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Shorten’s Labor: Fair Go Mate!

The saying, ‘Fair Go Mate’ embodies so much of what Australians are about in three little words – a fair go. It sums up everything that is the backbone of who we are: to stand up to those who try to knock us down and don’t give us a chance – a fair go.

When someone judges us or our efforts unfairly or tries to knock us down and not give us a chance; in our beautiful, unique Australian vernacular we respond with “Fair Go, Mate!”

Every time I hear Bill Shorten speak, every positive policy he announces, he promotes something positive that will give Australians a fair go.

Woven into every rebuttal of the Liberal Government’s punitive, conservative, knock everything and everyone down rhetoric and policies, I hear Shorten say to Turnbull – “Fair Go, Mate!”

On July 3rd, we will wake up with either Labor or Liberals as our Government. There is no other choice. I understand that there is quite a movement of people wanting to vote for independent and minor parties; however, your vote will decide which one of the Major parties will rule us for the next three years.

We need to seek a clear majority for a Government to achieve good progress in their own right. Hung parliaments are not something ‘cool and trendy’ that teach anyone a lesson, nor are they something we should wish for. Being one seat away to the return of Campbell Newman/Joh Bjelke-Petersen type rule in Queensland, is not a pleasant thought. With 42 seats each, it is real fear. It is not a joke.

Please vote for a minor party or an independent, if you are truly dedicated to that party or individual. However, there are many people who state they will do this ‘to teach the majors a lesson.’ There seems to be a growing popularity that somehow this is a ‘trendy thing to do.’  Please don’t vote to be ‘trendy’ when so much is at stake.  We are adults. Politics does matter. It changes lives. Please take your vote seriously, because with this election being so close, your vote is powerful and you will be a participant in real choice.

Malcolm Turnbull is correct when he has implored voters

“To vote as if your vote decides the election.”

This election is so close, your vote might do just that.

That choice is a Shorten Government or a Turnbull Government.  That is it. No beating around the bush, no platitudes, no whimsical fancies of a minor party breaking history and winning 76 seats. Every single primary vote counts.  It is Shorten or Turnbull. Your choice.

A choice between a fair go and progressive policies with Labor, or a continuation of stagnant, conservative and punitive measures with the Liberals.

On July 2, you will either vote for a Shorten Labor Government to give you a fair go and to be given a real chance, or you will vote to be knocked down by the Liberals and not given a chance.

The Liberals won’t care if you scream at them “Fair Go, Mate!” The Liberals see punishment as an incentive to push people to improve. It simply does not resonate with them.

Here are some of the choices you will be voting for:

Bill Shorten is saying to Turnbull “Fair Go, Mate” because Turnbull wants to knock kids down before they can get a quality education, by not properly funding schools.

Shorten will give kids a fair go by properly funding Gonski.

Bill Shorten is saying to Turnbull “Fair Go, Mate” because Turnbull wants to knock sick people down who don’t have the money to pay a GP Co-Payment, or fees for pathology and scans that are essential for diagnosis, by putting extra taxes on Medicare and making moves to privatise our national health insurance system.

Shorten will give sick people a fair go, by protecting Medicare and lifting the Medicare rebate freeze , so more Doctors have an incentive to bulk bill.
In two words: Medicare Stays.

Bill Shorten is saying to Turnbull “Fair Go, Mate” because Turnbull wants to knock LGBTI people down by spending $160 million dollars on an plebiscite, which will give voice to the homophobic anti-marriage equality lobby, to shout their enraged hate at LGBTI people, just to decide if they should have the same rights as every other citizen in the country.

Shorten will give LGBTI people a fair go, by legislating for Marriage Equality within the first 100 days.

Bill Shorten is saying to Turnbull “Fair Go, Mate” because Turnbull wants to knock Australians down, before they can even begin to think about starting a business, or remaining competitive, or by preventing their education in a rural area, by giving Australians a second rate copper-laden National Broadband Network.

Shorten will give all Australians a fair go, by rolling out Fibre to the Premises and give Australians a first class technology fibre laden NBN

Bill Shorten is saying to Turnbull “Fair Go, Mate” because Turnbull wants to knock school leavers and mature aged students down, by deregulating some university fees, and locking some students out of higher education, based on their family’s wealth and not their hard work.

Shorten will give all University Students a fair go, by keeping higher education affordable and accessible for all students; creating STEM Scholarships and offering some places completely HECS Free.

