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Socialists have aspirations as well

By Sean Crawley

Dear Prime Minister,

It’s pretty clear that you and your side of politics believe that any form of taxation or welfare destroys people’s aspirations. I speak for myself while suspecting I am not alone, especially since at the last federal election more people voted for Labor and the Greens than voted for your so-called broad-church coalition of neo-liberal/conservative/National parties.

I have lots of aspirations. One of these I can phrase in your very own faux fair dinkum Ozzie parlance. It is: A fair go so we can all have a go. It looks a lot like your mantra: A fair go for those who have a go, but it is quite different, and the type of society that would emanate from my philosophy would be quite different from the one you are currently legislating into existence.

If you’re having trouble understanding the difference, let me use this horticultural analogy. One gardener, let’s call him Bluey, sows a field of wildflower seeds. The other gardener, let’s call her Cerise, does the same. Bluey likes to keep a tight rein on his gardening budget so he waits until the seeds sprout before he decides which plants will get water, mulch and fertiliser. Cerise has already fertilised and mulched the soil and she regularly waters the whole field. It doesn’t take long before some of the wildflowers in Bluey’s patch sprout and grow tall and strong. Bluey gives them lots of water and all the fertiliser they need, he mulches around them and sings their praises. “Why look at this tall strong blue flower, it is clearly having a go. It deserves to be well looked after.” After some time, Bluey’s field contains a smattering of tall thriving blue flowers. “Look how they reach for the sky, they will be an inspiration for all the other flowers who are not so tall or strong. Oh, what a good gardener am I.”

Cerise’s garden has blue flowers as well, but they don’t stand out like the ones in Bluey’s garden because they are surrounded by a multi-coloured blanket of floral delights. By feeding, watering and tending to the whole field each species of flower can thrive and blossom.

Not all flowers aspire to be the tallest.

Scott, I believe that the brand of aspiration you and your adherents claim that socially progressive political parties wish to destroy, is the aspiration that drives some people to become wealthy by winning at the brutal game of capitalism.

I don’t aspire to be wealthy, but I do aspire. I aspire to live in a society that is well-watered and fertilised, a society where every person is looked after so they can thrive in a multi-coloured field of wild and unique humans.

Call me a socialist if you will. Yes, a small red flower, that for a long time now has been wrongly accused of being something that it is not. I am not a communist, I am not a soldier of class warfare. I am not envious of the rich and influential. I aspire for things other than money and power. I aspire for peace and equality and for our human society to tread a whole lot more lightly on the planet and all its life forms.

Scomo, you have been elected to serve all the peoples of Australia. Please understand that not all of us aspire to get ahead of the pack to be tall poppies in the corporate world that is destroying the planet with its dogged pursuit of growth and profits. Welfare and taxation are the water and fertiliser for a healthy society. Most of us would prefer to live in Cerise’s garden, not Bluey’s.

Fair dinkum,


This article was originally published on wake up and smell the humans.

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  1. Keitha Granville

    I am your kind of aspirant too, we used to have a fair dinkum society where everyone had a chance. Now it feels like a desperate scramble to hang on to your own pile of nuts while the other squirrels are scrabbling around finding the leftovers. We are racing back to the 18th century of aristocrats and serfs.

    I don’t think enough people care enough to start revolution, but if they do I’m in.

  2. Jack Cade

    What we all refuse to acknowledge is that the Coalition might actually represent what Australians have become. They have elected the Coalition into power when it was being led by two of the most disagreeable creatures imaginable – Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison. In between we elected Shallow Mal, whose only attribute was his resemblance to the people who sent our ancestors here in the first place. Accept it – we have become a deeply unpleasant nation.

  3. David Bruce

    As Mao said, political power comes out of the barrel of a gun!

    Now the gangs in blue have the guns, so the scumbags must be feeling pretty smug?

    Maybe we can learn from the French; there is more to life than submarines?

    It’s time to sharpen the pitch forks (of social media)…

  4. RosemaryJ36

    Keitha – I’m with you!

  5. James Cook


  6. Keith Thomas Davis

    Five … and I’m sure a few friends will join up as well!

  7. Uta Hannemann

    Please, tell me what a revolution can achieve if the majority of people do not change their thinking? Let the majority of people vote a government in that is determined to change a few things so that the majority of people can have a fair go!!

  8. Bronte ALLAN

    Make that 6 or 7! Great article Sean! I agree with everything you said, especially about being a Socialist & NOT a Communist. Sadly, almost every bloody right wing, flat earth, climate change denying, happy clapping, obscenely over-paid, so-called “politician” (sic) automatically equates Socialism with Communism. We realise that none of these COALition numpties could find any difference, but any body with any nous–such as all of us Labor party supporters etc, can see the difference. Pity this country of ours will go further down the rat hole of incompetence, which this fcking useless mob is determined to do! And to think they have now exhausted their “raft” of policies they went to the last election with, & won! WTF??

  9. Jean

    I’m sure I bring the number to 8 & 9! I’d had the same idea Sean only I thought it could change to “A fair go to have a go”! (I like your slogan more now!)
    I was particularly thinking of a young person I know who has only just been given the chance to ‘have a go!” This person is now shining! There are so many people who don’t get a chance to shine – and Schomo doesn’t seem to realise this.
    He has completed his known ‘policy’ agenda – so where to now? I’ll be it isn’t going to assist young people or those in need of the chance to have a go. He’ll again support the fairy tale ‘trickle down’ economic lie that the LNP support – even though research using data from several decades has shown the only economic benefit goes to the top earners that get the funds that supposedly will trickle down – obviously these funds get deposited straight into the top earner bank accounts!
    The tax relief $1080 is the perfect example! Over $48,000 and all the way to $126,000 you’ll get this amount, but those who will rush out and spend it either don’t get anything – or they get a measly $255! Increasing Newstart would have been better! Just think how the Newstart recipients would have spent it so they can survive – and then it quickly trickles up and keeps moving from one supplier to the next!

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