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Taking out the trash

I was prompted to start writing about politics when the spectre of the highly inadequate Tony Abbott as Prime Minister was first being seriously considered.

Having known Tony at university, it was completely unfathomable to me. We had always dismissed him as an inconsequential bovver boy, an overconfident loudmouth who spouted his indoctrinated views, a young man with anachronistic opinions and an overinflated sense of his own ability – a ‘second-grade footballer, third-rate academic and fourth-class politician.’

When the unthinkable happened, it didn’t take the country, or his own party, long to realise they had given the job to a man who wasn’t up to it, and Tony was disempowered. The people of Warringah then completed the disengagement.

Sadly, for all his high and mighty words, both before and after, Malcolm Turnbull turned out to be a Fizza, unable to lead a party that always viewed him with suspicion.

In part, that was his own fault. He, and subsequently Scott Morrison, intervened to ensure the preselection of nutters like Craig Kelly, Andrew Laming, and George Christensen.

These guys were not supported because of the great contribution they have made whilst in parliament. The politically expedient value of incumbency was put ahead of merit or the wishes of the local preselectors.

For different reasons, none of these three will be running for the Coalition in the next election. Good riddance.

But there is still work to do.

Peter Dutton has failed at every ministry he has been given. He is a plodder, a dull bully boy whose approach to everything is destructive. The negative reports about his administration from stakeholders, the ANAO, and his own departments, are endless.

And now they have given him defence.

This morning Dutton, the man now in charge of the guns, fired a shot at China on Channel 9.

“We’re not going to have our values compromised, we aren’t going to surrender our sovereignty,” the defence minister said as he admonished Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for doing the wrong thing in signing the agreements with China which have now been abolished by the Federal government.

“He shouldn’t be entering into agreements that aren’t in our national interest,” says the man whose government allows our gas to be sold to overseas buyers far more cheaply than to the domestic market, the man whose government continues to subsidise fossil fuels and the technologies that will prolong their use.

And what of the Country Liberal Party’s decision to lease the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company for 99 years?

At the time, federal trade minister, Andrew Robb, was an enthusiastic supporter.

“Landbridge’s commitment to the growth of the Port of Darwin will be a huge spur to the development of Australia’s north, serving as a catalyst for the entry of major investment right across the port’s upstream supply chain in agriculture, resources and energy and economic infrastructure,” he told the Guardian in late 2015.

The day before the 2016 election, Robb accepted a job with Landbridge paying $880,000 a year.

Dutton also took aim at China for building up military bases in the region and launching cyber attacks – topics the intelligence, foreign affairs, diplomatic and defence communities have been at pains to deal with circumspectly.

Not Dutton, who launches straight in.

“All of that is not the actions of a friend… We need to make sure that yes, we’ve got an important trading relationship, but China and others need to understand that Australia is not going to be bullied. We are standing up for who we are. We’ve got very important diplomatic relations with many countries including China, but we aren’t going to be compromised by the principles of the Communist Party of China.”

Dutton apparently wants to look like a hawk but the reality is that he is an albatross around the neck of this country.

It’s time for the people of Dickson to ‘take out the trash‘ before this idiot, as he inevitably does, makes things worse.

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  1. Kangaroo Jack

    How does one approach an entire federal electorate, and explain that their subservience to Mr Potato Head is putting the entire country at risk of a Myanmar-like insurgency, led by people from every other electorate?

  2. Win Jeavons

    Dutton might think he is the mouse that roared, but it a somewhat larger and more destructive rodent he apes. A bully who loves to throw his weight – political, not intellectual – around!

  3. New England Cocky

    kl, Your description of RAbbott was far too generous; you excluded, short sighted, uncaring, incompent. unempathetic and treasonous. Yesterday I travelled past the Bolivia Hill Bridge (N NSW) for which Tony Windsor (independent) achieved Federal funding in 1993.
    The town of Tenterfield NSW awaits the very necessary by-pass to protect their wandering aged residents crossing the New England Highway, that was also funded in 1983. Local Tenterfield info suggests that the Nazional$ have scheduled completing in the never-never.
    These were the first two projects that RAbbott struck out before the 1983 election upon hearing that Tony Windsor was retired from politics by his family. Barnyard Joke (Nazional$) was reported as ‘laughing”. Be kind …

  4. Kaye Lee


    I could write volumes about Tony but that would be giving him an importance he doesn’t deserve. As a snapshot, his rugby ‘career’ is allegorical to the man.