Bill Shorten is saying to Turnbull “Fair Go, Mate” because Turnbull wants to knock jobseekers down by giving business a 50 billion dollar tax cut, which will only impact the economy by .01% – under the guise of “jobs and growth’ and offer $4 Internships.

Shorten will give business and jobseekers a fair go, by offering small business a $20,000 tax break if they hire, a ­mature-age jobseeker or someone under 25 and by committing that one in 10 jobs in Government infrastructure projects are apprentices.

Thank you Bill Shorten, for bringing the Fair Go from underneath the layers of political rhetoric voters need to sift through at election time and just placing it smack bang in the middle of the table, in arms reach, right next to the sauce.

Shorten summed this up nicely in his speech at the Labor Launch this morning when speaking of the fair go that underpins what Labor is about:

Today, my remarkable team and I offer ourselves as an new Government, dedicated to Australian’s oldest proposition  – A Fair Go all around. A Labor Govt that recognised that Australia has always grown stronger and richer, by including everyone in opportunity, and leaving no-one behind.


We will be a Labor Government that will always put people first, in the finest tradition of this great country we all love together.

You can watch more about Labor’s Fair Go Here:

Please make your vote count!

Originally published on Polyfeministix



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  1. kerri

    Good article Trish! I hope it hits the maximum ears!

  2. michaelattoowoomba

    A great post Trish,I agree 100%.Needs to be republished at least a couple of times before election day.Make no mistake if L N P is re-elected WE as Australians are doomed.Every body needs to vote,as Trish notes,it is no time to play with revenge votes,but by all means,study your candidates,choose YOUR second choice very carefully and put the L N P Last on HOR,and last or off on senate.Think before you vote and take your time. Make your vote count.It is more important this time than ever in a long time.

    Remember PUT LNP LAST. MF,…

  3. paul walter

    There is no “fair go” in the current neolib world, just balance sheets, sales, quotas and excuse making.

    Yes, why not the “fair go”?

    Why are so many Australians out of sync with the concept?

  4. johnlward010

    The American Petroleum Institute’s 1998 Memo Presents a Road map for Climate Deception

    A team convened in 1998 by the American Petroleum Institute—the country’s largest oil trade association whose member companies include BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, 
    ExxonMobil, and Shell—outlined a “roadmap” for climate deception including a plan to cultivate purportedly independent scientists as climate misinformers.

    The campaign would achieve “victory,” according to the memo, when “average citizens” believed that the realities of climate science were uncertain.
    number of the key players who had contributed to the tobacco industry’s deception campaign and a remarkably similar network of public relations firms and non-profit “front groups,”
     some of whom continue to actively sow disinformation about global warming today (Oreskes and Conway 2010; Hoggan and Littlemore 2009).
    Identifying, Recruiting, and Training Undercover Scientists

    Given that scientists are a trusted source of information for policy makers and the public, it is not
    surprising that the API roadmap memo calls for cultivating and deploying them.
    Importantly, the API’s communication team realized that scientists seen as spokespeople for the fossil fuel industry
    would lack credibility. They aimed to “identify, recruit and train a team of five independent scientists to participate in media outreach,” and their deception depended on ensuring

    Recognizing that the tide might turn against fossil fuels, in 1998 the API pushed out materials for teachers and
    their students that directly countered scientific evidence.

    We seek a transformation in the language and style of political discourse in Australia. 
    A change to be more accessible and apparent to Australians and respectful of the citizenry of our country. 

    We are not an electorate. Together we constitute the ‘sovereign nation of Australia’.

    The time is now to hold the members of parliament to account for the quickening levels of abuse of the intelligence of their constituency, by treating us all at the level, of the lowest common denominator.

    We, the people of Australia, have been subject to lies and half-truths and deceitful, fraudulent and misleading representations, secrecy and outright lies over the past ten years, all the while our concern for yet unborn generations, becomes more evident in conversations on the street.

    I for one, am not prepared to go to my grave, leaving the political masters of vilification, derision & denigration, to shut down our nation, in service of their corporate mates. Short term thinking and lacking vision are substandard attributes so apparent in our nation’s leaders hip.

    I now stand to defy this trend,  which is now too serious an issue . To fail to hold  the Government and each good-for-nothing, personally responsible for the harm they are doing to our children’s future.

    I seek an Interlocutory injunction pending the final determination of this prosecution. I do so to counter actions and language of aspirants in this election that is deceptive and misleading and unable to be substantiated.  

