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Andrew Bolt: more than just the village idiot

I’ve never seen Andrew Bolt as anything but a village idiot. The label, first applied by Mike Carlton a couple of years ago has stuck with me. It fits Bolt, just nicely.

I wonder at times if Bolt really takes himself seriously. If he does, then what parallel universe does he dwell in?

I’m yet to meet a person who likes him, let alone harbour an ounce of respect. Indeed, he has a history of inciting hate, much of which comes back at him. But as his employer keeps reminding us, Bolt is one of the country’s most influential media identities. It bothers me though, that they keep this idiot on the loose.

The man is also a hypocrite, engaging in the same behaviors he condemns others for. His idiocy must prevent him from recognising his own hypocrisy, and unfortunately in remains unchecked. Both his idiocy and hypocrisy have reached ‘red alert’.

Yesterday Andrew wrote a few nice words about Denise Allen. From what I know of Denise she’s a likeable person who plays with a straight bat, and for once found myself nodding in agreement with Andrew’s poison pen. However, the niceties were dispensed with and his usual bile took over and it became evident that he was actually hanging Denise out to dry. This is from his article:

Here are some recent thoughts of Nice Denise, the social justice campaigner.

On Margie Abbott, wife of the Opposition Leader:

Your husband, along with his bunch of feral shadow ministers and many on his backbench, have turned the political discourse in this country into the obnoxious, wretched, ugliness it is today.

Are you proud of him? I’m sure you are. You must be, because you have now come out and said what a wonderful, loving, decent man he is! To say that — you must agree with everything he says and does! Otherwise you would have the courage to say there are some things you don’t agree with him on….

Quite frankly, it disgusts me..

He may love you and the girls and his mother – and Peta Credlin – but that’s where his affinity with women ends.

So get over yourself, Margie Abbott.

Your husband is one of the most vicious Opposition leaders in this country’s history — and as he would say: “It’s just politics!”

It’s about time the decent women and men of this nation fought back against your husband’s ugly persona.

So … if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

If your husband will let you, that is.

On Peta Credlin, Abbott’s chief of staff:

But when you roll out such personal information – information usually kept private between a woman and her partner, and perhaps few sympathetic confidantes – you, Ms Credlin, should be rightly condemned for using your IVF procedures as a blatant political tool. For using this emotive issue to sway the public into sympathetically thinking your boss doesn’t “have a problem with women”…

Which makes you a pretty unpleasant person in yourself. You will go to any length and stoop down into the lowest gutter to get your rotten boss over the line at the next election….

Even using your own personal tragedy as a lever for sympathy. What a disgraceful woman you are.

On political journalists:

Like jackals baying for blood, these neo-hacks ram their personal opinions down the throats of either the unsuspecting (often so aghast they are shell-shocked), or of the insatiable – the scandal hungry – devouring biased information as if it was their last meal…

I cannot remember a time when the mainstream media have been more in the gutter and more hateful than it is now — and they have the hide to disparage politicians for not being ‘honourable”.

Once I thought someone spiteful, personally abusive and shrill had no future in politics. But today I suspect Nice Denise will fit right in with Gillard Labor.

Oh, and if you are surprised a professional conscience could be so nasty, I must remind you again of the words of Bertrand Russell:

Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.

Not a warranted attack on Denise, one could argue, given that it comes from the self elected champion of free speech. That was an epic hypocrisy moment: inviting condemnation of Denise for exercising her right to free speech. Obviously Bolt doesn’t encourage it for those who dwell beyond the political divide.

Hypocrisy moment number two is monumental. Denise was attacked for speaking her mind, yet the comments he passed for publication are freely allowed to be savage against Denise. Here are some examples:

What a nasty piece of work Denise Allen is. Labor Party dopes like her are full of rage because nobody listens to them any more. It never crosses their tiny minds that they are simply hopeless and are seen as such.

Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:26pm)

Another unemployable desperate to get her snout back in the public trough.

Sirocco of Canberra
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:30pm)

Thank you Andrew, for the warning. Nice Denise appears to be just another Chronic Malcontent, for which the Left is justly infamous.

Sunray of nswcentral coast
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:30pm)


Kick (Reply)
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:31pm)

What a nasty, vicious ill informed low life she sounds like. Head up her derriere when not looking in the mirror praising herself for own self importance. Future labor PM in the making??

