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Thank you, Donald

By Steve Laing

Well I guess it’s unusual to thank the 45th President, given his excruciating ineptitude and absolute lack of moral compass, but I feel that in this situation I must.

Because due to his “Putting America First” approach, our very own Treasurer has determined that when it comes to future trade deals we need to adopt this very same approach and Put Australia First as our new policy when it comes to trade deals.

“Australia is a trading nation and an Australia first policy does embrace trade and foreign investment and all of these things, so our economic interests are very much aligned with that approach” said Mr. Morrison.

Personally, I’m a little bit surprised that putting Australia first wasn’t the over-arching objective for any trade deals before, but judging by the evidence of what has happened to our car industry as the perfect example, it is abundantly clear that previous trade deals have been obviously not undertaken with this guiding principle in mind.

So there you have it. It’s taken a dumbass Yank to help our Treasurer to come to the realization that when you do deals with other parties, it is your job as the Australian government, to try to get the best deal for our country.

Words escape me.


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  1. Michael

    Absolutely mesmorising.

  2. Clean livin

    Not really surprising. At least Trump knows what he is doing, has outlined those decisions, and is actually doing something.

    Certainly more than our current mob who obviously Don’t know what they are doing, where they are going, or even how to get there.

    Proof is when Turnbull calls Shorten “gutless” because he does not support the TTP.
    Perhaps Turnbull should acquaint himself with the “85%” clause in the TTP, before he makes an even bigger fool of himself. Which brings me back to gutless.

    Marriage equality ring a bell, Malcolm?

  3. Tony

    Words I thought I’d never write: Thank you, Donald

  4. Brian Harry, Australia

    Any Australian Prime Minister who wants to sign the TPP, which will allow corporations to sue The Australian government(as Phillip Morris was undoubtedly planning to do, over Plain Packaging) should be shunned by Australian voters at the next election.
    Signing the TPP is the same as signing our Sovereignty away to Corporations. It’s akin to committing TREASON. Mussolini would be proud of Malcolm.

  5. jim

    We have a NewsLtd/IPA/ COALition regime in power in Australia as intended by the religious right wing fundamentalists and their masters the corporate world.
    Folks, if Australia votes this rabble of a government in again it will be rigged IMO.

  6. Zathras

    No, it’s still about putting certain parts of Australia first – not the interests of the entire nation.

    Specifically it’s always been about transferring public wealth into private hands and waiting for the goodies to “trickle down” to the undeserving poor.

    Nothing has really changed but I expect we will see more examples of private interests overriding public interests and Morrison must be feeling somewhat empowered.

    Trump has his pipeline, we’ll probably get some more coal mines plus a reduction in environmental impact studies.

  7. Steve Laing -

    I must admit that I would not want to be the PM of any country allied to the US at this moment – you would be treading on eggshells. Suck up, and prepare to get walked over. Stand up and prepare to be publicly dressed down. And the general public are watching with interest.

    My bets is that Malcolm will try and suck up, because we know he has no cojones, and because if he doesn’t Murdoch might stop supporting him. However the only Australians this will impress will be the One Nation rump, who lets face it, would applaud anything as long as it appeared “patriotic” and “anti-immigrant”, even if what transpires is to Australia’s loss. And that’s no biggie given its the same type of person that votes Coalition even though they personally lose out in that transaction.

    I think Tony is stuck in a logic loop. He wants to support Trump, and wants to shirtfront Putin. So now he has discovered that he’s checkmated himself on the international stage. Probably why he has been quiet the last week or two.

  8. Dyve

    Every responsible analysis of the TPP shows the value in boost to economic growth and jobs by 2035 to be mere fractions of 1%. Our balance of trade would be in the negative. The Inter-state (i.e.Corporation/Nation) Dispute Resolution system involving secret corporate tribunals is the most appalling attack on our sovereignty and must be resisted at all costs. Even Howard wouldn’t accept such an agreement. These ‘free’ trade agreements are put together by corporate bosses controlling the strings from which dance and dangle our elected parliamentary representatives. The public interest is ignored and vague promises of growth ‘n jobs and the like are bandied about as cover. It’s really about the further aggrandisement of the 1% for whom too much is never enough. Soulless bastards, the lot!

  9. jimhaz

    [My bets is that Malcolm will try and suck up, because we know he has no cojones]

    Yep. The question is how much. What if the Trump bully boys try and use security (ANZUS) to force trade in only their favour – even though we’ve been “all the way” with military support. LNPers glorify the most powerful above all other factors.

