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Toward constitutional recognition for our First Nations

By Tjimpuna Ruby Anangu Mayatja 

Every First Nations/Tribes person is asking themselves what the next step in the Constitutional Recognition process is.

The next step is what is being called the “Terms of Reference” that leads towards Constitution Recognition. This has already been set as of early October 2019 without your approval by the team under the Minister for Indigenous Australians headed by the Authoritive NT INTERVENTION enforcer.

The Terms of Reference is a set guidelines and policies that every First Nations and Tribes people of Australia will have to comply with and you do not have a choice or say in the matter even at consultation level when it comes to your Tribal Lands in how it should be met by both parties. It is an automatic roll-out leading towards Constitution Recognition and it will happen this week in Federal Parliament.

Since June 2017, I have maintained the blocking on Constitution Recognition along with the past Prime Minister and current Prime Minister as per shared agreement as it directly conflicts my family, the ULURU family. I assure you that both my Grandfather’s the ULURU brothers do not want it. There is much pressure from the Labor Indigenous Parliamentarians in a disrespectful manner and much disrespect from many platforms in the hasteful manner whilst they have no respect for my ANANGU family and my Tjukurpa – Anangu Law.

This week I will maintain in my stance to have a balance on this issue as of the recent events in my beloved NT. In the hopes our family surname of ULURU be removed and not spoken especially in the Terms of Reference as First Nations and Tribes people can move forward to be recognised and acknowledged but their tribal boundaries and successfully have a shared agreement with the tiers of Government and stakeholders.

This decision is a hard one for me and I will say that if my Anangu people of the Western Desert Block are conflicted they will be supported highly and heavily by the Anangu Mayatja Council of Elders.

As Anangu Mayatja my first recommendation is the removal of the NT INTERVENTION, without this we can move forward or go back to how it was. NT wide I’m sure you all agree. Whilst the NT INTERVENTION is in place nothing will progress. This not only affect First Nations and Tribes people it affects NT wide top to bottom, left to right, business owners, every legislation and policy that is stipulated and accepted by the Land Councils; Northern and Central.

For First Nations and Tribes people across Australia if you have already accepted any regional based treaties eg: LAW MAKING DECISION AGREEMENT (NT) please make sure the conditions are met equally with tribal law at main focus with your issues that need resolution.

The Terms of Reference will ensure the roll-out process is from an academic position not a culture one.

I’ll do my very best one last time but the forfeit of my family’s surname ULURU is at much pain and conflict so all can finally be able to move forward.

Be ready to receive the Terms of Reference and you all know who is in charge.

Lastly, I am not an Indigenous Australian just because a piece of paper will now say I am … I always have and always will ANANGU and secondly ANANGU MAYATJA.

Tjimpuna Ruby
Anangu Mayatja on behalf of Anangu Mayatja Council of Elders

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