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Talking Crap: “the Morrison Way”

The Liar from the Shire has really outdone himself lately.

I didn’t expect any better from the man who dubbed himself ScoMo and then employed a personal photographer to change his image from a persecutor of refugees and social service recipients to a chicken coop building, cap and footie scarf wearing, beer swilling, God worshipping, netball dad who cooks a mean strawberry curry on the barbie.

But the personal photographer approach didn’t work so well when Morrison went up to (WARNING) “put his arm around” Emmanuel Macron. ScoMo’s attempt at a selfie backfired so, in typical fashion, he accused the press of trying to get selfies with the French president thereby giving Macron a platform to flex his muscles for a domestic audience. Scott has this unfortunate tendency to accuse everyone else of what he himself is doing.

ScoMo had done nothing wrong. Leak a private leader-to-leader text to the Murdoch press to prove it.

“Claims were made and claims were refuted,” parroted a conga line of government MPs, except all that was proven was that Macron didn’t know the sub deal was off and Scotty didn’t want to show us his response.

Macron has sledged Australia says an indignant FauxMo.

Hang on, says everyone. He specifically sledged YOU.

Scotty is also getting very irate with everybody pointing out his blatant backflip on electric vehicles but I think the lie that got me truly guffawing was his first high viz hard hat outing after getting home at the Westconnex tunnel.

When I met with His Royal Highness Prince Charles, at Glasgow, one of the things he raised was the great urban projects that have been done here in partnership with the New South Wales government, and made particular mention of the work that both premier Perrottet has been doing and Rob Stokes was doing as well, and I think that’s a great recognition of what is happening here in New South Wales and in particular in Sydney.

And so congratulations, Dom.

Aside from the name-dropping and the extremely unlikely possibility that Prince Charles would know the name of the new premier and roads minister of NSW and choose the “Last Chance Saloon” to discuss them with ScoMo, this was the same day that it was announced that Sydney’s new inner-west light-rail will be shut down for 18 months due to significant cracks in all 12 trams.

The NSW government bought trains that don’t fit the tracks, ferries that can’t fit under bridges or operate at night, and an entire fleet of trams that simply don’t work.

But hey, congrats from the Prince of Wales.

I also object to the glossy brochure misnomered “The Australian Way”. Since when has it been the Australian way to do nothing, to take credit for the work of others, to leave the heavy lifting to someone else, to put our prosperity in front of the futures of our children.

‘Can do’ capitalism, technology not taxes – these are the slogans of a government hamstrung by its own inadequacy, its fear of offending its puppet masters, and a complete lack of leadership.

All pamphlet and no policy, no care taken and no responsibility accepted, fiddle the numbers and pretend you’ve made progress, be indignant whenever your lies are exposed, and ALWAYS blame others – that’s the Morrison Way.


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  1. Carina McNaughton

    Spot on Kaye Lee. Just like the infrastructure in NSW is a complete dud so is the man who praises it. Do nothing PM who also shows signs of being defective, cracked and inoperable. Best chuck him on the scrap pile where he and his cronies belong.

  2. Michael Taylor

    ”All pamphlet and no policy…”

    Love it. Truer words never spoken.

  3. king1394

    Poor Prince Charles. In the photo of him with Morrison, Charles has his hand well back in his pocket, and the expression on Charles’ face is pretty pained as he is clearly looking beyond the camera for his security detail.

  4. GL

    A barely tolerated, arrogant, ego driven, religious nutter, and talentless know-it-all who it appears has all his life desperately wanted to be popular and will go to his grave the same way. He will be remembered for endless lies, back flips, and vile mouth and being the world’s village idiot.

    I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t think he’s a prick and wanker.

  5. Phil Pryor

    That toasty tanned turd with a loudmouth’s larynx, the P M, our Preposterous Misfit, is filth to the deepest fibre, all lies and no soul. Every day he and his equally soiled soddy underlings plot up a load of reeking shit to become sloganistic propaganda and cunning stunts.

  6. Michael Taylor

    king, I wouldn’t be surprised if Charles’ reaction was typical of anyone meeting Morrison (again or for the first time).

    It’s the “I’m about to be lied to” look.

  7. New England Cocky

    Looking forward to more insightful posts from Kaye Lee.

