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Stopping the Travellers

AIMN reader Anne N Byam shares some of her views with us.

First, this Government will do absolutely NOTHING to improve health initiatives, give refuge to those who desperately need it (be that beaten persons and children, or asylum seekers from war and famine torn countries) … and it will do nothing to assist marginalised and troubled youth. It has all gone down the gurgler, in the interests of passing on favours to the wealthy in this country (including to the Government ‘elite’, themselves).

We all know this, and perhaps a few thinking persons of other former (LNP) persuasions, are also beginning to see the light – we can but hope!

At least the Victorian Government has made a start by declaring an internal ‘war’ (if you like) on the illegal drug ‘ice’ which can cause such abject misery, violence and death. They have also settled the Ambulance pay dispute, are tackling the potential jobs crisis, and has saved the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, which the previous Liberal Government was set to dump. This has saved hundreds of jobs.

That is an example of good government and governing. And all in the first couple of months. I sure do hope Daniel Andrews can keep up the pace. He is not afraid of ‘shirt-fronting’ the Prime Minister either … a lot of back and forth over the East-West link that is so contentious. But he doesn’t back away from the bully.

– – – – – –

This Federal Government will do nothing pro-active, when the solution could be quite simple, especially when it comes to the maladjusted and misguided youth of this country, who are a ripe potential for promises of greatness (that’s how all religions work who proselytize and want to seize converts).

The answer may well be this:

That anyone – for any reason given, should not be granted any form of visa, entry permit or travel arrangement to any WAR ZONE currently in the world.

Visas, of course are issued by consulates of various countries, in the country of residence of the would-be traveller. In an endeavour to protect freedom of choice (largely being eroded in this country now) … people are given ‘warnings’ about travel arrangements – e.g. to Afghanistan, Indonesia etc., if intel has detected the possibility of terror plots and thus, danger to travellers. However, there is nothing stopping OUR Government from acting upon the following (from the Aust. Government website;

“We are authorised by law to disclose your personal information to foreign border authorities:

■ if we suspect there is unlawful activity relating to your passport

■ for law enforcement purposes

■ in countries with which Australia participates in the Regional Movement Alert System”.

As it is alleged that Iraq, for example, is an ‘ally’ to which we send armed forces to ‘train’ their army against ISIS (success a dim prospect) … and possibly armed infantry, or boots on the ground, surely Iraq would adhere to any warnings we give about further possible insurgents entering their country from here. If that is 3 more, 30 more or 300 more – it is all the same. And Iraq should comply and not permit entry. Then again, that might not be the case … as Iraq is a Middle Eastern country, and the ME are known to change their minds according to the current days’ wishes by their hierarchy – and their religious ideologies!

(Rather similar to what we hear from our own Government on a sickeningly daily basis).

Ah, but all the above, would feed into the fear that this Government periodically likes to deliver – via the likes of the Herald-Sun and other fear mongering advocates in print … that these would-be militants might turn around and become more of a terror threat on our soil – “ if we can’t do it there, we will do it here“. The young disenchanted and troubled young man in recent weeks – Jake Bilardi – allegedly had decided to initially wreck havoc in the Melbourne City area with bombs, knifings and an assorted other pleasant ideas! But then decided to fly to where the real action is. A boy hell bent on self-destruction.

The Herald-Sun is a trashy rag that promotes this fear, sensationalism and Murdochian principles of ‘how to sell newspapers’ all in the name of profit, mostly with garbage content, and far more suited to wrapping up mouldy and unusable smelly foodstuffs.

It proudly announces (usually on its front page) when Andrew Bolt gets his poisonous pen out and raves on (anti-Muslim) and the page number a reader can find Bolt on, is proudly displayed. Yet it is purchased day in day out – and believed. Soaked up. And passed on no doubt to others ‘around the water cooler’. The MSM depends on word of mouth as much as anything – including actual reading!

Continuous nauseating detail (even to ‘breaking news’) on our TV screens, gives much time to the horrors that beset us and the world. In the case of Jake Belardi there was well over a week’s worth of updates – and many repeated pieces of information, all designed to titillate those who like to watch and wonder on these issues, but hardly any background to the young boy . except to say he was ‘shy’ and ‘somewhat withdrawn’. Good investigative journalism could have overcome that – even if the family of the ‘Jihadist from Melbourne’, had objected or put a blanket on any personal information being published.

But where do we find good investigative journalism these days? In fact, where is true journalism? There’s lots of ‘reporting’ goes on. Not much in the way of proper journalism, though.

Apologies – I have digressed.

One has to wonder what reasons Jake Bilardi might have given for his journey to Iraq in the first place. Surely that is something that is (allegedly) being asked these days by border/airport control. Or so I have been led to believe. And what type of person is employed to assess travellers to countries that are war torn? Some untrained clerk, with a list of questions to ask in front of him, or a qualified psychologist/profiler – who could ferret out very quickly, whether a person was being truthful or not? I’d have liked to see some evidence of any questioning that may have been done of this very young lad (and he looked a lot younger than he was) … travelling to Iraq in the first place.

