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Some Of Us Owe Scott Morrison A Big Apology!

Some people will be surprised that I’m suggesting that we owe our PM an apology, but anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a fair man. And anyone who doesn’t think that I’m a fair man obviously doesn’t know me…

Yes, there are certain things that our PM has done recently that I’ve criticised:

  • Tweeting about how good the summer would be thanks to the cricket, while the bushfires were raging
  • Going on holiday in the midst of a crisis
  • Coming back
  • Having his office lie about his whereabouts
  • Shaking people’s hand against their will
  • Suggesting that the firies didn’t need any compensation, changing his mind, then telling us that they’d been working on it for a while
  • Making the compensation harder to get than a subsidy to start a coal mine
  • Telling people that Kangaroo Island still had two thirds not burnt so it was open for business.
  • Saying that it was good that nobody on Kangaroo Island had died only to be corrected by someone who pointed out that two people had
  • Implying that bushfires were all the fault of arsonists.
  • Calling arsonists “Un-Australian”. (What nationality promotes arson. Is it an English thing? A Canadian thing? A Greek custom? An Italian habit?)

But I’ve taken a step back over recent days and had a good long think about our PM.

When in New Zealand, he left his job as director of the Office of Tourism and Sport with a year to run on his contract for reasons unspecified. He was sacked from Tourism Australia, and not just because of the appalling “Where the bloody hell are you?” campaign.

After failing to gain preselection, losing to Michael Towke 82 votes to 8, he managed to become the candidate, after Towke was disendorsed by the NSW executive of the Liberal Party after allegations of branch stacking against Towke. These allegations were later proven to be false and “The Daily Telegraph” settled a defamation case for an undisclosed amount.

Once in Parliament, Morrison quickly became noticed. One of the highlights of his career was when he complained about the Gillard government paying for relatives of the Christmas Island boat tragedy to attend the funerals. This early demonstration of his empathetic nature was something that made him a natural for advancement in the Abbott Ministry.

As Immigration Minister in the Abbott government, he introduced weekly briefings where he would tell the media nothing about boat arrivals or turnbacks because such things were a matter of “security”. When the media said that there was no point in having a weekly meeting where all that was said was that nothing could be said, Morrison quickly agreed and stopped the meetings altogether.

When the Australian Human Rights Commission issued a report in 2014 which asserted that Morrison failed in his responsibility to act in the best interests of children in detention, the Liberals suggested that the report was poorly timed because they were in power and it should have been critical of Labor who couldn’t retaliate by appointing Tim Wilson to the Human Rights Commission.

Morrison moved from Immigration to Social Services where he found that his strategy of locking up people and refusing to comment was a little trickier to implement. He announced that he didn’t want to take a combative approach to the portfolio, so if people would just agree with him that would make it a lot easier.

It was as Treasurer that Scott could really shine. Treasurers use lots of words like “fiscal”, “macroeconomic policy”, “market efficiency”, “superannuation” and various other phrases that even when understood, tend to make the listener drift off into a semi-hypnotic state where they conclude: “This guy is so boring, he really must know something about how to handle money.” (Ok, I did note the use of the male pronoun. I was going to change it to something more generic, but then I realised that Australia doesn’t have female Treasurers…)

Morrison had a natural advantage in that he was boring even before he was made Treasurer. Once he was made leader after Dutton’s aborted coup, Morrison managed to keep people in their semi-hypnotic state throughout the election campaign by talking about such things as curries and a fair go. Somehow he managed to have various people think that they were back in the fifties and it was a bonza country, but he was just a little bit alternative because he embraced these curry things, while Jen could whip up a mean salad.

All of which brings me to the apology…

Given his total and absolute inability to demonstrate empathy or competence in any job he’d ever held, and his ascent has only been through bastardry and nastiness, why on earth would we expect any better once he became our PM. Really, it’s our fault for electing him to a position far beyond his capabilities. He’s possibly doing the best that he can.

