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State elections: something to talk about


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Today is a very important day. The states of South Australia and Tasmania go to the polls to choose the direction their respective states will take for the next four years. With the Abbott Liberal/National Government in charge in Canberra, South Australia and Tasmania will decide whether a Labor or a Liberal voice is the right one to represent their interests at the bargaining table.

The South Australian election is shaping up to be an intriguing tale of electoral fortune. The Labor Party, on the back of a 45-55 ReachTel poll, looks set for a loss but they will be buoyed by seat polling in two of their marginal seats showing the election is most certainly not a foregone conclusion. The Marshall-led Liberal Party is trying to end twelve years of Labor rule, and they will be hopeful of picking up the marginals Labor successfully defended in 2010.

The Tasmanian election on the other hand is not a question of who will win. The minority government of the Giddings led Labor Party and the McKim led Greens looks set to end, but will the Liberal Party get enough of the vote to gain an outright majority, or will they need to negotiate deals for a minority government? Will Labor remain the official opposition, or will the McKim led Greens garner enough seats to pass Labor and become the second largest party in the lower house? And what influence will Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party have on the result in the Apple Isle?

Plenty of questions remain on election day. Join the Infinitive’s* live blog with their election analyst Aaron Bakota when polls close and take part in the conversation!

South Australia


* Infinitive is an independent media site supported by The AIM Network.


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  1. Roswell

    After tonight the ACT might be the only bastion of sensibility left in the country. I find that ironic.

  2. Terry2

    In my view, we get good value out of minority governments with a good sprinkling of true Independents.

    Oakeshott and Windsor did a fine job balancing and questioning the previous parliament and you can always rely on Xenophon to at least question legislation and research issues in a non-partisan way.

  3. randalstella

    “… you can always rely on Xenophon to at least question legislation and research issues in a non-partisan way.”
    No, you most certainly cannot. Mr.X definitely has an eye for publicity, as if he is defending the common man. However he is untrustworthy; with a bad reputation among those who have worked with him.

    His naming of a priest in the Senate as a rapist was based on no more evidence than the claims of a sad and strange individual. Although it was great publicity, it showed a grave absence of moral judgement – and X’s affinity with extreme right wing bods. He has since defied brazenly any call for an apology – for what is almost certainly a false allegation.
    It has caused terrible distress to the man he so unjustifiably targeted.
    In contrast to X and his strange ‘informant’, this man has great respect among all those who know him and have worked with him.

  4. John Kelly

    As I see it, the outcome of these two elections will reinforce what is nothing more than an electoral cycle in play. In 2007 it was wall to wall Labor. This situation can never be maintained by any party and there is little value in it for the governing party regardless of the spin they will apply to it. It is highly likely that it will be short lived with Labor poised to gain power in Victoria in November. Cooperation between states and the Commonwealth has rarely been based on common ideologies. It is mostly about money. The Palmer factor is the only interesting aspect of it these days.

  5. Hotspringer

    If they choose neo-con austerity, serves them right!

  6. CMMC

    The cheer-leading by the ABC for the LNP is stomach-turning.

    On RN news this morning they had a vox pop from “a man” in Tasmania who mumbled something about jobs, this was proof positive that a LNP landslide was imminent.

    BTW, last night on RN they had a program on the history of the Tango, the South American dance.

    The presenter informed us that this most stylish of dance moves actually began among “degenerates,…. you know, the working class”.

  7. xiaoecho

    It is over. The Liberals have won Tasmania by a landslide. We have four years of misery ahead. Let the persecution of environmentalists begin. Nothing must stand in the way of degrading the environment in the name of mates mates mates. To understand the depth of depression in Tasmania today one has to have lived here for the last 16 years. A more lazy, do nothing, mediocrity of an opposition leader one cannot merely imagine. FOR AN ENTIRE GENERATION this rich, entitled son of another politician has done nothing, had no vision but to wait around for the ‘it’s time’ factor. The fact that Labor had 16 years in power speaks to the incompetence of the Liberal opposition. The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce, a tiny incestuous cabal of business cronies will be rubbing their hands in glee.

  8. Eddy

    Congratulations Tasmania you are now out of the wilderness and joined the 21 first century. Poor old SA will maybe have a hung Parliament and will be dictated to by independents, something wrong here when one party gets the popular vote and cannot get in or govern. Time for a rethink on this.

  9. Dan Rowden

    Tasmanians need both their heads read.

  10. Stephen Tardrew

    John you are most certainly spot on no need for despair. The only way to build a critical framework to counteract magic and mythology is a strong science based empirical approach to social justice. It is not difficult to demonstrate that human behavior is value implicit and geared towards happiness and security. The thing is to clearly present the determined facts alongside a contemporary interpretation of the science. Inequality does not define worth it defines exploitation and usurpation of resources.

    Religious acolytes see their ideological power base undermined by science thus the attempt to suppress the facts. As with the over representation of the LNP things will change and some of us need to be prepared not to accept more of the same as Labor continues to ride on the back of the mythical bandwagon.

    When it is pointed out by NASA that our civilization is in line for an irreversible collapse and that poverty, inequity and resource depletion are the primary drivers of social degradation it is time to take notice. We may not instantly change society but at least we can formulate a viable alternative. Many individuals and institutions are striving to do so and a body of evidence is accumulating that can provide a sound basis for alternative solutions. When we are destroying our environment we are acting like self destructive viruses driven by immediate geed and satiation. It cannot last.

    Conservative politics is at the vanguard of this suicidal self-abuse and is thus undeniably pathological.

    No good talking to our friends on the right. They may be fair weather friends however they are irrational and delusional friends.

  11. Bacchus

    😆 @ Dan 9:57 am

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