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Technology Not Taxes! Oh wait a minute.

Scott Morrison loves slogans but slogans have a habit of coming back to bite you on the bum.

For instance, if you were to ask him about the years he got out of Labor’s Debt and Deficit Disaster he would probably look at you blankly and say he doesn’t recall that.

Another that was road tested recently and quickly consigned to the bin was Can Do Capitalism. In Queensland, in particular, this brought back some painful repressed memories of a tragic time in the sunshine state when the LNP foisted on an unsuspecting electorate an upstart they called Can Do Campbell. A diminutive man called Campbell Newman, who bears a striking resemblance to Gollum of Tolkien’s middle-earth series, who seized office in Queensland on the back of this slogan but only for one term as the people of Queensland soon discovered that he was in fact No Can Do Campbell. He was consigned to history at the next election, at least that’s what we thought : he has recently resurfaced from that Augean Stable we know as Sky-after-Dark where he has been languishing with other political ne’er-do-wells – evidently he will be seeking a federal Senate seat in the next election and has embraced Clive Palmer : quite a stretch you may well think.

The Australian Way was dropped on an unsuspecting world at the COP-26 in Glasgow and nobody knew what he was talking about – ultimately they found out that what it means is to tell lies about net zero by 2050 but not actually do anything – after all as Scotty noted at the G20 we’re good at digging things up.

That brings us to Technology Not Taxes which went down quite well with the focus groups and seemed to get Angus Taylor quite excited but then a question was asked : what exactly does it mean ?

Now that we know that an Electric Vehicle will tow your trailer and will tow your boat and will get you out to your favourite camping spot with your family, does that mean that EV’s are now part of the new technology and will help in reducing our emissions ?

The answer of course is yes and, as EV’s are part of the technology not taxes slogan why is it that governments insist on imposing punitive taxes on imported EV’s ? For instance an imported EV will attract a Luxury Car Tax of 33% on values above the declared threshold plus a GST of 10% and a state Stamp Duty of around 5%. In the case of the popular Tesla Model 3 the federal taxes amount to approximately $10,000 (LCT $2,029 and GST $7857) plus around $3500 in state stamp duty.

So the slogan is going to have to be tweaked perhaps to technology and taxes on a need to know basis – and you don’t need to know and Scotty will deny it anyhow !

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  1. Phil Pryor

    The conservatives in this nation’s politics are quite UN-Australian. They are traitors to our culture and tradition, allowing foreign undigested and unwanted influence to permeate our culture, dilute our individuality, ruin our outlook, cloud our judgement. British influences are natural and historical, but have largely been absorbed and transformed into Australianisms. Evil, growing and totally offensive is the USA interconnection, fuelled by a fraud, fake, fantasist, renegade, dropout, traitor and evil exploiter in Murdoch. We are bashed by garbage and absolute exploitation from media, government (conservatives). Endless intrusive Black Friday rubbish.., endless “news” about a far-arsed singer who can’t sing getting the usual incompetent interview.., Old corpses revived ruthlessly for commercial gain regarding the Beatles and ABBA, both thankfully gone for decades. USA grossness and stupidity is covered, with senators, ex-Trumpites, media loudmouthed maggots all getting too much attention. Australia’s multi-trillion dollar problems of land clearance, pests and plagues, erosion, pollution, increasing flood and fire prone habitation get virtually nothing. And over it all is the POX of Morrisonism (chronic self-centred lying) for which no vaccine is possible. Boneheads never realise that taxes are not lost, but become funds to assure progress, planning, social justice. A government of assorted liars, propagandists, self seekers, thieves, crooks, deceivers, plotters, pisspots, predatory profiteers and parasitic political perverts is ruining this nation, its stability and future. Ignorance is bliss, they said. Observing Joyce and others, NO!!

  2. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Terence.

    Gosh, I wish the Labor Party would step up to the plate! That news yesterday of Labor’s support for fracking in the NT is incomprehensible.

  3. Frank Smith

    Labor, Greens and Independents should be loudly proclaiming that the Coalition policy is actually “Technology PLUS Taxes”. Anyone with half a brain recognises that all the Coalition’s announcements (yes they are only announcements) about financial incentives to boost technological innovation will be paid for by taxes. So it is “Technology PLUS Taxes”. And much of the required technology is already known – it just has to be implemented!

  4. Kaye Lee

    The really really stupid part of all this is that carbon pricing causes polluters to develop and invest in new technology to avoid paying the “tax” whereas this idiot government’s approach is to throw public money around to people who just want to prop up their existing business eg the idea of CCS to prolong fossil fuel use or to use really expensive gas as a transition fuel when renewables with storage are much cheaper and more flexible. Green hydrogen may be worthwhile pursuing but it sure isn’t there yet and we need action THIS decade.

    How are they paying for their $660 million white elephant gas power plant if not through taxes? Or the $50 million handed over to explore fracking in the Betaloo Basin? etc etc etc

  5. Anne Mills

    Kate Ahearn, I just read Anika Wells MP explain that Labor Senators abstained from supporting the Disallowance Motion because they have always said they will consider their position after the final report of the Greens-led Senate Inquiry, which is due in March, 2022. Not sure if her explainination helps. And I don’t know, reading another post, if that means that the policy to support the fracking with public money will go ahead, or that it means it can be stopped in March, 2022 on the basis of the inquiry.

  6. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Anne.

    That’s interesting. The couple of items I saw didn’t seem to put it that way. I’ll have another look.

  7. Vikingduk

    Look at the company receiving this largesse, Empire Energy, the chair, Paul Espie, is apparently quite friendly with the liberal party, giving them nearly $400,000. Recently, Empire paid $4,500 to attend lp fund raiser. By the by, the traditional owners have not consented to the fracking of their country. You’ll also find that Empire are a little notorious for oil spills and, no doubt, other shitfuckery. Thanks lnp, thanks labor, good job, great timing, just back from the talk fest and promise making, where the message, once again, was stop the insanity of destroying the only home we have.

  8. Harry Lime

    Never mind the planet,show me the fucking money.It’s enough to make the will to live ebb away………Almost.Not long now and that fucking jerk Morrison can holiday permanently in lower Chad.Where he belongs.

  9. Vikingduk

    Harry Lime, lower Chad, interesting name for a festering cess pit.

  10. wam

    Beauty, waltz, slogans may not be the rage this time. Except for one killer that will be repeated hundreds of times a day. Labor and the greens…
    If there was a debt limit, Kaye, the media would be all over turnbull’s $444m (april 2018) to a company of 4 people for the reef. $111m each. Even at a tiny interest rate that is still a biggest mob of money, especially with no strings attached?
    What about the other $400m to a company that once operated out of a shack on Kangaroo Island?
    What about $12000 a card for indue et cetera. They have no money problems and no parliament voting constraints. Any idea now, where the money comes from????
    But there is no limit and the LNP has certainly capitalised on that loonie largesse.

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