    His father complained when Tony wasn’t chosen in the First XV at school – they didn’t change their mind. And it only took one game at Oxford for them to realise someone had exaggerated Tony’s prowess – he was dropped from the team. I was at the game when Tony threw ‘that’ punch – the one he later spoke of saying ‘sometimes you have to throw the first punch to be best and fairest ‘. The only reason Tony punched the guy was because he wasn’t good enough at football to outplay him. He punched Joe Hockey at training – he played for the same club. And when Tony was offered the opportunity to tour South Africa with a university rugby team during the apartheid ban when anyone with principles said no, he grabbed the chance and off he went.

    He’s a self-serving, talentless fraud who would trade any principle for his own advancement/pleasure. He is hypocrisy personified.

  5. Claudio Pompili

    kl, you nailed it

  6. Barry Thompson.

    And a 5th rate boxer.

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    “We are not going to have our values compromised, we are not going to surrender our sovereignty ”

    Except when we stand to make a profit on selling our national assets like port Darwin, or iron ore or sheep stations, or cattle export businesses or when we are inclined to bend our knees to the crinkled old bastard when he perceives he’s been maligned. The rules can be bent when there is a fair hired female au pair seeking employment where all others are pushed into a queue. We seek to appeal to the rednecks when we wish to attract a mob of ‘patriots’ to the cause.

    Such defenders of our freedoms and upholders of our shining principles.

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    Barry Thompson…… and a tenth rate human being.

  9. Harry Lime

    Morrison Wyatt McCormack Fletcher Frydenberg Birmingham Littleproud Ley Pitt Payne Tehan Dutton Price Chester Cash Hunt Reynolds Andrews Porter Taylor Robert Tudge Who,among this star studded,odious,compromised,incompetent and dishonest shower is worthy of our respect?
    Think carefully,no second guesses.

  10. Kangaroo Jack

    So explain to me why conservatives continue to vote for them..

  11. Sydney Dude

    Do some scouting around at Goulburn you will find that some of Tony’s alleged sexual prowess may also not be up to his oft quoted high standards either.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Tony Abbott was very good for The AIMN (and Cafe Whispers, and I imagine just about every social media site). Of the hundreds of people or topics we’ve written about, Abbott always attracted the biggest crowd. People couldn’t get enough of him.

    Morrison may be a far worse prime minister – and the bigger threat to our democracy – but he lacks (at this stage) the knuckle-dragging stupidity of Abbott.

    We grew on the back of his knuckle-dragging stupidity.

  13. Williambtm

    Fraud has been perpetrated on the people of Australia.
    How in hell could the Swinging Dicks (those already identified) qualify to become Federal government ministers of high rank and privilege?
    No noticeable governance for the best interests of Australia’s people has since been identified from the day the L/NP party
    were given the role of due care and the governance of all in Australia.

    The second heinous action since 2013 had been perpetrated by Australia’s mainstream media proprietors not warning the people of the dangers portending by the aforementioned L/NP dipsticks.
    Yet this insanity has continued from that period in 2013 through to the present day.

    Thank you culpable mainstream media for permitting this shitbucket load of L/NP individuals to perpetuate their destruction upon Australia’s once proud ideals.

  14. JudithW

    “He’s a self-serving, talentless fraud who would trade any principle for his own advancement/pleasure. He is hypocrisy personified” could be applied to so many LNP politicians!