    To prevent Ministerial improper exercise of power, i.e., exercising power unreasonably or in bad faith, to benefit  the election campaign donor industries, corporations, and individuals who paid for access to and the ability of those industries to influence ministers; to remove carbon taxes and reduce carbon emission targets. 

    The reason for the Interlocutory injunction is; the decision requires review under the ADJR Act, include breach of the law of natural justice, the procedures required by law for the making of the decision, not observed, the decision involved an error in law, the decision was affected by fraud.

    The Policy Agenda of the IPA (below)and the correlations to the LNP policy outcomes establishes clear links between the organisations. 
    The IPA was founded in 1943 United Australia Party. The IPA was one of some groups which formed the Liberal Party of Australia.

    In 2013 before he won the prime ministership, at the dinner celebrating the Institute of Public Affair’s 70th anniversary, former Prime Minister Abbott took the opportunity to commit to a raft of big promises, with Mrs. Rinehart, Mr. Rupert Murdoch, and Cardinal George Pell as his witnesses.  

    “I want to assure you,” he said, “that the Coalition will indeed repeal the carbon tax, abolish the Department of Climate Change, abolish the Clean Energy Fund. We will privatise Medibank Private.”

    This promise to the Institute of Public Affairs is significant because of its link to the Fossil Fuels Industries, which is clearly made evident from a memo from the American Petroleum Institute’s 1998 roadmap to victory. 

    The IPA funded by both private individuals and businesses. Among these businesses are ExxonMobil, WMC Resources, BHP Billiton, Phillip Morris, Caltex, Shell, and Esso. Electricity and mining companies, as well as British American Tobacco.

    At a dinner celebrating the Institute of Public Affairs 70th anniversary, former Prime Minister Abbott made public commitments to adopt large parts of the IPA agenda before witnesses. History records he was true to his promise. 

    The following are Policies encompassed in Mr. Abbott’s promise:
    Limiting the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. Abolish the Department of Climate Change. Abolish the Clean Energy Fund. Repeal the renewable energy target. Devolve environmental approvals for major projects to the states. Privatise the CSIRO.

    I turn to the Judiciary and the rule of law, to consider the following charges under the Criminal Code  
    Misconduct in relation to public office

    (1) A public officer who, with intent to dishonestly gain a benefit for the officer or another person or to dishonestly cause a detriment to another person‚

    (a) deals with information gained because of office; or

    (b) performs or fails to perform a function of office; or

    (c) without limiting paragraphs (a) and (b), does an act or makes an omission in abuse of the authority of office; is guilty of a crime.

    The offence of fraud against the Criminal Code, i.e. directing misapplication of monies. Section 49(2) (a) of the crimes and misconduct Act 20001.

    Misconduct of Public Officers. 
    Section 92A(1)(c) of the Criminal Code. To act in abuse of Authority of office, with the intention to dishonestly gain a benefit for another person or cause a detriment to another.

    I charge the Former Prime Minister, Anthony John Abbott, Minister Turnbull, Deputy Prime Minister Joyce, Ministers Pyne, Former Treasurer Hockey, Cormann, Treasurer Morrison, and Hunt [G93] with collusion to forward the interest of the Institute of Public Affairs and Directors of Rio Tito, BHP Billiton and others in the Fossil Fuel Industry, to the detriment of the clean energy industry and the climate in general.

    Section 92A(1)(c) of the Criminal Code. To act in abuse of Authority of office, with the intention to dishonestly gain a benefit for another person or cause a detriment to another. 

    Deception Dossiers.
    The Union of Concerned Scientists of the USA has published ‘The Climate deception Dossiers.’ 
    Internal fossil fuel industry memos reveal decades of disinformation—a deliberate campaign to deceive the public that continues even today.] 

    The American Petroleum Institute’s 1998 Memo Presents a Roadmap for Climate Deception.
    A team convened in 1998 by the American Petroleum Institute—the country’s largest oil trade association whose member companies include BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell—outlined a “roadmap” for climate deception including a plan to cultivate purportedly independent scientists as climate “misinformers.” The campaign would achieve “victory,” according to the memo;
    when “average citizens” believed that the realities of climate science were uncertain.

    “Victory Will Be Achieved When” average citizens “understand” (recognize) uncertainties in climate science, recognition of uncertainties becomes part of “conventional wisdom.”

    Media coverage reflects balance on climate science and recognition of the validity of viewpoints that challenge the current “conventional wisdom.”