    Is Scummo or Beetrooter Prim Monster this week?

  8. David Stakes

    But you can see his MO on EVs, technology has changed when it hasnt. Cunning as a rat is this man

  9. Michael Taylor

    People on Twitter are excited that Niki Savva has written an article that heaps criticism on Scott Morrison.

    It’s sad, in a way, that when a journalist in the mainstream media writes the truth about Morrison’s lies that the article itself is the news story.

  10. Mark

    Morrison seems likely to fight this election on an ideological divide. At its most stark – a contest between collective action and (rugged) individualism. Thus expect to see pejorative references to (undefined) socialism versus (undefined) capitalism.

    Well to remember that Morrison’s broad commitment to Pentecostalism finds even sharper focus via the prosperity gospel. Recall – Those who have a go will get a go. And those individuals will be well rewarded here on earth. Indeed there’s no need to wait.

    While Morrison can choose an ideological battleground so too can Albo. Be interesting to see how well prepared he is. Or not.

    Suspect that Morrison has already over-reached but, like the very accomplished politician that he is, he’s ever ready to shift ground. But can he really abandon Barnaby? The lead in his saddle bags – at least in the suburbs.

    As for Ms Sava, she is a woman scorned. She, and her husband in particular, were very close to Turnbull so it would hardly be seen as unbiassed truth that she writes.

  11. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye. Spot on as usual.

    As you say, ‘Scott has this unfortunate tendency to accuse everyone else of what he himself is doing.’ So like Donald Trump!

  12. Harry Lime

    Beautifully nailed, Kaye Lee,and the signs that his arrant lying is being noticed by more and more of the “quiet Australians” will have him in whirling dervish mode, spouting ever more outrageous porkies.His number is up,his goose is cooked,his confected life is about to unravel in full view of his”quiet Australians”He will drown in his own bullshit.How good is that?

  13. Kaye Lee

    April 2018:

    The treasurer, Scott Morrison, has smacked down a backbench push for the Turnbull government to back a new coal plant, arguing that high-efficiency coal does not mean cheap energy, and taxpayers would also be left on the hook

    “The days of subsidies in energy are over, whether it is for coal, wind, solar, any of them,” the treasurer said.

    “That is the way I think you get the best functioning energy market with the lowest possible price for businesses and for households and that is what the national energy guarantee and our energy policies are designed to achieve.”

  14. Kate Ahearne


    What a brilliant find from the Guardian!

  15. Geoff Andrews

    Is Labor keeping it’s powder dry or are the MSM just ignoring them? I’ m still waiting for some killer Keatingesque comment from anyone on the Opposition front bench. History is calling for someone to join the exclusive Chifley, Whitlam, Hawke, Rudd club and kick these grifters out.
    My fear is that “Labor tactician” is an oxymoron.

  16. leefe

    Oh yes, Kaye, that’s an absolute gem.
    The sad – and infuriating – thing is that there are thousands of them, if anyone has the time and energy to go looking.

  17. Michael Taylor

    leefe, I was about to say; “Did you catch his latest lie about electric vehicles?” before realising that it has most likely been superseded. It was probably five or six lies ago.

  18. New England Cocky

    Has anybody had a word to NSW LABOR Opposition Leader Chris Minns about him suggesting that ”Albo has to face the media flack for a LABOR government to get back”?

    Minns is slipping under the mediocre stream media radar and preforming admirably on social media like Facebook. I am reminded that Indi was won by an Independent using the same strategy.

    Even the thinkers of AIMN are seeking some sign that LABOR is NOT a rotting corpse.

  19. Regional Elder

    An imagined dialogue : Not original, though I have adapted it a bit.

    Many journalists and commentators have been inferring that you are an absolute master of spinning untruths, and of lying many times since you have been Prime Minister.
    Can you tell us please …. what is your favourite lie ?

    Scott Morrison :
    I don’t lie.

    Interviewer :
    Yes, that’s my favourite one too Prime Minister.
    It is so all encompassing !

  20. Kaye Lee


    The EV lie just keeps growing, the latest version being that Labor wanted to increase the price of petrol.