  15. Phil Pryor

    No-one has said enough, not nearly, about the stupidity, the cupidity, the putridity, of these effluent retaining imbecilics and pumped up erections of actually stunted personalities, the generation of conservative misfit, ill-tempered political misfits including the Hockey, Abbott, Morrison, Dutton, Taylor, Littletobeproudof and Tudge types, a huge bedpan of overflowing, brimming filth to ruin the carpet of Australia’s destiny and future. But much of it started with Jack Howard, an old classmate, whose self fixation, evil ambition, resentful fear of irrelevance, keenness for notice, pose, career, advancement and gain, has perverted and corrupted our history. The current P M, Mr Scott Failure-Fraud, is now ruining our reputation internationaly with touchytoes bending to assorted old donors and controllers…who or what can rid us of these meddlesome, loathsome misfits??

  16. Lawrence Roberts

    Get~Up campaigned strenuously against Peter Dutton at the last federal election and his vote went up. To oppose things is sometimes to strengthen them.

  17. Kerri

    Well said Kaye Lee!

  18. Canguro

    Michael, for Bob Ellis it was personal, the defamation suit brought by Abbott & Costello that resulted in the pulping of Goodbye Jerusalem was a bitter fruit of his labours and he never forgave them for the personal cost. His blog, Ellis Tabletalk, featured a rolling daily account of the egregious failings of Abbott, a perfectly rancourous portrayal of the idiocies of the member for Warringah.

    Sad that he died too soon, his voice in these times would add to the counter-narrative of these bastards.

  19. wam

    As your writings always are, kaye, this is a great informative read. Ironically but, you have shown me the only positive aspect of the rabbott, in my 20 years of disgust, at his religiously generated ignorance. Thanks for that.
    ps yes, lawrence, negativity is a two edged sword and the same negative approaches can be disastrous in one place and successful in another. Think on Herbert, a disaster for labor but worth millions to the loonies

  20. GL

    Piltdown man lives. I look at that stomach churning face and know without a shadow of a doubt that that solid concrete brain could never, and will never, have an original thought or idea thought.

  21. Ed from Perth

    Abbott was the quintessential knuckle dragger, he even had the walk to prove it! I can’t get my head around how seemingly rational people continued to vote for him. I’m guessing partisan politics & greed pay a big part. Meanwhile, the countries traditional values gradually disappear & we become a copy of what has happened in the USA.

  22. Josephus

    Another fraud involving abbot and others is the apparent misuse of a rich man’s Will , which must be criminal but seems not to have been in the public eye. Namely the Will of mr Ramsey never stipulated a planned triumphalist, doctrinaire and selective University infiltration of student courses on Europe to stop so called identity based tuition. This was a nonsense aimed at an uncritical indoctrination of students by linking funding from the bequest to interference in and control of curricula and staff selection. None of this was I understand a condition of Ramsey funding as stipulated in the Will and shows the ignorance and pettiness of abbot and his mates. The anu and other universities refused the alleged conditions and funds as the plan resembled National Socialist control of tertiary education .

  23. Spindoctor

    Wonder how we can get that headline in a mobile banner to parade in and around the seat of Dixon at the next election?

  24. Kaye Lee


    Perhaps a similar banner in Flynn….”taking out the trash?” with a picture of the family from Biloela. Is it really worth $50 million in court costs and detention fees for Peter Dutton to look tough? Ken O’Dowd should be easy to oust. “O’Dowd supports building HELE coal fired power stations, inland rail (such as the controversial Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport to Gladstone link), and opening up more agricultural land” (read more landclearing).

  25. New England Cocky

    Oops!! I made a mistake(s). RE BOLIVIA HILL BRIDGE & TENTERFIELD BY-PASS Funding was CORRECTLY achieved by Tony Windsor for both these projects in the 2013 Federal Budget, NOT 1993 and 1983 as given in the above post. Sorry about that …..
    @Kaye Lee: ”He’s a self-serving, talentless fraud who would trade any principle for his own advancement/pleasure. He is hypocrisy personified.” A much more accurate description.

  26. Florence Howarth

    I have heard others who went to uni with him express the same sentiments. Not much better when it came to his sister.

    Dutton will remodel defence in his own image. Began as Home Affairs minister.

    The next government will have a tumultuous time depoliticising all government departments.

