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It’s not every day that Malcolm can say that the party room agrees with him. In fact, judging by the way he was gloating today, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a pretty rare occurence.

Well, at least Mr Turnbull kept his promise about not being prepared to lead a party that wasn’t as committed to fighting climate change as he was. For a start, nobody could suggest that he’s ever actually led the party but, more obviously, judging from his rhetoric, he seems about as committed to fighting climate change as Tony Abbott. While there was the odd mention of how the NEG was going to reduce emissions, there was no mention of the reason why we wanted to reduce emissions in the first place.

And Malcom and his Malfunctionaries even started to borrow Tony’s line about the “unreliability” of renewables. One businessman said on Sky today when explaining about the need for dispatchable baseload for “when the wind goes down and the sun stops“… Mm, I tend to think that when the sun stops, baseload power will be the furtherest thing from our mind.

You certainly have to give the Liberals credit for their success in making people believe that blackouts are a relatively new phenomenon, solely caused by adding renewables to the mix. At my house, we had a power blackout a few weeks ago, caused by a car hitting a powerpole in the area. I guess the driver must have been blinded by a solar panel. On occasions, car accidents and weather events have caused a loss of power for as long as I remember, but this doesn’t seem to be acknowledged in any discussion about reliability. No, we still hear people banging on about South Australia’s loss of power after the worst storm in decades. And even that wasn’t directly caused by their reliance on wind power.

Of course, the other reason we have power blackouts is when we don’t have enough supply to meet demand. This is never because an aging coal-fired station breaks down. This often happens in Summer when everyone turns on their airconditioners. I guess, the solar panels that thousands of households have installed don’t help on such days because they don’t work when the sun isn’t shining and we can’t expect the sun to be shining on days when it’s excessively hot.

I’m probably not the only one to notice this but did you think it strange that our bills are going to come down by $550 – the same amount which the abolition of the carbon “tax” reduced our power bills by. Or should I say the same amount that we saved when it was abolished because as we were told a year later, while power prices haven’t come down they would be $550 more if they hadn’t got rid of the carbon tax. Seems as though all their modelling comes up with one number. One presumes that it’s an average, but I’ve only ever heard them tell us that household power bills will drop by that amount. Mm, perhaps it’s actually the total for all of Australia.

Anyway, the government has managed to get the NEG passed the most difficult naysayers, their own backbench. After that, the states should be a piece of cake.

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  1. susan

    Great article! I was beginning to think that sensible logic had become extinct.

  2. Pierre Wilkinson

    Of course, privatisation of supply ensured lower costs, but electricity companies declaring record profits belies the claim that consumers benefit.

  3. johno

    I prefer juice media’s take on Fizza and his hapless yokels.

  4. Andreas Bimba

    This video of Malcolm Turnbull leading the Coalition is applicable.

  5. Pappinbarra Fox

    Lets kill that furphy on the head right now. Privatisation does NOT reduce power prices rather it guarantees prices will be higher. Economic managers? Besides being a lie it has actually nothing to do with this governments policy settings or modus operandi.

    Bring in a government that actually governs for the community. And until we find one Labor will have to do. At least it is part way there and not completely disconnected from the community like this mob of toffs.

  6. Nw England Cocky


    Yesterday, I had reason to discuss electricity pricing with my retailer POWER POINT.

    [It was a haggle over 0.5 units of power usage on the hot water circuit that is NOT used because I have solar hot water. The computer said that I had to have the roundup figure rather than the correct round down figure]. AHHHHH!!!!!

    I was advised that my meters needed replacement so that I could read my usage every 30 minutes.

    I was “required to request” replacements of the meters at their cost.

    This is a stupid excuse by POWER POINT.

    The proposed new meters would have the capability of charging for power at the 30 minute instant rate at which the power companies are required to purchase power from the grid.

    Naturally as power demand fluctuates during the day, power costs fluctuate in response, rather than the present system of a single unit tariff for all parts of the day.

    Here we have the foundations for the next great power cost rise, so that the power retailers can pass on the fluctuating diurnal price to customers … and maximise profits.

    The same thing happened about 40 years ago when New England County Council “upgraded” the meters to a pulse supply model so that during low load times, the surplus generated power could be directed into heating hot water systems outside the usual 10PM to 6AM period.

  7. New England Cocky

    Uhm …. power use increases in summer because many residences and offices have air conditioning rather than passive solar design. Summer is the season of long sunny days (specially in Queensland) and warm nights. Solar radiation can now be transformed into an energy form useable by domestic 240v electrical appliances, including air conditioning units.

    So an economic rational conclusion would surely be that solar electricity generation by solar panels ion the roofs of those residences and offices would be beneficial for the energy supply by being self-energising. Am I incorrect?

    Oops!! Silly me!! This NLP misgovernment is not economic managers, only $444 MILLION gift givers to private bankers playing ecologists in the GBRF, does to know how to manage a national economy, does not want to grow Australian manufacturing capacity in case it successfully competes against imports and really only functions to provide extremely well paid jobs for spoilt brats who attended private schools supported by too generous public funding subsidies.