    “understands”(recognizes) uncertainties in climate science.

    Industry senior leadership understands uncertainties in climate science, making them stronger ambassadors to those that shape climate policies.
    Those promoting the Kyoto treaty by extant science appear to be out of touch with reality.

    Unless “climate change” becomes a non-issue, meaning that the Kyoto proposal is defeated, and there are no further initiatives to thwart the threat of climate change, there may be no moment when we can declare victory for our efforts. It is necessary to establish measurements for the science effort to track progress toward achieving the goal and strategic success. 1998 APIh

    Memo explains how the IPA constantly appears as the “balance” on ABC and Sky News television debates.

    The recent parliament had declined to allow the Executive to’ Abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.’ The Cabinet have tried for two years to change the CEFC investment mandate and now attempting to create a different mandate, a phantom mandate, to appear to have authority to change the intent of the CEFC Act without returning to the parliament to seek such a change.

    The Investment Mandate issued 17 February 2015 is an attempt to alter or marginalise the operation of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, without obtaining amendments which have been made, suggested and passed by the Senate, to which the House of Representatives agrees.

    The tactical effect of the responsible ministers (February 17th directive), acting as de facto or shadow directors caused the required confusion, flux, hesitancy and uncertainties envisaged by the American Petroleum Institute in 1998.
    Pages ten and twenty in The-Climate-Deception-Dossiers.pdf

    The Interpretation exercise. The fundamental rule of interpretation is that a statute is to be expounded according to the intent of the Parliament that made it, and that intention has to be found by an examination of  the language used in the statute as a whole.

    It is abundantly clear, the Parliament that produced the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012, intended the Act not be easily diverted or altered by new directives inimical to its purposes.

    The public and verbal instruction, by former Treasurer Hockey and Finance Minister Cormann to move away from the wind generation and roof-top Solar, towards ‘emerging technologies’ were not only against the object of the Act, it was an attempt which had the effect to cause many in the industry, to have greater difficulty in attracting investment or gain financing. There are many who have been adversely affected across the clean energy industry.

    The May 2016 budget, keeps more than $20 bn in subsidies to fossil fuels industries and gives $100 mil ‘in new money’ to mining exploration, ‘the money’ Minister Hunt told the UN in Paris when he pledged to create the Clean Energy Innovation Fund with ‘new money’; is in reality $1 bn to be taken out of the CEFC fund on July 1 2016, a day before the Double Dissolution election.

    The offence of fraud against the Criminal Code, i.e. directing misapplication of monies. Section 49(2) (a) of the crimes and misconduct Act 2001.
    Evidence of the misleading and deceptive behaviour of ministers of the crown including the Prime Minister, even on the International Stage.

    Prime Minister Turnbull claims he has taken $1billion from the CEFC
    $10 bn funds that the previous parliament created, to fund his new Clean Energy Innovation Fund (CEIF), intending to have the ARENA and the CEFC act jointly as administrators of the CEIF.  A further $ 1 bn will be ‘drawn ‘ from the “Green Bank ” to Clean up the Barrier Reef, a $100 mill set aside to prevent the closure of the Steel works in Whyalla SA.
    At the same time, Minister Hunt joined 175 Nations in New York and was reported making a commitment, to use “New Money from Treasury of $1bn over ten years,” to pay for the innovation fund. Thereby demonstrating his Bona Fides.
    His pledge described in the mainstream media as‚ a Pea and Thimble trick‚ the shifting of committed money from funds; out of the so-called Green Bank, (the CEFC) into the CEIF.

    Because those cuts are still not legislated, despite being accounted for in the budget bottom line, ARENA still has a legislated spending program with $1.3bn in uncommitted funding over the next six years. 
    Presumably, the Turnbull government believes it can legislate to change that after the federal election. By retaining it‚ (the $1.3bn in uncommitted funding over the next six years), as government policy, it can continue to book the saving.

    Concern regarding deceptive and misleading conduct by Members of Parliament: 
    Prime Minister Turnbull, Deputy Prime Minister Joyce, Former Prime Minister Abbott, Ministers Pyne, Hockey, Cormann, and Hunt are attempting to convince the public [G138] to “understand” (recognize) uncertainties in climate science, recognition of uncertainties becomes part of “conventional wisdom” and the Industry, that they and cabinet can ‘re-purpose and re-direct’ the corporation without going back through parliament; limiting changes can be made by the responsible ministers in the terms of the ‘Limits on Investment Mandate’.