  10. Roswell

    It’s all Bill Shorten’s fault, apparently.

  11. bobrafto

    When doing a trade deal with China, Mr Robb made sure he made the best deal for himself.

    We’ve been screwed left right and centre because of our hurry to sign up deals just so Abbott could crow he achieved trade deals.

    I ‘feel’ that Abbott should be tried for treason.

  12. On the fence

    If you see Trump as the problem to be solved, as opposed to a symptom of a discredited and failing system, you present more of a danger than a solution…

  13. Steve Laing

    Bob – I entirely agree. And confiscate all assets as proceeds of crime.

  14. David Bruce

    When you realize the USA is owned lock, stock and barrel by the money power operating out of the City of London, it should come as no surprise that Trump has been set up to be the scapegoat for the next GFC. Trump realizes this and that is why he surrounded himself with a motley crew of experienced pick pockets. The City wants a one world money system and a New World Order. The only obstacles in the way at the moment are China, and that fiend Putin, in Russia. Things have become so bad, that even Lord Jacob has expressed concern about the potential losses from the money system experiment conducted by Bernanke. When Lord Jacob pulls Murdoch’s strings, toxic Tony and Malware both jump! It doesn’t really matter who is the franchisee, running the Australia Government! We are living in very interesting times…

  15. Shogan

    The funny part about all this is yesterday the FiZZA was clutching at straws & having a go at Bill Shorten for saying the TPP was dead & he would be “Putting Australia First” in any trade deals if he was in government.

    Me thinks the FiZZA & ScuMo are singing from different hymn books.

    The only people who think the TPP is still a goer are the FiZZA & Ciobo & I think the only reason is so they can have a go at Bill Shorten & they are so blind to their cause they can’t see that the only people being made to look like fools are themselves.

    If Clutching at Straws was an Olympic Event, the FiZZA would be a Gold Medalist for sure!!

  16. Rossleigh

    On the TPP, Turnbull called Shorten “gutless”, which is the equivalent of being called “fatso” by Clive Palmer or being told that you lacked a grip on reality by any of the One Nation senators.

  17. Susan

    I’m with Bob…. Abbott should be sued

  18. Michael

    Corporations are a human constructed legal entity for the aggregation of capital for the pursuit of profit and return of original capital and as such can be de/re/constructed – essentially, human first, corporation second – time to be more aware how humans are being played with willing politicians, who are in effect hold public property (all common wealth) in trust for all of us humans, deluded by narrow and simplistic mantrified ideology?

  19. Kaye Lee

    Excuse my cynicism but, when Labor suggested that we use a Buy Australian policy for government procurements, the Coalition rejected it in favour of “value for money” approach which just meant find the cheapest way of doing things. This led to the outsourcing of jobs. People in the Philippines will ignore you for cheaper.

    They only changed this in a deal with Xenophon to secure his vote for the ABCC.

    “In a stunning capitulation to Nick Xenophon, the Coalition has agreed to reverse a long-held policy and give Australian businesses an advantage in competing for taxpayer-funded projects.

    The Government made the surprise announcement in the Senate last night to overhaul rules about how it spends its annual $60 billion procurement bill to maximise local content.

    Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has argued a level playing field for all suppliers provided the best value for money for tax payers and helped Australia’s reputation as an open economy.

    But the Government has now changed course as part of a deal with Senator Xenophon to win his support for its legislation to reinstate the ABCC building watchdog by the end of the week.”

  20. Kronomex

    On a side note: The Donald has issued gag notices for a number of departments in the US. Strangely, the departments in question are those that the corporations have wanted to gut for years because they got in the way of profits. You won’t hear the truth but “alternative facts” will keep the unwashed masses in the dark until it’s too late.

  21. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Well done, Steve Laing.

    You identify the tenseness in my breast, as I think of the degenerates (dickheads by another name), who do not appear to grasp the concept that one of their most important roles, is to protect Australia’s best interests.

    I cannot wait to see Morrisscum’s subordination once the LNP losers are beaten.

    It’s good that Labor has kept up a Buy Australian first platform and it’s also good that Xenophon is demanding the same.

    This is where the non-LNP Degenerate parties and politicians need to forge their ALLiance that establishes courses to combat the LNP destruction of our processes and to provide restitution to our Australian interests once the LNP is extinct.


    Don’t be sad, Kronomex.

