to one allegorical tale.

    Just yesterday, comment was made on The Conversation regarding “pathocracy”. A sobering explanation of the dynamics that fuel the race to the ethical bottom of the political barrel.

  5. wam

    In those days we had heaps of hair’s hippies’, even a tribal village, lameroo beach, on the west corner of town that was a tourist attraction.
    Thus we were inured to the nudity and freedom for women that shocked bolte and askin into legislation and arrests.
    But it was time and and whitlam was dawning.
    Now it is time again can albo and tanya let the ‘sunshine in’?

    those things matters not, matter not to voters in a non compulsory system. In a compulsory system they are important under newton’s first law ie booby
    pps ad I try to write on TPS but maybe your questions are too difficult?
    there is a town in SA named after lameroo beach.

  6. Terence Mills

    Trump is facing the IRS and numerous creditors – as they say “they finally got Al Capone……. for Tax Evasion”

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