And so, on behalf of the Australian people, I’d just like to say, “Sorry, Scottie. We’ve expected far too much of you.”

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  1. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh; Too accurate!!! I see no reason for apologising for Scummo’s inherent genetic faults and his complete lack of empathy, charisma and leadership qualities. However, he thus would be an ideal candidate for promotion into a Fuhrerstat run by Big Business because he would do as he was told, just like a primary school kiddie.

    Peter Principle: “People rise to the height of their incompetence” which just demonstrates how little leadership talent there is in the Liarbral nat$ Smirkie Morriscum Lazy Nasty People misgovernment.

  2. Phil Pryor

    The Head Moron has not yet resigned and disappeared and we want an apology for that, NOW! (If the other conservative pooskulls would follow like good little lemmings, fine…)

  3. nonsibicunctis

    I enjoyed this short satirical summary of Scott Morrison’s actions during his progress to the Prime Ministership and since his ‘elevation’ to the position.

    However, I can’t agree that we expected too much of him. Certainly I never expected anything other than the typical arrogant hyperbole, lack of caring for the needy, rejection of science or other clear evidence on any and every issue, continual hypocrisy and lies typifying his statements, enormous ignorance and lack of intellectual capability reflected in his decision making, continuing [completely false] insistence that he knows what’s best for the nation [presumably because he can talk in tongues and is in direct contact with his ‘god’], a complete lack of understanding about what leadership actually entails and I suspect a complete inability to meet those criteria even if he did understand them.

    Time has shown that I neither under nor over estimated his capabilities. He has been and is very much what I expected. The only saving grace I can suggest is that the situation, as dire as it is, would have been even more vile, dishonest, discriminatory and irrevocably stupid had Peter Dutton obtained the role.

    What else could I expect, in all fairness? He is a member of the misnamed Liberal Party, after all and shares all of its characteristics though perhaps not as extremely as Howard, Abbott, Bishiop B. & Dutton.

    So, for me, with all due respect to you Rossleigh, I do not feel any obligation to apologise to Scott Morrison on any account whatsoever, unless it is that I don’t have the aggression or capacity to assassinate him and the rest of his scurrilous crew.

  4. Henry Rodrigues

    There is nothing to apologize to Scummo for. We always considered him to be the personification of a bastard and he had given us ample proof by his actions, his behaviour,and his words that we were not wrong. Apologize ??
    The crinkled scrote and the rest of the corrupt media should do all the apologizing. And the brain dead greedy wankers who voted for him and his party.
    1 biilion animals cry for revenge. That fat ugly arsehole Kelly who goes overseas to defend Scummo, is another bastard who needs to apologize to Australians just as he had to, to the weather person on British TV. When will we throw these pricks out and restore our dignity ??

  5. Lantanaman

    I found myself almost in fits of laughter at your presentation, it was good, then I felt guilt, why was I finding this stuff amusing, Scummo is not funny he is an embarrassment for all the things that he does and not do.
    I enjoyed Oscar Wilde for his comedy of errors, they were innocuous, this cretin stumbles from one disaster to another and Trump, like no doubt thinks he is this country`s saviour, “how good is this?”
    You get no apology from me Scummo.

  6. eve mcconnell


  7. Keitha Granville

    when Henry ? two and a half years, but it won’t happen, because the same vested interests will vote him back in.

    trust me

  8. Roswell

    It’s fixed now, Eve.

  9. Stephengb

    I do not believe for one second that Australia will vote Left at the next federal election, the facts are that given the appaling record of 6 years the Australian numb nuts voted thos lot back in for another 3 years.

    The only way that Labor has a chance is for the ALP to reinstate Bill Shorten and every one of the excellent policies of the last Federal election.

    Not to do so, tells the electorate that they were right to reject the ALP.

    Imagine the query that would go in in the minds of those swinging voters and the ALP deserters (who voted ‘for a few dollars more’).

    Even the dullest of them would have to think they made a serious mistake.