    Donald might think he’s expunged the voices of the protesters, but he has just made them stronger.

  22. Kate Ahearne

    Sorry to interrupt this riveting thread, but I’m wondering if other people are no longer receiving their notifications of new posts and new comments. It might be just me, because I have been having trouble with Google Chrome. Had to uninstall and re-install several times. Seems Ok now, but I understand that AIMN has been undergoing a security overhaul. Not sure what to think.

  23. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Interesting introduction to your comment, Kate, with “this riveting thread”. Might one infer some condescension in those words?

  24. paulwalter

    These people despise the idea of nation and community and only seek to dismemberr it like Hyenas savaging live prey.

  25. Michael Taylor

    Kate, that could be one of two things:

    1. The WordPress plugin (‘instruction’, for want of a simple word) that ‘drives’ a lot of the site’s features, such as sending email notifications, sometimes doesn’t connect properly (‘connect’ – again for want of a simple term) and of the few instructions it overlooks … sending out emails is one of them. It’s been happening on and off since a WordPress upgrade a few months ago, but when it does happen it’s not for long.

    2. Google Chrome has just bought in some new ‘rules’ about how they treat/interact (I can’t think of the right word) with sites in regards to their http or https (the ‘lettering’ before the URL address). Even though it’s only sites that have credit card details (such as banks etc) that needs a https, our web developer has been making the changes anyway.

    But I’m guessing it’s Number 1.

  26. Kate Ahearne

    Jennifer, No, no need for that. I was very interested, but I needed to break in to find out if others were having problems in the wake of the security work that was done today on the AIMN site. I had been receiving nothing since I think about 3 o’clock, except for the Australia Day thread. Eventually, I realised that something wasn’t natural about this, so I googled and so on and so on and here I am, seeking help. Perhaps you or someone else has been having a similar problem? If not, please excuse this interruption.

  27. Michael Taylor

    Jennifer, I didn’t read it as that way, and I’d bet $750,000,000 that Kate meant no condescension. I was a reader of her own blog, and of her comments on other sites for about five years, and it’s just they way she talks. If Kate said it was riveting, she meant it was riveting. ?

  28. Michael Taylor

    I see Kate’s beaten me to it.

  29. Kate Ahearne

    Michael, Thanks for that. I’m consoled by your guess. If nobody else has been having the problem at their end, then I have to hope it’s Number 1. I’m a bit suss, though about google Chrome from this end because I’ve been trying to resolve a problem for many days now, and I hoped it was fixed. There seem to be a lot of other people on the ‘help’ threads who have been having similar problems. Anyhow, now I’m feeling really uncomfortable about having interrupted here.

  30. Kate Ahearne

    Hey Michael, if I could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m a condescending bitch, who gets the $750,000,000?

  31. Freethinker

    Michael. I use Google Chrome and WordPress and all working fine in my system regardles of the IP address or PC that I am using.

  32. Michael Taylor

    No, it’s fine to raise it. Such things have been brought up before and it has helped alert us that there is an issue that needs fixing.

  33. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    No doubt, Kate is an honest and forthright woman with an intelligent mind. Sometimes these positive characteristics can be undermined by relevant perceptions.

  34. Kate Ahearne

    Jennifer, I’m not sure what ‘relevant perceptions’ might be, but thanks to you and everyone for their patience about this interruption. I’m trying to understand it as fast as I can, but what I really need is a fairly intelligent 10-year-old who ‘gets’ it about caches and Stuff. I’m very glad that nobody else here seems to be having a similar problem. One thing I do seem to have discovered, if I do say so myself, is that if you are having a Google Chrome issue, you might need to go back to an earlier version. Here endeth any usefulness on this issue by me. Tomorrow, when I can stand it, I’ll look into what Michael has suggested, if the problem persists. Then I’ll rent a 10-year-old.

  35. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Simply, Kate, “revelant perceptions” can mean the ways observers see you address comments or questions.

  36. Carol Taylor

    Putting Australia First for the Liberals clearly means something novel, putting the country ahead of the demands of corporate mates/LNP donors. Next thing you know it, the Turnbull government might even consider taking on the top end of town’s dodgy tax arrangements instead of threatening granny with permanent incarceration because the 5 looked like an 8 on her Centrelink form…but I dream…

  37. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    You don’t dream, Carol. It is an achievable expectation from the neoliberal duopoly and then from The ALLiance once the dinosaurs are extinct soon.

  38. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Carol.

