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In amongst all the white noise about per capita emissions and emissions intensity and peak years, there is only one relevant sentence in the latest Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory:

Australia’s annual emissions for the year to September 2019 are estimated to be 530.8 Mt CO2 -e. This figure is 1.0 per cent below emissions in the year to June 2000 (536.2 Mt CO2 -e).

That is nowhere near the Kyoto promise we made to reduce emissions by 5% on 2000 levels.


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  1. whatever

    The Emissions Policy “debate” is the only game in town as Parliament resumes, today.

    And, as usual, there is no real debate, just the Facts versus the LNP sook-fest and hysteria about renewable energy causing some kind of meltdown of the entire grid. More stuff about how renewable energy “won’t keep the lights on”, a scare tactic aimed at the elderly.

  2. Phil Pryor

    We will not get truth from the liberal liars or the country party cretins. Emissions are high, rates are high, no reduction in projected increases seem possible, tax cuts were pocketed, debt is a threat, un- and under- employment curses the workforce, opportunities recede, the future is threatened, the environment has been assaulted and vandalised, the country party idiots like B Joyce rave, rant, rage, root, rort and rob, the Head Moron lies, exaggerates, deceives, bends, bullshits, blathers, and NO-ONE in charge is in charge of anything sensible. There are people in this government’s ranks unfit to clean dunnies or cart rubbish, unqualified, deficient. Poo.

  3. Kaye Lee


    The energy security report says:

    “The increased severity of weather events, especially over summer, coincides with an aging, and hence less dependable, coal generator fleet.

    Affordability has improved slightly over the year for retail customers. The improvement was related to falls in average energy use as rooftop solar PV increased along with some energy efficiency. The decline in energy usage is most remarkable in Queensland and SA where the penetration of rooftop solar is high.

    Retail margins declined modestly and wholesale costs fell as low-cost renewable generation increased. ”

    Renewables are bringing down prices and improving reliability. Work is underway on improving transmission interconnectors.

    “These networks were not originally designed to manage dynamic two way flows from rooftop solar. Networks are shifting to become platforms for service provision rather than dumb one way electricity flow carriers.”

    This is what we need to be concentrating on – upgrading networks and transmission along with storage. Base load power is wasteful. We need despatchable power and must do more about demand management – change the hours that energy intensive industries operate. If they shut down for a couple of hours during peak demand would really help.

  4. Kaye Lee

    “The draft Integrated System Plan highlights a range of potential scenarios for how the NEM may evolve. Under the Central Scenario, by 2042, almost 18,000 MW of ageing mainly coal fired generation will close and be replaced by over 11,000 MW of Pumped Storage, almost 12,000 MW of Wind, 21,000 MW of Utility Scale Solar, as well as 13,300 MW of distributed solar and nearly 3,000 MW of battery storage.”

    And yet this government persists in talking about coal.

  5. Harry Lime

    Looking forward to another Punch and Judy farce in Parliament this week ,with the shouting and lying to reach new peaks.
    Still harbouring a forlorn hope that a couple of government members discover that they have a conscience after all,and put the country before themselves.Novel idea, I know.Failing that, the government totally f#cks themselves up,instead of us.

  6. Kaye Lee


    The only Coalition MPs talking about climate change are the ones with inner city electorates who, after the success of Zali Stegall, are concerned about their own re-election. Tim Wilson has no conscience.

  7. wam

    these men and women are good at lying by telling the truth.
    I read suririse scrolls today and you will be glad to know that the polls show that angus has sparked a rise in support for the lnp and their climate change. Probably relying on albo and labor to give them space for more true lies to appease the polls.
    They are preparing the way for a revelation from god to take a global warming by greenhouse gas emissions stance and invest in renewables.
    Such announcement will divert from the billions wasted on war planes, submarines and ship building disasters or the holdens’ jobs when they go or if barnaby strikes or albo does something about mentioning the difference between the sports rorts where clubs got something. oopps might have to be announcementS.

    ps kaye.
    since howard decided schools would keep students till year 12 without paying for it and universities got their snouts into the hecs debt trough I have been writing of the millions of students have been marking time in years 11/12 busy work and tens of thousands of functionally illiterate and enumerate students(in courses like teaching and nursing) collecting debts with little or no hope of a job. The result, from my last stint as a relief teacher working with junior high school kids in maths, showed a high school maths faculty with female primary trained teachers, none of whom did maths beyond year ten except the basic compulsory courses, and all subscribed to the myth that girls can’t understand maths.
    A casual observation, the faculties didn’t mix, showed the science faculty was little better, but there was a man in the faculty with year 12 physics and chemistry, He was the lab assistant.
    This was 2007, so for 13 years the unis have been gathering bums on seats and producing 10s of thousands of teachers few with maths science, suggesting the situation at today’s middle schools will be worse.

