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Ten Interesting Questions That Somebody Should Have Asked Going Back 100 Years or So

  1. When the prostitute revealed that Craig Thompppson (yes, I know the “p”s are silent and absent except when he signs his credit card) was one of her clients, why didn’t someone ask if she had any other interesting clients whose names she’d like to reveal?
  2. Why do people keep saying that the Anzacs fought under the Australian flag to keep us free, when they were fighting under the Union Jack and their first assignment was to invade another country?
  3. Why has nobody ever done an interview with Khemlani since the loans affair? You know, one of those where are they now and how do they feel about bringing down an Australian government?
  4. Why on earth did Fairfax report about some “poor” people missing out on the ballot for Heston’s “Fat Duck”, when clearly anyone who can pay the $525 plus drinks to eat there has made their money by exploiting the financial system in the same that the scalpers are doing?
  5. When you click on hyperlink inside an online article you’re reading, do you risk getting distracted and never coming back to the thing that you started reading in the first place?
  6. Why are headlines so much more interesting on other people’s newspapers, and twice as interesting when you’re too far away to read over their shoulders?
  7. Why aren’t I in charge of the world when the first thing I’d do is tell everyone is: “Take the rest of the day off, unless you feel that you’re really necessary today. By tomorrow, we’ll have worked out what are the jobs that really need to be done if we’ve noticed you missing. Then we’ll call you to come in. And we’ll keep doing that until we only have people coming to work because they’re needed not because they’re being paid. Until then, we’ll keep paying you so that the economy doesn’t grind to a halt because of the unemployment problem. If you can work out something useful to do while you’re waiting for us to call you back, let us know and we’ll keep paying you anyway and get someone else to do your old job..”
  8. In Victoria, we are being treated to Liberal Party ads that suggest that voting Labor will be electing an “Andrews/CFMEU government”. Why do I suspect that if Labor are elected, they won’t accept the idea that the CFMEU have a clear mandate to govern in conjunction with Daniel Andrews?
  9. Why – considering politicians seem much more intelligent after they’ve left office – do the articles by Amanda Vanstone, Peter Costello and Peter Reith make me think that they must actually believe the dribble that they’re writing? (Actually, in Costello’s case, I think it’s loyalty to the Liberal Party. Many thought that when Howard was accused of “dog-whistling” it was about racism; it was actually just his was of telling Peter to stop counting numbers and sit. Then Howard would tell him to roll over and say, “Who’s a good boy then.” Peter used to be terribly disappointed that he never got his tummy tickled and he’s still waiting)
  10. Why do we have so many lists that stop at ten?
  11. Why do people presume that I’m a Labor supporter or a lefty, just because I happen to think that rational thought, educated people and examining all possibilities is preferable to strange “Tea Party” concepts like “Jesus never had a deficit”, “If God liked scientists he’s have made us all intelligent” or “Having sex standing up is wrong because it may lead to dancing!”?
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  1. Annie B

    Why indeed Rossleigh. ? …….. All good questiions.

    Not that anyone within a bull’s roar of politics will ever answer them – correctly – truthfully – or even in a coherent fashion.

    Labor somehow might, Tania might — — the Greens will have a go ( maybe ) ………. As for the LNP ……. PFFFFT !!

    So – we have to answer them ourselves.

    I am not risking being banned forever from the AIM for a 15 page Q & A. attempt at this ….. besides which, in truth, I don’t have too many of the answers, anyway – ( maybe one or two ? 😉 ).

    Good article though. Food for thought.

  2. David

    No 8 Rossleigh, fact fact fact

  3. stephentardrew

    Or maybe all of the…er… or hang on just a sec or none of the above.
    I dunno too many numbers better go ask Joe.
    Jesses I love science and I am not a God or maybe I am.
    Hey wouldn’t that be fun then I could really screw with you lot just like you screwed with me Mr Smarty Pants Rossleigh.

