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Shouty goes quiet

ScoMo? FFS! Giving yourself a nickname is the pitiable act of a Neville No Friends – it’s rather like tying a pork chop around your own neck to get your dog to play with you.

When such self-branding is done by a once professional ad man (albeit twice sacked) it’s pathetically child-like.

When signing official Prime Ministerial documents as ScoMo it’s deserving of ridicule and contempt.

The self-designation as ScoMo is intended to disguise a grifter, a weird cultist, a Machiavellian schemer, an assassin pretending to be a folksy, daggy dad next door.

This is the behaviour of a shonk – a skunk, a phony on the make. It’s the fake smile of a used car salesman, it’s “Wayne” from Bangalore seeking access to your computer, it’s the bogus bonhomie of a nudie bar spruiker. It’s cheap lipstick on a slippery pig.

SloMo, StuntMo, ScamMo, ScumMo, SmokO, SmugO, SmirkO, FauxMo, Scooter, The Liar From The Shire, Scotty From Marketing and Skiddy are more compliant with the principles of truth in advertising and hence these alternatives have been enthusiastically embraced by those who are less susceptible to the fake sincerity of a guileful shyster.

Shouty McShoutyface, Scott Morrison V1.0 when Immigration Minister and then Treasurer, revelled in his reputation as a hard man. Demonising asylum seekers, suggesting to cabinet that marginalising Muslims was a useful political ploy, brandishing a lump of coal in Parliament, spittle-flecked tirades at dissent from the Opposition – that is the real Scott Morrison.

Morrison has managed to fool some of the people all of the time but his facade is slipping. The trite marketing gimmick of televising his ‘praise the lord and pass the EFTPOS machine’ session at his Shire Mammonite Collective was a discomforting insight into a committed, exclusionary cultist. The facade began to smoulder and now with the climate biting back perhaps it has caught fire.

The real Morrison has no empathy for any but his fellow subscribers to the Church Of The Holy Dollar and he takes guidance from no-one other than his BFF, mentor and wealth consultant Brother Brian. He’s abandoned the country while it burns and he’s getting called out for it. When his fellow traveller on the RWNJ Express Alan Jones the London lavs lurker airs a diatribe excoriating his recent behaviour could it be a sign that it’s all over red rover for the chosen one?

“We do have a crisis in this country. It’s not a drought crisis, it’s a crisis in government.

“We have a drought of empathy, a drought of understanding, a drought of compassion, a drought of decency, a drought of sensitivity and a drought of care.

“And that drought has overtaken the federal government.”

Alan has warned this will be the undoing of the Morrison government. (Alan Jones on 2GB).

The real Morrison cannot tolerate alternative views or opinions, he hates scrutiny and questioning – he truly believes he is his god’s annointed one via heavenly miracle and so is not subject to earthly accountability. I suspect that he also believes that the drought and the fires are his god’s will and a possible sign of the pending rapture.

Now Shouty’s finally gone quiet, he’s nowhere to be seen. Does he think that this is the end of times or is his unexplained disappearance simply another manifestation of his arrogant disregard for decency?

Could the clamour for an explanation of his cowardly desertion be a sign of the beginning of the end of times for Morrison PM? There’s a cheerful yuletide thought.

Disclaimer: If it turns out he’s off visiting troops deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq then the “abandoning the country” accusation won’t stand. But he’s taken the missus and the kids with him so i doubt that’s what he’s done.

This article was originally published on The Grumpy Geezer.

Image by Alan Moir (moir.com.au)

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  1. Ill fares the land

    I long ago stopped using the term “Scomo” for our ingrate PM. He actually likes being referred to by that title, such is the depth of his neurotic craving for adulation, if not veneration. That he uses it as a signature is nothing short of a disgrace and tells you a lot about how utterly vacuous he is as a person and as a PM. Sure, Hawke and Howard and Rudd and Keating, etc, all brought themselves to the PM role, but to my mind the PM role defined them. For Morrison he is trying to make the PM role uniquely his. This trick from a scheming fraudster will hopefully, for him, tend to force us to believe that he is “THE PM” and he is what our PM should be. This is advertising mumbo jumbo at its most pernicious. He is, of course, hiding that his lust for absolute power is so desperate, he is hoping we won’t notice while he, Mr Potato Head and Chief Nerd (Porter) implement whatever strategies they need to silently mount campaigns against anyone who dares to express dissent and to enlist the policing authorities to do their “dirty work”. He can’t fabricate a coup so he can incarcerate academics, journalists and judges, but he can arrange for the Federal Police to raid the homes and offices of journalists with a view to making them examples of what happens when they expose the devious actions of a corrupt government. He can punish anyone who didn’t vote for him (yes, his need for adulation goes to his absolute core) by simply not governing for them (leave the poor on a totally inadequate Newstart; mount further attacks on unions, embark on a flawed and illegal debt recovery sting for people on Newstart to name just a few examples).