  10. Trevor

    The Smirk is a walking talking time and motion study of the expression, confusing capabilities with desires.

    Or in the world of alternate facts, confusing desires with capabilities

  11. Max Gross

    Bloody brilliant

  12. lawrence winder

    As very day goes by he becomes a smaller and smaller figure and his lies become bigger and bigger….

  13. Cool Pete

    Examining the performance of the Liberal Party, I can only say, “My God, it’s them, who owe us an apology.”

  14. Andrew Smith

    Morrison is not a leader but a sock puppet and sympton of how not just media, public service etc. have been hollowed out, but also the LNP and Australian electorates.

    They now lack a grounded constituency of informed and empowered members (in Vic. seems Mormons are preferred), policy development in cooperation with the PS has been stopped and outsourced to think tanks e.g. IPA and related advisors, while NewsCorp and Crosby Textor do the marketing/PR and communications.

    The latter often means ignoring and disappearing the govt. or LNP in media while focusing upon, dropping dead cats and dog whistling Labor, Greenies, left, minorities, refugees, immigrants; anyone not WASPIC Conservative Christian is fair game.

    The ‘wrecking crew’ has been doing its work in the US, UK and Australia while people sleep walk or are actively nudged and/or intimidated into submission.

    It’s resurgence (last wank of the ‘skipocracy’) in old plutocracy and oligarchy, back grounded by WASP exceptionalism catering to ageing constituents (scaring the them or appealing to their worst instincts) whom are needed to vote, the right way.

    Have posted before, but Prof Ian Haney-Lopez in the US, an expert in ‘dog whistling (democracy)’, does much to explain modern political media messaging from these radical right libertarians in cahoots with Kochs, Murdochs etc.:

    ‘Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class.

    In Dog Whistle Politics, Ian Haney Lopez offers a sweeping account of how politicians and plutocrats deploy veiled racial appeals to persuade white voters to support policies that favor the extremely rich yet threaten their own interests. Dog whistle appeals generate middle-class enthusiasm for political candidates who promise to crack down on crime, curb undocumented immigration, and protect the heartland against Islamic infiltration, but ultimately vote to slash taxes for the rich, give corporations regulatory control over industry and financial markets, and aggressively curtail social services. White voters, convinced by powerful interests that minorities are their true enemies, fail to see the connection between the political agendas they support and the surging wealth inequality that takes an increasing toll on their lives. The tactic continues at full force, with the Republican Party using racial provocations to drum up enthusiasm for weakening unions and public pensions, defunding public schools, and opposing health care reform.’

    It’s all very well when they are managing the process but events such as the bush fires and inertia on climate change measures shows how incompetent and unprepared LNP MPs are but that does not seem to bother a majority of voters…..

    PS It’s no surprise that when Exxon Mobil/Standard Oil scientists became aware that increasing carbon emissions from fossil fuels cause climate change their majority owners (Rockefeller family) indirectly helped support, via ZPG (with Ford/Carnegie), i.e. promoting immigration restrictions and focus upon ‘population growth’ as the cause of environmental degradation and increasing carbon emissions…. still has legs to this day……

  15. Harry Lime

    This rotten bastard owes US an apology,which we will never get,but without being enabled by the most vile and toxic influence this country has ever been infected with,we wouldn’t all be gnashing our choppers.Rupert fcking Murdoch,hideous, self serving destroyer of democracy.We can take it back, but it means getting off our arses.

  16. Vikingduk

    Dear sooty, please accept my apologies for my unalterable view that you are a deranged, psychotic tosspot. Given your mental and emotional shortcomings, I am not surprised you are the go to example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, the Peter principle and cognitive dissonance wrapped up in a putrid, messianic smirk. I realise that it is unkind to mock the disabled, but, really, your general demeanour, your very being tells me you are nought but a rotten to the core, black hearted despot. A traitor. A walking, talking shitstain on the face of democracy. A cunning as a shithouse rat, devoid of any redeeming features whatsoever to be considered as a worthwhile, functioning member of humanity. Begone damn scott, your gross insincerity, your lies, your hypocrisy. Take them with you, slink off, you grub, hands in pockets as you moan poor me, I’m the victim here, ungrateful sods, I’ll wait for The Rupture, happy clapping the arrival of Neville the sky fairy (aka god).