    Let’s consider again, the limits; the CEFC Act 2012 imposes on the responsible Minister’s mandate. 

    Section 65: The responsible Ministers must not give a direction under subsection 64(1):

    (a)  that has the purpose, or has or is likely to have the effect, of directly or indirectly requiring the Board to, or not to, make a particular investment; or

    (b) that is inconsistent with this Act (including the object of this Act).

    PM Turnbull claims he is retaining something he was not able to abolish in the first place, and he still pretends his ministers were able to change an Act of the Parliament by making a change to the investment mandate that was beyond their authority. Uncertainty leads firms to take a ‚wait and see‚ approach and delay any long-term investments in low-carbon technology.

    Those who have suffered detriment.
    The following organisations have expressed concern and loss to their memberships and the health of families in future years. Many are prepared to testify, bring evidence of the effect of false representations, made by the Executive Government of the Commonwealth of Australia spreading decades of Fossil Fuel Industry Corporate Disinformation.

    Citizens’ Climate Lobby:,  
    Doctors for the Environment Australia:,  
    Global Call for Climate Action:,  
    Clean Energy Council:,  
    International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA):,

    Australian Conservation Foundation:,   
    Solar Citizens:

    People who have Solar and Wind generating facilities are voting with their feet on this issue and have made a significant and proportional investment in the future for their families.

    Minister Greg Hunt had ruled that the greenhouse gas that would be created by when the coal from the Galilee Basin was burned were not relevant to his assessment. The Federal Court examines the role of the national environment legislation regarding Global Warming.

    A potentially far-reaching legal case was recently instigated in the US by the Atmospheric Trust Legal Actions. 

    The Trust demands that the Oregon state government protect the climate. Their argument springs from Professor Mary Christina Wood’s book Natures Trust. Her book argues that citizens have a right to live and flourish. Therefore, a government elected by the people has the duty to protect the natural systems required for their survival: forests, wildlife, soil, water and air.  
    Public trust doctrine holds that certain resources are available to All citizens equally— to enforce the constitutional right to a livable environment it Includes the atmosphere as an asset in that trust, and calls government to ‘restorative duty’, which means preventing future damage, but also repairing past harms that scientists identify as threatening to current and future generations.
    Professor Wood argues that legal action is not going away for two reasons. 
    First, the climate crisis is intensifying, and courts are going to change their view of their role as more heat waves strike, and the legislature sits idle.
     Second, the public trust doctrine is not going away. It’s been around since Roman times. Moreover, it is too deep for any one opinion—even a Supreme Court opinion—to wipe out.

    Laws that speak of citizen rights to clean air, water and air will pose a conundrum for ‘Corporate Personhood’ and the fourteenth amendment. Wood, M. C., Nature’s Trust: Environmental law for a New Ecological Age, 
    Cambridge University Press, New York,2013

    Atmosphere of Hope  Tim Flannery / Text Publishing/21 / 210:


    Those who gain a benefit.  
    American Petroleum Institute
    Moreover, every member of the Fossil Fuel Industry worldwide who fight to resist the renewables industry. 

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, 27 October 2015.
    “The Australian Government recognises the critical role that clean energies play in global efforts to reduce emissions, grow national economies and create the jobs of the future. Australia has a lot to contribute, given our strong history in clean energy innovation, research prowess, and because we are one of the largest energy exporters to the world. Australia is pleased to join the Mission Innovation initiative and pledges to double government clean energy research and development investment by 2020. This commitment is based on the 2015 figure to be reported to the International Energy Agency for combined research and development into renewable energy, energy storage, fuel cells, smart grids, energy efficiency, nuclear and carbon capture and storage.
     Australia‚ governmental expenditure in 2015” (yet to be finalised) is estimated to be around $AUD 100 million per year. (out of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Allocation for ten years).
    The Government‚ Innovation and Science Agenda outlines how we transform our approach to innovation and science right across the economy with major new initiatives.
    The Australian Government recognises the importance of science, innovation, and technology to our future prosperity and economic security as a nation in a rapidly expanding and diversifying global economy science right across the economy with major new initiatives.”

    When the Minister for Industry and Science had an announcement to make on 24 February, perhaps it was going to be on Mission Innovation and how we would double investment in clean energy and renewables. But Australia was treated to a real shocking gem by Industry and Science Minister Christopher Pyne. Was it a Mission Innovation announcement? Not on your life.