    Jennifer, My rough translation of what you’re saying is that you don’t think my comments are genuine, You haven’t given me a very clear statement to go on, so I could easily be wrong. If you could just clarify, I think that would help both you and me and anyone else who might be interested.

  39. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    while your comments appear genuine, they are presumptious of others’ viewpoints and thus become inflammatory.

    My recommendation: don’t act like a know-all.

  40. Roswell

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith, Kate Ahearne made a comment that you misinterpreted. She then explained to you that nothing was meant by it.

    Jennifer, it’s time to move on.

  41. ozibody

    … David Bruce … Indeed … ” We are living in very interesting times… ” The Deutsche Bank has been in deepening water for a while, and along with some other German banks, their position grows murkier.

    The following extract sheds some light on the ‘ shipping industry dilemma ‘ : …. So much for the ‘ Globalisation Solution ‘ …

    ” Shipping crisis puts German banks under pressure … The flailing container shipping industry is a massive problem for state banks, particularly in northern Germany. Some fear that skyrocketing risk provisions may cost taxpayers billions of euros. A report published on Sunday by German public broadcaster ARD has suggested that the northern German states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein may have to offer up to 20 billion euros ($21.4 billion) in credit guarantees to prop up banks with bad investments in container shipping. – ”

    Donald Trump is looking more & more like the next potential ‘patsy ‘.,… along with ” taxpayers ” of course ! …

  42. LOVO

    Jennifer and Kate, I always love reading what ‘yooze’, umm, say. You both ‘inform’ many a reader here!!! You’re to and fro with ‘all’ on this site is both, informative and thought provoking….I have learned a lot from both of you… really ?
    You both seem to be on the same page about so many things……….and yet….crikey and stuff..’nuff said…….
    *crickets *

  43. philgorman2014

    The corpocracy is going global and national politics are becoming a very bad joke. Even Citizen Murdoch might be brought to heel by the corporate plutocrats of Trump’s cabinet coterie. Mind you that particular ship of fools may well scuttle itself ere long as the captain is barking mad.

    Meanwhile the mad dogs of Australia’s extreme right are yapping at the prospect of our very own Trumpfest with Tony reinstated in clouds of gory.

  44. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Roswell. Thanks Lovo. Jennifer, the enemy is at the door, but really, it isn’t me. That same enemy is hammering at my door, too. All our doors.

  45. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Points taken. I wasn’t ignoring everybody. I was asleep.

    I know we are generally on the same page and I know the enemy is at the door. Thanks Lovo.


    philmorgan, I won’t be surprised if this cesspool of Trumpism gives rise to a bloodless revolution; at least that’s what I’m hoping for. It was predicted before the election and true to form, he’s galvanising millions of people against him.

    Those thousands of Women Marchers are representative of profound disapproval against him but also profound defiance against the neoliberalism that allowed him to get into the position while weakening Clinton’s appeal.

    Now that there is a wiff of revolution on the wind, Australia will also be infected with the same alluring scent and changes will begin to happen.

    These Bloodless Revolutionaries must ensure that while they wipe away the neoliberalist dummies in power, they wipe away the institutions of neoliberalism too, so it can be replaced by democratic socialism.

  46. Harquebus

    Steve Laing

    I notice that you did not use the word “free” in conjunction with “trade deals”. Very good.


  47. Arthur Baker

    Has anybody ever seen a photograph of Donald Trump with his mouth closed? Does any such picture exist?

  48. totaram

    Philmorgan2014: “Even Citizen Murdoch might be brought to heel by the corporate plutocrats of Trump’s cabinet coterie.”

    I think you have misread something. Citizen Murdoch supported Trump’s presidency and so should get rewarded as he always does.

  49. philgorman2014

    Jennifer, I hope you’re right about the bloodless revolution but I fear that in America even a new Gandhi would likely be killed by Trump Triumphalists.

    In the absence of a coherent critical mass of social democrats let alone democratic socialists Australia’s Trumpist populists are still able to sway an ill-informed populace. I fear the bloodless revolution may well be a further stumble into neo-fascism.

  50. philgorman2014

    I may well have misread the entrails. But, clutching at straws, I saw Trump’s spats with Fox News as a glimmer of hope that the the two supreme Narcissists would inevitably fall out. I also think that competing egos in the cabinet will mean that it’s unity is short lived. The circle of trusted sycophants will shrink to the point of implosion.

  51. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Which circle of trusted sycophants?

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