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Andrew Bolt: the globe-trotting weather presenter

Believe in climate change or not, there is no denying that the most vociferous and fanatical arguments come from those kitchen table scientists who do not believe we are on the eve of a catastrophic event. Their media bosses let them loose on anybody who even merely says “it’s hotter today than last week”.

Somebody must have said such a thing recently; enough to inspire Andrew Bolt to dedicate five of his last eight blog articles to attacking proponents of climate change.

His latest piece, “Almost too cold to type this message to a warmist” does nothing for his argument. Or his credibility for that matter.

Absent from his blog for a few days, we learn from Andrew that:

As it happens, I am in Los Angeles, freezing my backside off in an unusually cold spell.

He’d better prepare himself for some fairly nasty weather: I’ve just checked the forecast for Los Angeles for the rest of the week and they are expecting Arctic-lke temperatures of 25, 26, 27, 27 and 27 over the next five days. Those temperatures are in Celcius, mind you. Don’t go outside, Andrew. You’ll be snap frozen.

Andrew also tells us that Los Angeles has been experiencing record low temperatures yet assures us that:

I wouldn’t be so stupid or dishonest as to claim that weather in one part of the world says anything about the climate everywhere.

Before coming out with this gem:

Fact: to measure what we call “global warming” we need global records, not anecdotes about temperatures in Australia or California. And what those global records tell us is that the rise in temperature paused 16 years ago . . . The world is not warming as was predicted. And gloating over some bushfires in Australia does not change that central truth. Indeed, it strikes me as dishonest.

(Now might be a good time to read Bolt’s short article in its entirety before continuing here).

While Andrew is sitting in front of the open fire while Los Angeles shivers he might want to pick up the local Los Angeles Times and read this article: 2012 was among the 10 hottest years on record globally. Here’s what it says:

The average global temperature in 2012 was among the 10 hottest since official record keeping began in 1880, with most of the world — from North America to far northeastern Asia — experiencing higher-than-usual temperatures, according to related reports issued Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Last year’s average global temperature was about 58.3 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 1.0 degree Fahrenheit warmer than the mid-20th century baseline, NASA said, making it the ninth-warmest year on record. NOAA’s evaluation showed that 2012 was the 10th-warmest. The agencies’ reports are based on slightly different methodologies and data.

Still, the two agencies concurred that the data point to a planet that has grown warmer swiftly and looks to get even hotter in the near future. The reports noted that except for 1988, the nine warmest years in the 132-year record all have occurred since 2000. And 2012 was the 36th year in a row that the global average temperature was above the 20th century mean of 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, Andrew, who is being dishonest?

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