    Instead of a major announcement in supporting and boosting clean energy research and development as per the commitment made in Paris to Mission Innovation, Christopher Pyne announced an Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre, to be known as National Energy Resources Australia (NERA).

    That sounds like a rather backward move in providing research funding to an industry producing the largest crisis on the planet.
    This new centre to promote fossil fuel oil and gas extraction funded by $15.4 million over four years. The headquarters in Perth co-located with the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WAERA) at the Australian Resources Research Centre. 

    WAERA is a partnership between CSIRO, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia. The Growth Centre plans to establish nodes in Adelaide and Brisbane as well. NERA will be chaired by oil and gas industry executive, Ken Fitzpatrick, with a board and management team drawn from across the fossil fuel industry. This Growth Centre focuses on harnessing the sector‚ existing competitive strengths, embracing innovation and putting research to work, Mr. Pyne said.

    The Parliament authorises the Executive Government to spend public money (not the other way around), by agreeing to government proposals for expenditure and taxation, scrutinises the administrative actions of the Government and serves as a forum for the debate of public policy.
    The executive cannot change an Act of Parliament simply because it requires such change. 

    The executive has to go back to parliament and win a vote on the floor of the Parliament. Many firms and individual investors have lost badly in the solar and wind industry, and many are in Tasmania. There soon will be, a class action that further delays the industry and the public just getting on with moving away from the Paradigm Paralysis and the hugely subsidised coal, gas and oil industries.

    There are obligations in the law for the public service and ministerial advisors to provide apolitical and impartial advice, and to maintain the freedom to do so.

    Reading through the citation above Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice, it is clear, the principles coming through are, that any change such as the revocation, of a part and or a new investment mandate, to the CEFC Act 2012. Must be to the original Act, except that it may only be modified by amendments made, requested or agreed to by the Senate.
    Attempting to change the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012 to something that suits the executive, and its’ Political donors or benefactors can only be done by going back to the Senate.

    Note: Since this was written Hunt has said he has agreed to use CEFC funds to finance the Clean Energy Innovation Fund, yet told the UN that it was ‘new money’. = $1Bn
    Hunt and Turnbull pledged to save the GBR = $1Bn
    Last Thursday they pledged money for the retaining of the Whyalla steel mill as part of our defence and manufacturing industry =$100 Million

    All this from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Fast becoming a QUANGO.

    Prime Minister Turnbull claims he has taken $1billion from the CEFC $10 bn funds that the previous parliament created, to fund his new Clean Energy Innovation Fund (CEIF), intending to have the ARENA and the CEFC act jointly as administrators of the CEIF.  A further $ 1 bn has been ‘drawn ‘ from the “Green Bank ” to Clean up the Barrier Reef, a $100 mill set aside to prevent the closure of the Steel works in Whyalla SA.
    At the same time, Minister Hunt joined 175 Nations in New York and was reported making a commitment, to use “New Money from Treasury of $1bn over ten years,” to pay for the innovation fund. Thereby demonstrating his Bona Fides.

    His pledge described in the mainstream media as‚ a Pea and Thimble trick‚ the shifting of committed money from funds; out of the so-called Green Bank, (the CEFC) into the CEIF.

    This is still the Guts of my charge of Misfeasance, and Deceptive and Misleading Representations under the ‘Crimes Act.’

    The origin of this saga is Hockey and Cormann Attempting to change the Investment Mandate of the CEFC to ‘repurpose’ the corporation when the bill to abolish the CEFC was in the safe somewhere in the Senate as a double Dissolution Trigger.

    Misconduct of Public Officers. 
    Section 92A(1)(c) of the Criminal Code. To act in abuse of Authority of office, with the intention to dishonestly gain a benefit for another person or cause a detriment to another.

    Our concern regarding deceptive and misleading conduct was increased by Members of Parliament such as Prime Minister Turnbull, Deputy Prime Minister Joyce, Former Prime Minister Abbott, Ministers Pyne, Hockey, Cormann, and Hunt, attempting to convince the public to “understand” (recognize) uncertainties in climate science, till recognition of uncertainties becomes part of “conventional wisdom” and the media and Industry, also ‘convinced that they and cabinet could ‘re-purpose and re-direct’ the Clean Energy Finance Corporation without going back through that tiresome palaver in parliament.