  4. Christel Nathan

    You always make my Day thank you for your intelligent and Common Sense ,I am in your Fan Club

  5. mars08

    Why did it take battalions of federal and state police, steel barricades, road closures and helicopter air cover to protect the G20…. but seven Prime Ministers at Whitlam’s funeral made do with a bored Senior Constable on a bicycle?

  6. halsaul

    I agree with every word, so sadly funny in a lot of cases. The last one, re Goughs’ memorial service security, struck a cord with me. That fact shows me what a great country this still is. So sick of Abbott & his destructive, negative, dumb regime.

  7. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    12. Why is the MSM so enamoured with Rupe when we all know his days are numbered? Surely, his offspring can’t be as pathologically diabolical as he?

  8. mark delmege

    Q. # 17 Why hasn’t neo-liberalism been declared a disease and all those infected to been isolated – together if need be in a place where they can not infect others. The pox is a pox on our modern society and has done tremendous damage to the body politic and society as a whole – creating false values and consciousness amongst the inhabitance of one country after another.

    Q. # 49 Why has the U$ backed coup regime in Ukraine been given veto power over anything that’s written into the ‘investigating’ report into the downing of MH17.

    Q.# 183 Why is all foreign news channeled through one propaganda departmental ABC office in Sydney and who is in control. Please name names.

  9. xiaoecho

    @ Mars08

    “Why did it take battalions of federal and state police, steel barricades, road closures and helicopter air cover to protect the G20…. but seven Prime Ministers at Whitlam’s funeral made do with a bored Senior Constable on a bicycle?”

    It was a Labor gig. To surround the event with riot police would give Labor legitimacy. Can’t have that.

  10. Roswell

    ‘Of so’, or ‘or so’ Rossleigh?

  11. Terry2

    So many imponderables !!!

    Why is it, for instance, that seeking a seat on the UN Security Council is an appalling waste of time and money and a sure sign that a profligate government has lost its focus

    IF it is a Labor government initiative.

    But if this endowment is assumed by an incoming conservative administration, it is noble and virtuous and allows an honourable – and suitably attired – Liberal Party Minister for Foreign Affairs to assume a role that is appropriate and profound and brings bounty to an adoring world community.

  12. Loz

    why are we saddled with this government.? Is it to teach us a lesson?

  13. CMMC

    I still want to know who actually poisoned that strawberry plantation, you know the place where James Ashby was working.

    But, if you have LNP connections, you can just shrug and walk away from the law.

    Ex-Newcastle mayor Jeff McCloy is the latest to say he just won’t turn up to any damn investigation into corruption.

  14. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    How true Terry2.

  15. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    If Jeff McCloy, ex-Newcastle mayor, is thumbing his nose at ICAC or similar investigation, it is incumbent on the people of Newcastle to raise the pressure on him in his present circumstances.

    Nothing like discomfort and exposure to get an alleged miscreant to start talking.

  16. Paul G. Dellit

    Enjoyed your eleven “Ten Interesting Questions”. They’re like a reverse Turnbull: when you wrote the headline you promised us ten, and now after the headline was written, we discover that there are really eleven. You must have written in an earlier article that if there is to be a general review of articles, those which include numbers are likely to have their numbers increased. Still, you, like me, are a writer and it seems it is our fate to be regarded as willing to do or say anything to get noticed. Please keep doing or saying.

  17. mark delmege

    as for question # 3, I always thought Ted Shackley would be the man to interview.

  18. CMMC

    Hopefully, considering the Senate debacle, we wont have to ask why people waste their vote on stupid non-entities who end up just consolidating the LNP fold.

  19. Sunbeam Rapier

    Great post – some gems in there. But i think you mean “drivel” and not “dribble”…

  20. flohri1754

    Too bad one can’t like this column twice … ties in nicely with Adam Bandt’s little “Three Word Slogan” today for Abbott: “ABC ….. ABIDE BY COMMITMENTS” most especially when written down, or recorded from radio (audio only), or recorded on video (with both audio and picture) ……

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