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There seems to be a kind of continuity in this latest mainstream media (MSM) “Sgt Schultz” plea over the Barnaby Joyce whole kit ‘n’ caboodle when they say in a plaintive squeal; “I know nuffink!” … which, considering social media’s eye-rolling acceptance of THAT reality, they suddenly now seem to be all over the situation like a nasty little beetroot rash on some-ones sweet little gash … with the Murdoch press as usual right in there tight as a “Vaseline’d” suppository! THEY know their place.

But this is not the first time we have seen this sudden mad “dash down the home straight” by the MSM to apply damage control on an out of THEIR control story that has been chased up, investigated by and followed through on social media. This latest grim scrimmage was first investigated (in my attention) by “Independent Australia” before the New England by-election, with an “on-site” attempt to discover who was the person driving Barnaby’s election ute around yelling out the grissly details of Barnaby’s indiscretions. Evidently also the social media group “True Crimes Weekly” can claim first dibs on the breaking of the story … and there it goes.

I am interested in just how long this situation by the MSM to deliberately avoid covering stories that could be embarrassing to the LNP has been going on. How deep does this MSM “stroll into Aphasia” go? Sure, there are places in the news areas where it is neither decent nor to the national interests to go, but then we have that moment (to name ONE!) back in 2016 when the ex Tech’ reporter for the ABC, Nick Ross, came out on Reddit with some revealing details of political interference by the LNP government to block what could be damaging reporting on the NBN. (See here on Google: The Nick Ross Tapes on Reddit?).

But we can go further back than that to when the board of the ABC was being stacked with Murdoch and LNP people … when Turnbull was communications minister under Tony Abbott, there was deliberate intention to undermine the ABC’s independence by infiltrating right-wing sympathisers into the heart of the National Broadcaster. (See Malcolm Turnbull distances himself from decision to appoint Janet Albrechtsen and Neil Brown to roles overseeing ABC and SBS board posts).

Back when Mark Scott was manager of the ABC, I recall that there was much discussion on the old “Café Whispers” blog about the outrage of anti/Labor bias that was being displayed on the ABC at the time … particularly by the news programs. We remember when Chris Uhlmann took over the political reporting on the 7.30 report .. From Wikipedia:

“In 2008, Uhlmann switched to television, and was political editor for The 7.30 Report, ABC News and ABC News 24. In December 2010, he was appointed as co-host of the ABC Television current affairs program, “7.30”. In 2012, the show was revamped again, with Uhlmann returning to the political editor role, and Leigh Sales hosting the program.

In 2013, Uhlmann stepped down as 7.30’s political editor. He announced that he would be working on a documentary about the Rudd and Gillard Governments for the ABC.”

And we all remember how THAT went … where Julia Gillard herself decided it was safer to go on the program to at least try to make the story as close to the truth as possible. THAT is how bad the reputation of the political reporting at the ABC had become and I still am doubtful as to why the relatively unknown and untested Uhlmann got the gig of news “anchor-man” over the much more experienced Michael Brissenden after Kerry O’Brien retired … until NOW!

With this latest mea culpa by the MSM that it didn’t want to delve into politicians private affairs (read: “Jeesus effing Keerist! How will we get out of reporting THIS LNP balls-up?) even when that politician was running for re-election after fumbling his citizenship status that only came out after an inquiry to the NZ Labor Party by an Australian Labor person … and then the whole series of collusion, obfuscation, cover-ups and distractions and even some accusations of fraudulent activities I mean tell us something we have NOT been covering for more than a year on social media and we have every right to ask:


It is now as obvious as a pimple on the point of a nose that the MSM in ALL sectors, in ALL cases involving the LNP, in ALL dimensions, has been operation as both protector and propagator of the conservative political parties in Australia.

We expected no better from the gormless commercial sector, where men in tu-tus macarena-dancing and Kochie and co are the highest level of serious reporting. But we do expect better from OUR ABC. And one is inclined to ask: With the employment crossover from the commercial media groups like Fairfax and Murdoch and co. to secure employment at the ABC, are we to also get the “contact infection” inherent like any virus from so many frivolous staff? Is the National Broadcaster now to be inundated with the idle-chatter connections between these “once-was” and their still in-situ brain-farts at the commercial media platforms?

We can see with the “Gormless Guthrie” syndrome that absolute chaos reigns where once was reliable quality and her brag of The ABC now only costing 4cents per day is accepted less as “frugal housekeeping” than as proof of a “miserly, penny-pinching, starvation budget of cutting out the heart of a once magnificent enterprise” !


And this is the universal fault with the Right-wing side of politics … all they know is; force of arms, force of opinion, force of policy, pressure and force, nothing more … no conversation, no conciliation, no admission of fault or guilt … just force of strength … hence the title at the start of this piece from a book of short stories by Eric Knight: “Sam Small Flies Again” … “Strong in the arms”.

“A Yorkshireman born
And a Yorkshireman bred,
Strong in the arms
And weak in the yead!”

But where that above ditty has: Yorkshireman, Read: Right-wing F#ck-wit!


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  1. Andrew Smith

    Good article. I recall Uhlmann doing a soft ‘give Trump a chance’ article early 2017 on ABC, then later in the year in Europe (?) re. Kyoto Climate Treaty (?) he did a dummy spit against Trump govt. that went viral gloablly. Suppose even Uhlmann had to make up for putting lipstick on a pig earlier (maybe friends or relatives complained…)….. and like all MPs and media types they have to have rant and rave about something safe which everyone agrees on, to show they are authentic and passionate about something….. it’s all a bit too manufactured for mainstream media…..

  2. Marilyn

    Sold out by ourbown government, fed drivel and taken over by the big global corporations and the Chinese.

  3. etnorb

    Well written (again!) Joseph! I do think that the Fairfax pres is nowhere near as “bad” as the bloody Mudrake rags, but that is only my opinion. As for “our” ABC, the less said the better, what with a former Mudrake journo now trying to run the show. Most of her “changes” (sic) have been to our detriment, & it does not look like getting any better! After all, she is a Mudrake-trained “journalist (sic), so why would anything she does at the ABC now be any better? As far as Barnacle is concerned, he is an inept, lying, flat earth dope, who had NO place in ANY parliament. He lied his way into the parliament by claiming he was NOT a New Zealander, (proven wrong in the courts)., in the by-election he lied about “family values” (?) , & he has told untruths about all the free accommodation he & his girl friend have been provided with! He MUST go, just a pity under their stupid bloody by-laws or something, he cannot be sacked by the PM, only asked to leave by his own party! WTF??

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