    Unfortunately, for the Abbott Government, the previous parliament had foreseen the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose inimical to the purpose and objects of the Act was more than likely. The Government that created the CEFC wrote a clear investment mandate to set a certain direction for the CEFC Board, wisely also in mandatory language wrote a clause which, in confining terms strictly forbids changes which can be made by the responsible ministers in the terms of the ‘Limits on Investment Mandate’. The CEFC is an incorporated body at arm’s length from the Government, it is not a bucket full of money for a treasurer to dip into every time he needs to spend money she or he does not have. A responsible Minister must take care not to act as a Defacto or a Shadow Director of the board lest she or he transgresses the provisions of the Corporations Act.
    Before a treasurer decides she or he may be inconsistent with the Act or the object of the act, she or he must read the act in the context of the whole of the Act. In this Case there has been an error in the reading of the law or a deliberate disregard of the limitation imposed on the Minister’s authority to act. The Treasurer and the finance minister have broken the law. The Government has been looking for a loop hole to go around the parliament by chicanery, so far they have produced confusion in the market place, and brought the clean energy industry growth to a crawl. If this Grosse ideological interference had not happened, the growth and jobs in this industry may have delivered some balance to the down turns in other parts of the economy.

    Let’s consider again, the limits the CEFC Act 2012 imposes on the responsible Minister’s mandate. 

    Section 65: The responsible Ministers must not give a direction under subsection 64(1):

    (a) that has the purpose, or has or is likely to have the effect, of directly or indirectly requiring the Board to, or not to, make a particular investment; or

    (b) that is inconsistent with this Act (including the object of this Act).

    The key, is they have Deliberately ignored the Law (CEFC Act 2012) by pretending that section 65 of the Act, does not clearly, and in mandatory Language forbid that any direction or mandate which has the purpose, or has or is likely to have the effect, of directly or indirectly requiring the Board to, or not to, make a particular investment. Is not within the power and authority of a responsible Minister. He most certainly cannot act as a Shadow Director committing to shut the enterprise down because the IPA has given him a list of targets: As a Director with some authority he owes a duty of care for the person he is responsible for (the CEFC) and to undermine the corporation because his parliament won’t allow him to
    Abolish it Is repudiating his duty as a leader and director to a legal entity under his care.

    I want to point out that Morrison continues to tell us we can’t spend money we don’t have. While he and his bunch of thieves are robbing the Green bank that is still under protection of the law of the land.
    They are running a huge bluff and just to make sure you understand this is urgent they imply that most of this money is available to them on the first of July, in the Caretaker period and 24 hours before the people vote.

    This communication is not just about links to the IPA, The Dossier of Internal Fossil Fuel Industry Memos of Corporate Disinformation.
    This is an outline of the evidence so far gathered to link the Oil and Coal Giants from the seventies, The IPA since before Abbott was the LNP leader. Mr. Abbot’s actions show how strong the
    links to the IPA wish list; and to Abbot’s pledge before Murdoch, George Pell and Mrs Rhinehardt on the seventieth Birthday of the IPA.

    The Links are there, the Crimes have been Committed. Please ring me so we can push this matter. The Courts are useless until the DPP is no longer answering to someone in higher places.
    Some History of mine below.

    John Ward

    Knowing the lengths an international corporation will go to, the voters delivered their verdict and returned the Wran government for a second term, in what was to become known as a ’Wran slide’.
    Labor under Neville Wran winning the Earlwood by-election in 1978, in his first term, defeating the political aspirations of the Liberal candidate Alan Jones.
    We should never be bluffed or coerced by these corporate psychopathic bullies. These large corporations will always get their pound of flesh. To quote the late Joh Bjelke Petersen “don’t you worry about that”.

    The same Corporations are now pulling out of Australia, leaving us in extreme jeopardy if war breaks out. These are the same Corporations who finance the Liberal Party, the climate change deniers and Prime Minister Abbott’s attack on the conservation movement,
    I hope you now understand the real world truths we are dealing with. The corporate Personhood that created these relationships have no interest in being LNP mates.

    The reality is they simply make or dismiss conservative governments only as long as they ‘behave,’ if a Labor Government moves too far to the left the will go out in disfavour.
    Corporations hate the unions because they stand up and resist the harm being done
    the LNP and the National rump carry out their masters wishes, They cannot afford to have the rabble at the gate realise what power the working women and men have when they unite in common cause.
    This is why women still don’t get equal pay. Imagine the spending power and the circulation of more cash and more taxes paid if wages were paid on Skills, Knowledge and Competency.
    Don’t forget the ‘Job’ was only invented 150 or so years ago. Many women are actually more skilled and capable than their male counterparts we have to look after each other. These private school boys are content when the rifts and resentments are obvious in the work force.
    stop playing into their hands.