    Has anyone bothered pointing out that the 2014 budget brought back the indexation of the fuel excise (frozen since 2001) causing petrol tax to go up twice a year with the CPI? It was 38.1c per litre and is now 43.3c per litre. That’s a pretty hefty TAX increase.

    They want us to believe they will embrace technology – the people who gave us the NBN via copper.

  21. Michael Taylor


    That EV lie was a howler. I hope it doesn’t blow over.

  22. Stephen S

    Charles himself isn’t the sharpest, but the Palace would have realised what a dick Morrison is. The prospect of 1950s Morrison putting his “girls” into white dresses to welcome a King Charles and Queen Camilla on their first Australian victory-lap is just too awful to contemplate.

  23. wam

    Love it, Kaye, ‘your morrison way’ of lie and blame is spot on. The rabbott, his joey and the copperman got away billyfree and scummo is alboless. Sadly the ABC is quick to follow rupert’s mob in using his method. The old 7:30 and Q and A is missed. Last night was awful. $b for climate headlines allows the voter to think that as an investment but $500m is not scummos. Albo et al need to put the LNP bullshit out about.
    Stephen S my darling was a hoop girl when the queen did a lap around the oval in 54

  24. Kaye Lee

    And just this morning….

    Host Neil Mitchell: Prime minister Scott Morrison, have you ever told a lie in public life?

    Morrison: I don’t believe I have, no. No.

    Oh wow that is SUCH a lie…….let’s start with the compensation we taxpayers had to shell out to the Save the Children staff that you kicked off Nauru when you LIED about them coaching children to self-harm.

  25. Kate Ahearne


    ‘Morrison: I don’t believe I have, no. No.’

    Wow! Yet anothery! The biggest, the umbrella lie, encompassing them all!

  26. GL

    The ultimate prize winning alternative fact from Scummo of the Unreal. If he really believes what he said then he is truly delusional and second only to The Donald.

  27. Phil Pryor

    A sick old shit sausage is our P M, the Preposterous Mouth, and he must be removed, analysed, sedated, straitjacketed if necessary. We now see more clearly the self denying sickness, the self inflating filthy ego, the self deluding fantasist, the self incriminating lying distorter.

  28. wam

    the answer is in the word ‘believe’ because what you believe is true then it is the truth. If you subsequently believe something else is true does the previous truth now qualify as a lie??? He has been shown a liar and labor needs to capitalise by taking his lies back to his maiden speech So what values do I derive from my faith? My answer comes from Jeremiah, chapter 9:24: … I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things, declares the Lord. From my faith I derive the values of loving-kindness, justice and righteousness, to act with compassion and kindness, acknowledging our common humanity and to consider the welfare of others; to fight for a fair go for everyone to fulfil their human potential and to remove whatever unjust obstacles stand in their way, including diminishing their personal responsibility for their own wellbeing; and to do what is right, to respect the rule of law, the sanctity of human life and the moral integrity of marriage and the family. We must recognise an unchanging and absolute standard of what is good and what is evil. Desmond Tutu put it this way: … we expect Christians … to be those who stand up for the truth, to stand up for justice, to stand on the side of the poor and the hungry, the homeless and the naked, and when that happens, then Christians will be trustworthy believable witness”
    sorry GL can we call the prick trump not the donald?

  29. Michael Taylor

    Morrison: I don’t believe I have, no. No.

    Holy toledo, Batman! The bloke thinks we’re stupid. And that we have the memory of a goldfish.

    The evidence out there of his lies is overwhelming.

  30. paul walter

    A core Tenet of Xtianity is,

    “Thou shalt not
    bear false witness
    against thy neighbour”.

  31. Terence Mills

    This coalition of compatible parties is on the nose, it is on life support, it is terminal, they hate each other.

    To get even the the most fundamental commitment to net zero by 2050 – and then with no modelling or plan – meant that major concessions and bribes had to be given to the Nationals, many of which we are yet to be made aware of : that’s no way to govern !

    This marriage of the Liberal Party and the Nationals is on the rocks and a separation is on the cards : the question is who gets custody of Barnaby or should he be placed in care ?

  32. GL


    I think Barmy Banana would jump ship and try and join the Libs.