  8. Geoffrey Blake

    Kaye, “we made…”The Government does not speak for “we, the people”. “They made”, not this citizen. They speak for their good only….

  9. pierre wilkinsonp

    so, Labor comes out in support of zero emissions by 2050 and already the Nats and the murdochracy are lambasting Labor’s unfunded destruction of the Australian economy, with even the ABC reporters commenting that Labor either cannot or will not name the cost of this ambition, despite just about everybody in science, agriculture and business calling for the committment.
    Go figure…

  10. Jexpat

    It goes like this:

    LNP lies. Murdoch media pushes lies with a full court press and attacks anyone who dares put up facts on the record (or even simple arithmetic)

    Sunrise and most other TV and radio have hosts, poli’s and surrogates repeat lies on the air- rarely ever holding false and misleading statements up to scrutiny.

    SMH and ABC run pieces “from both sides” -promoting abject dishonesty as the equivalent to accurate facts and analysis- Cranks spouting gibberish are elevated to the same prominence and assnointed with the same halo of credibility as qualified experts in the respective fields.

    The Guardian repeats outright lies in clickbait headlines, under the guise of Pauline and Barnaby sez ___________.

    Frankly, until this situation- this culture of lies is somehow rectified by some form of responsible mass media regulation, I don’t see much hope in meeting the nations’ challenges or rationally solving its problems in the 2020’s.

    *People in the rest of the world see this too now, thanks to our dismal performance during the bushfire crises and embarrassments on the international stage.

  11. Jexpat

    Here’s another common practice in the Australian media. This time it’s “news” poll, though the former Fairfax regional papers have also engaged in push polling and question begging (particularly with ‘online polls) which they often report as Gospel truth, when from a scientific and statistical standpoint, they’re essentially worthless as an indicator of public opinion.

    The ‘question’ basically asks (and asserts the conclusion) as to whether you’d be willing to pay more for electricity to meet emissions targets.

    *In actual fact, renewables are- and have been, the primary drivers in lower electricity costs- so in reality, meeting the targets results in a a win/win for respondents.

    This tactic is insidious, and unfortunately quite effective in effective in setting these false frames into people’s minds- whereupon they become ‘common sense’ and people subsequently resist facts to the contrary.

  12. Peter F

    “an aging, and hence less dependable, coal generator fleet.” Kaye, this crock of crooks refuse to acknowledge the FACT that our transition to renewables is chaotic because the coal generator have not been replaced by their owners. The reason for this? quite simply, they are not economically viable.

    Look over there: renewables are causing a problem.

    Where would we be at this very moment without the renewables which have already been installed?…….. (Certainly without a paddle.)

  13. New England Cocky

    @wam (ps kaye): The Australian education system has been declining since 1988 when The Accord suppressed teacher wages in favour of superannuation and simultaneously, teaching became a female dominated profession. This allowed the predominantly male Senior Executive Service (SES) to misinform the general public with the old chestnut “women teachers are getting pin money to supplement the salary packages of their husbands”. Naturally this was ONE BIG LIE as many lady teachers were excellent academics and very capable teachers who made wonderful inspiring contributions to the education of their kids.

    Still the fix was in, and the male dominated SES assisted the politicians to impede the salary increases for teachers that were necessary to attract excellent male teachers away from other better paying professions. Consider the situation of a student, competent at sports especially football or cricket, comparing the income from teaching after four or five years of pittance income on tertiary education and teacher training scholarships to go on to receive the then princely income of $40,000 per year compared to a state cricketer being offered $120,000 per year plus other endorsement perks. It was a no brainer!!!

    It has been common practice in NSW state schools for decades for the system to rely upon a bevy of casual teachers of varying ability but ready availability to step in for permanent teachers for whatever reason including exhaustion from administrative overload. It was quite common for Maths classes to be taken by teachers with English/History majors, Technics classes to be taken by Language teacher majors and Science classes to be taken by whoever was available at the time. Colouring in anyone???

    Then add the annual “new research project” by whoever has run a fresh idea past a regional Inspector and successfully received Departmental support. Experienced researchers will advise that a 12 month programme is only just scratching the surface of any project and three (3) to five (5) years is usually required to successfully trial any “new wonder learning system”. But not in the NSW Department of Education where each year the “approved project” was rolled over, often without a proper write up of the usually incomplete results, and so generally failing to provide any improvements for the education of kids.