  17. ajogrady

    Morrison’s and the L/NP’s success is their ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm or one iota of a conscience.

  18. Roscoe

    funny, this is the second PM we have had who has a long list of failures in his previous employment, doesnt anyone check their employment history before the are pre selected? I suppose looking at the likes of Craig Kelly the answer is a definite NO

  19. totaram

    Stephengb: Your proposal is eminently sensible – too sensible and logical. Hence there is no chance that it will be even countenanced by anyone including rusted-on Shorten supporters. Even if Albo voluntarily steps down in favour of Bill Shorten, the media will have a field day claiming another “knifing” by shifty Bill. And so on.

    And if you think that “Even the dullest of them would have to think they made a serious mistake” I am sorry to disappoint you. You don’t know how dull people can be when it comes to admitting their own mistakes. They will have a field day telling everyone that repeating “the mistake” is the worst thing the Labor party can do and they are therefore doomed.

  20. Birabongse

    Great piece, I can only argue with one thing. I don’t want Scotty from Marketing to resign! Now before the wrath of Oz comes down upon my poor befuddled head let me explain. Morrison has risen so far above his level of competence that his ossified brain struggles for oxygen, he will continue to be an embarrassment, commit many more faux pas all the while praying for a nice little war in the Middle East which will be the flashpoint needed for the rapture where Scott and his Hillsongers will be lifted above this mortal coil and look down on the degenerates, Labor voters and Malcolm Turnbull as they are rightfully pitchforked by demons for eternity. We know this, he’s an idiot but he’s our idiot and we (well you, not me personally) elected him and with luck will have to put up with him for a couple of years yet, and I say that is a good thing. Why, I hear you grumble could that possibly be a good thing? Because children, the only person likely to succeed him is Herr Obergruppenfuhrer Potato, a man devoid of a soul, he who had empathy surgically removed, the locker up of children, tormenter of those who escaped from countries which in many cases we had gone into with our American “friends” and destroyed both culturally and politically while said friends raped their resources. Herr Potato has used his influence to build the most all encompassing security apparatus this country has ever seen. He will gleefully jail protestors who may cost the LNP donors a few shekels, ID cards won’t be far away, while the poor and what’s left of the middle class will quiver every time a new announcement comes across the airwaves. He’s already got his Blackshirts, it won’t be long if he takes the keys to the Lodge that Geheime Staatspolizei will be officially announced. No Scotty has his faults, but I believe we can deal with them, the prospect though of his obvious successor is to my mind far too terrible to contemplate.

  21. wam

    It would be an excellent causerie if it were not for the rabbott? Scummo’s fear of the office challenging his faith is nothing next the pell prayer.
    Scummo is safe behind our ignorance of him and his faith.
    His supporters revere trump and believe the Australian press favours oops ‘favors’ the left.
    He has the smile, the strike and the venom of a snake. He has power of incumbency and none of the baggage of the last 6 years. The stimulus of the reconstruction will rejuvenate the economy and release a surplus.
    He has good depth of of ministers to sacrifice should he need to deflect media problems.
    The saddest image is the current certainty that scummo and trump consider themselves as doing a good job and enough voters agree.
    Do you honestly believe climate change is caused by “… increasing carbon emissions from fossil fuels cause climate change”?
    Do you consider it possible climate change is a natural process that has been on going for a few billion years and man’s recent interference has upset the natural process?

  22. Uta Hannemann

    Stephengb: “The only way that Labor has a chance is for the ALP to reinstate Bill Shorten and every one of the excellent policies of the last Federal election.”

    I do agree with that!

  23. David

    Easy… SCOMO is a tosser..