And now it is reported that another Australian born person – in his late 20s joined the movement – to destroy the West – which is quite precisely what it is all about.

Quite frankly, there are some aspects of the ‘West’ and its greedy ideologies, that needs being put in its place – which is down the toilet and flushed away forever. However, that is another subject … suffice to say a few countries come under that banner …

I will leave it to the reader, to fill in the names of those countries – if they wish.

Meantime, we have the problem of the ever growing dis-satisfaction with the ‘way things are being run here – in Australia. There are a lot of unhappy people out there in our country, and it is dreadful to consider that this dis-satisfaction, maladjustment and marginalization can – and will – lead to more young folk being inveigled into promises of glory that can never be delivered, except in bits and pieces in a body bag.

What then, is the answer?

Frankly I don’t know – but it could start within the education system, with stricter controls over international travel, more investigation into suspect movement than is being given now (much evidence available on this – the lack of proper involvement of police and a request for properly trained marksmen in the tragic incident at the Lindt Café, Sydney), and perhaps even the distribution of pamphlets – carefully worded of course – we must always be circumspect and politically correct? Yes?

No, damn it, it should be said as it is. That there is ‘radical’ and ‘extremism‘ in EVERY religious and quasi-religious group in this world – no matter who they are, what they represent or what they claim to represent. And there also must be put in place, something that is equally appealing to the sad, depressed and disaffected youth of our community. This will NOT happen under the current Government … they could not care less.

But – they won’t be here forever, and its past time that Australia/Australians should individually and collectively look for ways to soften the approach for youth, to help them recognize their potential – even if it is minimal to begin with … and go from there.

Hell – something has to be done to put a stop to something that could well spiral out of control – over time.


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  1. Jexpat

    As to this bit:

    “That anyone – for any reason given, should not be granted any form of visa, entry permit or travel arrangement to any WAR ZONE currently in the world.”

    It’s not a “new” thing.

    Australians of many ideological persuasions have gone abroad unauthorised to fight or assist in the Boer Wars, The Spanish Civil War, and various and sundry other conflicts. Before and after federation.

    Many of the same debates we’re having about them now- along with many of the same parliamentary and administrative quandaries, have already occurred.

    Perhaps the most illuminating were Australian reactions to communists, who in various guises, went from comrades to boogeymen to allies and back to boogeymen, inviting at various times everything from enmity, to ardor and ennui.

  2. Annie B

    Jexpat –

    Points taken. ….

    article was more along the lines of at least trying to do something pro-active to ‘dissuade’ any would be jihadists from our own country going anywhere to destroy, maim and kill. …. they are not mercenaries, they are just – killers.

    These ISIS terrorists are possibly more dangerous than anything seen before. …. They blew up two Mosques in Yemen last Friday … apparently those ‘particular’ worshipping Moslems were not of the same persuasions !! ( I think they were shi-ites )…. but they were Islamic and from the same cultures ….

    ISIS don’t care who they kill – just so long as they CAN kill.

    Just don’t want to see any more disenchanted youth from our own country, doing any more of this vile activity.

    The LNP are just full of wind, and will do nothing much towards addressing the situation.

    And oh yes, I remember the communist thing. …. Also, ‘beware the Yellow Peril ” ( China ) who are now close in trading partnership with us ? and happily live with us, and us with them.

  3. Jexpat

    ” …they are not mercenaries, they are just – killers.”

    The same sorts of things were said about Australians off to the Spanish Civil War- to fight for one side or the other. There were few then in many roles, as there are few now.

    “These ISIS terrorists are possibly more dangerous than anything seen before”

    In Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía there’s a certain painting that remences, or…recalls, horrors that white people cannot even imagine in 21st Century Australia. Like Blue Poles, one has to be see it in person for full effect.

  4. CMMC

    Its about oil fields, the richest in the world.

    Stop the tabloid nonsense about Jihad, death-cults and black flags. We have been bombing the crap out of Iraq for 25 years now, and that tends to destabilise a country.

    It is a ‘pop-up’ nation of opportunists, like it always has been.

  5. Harquebus

    We should aim to eradicate religions or at the very least, keep them away from kids.
    Indoctrinating minors to religion is, in my opinion, child abuse.

  6. Garry

    Peace is Productive but not Profitable

    Remove religion, politics, power & finacial gain from a threat of war, then see who is interested.
    Australia will continue along the path as described in Anne’s article until enough people say enough is enough & then commit to bringing religion & politicians under control.

    War solves no issues, instead it forces a result that is neither fair nor equitable to any unwitting party drawn into it, other than those who forced or manipulated it’s end result so as to profit.

    A forced result is always used for an increase in political gain, an increase in power or finacial gain.
    In nearly all wars ending in a result, the key factors are Power, Politics and Finacial Gain.

    Many of these wars are set in motion using religion of one sort or another as a reason to convince the masses that this is a just war carried out under the umbrella of whoever their respective god is.

