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  1. VoterBentleigh

    Yes, a good article and a good comment by Matt James in the “Words Matter” article on this website. I visited the Victorian ALP website last night and the Victorian ALP are saying that regional hospitals in Victoria will be affected by the health cuts of the Abbott Coalition and the Victorian Premier is failing to stand up to the Federal Coalition on this matter. Regional areas in Victoria have had problems getting access to doctors, but now it looks like they may have the additional problem of access to medical care at a hospital.

  2. Maree Elizabeth

    time to rid ourselves of the LNP frontbench of jesuit trained EU controlled .. austerity for the poor and much cake for the super rich.. a s s h o l e s !

  3. rangermike1

    Newman is a Rodent that is unique, he is the only rodent that can slip under a snakes belly and still have space for a City apartment building on top of him. Abbott is slimy, this guy is just slime.

  4. Don Winther

    ” Profits above health will prevail” Thanks to Tony, Joe and Mathias ( the three Great Aussies )

    Football, meat pies, Kangaroos and Holden cars, they wouldn’t know what you were talking about.

    3rd World Australia.

    Happy Easter everyone I’m off to live in the bush for a while.

    See Ya, Don.

  5. billy moir

    sat in a private hospital with temporary nurses and visiting doctors feeling lousy and complained to be told it was an ankle operation so were not washing you get up for a shower fortunately for me a doctor from golf saw something was wrong and i woke to find the anesthetist poking something into my wrist and muttering can never find an artery when you need one the next time i woke i was in a tunnel connecting to intensive care where my wife waited terrified on being told my system was shutting down all nephrons had gone. spent a few weeks into the kidney ward the most scary time of my life. If you have ingrown toenails up to appendicitis go private anything else public. These pampered pollies, labor or liberal hit the top catholic hospitals for a cough.

  6. sam

    Privatisation: A great way to have something built or operated in the most expensive way. (government issued money is cheaper as a fact). Would you shop around for credit and go to the most expensive source? Liberal/Labour are essentially doing JUST this every time they enter a private public partnership or privatise infrastructure!

    And then you have the other outcomes all too familiar with privitisation: cost cutting of construction, conditions, services. Profit before purpose. etc.

    So in the end how much does this remove from democratic society?!?!

    Well ideally if i vote for a political party about an issue such as hospitals i KNOW that if they are publicly owned the government is the Actuator and hence poliocy cause/effect is clear. I vote on ‘said’ political party because of their ‘stance’ on running/building a service for better or worse.

    Now remove the government as an actuator and what purpose does the democratic system provide? How does cause and effect/efficient timely specific intervention of policy work now? Bring in the lwayers and wait years while it kills people. (examples: UK health system privatisation).

    Whats the point of voting for a party if they dont control anything, i can’t vote for what i consider is a better/worse health policy because its obfuscated behind a layer of private enterprise whitch (lets face it) is the most inefficient way to run something that has been now partitioned off from a larger entity (government at large) and now obides by the rule ‘must make profit’ (which health system should NEVER do and if it does its no longer serviing its purpose).

    (note: actuator is a type of motor that is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. sorry had to use a robotics term 😉

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