  24. Patricia

    A good and accurate article setting out the personality of the person who is supposed to lead by example. I see no need to apologise to Morrison. To expect him to be a decent human being is not asking much of the person who is given the privilege of leading a nation. And a privilege it is, not a right as Morrison thinks. The expectation that Morrison would somehow become a decent, caring, empathetic human being after attaining the highest position in the nation was absurd in the extreme. Morrison might be a big person in stature ( in height, not reputation) but he is tiny minded and black hearted. How any thinking person could look at his history and see someone who would lead a nation I’d beyond my comprehension. We must not apologise to it for Scott Morrison, we are better than that.

  25. Deidre Zanker

    I agree. Reinstate Bill Shorten and his fair and excellent policies. We could all help explain his policies.
    I believe the policies should be introduced in stages rather than all at once.
    Australians should all be in no doubt about the effects of climate change and the extreme urgency of emissions reduction and rapid transitioning out of fossil fuels. All the new jobs which would result from this should be clearly emphasised and articulated.

  26. Patricia

    Fantastic summary of the person that 51.5% of braindead Australian voters thought would be the best person out of 25Million to lead our country.

    I agree with everything except the last sentence.

    There will be no apologies to Morrison from those who have their eyes and ears open and can see that he has made this wonderful country and it’s people the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

    There will be no apologies to Morrison from the people who have lost their lives due to his and the party he “leads” inaction and constant ripping out funding from what are inarguably essential services in the driest country on the planet.

    There will be no apologies from the billion for so native inhabitants of this country and the countless insects that allow us to live the lives that we live, nor from the untold numbers of plants that will never again grace the forests and land.

    Much has been said about Morrison’s complete lack of humanity, empathy, care, consideration, representation (other than those who donate to the liberal party).

    He is not even a despicable human being, he is just despicable and I am ashamed that he has ever been in a position of authority in this country and wonder what my fellow Australians were thinking when they decided that this person was the best we had to present us and our country to the rest of the world.

  27. c blair

    The will be nothing but PRAISE from the millions of Australians thankful that SCOMO saved us from a disastrous BS ( Bill SHORTEN) Labor cluster!!😍👍👌

  28. c blair

    The will be nothing but PRAISE from the millions of Australians thankful that SCOMO saved us from a disastrous BS ( Bill SHORTEN) Labor cluster!!😍👍👌 so much for reinstating him. Albo is already ditching his failed economic (tax) policies. Faint praise indeed!!

  29. Rossleigh

    So the only thing Liberals have worth praising is that they’re not Labor. So much so that you said it twice.

  30. Michael Taylor

    Friend of yours, Rossleigh?

  31. Graeme Couch

    Whoever wins an election you will end up with a politician.

  32. Pingback: Faced With Climate Disaster, Australian Prime Minister Plans to Open Coal Mine #ScottyFromMarketing #auspol #qldpol #StopAdani #ClimateEmergency Demand a #GreenNewDeal #ExtinctionRebellion – Climate Action Australia

  33. Bruce White

    A claytons apology. The apology you make when you’re not making an apology.
    Originated from the ad for a non alcoholic cocktail/aperitif/appetiser, televised in the 80s?
    ‘Claytons’, the drink you have when you’re not having a drink.
    A marketing line that Scomo could only aspire to rival, but never attain.
    ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’
    ‘Who gives a f#ck.’

  34. Egalitarian

    Dear Uta They were great policies.But Bill Shorten didn’t fight for them as he was so sure he would win.He was slaughtered by Morrison.

  35. Rossleigh

    Comment on this article from January which may have aged badly:

    c blairJanuary 19, 2020 at 9:58 am Edit
    The will be nothing but PRAISE from the millions of Australians thankful that SCOMO saved us from a disastrous BS ( Bill SHORTEN) Labor cluster!!😍👍👌 so much for reinstating him. Albo is already ditching his failed economic (tax) policies. Faint praise indeed!!

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