    A majority vote does not necessarily mean rule by the people. What we do have is elections once every three years and “democracy” one day every three years. We are told if you don’t like what we do, then throw us out in three years. No input in between so called elections.

    This last election was so deadly boring for six years of Abbott campaigning, that of 14 million eligible voters, 400,000 failed to register. 1 million registered voters, voted informal (a record).

    Finally, and significantly the registered youth voters almost militantly did not vote. Their numbers were 2 million! So more than 25% of the electorate surrendered in apathy their right to use their vote, in the once every three-year chance at least to express their right to be heard.
    Abbott won on AAA of Apathy. Look at the result.
    AND it is happening again this time. The Liberals are playing at being stiffly boring, the cunning swine.

    When you combine the ruthlessness of Oil Corporations with the self-serving, corrupt and criminal behaviour of the former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.
    The way Australia spied on the Timorese Government, for their masters in the Oil Industry. Then set international boundaries to steal Oil fields from that impoverished tiny nation we allowed that behaviour by our Government. We should repair the damage at the soonest opportunity.
    you can see we owe Timor Leste a debt of honour, for their unflinching support of us as the Japanese came for us. The confounding, absence of scolding, when they were brutally occupied for 25 years while we looked the other way. It was, if you remember, the people who clamoured for action until we forced John Howard, to act with President Clinton standing slightly back and holding our coats for us.

    John Ward
    03 62921211
    20 Grosse Road

  5. mark delmege

    Fair Go, Mate is common sentiment in every country.

  6. cornlegend

    Trish, I’m with you 100% on wanting a Shorten Labor Government and I’ll be voting ALP 1 in H.O.R and Senate just to give us a slim chance of toppling Turnbull and stopping the Americanisation of our country, I’ve seen the “user pays” system in action and sure as hell don’t want that for OZ.
    I’ve also come across those out to “‘to teach the Labor a lesson.’
    Yesterday I met a pensioner,sole income the Aged pension, a renter and with chronic health issues.She doesn’t want the LNP but won’t vote Labor “because of the way Shorten took the job”
    And so be it, we live in a Democracy.
    Thanks to some decisions by earlier generations of my family I’m in a lucky position that LNP policies won’t have a detrimental affect on my direct family and in some cases I could benefit from their policies but believe me I have a whole bunch of friends and aquaintances that will suffer badly at the hands of a future LNP government
    Right now it seems the LNP will be returned and your “fair go mate” won’t be worth a rats arse once Cormann and Turnbull and Brandis and the new IPA apprentices they have on board now and the rest of his nasty useless Front Bench start to impose their will.
    I agree with you, those wishing to vote Indie/Minor/Micro Party have every right to do so, but they also have to accept some of the responsibility if Turnbull is returned.
    Given a Turnbull Government, or even a minority Turnbull Government,at this stage seems the Most likely scenario.
    I ask those who choose to vote for the minors,even if you gain a MP or 2 what are those 0.67%ers going to do to save you?
    I’m ok with people choosing to do that as long as they clearly accept the likely outcome and not be online and on blog sites whinging about ‘this evil Government’ or what Labor is not doing
    If and LNP Government gets up, accept your part and wear it !
    Meanwhile, I will get back out today and every day till the election trying to convince voters to give the ALP a go and their fellow citizens a “fair go”

    AND, come July 3rd, if Turnbull is returned I will plaque the online forums asking those Indie/Minor/Micro voters how their 0.67% are gonna save them.{even if they manage to snare 1 or 2]
    I guess you reap what you sew eh?
    I’m voting Labor, my family are voting Labor, everyone I come across I try to encourage to vote Labor, and will to the close of the polls.
    If the LNP get up, DON”T BLAME ME

  7. Michael Taylor

    John, apologies for your comment getting ‘lost’. It was caught up in the spam folder, which can happen to comments with a large number of links.

  8. townsvilleblog

    We have already voted for our Labor candidates, and it is well constructed letters like these when shared into the internet that I believe will give us the extra 2-4% that we need to crush the tories. In my humble opinion, well done, yet again Trish.

  9. deanyz1

    I am voting Independent in Indi to prevent Mirabella returning. I will preference Labor second, as they have little hope of winning outright.New England is another electorate where the Independent (Tony Windsor) should be placed 1 to defeat the hated Barnbaby Joyce.

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