  8. Kyran

    This ‘achievement’ is, apparently, nothing short of miraculous. It was so momentous that our intrepid leader called a press conference to announce that he had ‘overwhelming support’ for his policy, full details of which are yet to be released.
    “’Good debate’ in party room has led to ‘overwhelming support’ – PM
    Malcolm Turnbull has made it to the courtyard and we have full barrister mode – both hands are being used to make the points.
    “We have had a good debate in the Coalition party room, overwhelming support for the national energy guarantee.”
    I just need to point out that the prime minister has called a press conference to announce his own party room is mostly backing a government policy.
    This is where we are at.”
    The Guardian live feed from yesterday has several mentions of the impending release of details other than a single excel spread sheet.
    There is a radio show, the Coodabeens, which has documented the sacking of coaches from various footy clubs and has noted the uncanny coincidence of football clubs announcing the coach has ‘the full support of the board’ in the days preceding the coaches dismissal. ‘Full support’ has become a euphemistic death knell. As soon as your club says ‘you have the full support of the board’ it is time to pack up your desk. This is why our intrepid leader is safe. There is not a snow ball’s chance in hell that his ‘board’ will ever be united in support of anything.
    The previous intrepid PM has referred to the party room shenanigans as having ‘the unity of lemmings’. This pre-empts the tendency of some lemmings to shy away from the inevitable outcome of ‘jumping off a cliff’, electoral or otherwise. Even funnier, the ABC is reporting that Abbott’s influence is ‘waning’. Clearly, whilst he is still on the Washington Speaker’s Bureau list, he is not much sought after.


    If someone wanted to pay him, he would be out of parliament like a shot. He is not ‘waning’. He is commercially unviable. When you search his name, just after ‘availability’, the site says;
    “Travels From: Australia
    Fees vary based on event location”
    Come on Brexit, T-Rump, Putin, book him. Take him, make yourselves even grater. If you don’t want to pay, Australians would probably contribute with the strict proviso you DO NOT SEND HIM BACK.

    As for Mal, it is unfortunate that the current crop of IPA spruikers are described as ‘terrible’, ‘inept’ ‘humiliating’, ‘shocking’, ‘appalling’, ‘hurtful’, ‘dreadful’, ‘deficient’ and ‘unnecessary’. That their current crop of spruikers regularly display ‘shocking errors of judgement’. That their current crop of spruikers demand ‘standards’ and ‘values’ of ‘respect and respectful workplaces’, whilst admitting their own performance is so woeful it requires ‘forgiveness’ and ‘understanding’ on a daily basis.
    Those words and descriptors are not the words of ‘lefties’, ‘socialists’ or ‘radicals’. That was how the ex-Deputy PM and the (soon to be ex) PM described each other and their government, on the demise of their bromance, having just reconvened the band.
    Then again, what should we have expected? This is likely the first occasion ever in the entire history of the entire world that a PM’s character is defined in every dictionary on the planet.

    “Mal definition;
    mal- a combining form meaning “bad,” “wrongful,” “ill,” occurring orig. in loanwords from French (maladroit); on this model, used in the formation of other words (malcontent; malfunction).
    :in an unpleasant degree (as in “malodorous”);
    :in a faulty or inadequate manner (as in “malfunction”);
    :not (as in “maladroit”).”

    Here’s a fun game for everyone. Assuming the three ‘sub-categories’ of the combining form are adequate, where do the following possibilities sit? Bonus points – are they aliases or pseudonyms?

    Mal-adjusted; Mal-administration; Mal-ediction; Mal-efactor; Mal-eficant; Mal-evolent; Mal-formation; Mal-practice; Mal-treatment; Mal-versation; Mal-ady; Mal-aise; Mal-apert; Mal-apropism; Mal-feasance; Mal-ice; Mal-ign; Mal-ignant; Mal-ingerer; Mal-leable;

    His name is the very epitome of his performance. Only Mr Brisbane (or Nostradamus) could have foretold the difference between Tony (which, spelt backwards, is ‘Y Not’) and Mal (which is now proven, incontrovertibly, as just ‘Not’) only amounts to taking the ‘Y’ out of our negative existence. Think about it. When was the last time this government bothered to explain ‘why’ before telling us ‘why not’? We are so lucky this country doesn’t have any real problems to consider.
    Thankyou Mr Brisbane. Can you predict when this madness will end? Take care

  9. SteveFitz

    This is pathetic, how did we get here? Corporate plunder of society is rampant across the wester world and can only happen if accommodated by cohort governments with the ensuing lies, deceit and corruption that goes with it. We are being screwed by our own government with Malcolm Turnbull at the helm.

    It’s worth repeating – I think we really need to take a closer look at how the country is run and who pulls the strings on government. Just a cursory glance at Malcolm Turnbull should give us the answer. With the Turnbull government opposing a banking royal commission, opposing a national ICAC, intending to hand corporates $80 billion in tax cuts, flooding the workforce with unskilled immigrant labour, Turnbull’s $444 million unsolicited handout to his cronies, Australia being corrupted by the Turnbull government and Turnbull’s tax evasion. You can smell the stench of betrayal in the air.