    On the other hand, his failings are so obvious and so all-encompassing that it should make the task of flagging him as a devious, lying charlatan so much simpler. I suspect Albo took some time to wake up to this. Initially, I think Albo had an expectation that Morrison the Messiah would develop some substance. What he has now seen is that for Morrison, his facade is so flimsy and hides such a conflation of flaws, that it is not hard to get the real Morrison on display and I detect Albo’s rhetoric has really ramped up – he us using much more power-laden terms in his criticisms of Morrison.. This is easy in the Parliament. Much more challenging outside of the Parliament, since Morrison can simply hide from scrutiny (is Bojo copying from Morrison or Morrison copying from Bojo?) and surface again when he can make some glorious announcement befitting his emporarial stature.

  2. David Stakes

    More like missus and kids in Hawaii, he chuffs off to Afghanistan. Smoke and mirrors trick.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Is this scomo a short joke on scurrilous moron, or is it scrotum moribund. Getting closer..?

  4. Phil

    we can be sure Morrison will have included in his sojourn a brief side trip to the troops in some some middle eastern hell hole of America’s making so as to make a show of legitimacy and underwrite the family travel on the taxpayers bill……no doubt also a little fandango in Manhattan warbling hosannas to his cult leader Pastor B Houston, son of Frank-the-pedophile pastor deceased.

    Great writing GG – satire at its best

  5. johno

    Who’s putting out Shouty’s bin while he is away ?

  6. Patagonian

    Somebody suggested ‘Sooty’ as an alternative sobriquet the other day and it’s quite apt – a blackened sock puppet. i prefer FauxMo.

  7. whatever

    We now get ‘MediaManagement’ instead of reporting on the ABC and most of the Press, and we get it 24/7.
    That is why we are getting relentless SillySeason nonsense on the ‘News’ media at the moment.
    They are trying to ‘Whiteboard’ the entire government.

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    I ‘m not going to be nice about Scummo, bring the bastard back from wherever he’s hiding.Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns, this bastard is hiding while the bush and our wildlife goes up in fire and smoke. The bastards in the media are just being what they have always been, bastards.

    Hope you all have as peaceful a christmas as possible.

  9. Kathryn

    Thank you Grumpy Geezer – another very insightful article about the Machiavellian Monster, Morrison!

    The increasingly fascist, discredited and condescending MorriScum and his vindictive, totally inept government are among the HIGHEST paid politicians in the OECD world YET have achieved absolutely NOTHING since their rise to (unelected) power in August 2018 on the backs of a devious Turnbull backstabbing – the THIRD contemptible leadership overthrow in only 5 years – can you just IMAGINE what these breathtaking hypocrites would have said if this ignominious situation was occurring under an ALP government! My God, the Murdoch/LNP/IPA Alliance would be SCREEEEAMING from the rooftops by now. Instead, we have DEAD SILENCE from Z-rated journalists and gutless hacks eeking out a living and saying NOTHING about the WORST government in our history!

    What is worse, is that this lazy, non-achieving grubby snake oil salesman has hardly been seen in parliament since he rose to power like faecal matter in a polluted pond. To put it mildly: Morrison has NOT EARNED a taxpayer-funded sojourn in Hawaii! One has to have WORKED for a living to EARN a holiday and the indolent, smug and do-nothing MorriScum has yet to be seen to put in a SOLID day’s work in his history as a sneering CAREER political parasite.