Bazza of Berwick
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:34pm)

Typical leftist – a seething cauldron of lava like vomit full of hate and envy and loathing; full of self assuredness that their feelings are completely justified – if only they could work out why they feel that way. How horrible it must be to be born with a lifelong supply of crazy pills!

Baron of Brunswick
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:35pm)

What a wonderful lady she isn’t. I can’t wait for a change in government and with that hopefully a broom is swept through many of the Left’s thinktanks (ie all funding cut) so that her and her ilk can go crawl back down the sh..holes from where they came

Sammy of Adelaide
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:40pm)

The lady seems very disturbed and is showing the true nature or her bilious personality. It is very unappealing and should cause her shame.

Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:42pm)

What a nasty piece of work is MS. Allen,I don’t know this female but after reading her BS I feel I could slap her across the chops.

Lyn the Lib of Gold Coast
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:46pm)

I can’t see the problem. Labor has always attracted the mentally unstable.Thanks to the computor age this is now being exposed.Poor darlings are so mentally unstable they actually thought that the social media would work to their benefit, instead it is exposing them for what they really are. A bunch of sociopatic misfits all out to destroy what they consider the enemy.

holty of sth pacific
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:51pm)

Just another one wanting to suckle at the public teat. How can the papers allow such vitriol without being challenged

mark of melb
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:51pm)

What a potty mouthed individual. She will fit in well in “New Labor”. Disgusting language such as I have just read from this woman (certainly not a LADY) makes it clear what she thinks of the world and its inhabitants.

David S of Up-North
Tue 26 Feb 13 (02:57pm)

I hope she reads this and sees herself as we see her.

I feel sorry for her children, that this is the legacy she will leave her descendants when they discover her on WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE.

If you are what you eat, then I’d very much suggest you swap diets.

Tue 26 Feb 13 (03:03pm)

What a vile excuse for a human being. She is obviously a prime Labor candidate. Anyone with such hatred of men; such hatred of families and such hatred of all things non-Labor will no doubt aspire to be the next (far distant) female Labor leader.

She will no doubt be welcomed with open arms by all her Labor peers.

Tue 26 Feb 13 (03:03pm)

Wow! What a piece of work…..
Beggars belief that this person thinks she has anything at all to contribute to the debate. She is overflowing with bile and resentment, and in typical labor fashion can only retaliate with attack and misinformation.

Grounded in Reality of Qld
Tue 26 Feb 13 (03:07pm)

Does anybody else see the hypocrisy there?

Among other things, Bolt was smarting that Denise had dared to ridicule Margie Abbott, wife of the Canberra clown who masquerades as Leader of the Opposition. This leads us to hypocrisy moment number three: Bolt’s own attacks on Julia Gillard’s partner, Tim Mathieson, to which Denise’s ridicule of Madam Abbott pale limply in comparison. Denise wrote one article on Margie Abbott. Bolt, on the other hand, has been prolific in his ridicule and condemnation of Mr Mathieson. Here are the links to some of his articles:

If Margie Abbott were as idle as Tim Mathieson, how the Left would jeer

First bloke’s work dilemma

Column – Tim trapped on the sofa by sexism at the Lodge

Mathieson must pay for Gillard’s extremism

Meet the First Bloke

If I were to include in this post every denigrating comment that Bolt has made about Mr Mathieson (in the above articles) I’d be guilty of keeping you up all night, either from reading too much or suffering horrific night-terrors. Visit the links to his vile pages if you wish and see for yourself this consummate hypocrite at work. See too, how his denigration inspires his fan base of Neanderthals to feed on the carcass of his unfortunate victim.

Hypocrisy moment number four. This one too is monumental. Show me a site where Bolt has attacked anybody who has written anything the least bit abusive against a left-wing politician or their partner. Has he jumped heroically to slap down his constipated colleague and viral Gillard basher, Piers Ackerman, or that toxic bubble-headed buffoon Alan Jones, for example? Of course he hasn’t. He’s too much of a hypocrite. And too much of an idiot to see it anyway.

If he’s prepared to publicly humiliate Denise Allen over her writings – on her own blog to her own readers – what must he think about these disgusting tirades that have gained national prominence:



Andrew Bolt – village idiot, village hypocrite – would make a perfect case study for anybody wanting to examine the reasoning behind the pathetic levels the mainstream media has slumped to in this country.

The man is pathetic. Sadly, he gets away with it.

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