  27. Bert

    Henry Rodrigues April 23, 2021 at 2:37 pm

    “Barry Thompson…… and a tenth rate human being.”

    Henry Rodrigues,

    Would he even rate as a human being? I seriously have my doubts.

  28. Brozza

    I like that.
    The big headline, ‘Taking out the trash’, immediately followed by a picture of a rotten spud.

  29. Terence Mills

    Peter Dutton is going to sue anybody who steps out of line and criticises him.

    In July of 2019 he said this :

    “Some people are trying it on,” he said. “Let’s be serious about this. There are people who have claimed that they’ve been raped and came to Australia to seek an abortion because they couldn’t get an abortion on Nauru. They arrived in Australia and then decided they were not going to have an abortion. They have the baby here and the moment they step off the plane their lawyers lodge papers in the federal court which injuncts us from sending them back.”

    An unemployed refugee advocate called him a ‘rape apologist’ which has been repeated elsewhere in the media and on social media. Dutton is suing for defamation.

    Dutton will have to prove that the statement he made was correct and accurate and he will have to show that his reputation has been tarnished : both of these could be hard to establish in court. We’ll see how that goes !

    Defamation has always been a risky adventure as Oscar Wilde found when he decided to sue the marquis of Queensbury for comments published by the marquis to the effect that Wilde was ‘posing as a sodomite’ at a time when homosexuality was unlawful. Wlde claimed that it was untrue and damaged his reputation. Queensbury was found not guilty. Because of the evidence given in the trial, Wilde was arrested and charged with committing indecent acts.

  30. Daryl Marshman

    Dutton will move Pezzullo to his department, Pezzullo is the Dutton equivalent of Credlin to Abbott, an intelligent, scheming, nasty piece who is the puppet master. Pezzullo is more scary than Credlin could ever be though.
    Did read Pezzullo read for Dutton and only fed him briefs of what he ‘needed to know’

  31. Jon Chesterson

    It is no surprise to hear Pezzullo has been moved across to Dutton in defence, with these two in office Australia will be on a tragic and pointless war path with China, and I think that is what Morrison wants – To create the ultimate threat to his next failing general re-election, plan B and desperate bid to stay in office. China is not the enemy! Dutton, Pezzullo, Morrison and the Liberals are. I only hope China know this – They are smart, I think they do.

    Sadly I am still not convinced Australians can see what’s happening here, and certainly the people of Dickson have lost it – We are held to ransom for their ignorance.

    Pezzullo and Dutton like Morrison are political parasites feeding off if not on the nation.

  32. Williambtm

    Thank you, Jon, you are right on the money. Though one must add; this is at the behest of Australia’s pumped-up alliance with the USA Dogs-of war.

    This long-held US military alliance that has been based on the ANZUS Treaty, is still yet to be proven if it consists of any merit of benefit to the sovereign land of Australia. Add to that New Zealand.

    Furthermore, all that has been created since the ANZUS Treaty had been signed (1st September 1951) had collapsed as it had become severely lacerated to the point of no longer applicable thus no longer pure in its effect.
    This due to New Zealand’s legislated action to no longer permit given to the entry of any USA nuclear powered or weaponized… US military vessel…as a given that would be said to endanger New Zealand’s nuclear-free zone.

    In the strictest legal sense, the 3 party ANZUS Treaty can no longer remain in its best intended effect.

    I will leave this absolute factum to the persons appointed to rule on the exactitudes underlying the former ANZUS Treaty.

    Effectively, this action by New Zealand has carved open or has removed all effect of the obliged ANZUS Treaty alliance with the USA.

    I now return to the much-hyped Australan influenced suck-up to the USA, suggesting China we no longer like you.
    The commonly misunderstood Anzus Treaty that is our supposed USA military alliance, in my opinion, is no longer a Treaty for the Australian government to be reliant thereupon.
    If any person can clarify if this butchered Treaty is still in effect, I welcome the person who can do so.

  33. Socrates.

    Are people a wake-up to what a threat this cretin is to democracy yet?

    WAKE UP, Australia!!

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