    What we have NOW is a smug fascist with a God complex running away from the unbearable heat and smoke pollution that HIS climate-change-denying, coal-loving regime has – in no small way – helped to CREATE! Clearly, Sloth MorriScum can’t take the HEAT so has scooted off to stay in one of Trump’s hotels in the company of a paedophile-supporting cult leader, Brian Houston! WOW! WTF is the governor general when you need him? Morrison and Dutton should be hung, drawn and quartered – their history of absolute destruction, DOUBLING our national deficit, defunding our children’s education, defunding the ABC into oblivion (in readiness to privatise OUR taxpayer owned media station), arresting whistleblowers, prosecuting journalists, vilifying and arresting people practising their DEMOCRATIC right to protest, rescinding Medevac in a heartlessly devious and cruel move to further torture defenceless asylum seekers, granting THEMSELVES three pay rises whilst the meager wages for ordinary Australians stagnate for years on end, selling off EVERYTHING we own to foreign predators, handing over the precious waters of our Murray/Darling river system to foreign owned cotton growers – in the middle of the worst drought on record – in Barnyard Joyce’s electorate (which has caused the devastation and drying up of our longest river system and its tributaries and the suffocating death of BILLIONS of fish), the constant lies, the relentless broken promises, the smug condescending contempt for ordinary Australians, the worrying lack of transparency, the rising fascism!


    HOW BAD DOES THE LNP HAVE TO GET before journalists have the GUTS to stand up and finally have the integrity, credibility and REAL justifiable concern for our egalitarian way of life, our democracy and our children’s future and STOP allowing themselves to be threatened by this fascist regime? It is OVERTIME that journalists now openly (and scathingly) criticise and LOUDLY CONDEMN this, the worst government in living memory!

    It is OVERTIME that Australians STOP being the QUIET, MEEK AND SUBMISSIVE AUSTRALIANS the ruthless, totally corrupt fascist, Morrison, wants us to be! RISE UP!

  10. george theodoridis

    Hi, my name is Scomo and I’m not here to help!

  11. David Tennant

    My bet is that dear Scummo is with his bosom buddy at the opening of Hillsong’s bonza new church in New York.

  12. Grumpy Geezer

    Latest news: The Twittersphere has reported, via reliable sources, that he could be a tad shy about where he is because he’s on hols with his QAnon chum.

    Discussing conspiracy theories over margaritas to inform his policies?

  13. Roswell

    Grumpy, first it was Hawaii, then it was New York, then Hawaii again. The man’s as elusive as Elvis.

    I could have swore I saw him flipping burgers in Gundagai.

  14. Grumpy Geezer


    Hawaii looks odds on. NY with BFF Brian was always speculative. QAnon nutter on the next sunbed to SmokO’s is Twitter goss – but entirely believable.

    I wonder how he’ll spin it, smirk in situ, when he gets back.

  15. corvus boreus

    Our elected PM is probably just taking a well earned break because, quite frankly, he is sick of so-called ‘climate activists’ (aka anti-job cow-haters) trying to opportunistically and spuriously link the unprecedented length and intensity of the current bushfire season with their fundamentalist ‘scientific’ doctrine that the burning of fossil fuels is rapidly heating the climate of the planet with increasingly dangerous and damaging consequences.

  16. Ennay

    You say “I am, I think”
    I don’t think you think, you simply repeat dogma. Familiar story.

  17. corvus boreus

    I think you might be fairly new here.

    I offer 2 possibilities;
    a) corvus is a genuine climate change denier who is spouting ignorant slogans in earnest.
    b) corvus is actually a committed (career and volunteer) environmentalist who is reasonably well informed regarding the many decades of solid scientific research underpinning the generally accepted theory of the role of accumulated greenhouse gases in forcing global warming / climate change, and is merely being a bit snide/sarcastic.
    Flip a coin?

  18. silkworm

    I’ve just seen a post on Facebook alleging that Smoko has been trying to convert his colleagues to his brand of pentecostalism (but I’ve lost the link). Has anyone else heard this?

  19. LambsFry Simplex.

    You know, the real tragedy is that he will, eventually, come back.

  20. Kaye Lee

    “Australian prime minister says he ‘deeply regrets’ any offence caused by him taking leave during fires, and he will return to Sydney immediately.”

    Offence? How about dereliction of duty?

  21. Henry Rodrigues

    Well halleluyah, praise the stars, they finally tracked down the bastard, in Hawaii.The best present he could give Australia is to stay there permanently.

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