  33. Ill fares the land

    For me, Australia has had years of Morrison in public and many of us know his professional history. In every role he has ever held, his performance has been, variously, lacklustre or mediocre. His utter abhorrence of accountability in any form and, it should be said, the truth when a lie better serves his purposes, which is true much of the time; his limited intellect, his vile temper, allied to the shortest of fuses that can quickly be lit, exposing his natural belligerence (remember how we disliked Mark Latham for being a belligerent nutjob?); his irritating smirk that gets bigger when he thinks he has pulled a swifty (remember how we were distrustful of Costello for his perpetual smirk?); abject lack of empathy and he being a walking, bullshitting “policy free zone” have been on display for all to see – especially for two years when he has utterly failed to do anything well as PM. If you see the guy for who he really is, you wouldn’t give him a job at McDonalds. And yet, more than 40% of people polled think he is an effective PM, presumably solely because he is a conservative. But when Morrison lies about climate change, EV’s, Covid vaccination inter alia and then lies about his previous lies, there are many who have heard what they need to hear – and that is enough for them to believe even more obdurately that he is “their man”. For me, that is the bigger issue here. How are so many of us so stupid as to believe that a failure who has even shown how ineffectual he is on a global stage (and been roundly spurned and ridiculed by his international peers), is actually doing a good job. In one sense, I’m not surprised. We will sit in a queue in our gas-guzzling SUV’s for 2 hours to buy cheap petrol, all the while fuming & proclaiming fuel prices are an outrage, but will sip “flavoured” special water (that is just water) that costs 5 or 10 times the price of fuel per litre.

  34. Michael Taylor

    GL, I just wish he’d jump off a ship.

  35. Russell

    I know the word “evil” is hackneyed; it’s too often bandied about to describe anything/anyone that people find intolerable or beyond nasty. Examples are “evil” North Korea or the “evil” Putin. But then, looking at and listening to this Prim Mongrel we must endure every day has finally convinced me. Morrison cannot be described better for what he is at the root of his sorry being: evil.

  36. GL


    Fall overboard in a storm without a life jacket while on a three hour tour?

  37. Kate Ahearne

    In a chaff bag, and dumped out at sea. It would be fitting.

  38. mike willoughby

    Bullshit Boy needs to be called out every day. There will be many lies every day to pick from because that’s who he is. People just need to call him out

  39. Michael Taylor

    Kate, can we dump it on the moon instead? 😁

  40. margcal

    I found this “favourite lie” pic on fb on 3 Nov. so the recent radio interview is a case of life imitating satire.

    Don’t know how old it is or who is the author.

  41. Kathryn

    The non-achieving, disingenuous, Jerk with the Smirk, the bone-idle Sloth Morrison is, perhaps, the most despised politician in Australian history – right up there with that callously inhumane war criminal, John Howard, and Howard’s appalling, totally insignificant sycophant, the swaggering, incoherent misogynist, Phoney Abbott!

    It appears the LNP are spoilt for choice for the worst, most unsavoury, totally corrupt, arrogant, born-to-rule sociopaths in living memory. To say that the LNP has not got ONE member who has a single redeeming feature is an understatement! The Sloth, like his appalling delegated attack dog, Peter Dutton, is notable for ONE reason only and that is that they are that rare breed of unpalatable creature who fail to have a shred of empathy, compassion, humanity, humility or insight! If the people of Australia were asked to hand-pick the absolute WORST, most unconscionable, self-serving, inhumane and thoroughly inept pack of career political parasites to mismanage our nation into oblivion, they would (and, indeed, they have) come up with the very SAME psychopaths (the LNP) who are ramping up their toxic agenda to have total control over everything we hear and see (in our media), tearing down our nation’s reputation, openly favouring the most obscenely rich non-taxpaying self-serving billionaires in the country whist attacking, ridiculing and defunding the lives of the poorest, most vulnerable people in our nation!

    Morrison, like Abbott and Howard before him, is a thoroughly malignant, pompous, intolerant and dangerously undemocratic charlatan. The LNP maintain a fascist agenda that is tearing down our democracy and ripping apart our egalitarian society. Sloth Morrison is the very same bible-thumping hypocrite – a signed-up member of the lunatic, paedophile-protecting CULT of Hillsong – who claims to be a “christian” but whose deceptive, manipulative, callous and disreputable behaviour has reached a level of appalling self-serving entitlement!


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