    So, to answer the question,”Why are universities gathering bums on seats with few having STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects” simply look at the abysmal salary packages and atrocious 19th century poor-house working conditions that class-room teachers are required to work in while COALition misgovernments pour BILLIONS of dollars into academically inferior private schools to buy the votes of the parents aspiring for their kids (usually in vain).

    Remember, James Ruse Agricultural High school is the most successful secondary school in NSW and likely Australia that has a merit based entry requirement and produces exceptional academic results with students who usually go on to be ragingly successful in their chosen careers. The private system can only dream of such success because money does not buy academic success, just football fields, swimming pools and outrageously high salary packages for private school principals.

  14. Harry Lime

    That’s the Liars Party for you,always aiming for the bottom and never falling short.A self perpetuating bunch of losers ,who unfailingly support the biggest dickhead of all.It’s a merit based system, after all.
    Just glance through the front bench,it’s enough to make you lose the will to live.

  15. whatever

    To sum it all up, the Emissions Policy of the Govt. is to –

    1 Point fingers at the ALP and harp on about how much their Emissions Policy would cost (the MSM gleefully joins in with the harping)

    2 Obusfucate the entire issue with talk about recycling and plastic waste reduction, anything that sounds sciency

    3 Do nothing about Emissions Policy, because most of them are deniers anyway.

    4 Continue to frighten pensioners with nonsense about renewable energy (The lights will go off and you will fall down the stairs)

  16. wam

    New England Cocky
    along your lines on jan 1st 1960 the boys and girls I grew up with stopped treating me as a normal person because I was a high school teacher. The society had automatic respect for teachers and high school teachers were the top of the tree, We got paid more than primary teachers art and craft teachers and PE teachers and policemen/. By the end of the century the consensus was all teachers get the same and every child knew that a policeman(so few women) took home more than a teacher. The automatic respect became shaky but unless you were hopeless respect held because there was something learn and teacher to teach. With the grade 10/11 excluding exams gone there was no focus for students and their work requirement blurred for most and disappeared for some. The long story became respect for teachers had to be earned and was easily lost t became ir was hard work to earn respect with a new xlass every 10 weeks and if you hag a problem your new class was aware of your sometimes there was a smart kid or two able and willing to exploit weaknesses. and the profession became a job only the school based constable, lab assistants and front office ladies got less pay strangely at times and places even these have more power.
    It would be practical to have an apprentice system for primary/secondary teachers with on the job training for two years before university. An assistant’s pay and two or three for a teaching degree years free tuition for their uni course.

  17. Matters Not

    Yes wam, methinks you’re onto something re the decline in standards. Why way back in 1898 this was a section of an entrance test for students aged 11 years. Yes 11 Years.

    1. Multiply 642035 by 24506

    2. Subtract 3.25741 from 3.3; multiply 28.436 by 8.245; divide 0.86655 by 26.5

    3. Simplify 183/4 minus 22/3 divided by 11/5 minus 31/2 multiplied by 4/7

    And way back then, no calculators were allowed. (Lol.)

    Oh how standards have fallen. Why these days they don’t even know how to … club a woolly horse – or frighten away a sabre-toothed tiger.

    And the implications for education? Try here.

    Book: The Saber-Tooth Curriculum

  18. David Evans

    Howard’s devious Kyoto “policies”, his ‘breakaway’ 6 nations b/s group, minchin, campbell, hill and the other no hopers from howards days that were involved in denying any serious attempts at GHG emissions reduction attempts set the low standard for lnp C/C inaction. their straight out lies were accepted by an ignorant Australian public at that time. Nothing has changed. The misinformation provided then by coal interests was broadcast far and wide by howard and co., the same b/s, almost word for word, is being spread by morrison, taylor, and any other coal $$$ stooge who wants his/ her five minute photo op. They really are a disgrace, they are all so beholden to coal they all actively work against the best interests of Australia and the planet generally with their ridiculous promotion of all things coal. It is the coal industry that owns this country, not the Australian people. Each Climate Change Conference since Kyoto has shown Australia to be a nation of freeloading ‘bludgers’,….. Fantastic, Great Move, Well Done Anus.

  19. Jexpat

    @ Matters Not

    Those are comparatively simple problems, learned by rote and through the order of operations.

    They require some discipline, but in terms of critical thinking, we fall short by failing to teach our high school and uni students basic statistical, economic and logical reasoning concepts/fallacies that allow us to detect and decipher the endless lines of bullshit thrown at us by advertisers, poli’s and corporate media.

  20. Matters Not

    Jexpat – yes I know!

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