    Peace is productive but nowhere near as profitable to those seeking political power with finacial gain from war.
    Examples of profits from a major country of war supplies:

    NB: my explanation above is a simplification of the majority of wars carried out over history.
    Many wars are started by one side with the above reasons still the same for whoever the perpetrator may be. Many perpetrators may well include their own personal hatred or fears of others in their reasoning to begin or carry on with a war such as race, colour, creed or religion.

  7. Jexpat


    Free speech and free exercise of religion go hand in hand.

    A rational person cannot be a near absolutist on one, while wanting to ban or severely restrict the other.

    Having said that, we do see certain sorts of Australians getting their knickers into a pretzel twist when a mosques are proposed in certain areas- and we can probably hazard a guess that these are the same sorts who’d also wrap themselves in the “free speech” flag (or even the “establishment of religion” for Christian dogma to be hoisted on our public school kids).

    You and I may not be like that, we might find most Middle Eastern religions to be little more than the derivatives of primitive rantings of Bronze Age goat herders- and certainly nothing we’d call ourselves to arms and head to Syria over. But there are people who think otherwise.

    The question Annie B. raised is: how to (and to what degree) do we dissuade them from foolish and dangerous endeavours. It’s a salient question at present, as it has been many times in the past.

  8. Annie B

    While I do try to avoid commenting on my own articles and reader posts thereafter – I have to say I find the comments here very interesting.

    The one that stood out ( to me ) , was from Garry” Remove religion, politics, power & financial gain from a threat of war, then see who is interested.”

    That’s a mouthful and a half. …. Because from time immemorial – that’s what war has been about ( those 4 pursuits ) … and nothing has changed, it most likely never will. Your link underscores that in various ways.

    We need to not exacerbate this situation however, by NOT helping our marginalised and disenchanted youth of today, to find a better way ( and NOT through religion either ).

    This problem ( and it IS a problem – at this time, and more so if some of the draconian ideas by this Gov’t mob manage to make them law – e.g. the 6 months non-pay of persons seeking jobs ???? ) … needs to be addressed by GOOD PROGRESSIVE Government – something we do not have at the moment.

    I could write much more about it, but do not wish to write yet another ‘article’ in reply. 🙂

  9. Annie B

    @Jexpat …….. “Blue Poles” leaves me unmoved … but then I am more a renaissance devotee !! and very much a lover of John Constables’ works as well.

    It’s interesting that you mentioned the remences …. which date back to the 1400’s. … Am wondering, in this day of technological wonders, if someone could put together a montage ( if they haven’t already ) of the horrors of today across the world. It would certainly NOT be pretty. … The U.S. produce films that denote modern day horrors. !!!!

    So – how far have we come – really ?


    ………….And that’s it from me – no more comments, on comments, on article !! 😉 ………..

  10. eli nes

    the endeavour of youth is risk, the endeavour of journalists is employment, the endeavour of religion is indoctrination, the endeavour of a newspaper is sales, the endeavour of the autocue ‘journalist is viewers, the endeavour of radio is audience. the method of these endeavours is anger, sex, fear, violence and blame.
    Truth is often a starter but considered unsellable without spin. The zealots go over the top guessing the extent of the orders, like hackers, and the masters have memory lapses.
    Trust is dependent on short term memory and the electorate has a very short short-term unless reminded by the endeavour of murdoch which drives the 10 second grabs of the morning shows which in turn drives fairfax and the ABC.
    Jexpat, boko haram? khmer rouge, mey lai. rwanda,, japan in china and, perhaps, thousands more put ISIS in context as a small group of religious bigots following their macho image of god.
    The difference is ISIS ideals can be transmitted and their murders carried out not in one country but in every country in the world.
    The religion Islam, like Christianity, has no boundaries in killing those who believe in the same god. Why?

  11. stephentardrew

    There ya go Annie I love Jackson Pollack’s work and most art from the primitive to avant guard. I used to teach dance and movement using art of every epoch to evoke different textures of light sound and context. Helps to have a great teacher which I was very lucky to have. She taught me how to see beyond my limitations. Most of us can if given the appropriate tools.

    Those who can see beauty have come a long way and their willingness to share subtly changes cultural context. Not all messages of worth are verbal, narrative-based or written.

    Art often demands silent witnessing and calm repose.

  12. Annie B

    @stephen t …. ( am unabashadly using AIM for a personal reply !! )

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    In the eye of the beholder, eh ? I totally respect everyone / anyone who has a different appreciation of art to mine. I just don’t dig some of it – is all. Probably a purist at heart – as regards art anyway. … my own paintings tend to reflect that as well ( although I put down the paint-brush many years back now ). Sold quite a few though – to my delight.

    However, I am also totally awestruck by primitive art / carvings and pottery. Art galleries are a delicious joy.

    So great that you used all manner of art to enhance dance and movement – now THAT is using remarkable tools to best advantage and education in dance…. good onya for that. ….. Danced myself – traditional ballet in learning, and more modern dance on stage. …. Might just manage a plié these days without too much damage. !! 🙂 …

    Oh boy, were them’s the days. !

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