    With all good intent we vote our representatives into power and then they are “engaged” by corporates and the financial elite. Well, Turnbull was already engaged and, we didn’t vote for him to be Australia’s prime minister, he was placed. He was placed by the top end of town to do their bidding and, that’s what he does. A leader driven purely by money, power and greed. Sounds a bit third-world doesn’t it and, not what we should tolerate in a civilised society.

    I see two options for the future of Australia [1] If you want half a chance of Australia being driven by the voice of the people with a government looking out for the best interest of working families and the future of our children, vote for those who embrace freedom, democracy and a fair go for everyone. [2] If you want corporates running the country, looking out for the best interest of the financial elite, with a trickle-down effect to the people and their children, vote Liberal and vote for sickening inequality, poverty and social oppression.

    We have been hoodwinked by the government and kept in the dark by mainstream media who also look out for the best interest of the those at the top and, screw the rest of us. Well, it’s our country and we still have a voice. It’s the lack of ears that’s the problem. With upcoming federal elections we need a wake-up call.


  10. helvityni

    Excellent post, Steve Fitz, and lovely art works…we don’t talk about arts much these days…

    As the black poet on Monday’s Q&A said to Abetz, it’s not all about money. It seems to be though the main interest for the Liberals, but it ought to be only for them, the rest can go hungry and homeless… Uni students included….

    Sad days, when Emma Husar is spoken of a slut by MSM just because she is attractive… Dr Wilson is abused on social media for trying to be fair….

  11. Joseph Carli

    helvityni…I am on FBook…send me a DM..and I’ll send you a link to an article may interest you..

  12. helvityni

    Joe, left you a little note on your own blog….

  13. Joseph Carli

    helvi’..yes..saw it..responded..ta..

  14. Terence Mills

    Did you see this in the NEG agreement ?

    National Energy Guarantee

    Clause 5.1 : I Malcolm Bligh Turnbull of Point Piper and the Cayman Islands hereby guarantee to all Australian power consumers a reduction of $550 per annum in their electricity bills commencing 1 January 2020 and each year thereafter based on 2018 tariffs.

    No ? neither did I !

  15. Kronomex

    “”I love it. Our phones are on fire. Ninety per cent of Australia have been waiting for someone to say it and believe it,” Mr Katter said.” Katter is a f*cking maniac and sickening disgrace! Oops, forgot to add Nazi. So according to Krapper 22,500,000 of us have just been waiting for Fractious Arseholian to vomit the bile and hatred he did yesterday? I gather the remaining 2.5 million people are made up of the non-white, non-christians, atheist scum, and lefties.


    I wonder if the 90% is actually the 19 morons that voted for Anning?

    Both of those bastards should be censured and it’s a shame they can’t be removed from the Senate for their detestable hatred.

  16. Kyran

    Kronomex, you’re onto something. Bugger me if that’s not a whole new board game right there. We can even introduce it into the school curriculum, negating wasted hours for teachers trying to formulate lessons. They can just play “Today’s Mal Function”, pick a theme and see how many Mal-ism’s the kids can fit into a short story.
    Mind you, I had to check MalExecution, as my hopes soared. Regrettably, it just means ‘Bad execution’. Jaysus, he can’t even get that right. Notable due to its omission is ‘Malfeasance’.
    Mind you, today’s Mal Function is like yesterdays, and likely tomorrows. Hypocrisy. Fresh from his recent tours of “Muslim Terrorists” and “Black African Gangs”, not to mention the “Barnaby Bromance” Tour, he now wants to promote our inclusive society.
    Had the spineless fool done his job, this crap would have been dealt with years ago.
    Thank you Kronomex, take care

  17. New England Cocky

    I am terribly disappointed by the responses on this thread!! I mean, Australia would benefit from a Liarbral Party replacement of the “leader” before the 2019 Federal election. Somebody of integrity, vision, competence … like Chrissie Pine for PM. Then he could secure South Australia for the 19th century by sending all maritime construction off-shore, install IPA juniors directly into Parliament without bothering with elections and sell off the SA wind power grid because it competed too successfully with his bluster.

    In NSW we could see the return of the hereditary Bunyip Aristocracy just in time to avoid local government rates in perpetuity because graziers compose only about 4% of the total population and deserve every assistance that Parliament can give them during droughts. Naturally the inflation of hay prices, sadly due to the influx of donated drought relief funding, does to require freight subsidies because the regional railway network has been allowed to decay into obscurity. Still, all those Liarbral voting truckies will benefit, and that must be good for a socialised economy masquerading as neoliberal capitalism.

  18. Kay Schieren

    My baseload power is a set of batteries (costing $2600 over 12 years) – fed by 1800W of 24V panels for my one person household in the bush. When all my neighbours are sitting in the dark when the power drops out in bad weather etc., I don’t even know about it.

    The Federal Government is a collection of criminal, genocidal and hopelessly corrupted morons who should be tried for their crimes against humanity now – they are hopeless cases. Politics in our system is a mental illness, not a science. I studied political “science” in the 60s, 70s and in the end I voiced my disgust by answering the exam questions in dirty limericks.

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