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Set the girls free, Mr Turnbull

A letter from the heart, by Bob Rafto

Dear PM Turnbull

During Abbott’s tenure as PM the population was on high alert, not because of any terrorist threat but because of what crazy thing Abbott might do next. The country breathed a big sigh of relief when the Flickman arrived to give him the flick, and then you went about like Mr Sheen trying to give a gleam to the LNP, which according to the opinion polls, now has a wonderful shine.

So far it is working for you, Mr Turnbull, and with that in mind I’m writing to you to open up your heart on behalf of the Australian people to process the refugees on Nauru, Manus and Christmas Island to have them settle on the mainland, a place ‘we call home’ by Christmas. And that would certainly be a Christian thing to do, and an Aussie one as well.

I want to draw your attention, in particular, to the two girls in the above photo. The girl in the left of the picture is ill and has been for a long time. She was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and she replied “Anything, to be free”. You can grant that wish, Mr Turnbull.

The girls have seen the horrors of war in their homeland and have fled their country with their parents only to be incarcerated in an inhumane hell hole of Nauru. When is enough persecution on innocent refugees and children enough?

If the claim to have stopped the boats is valid then there is no reason to have these refugees held any longer as ‘examples’ to the world of the ‘torture treatment’ we Aussies dish out to asylum seekers who attempt to arrive here by boat.

Mr Turnbull, you have the power to reset the nation’s heart by bringing the refugees to the mainland and close the offshore detention centres. With your ‘electorate loving’ charm you can persuade the nation that by bringing the refugees to the mainland there won’t be a need for the offshore centres, as you’ve stopped the boats and are saving us billions of dollars a year. And further, it will end the UN condemnation of our ill-treatment to refugees … a reputation that we don’t deserve (or do we?) and one for you, as only you have the power, to set right.

Set the girls free Mr. Turnbull!

With Great Expectations

Bob Rafto


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  1. jim

    Very well said, yes the girls must have a merry Xmas which most likely they will be “set free” slightly different matter though I’m very worried about the invasion of the numbers of refugees pouring into Europe right now Question # is this an attempt by Islam to take over the world.? or is it a part of the NWO for cheaper labour?.
    Remember Never Ever vote for right wing governments as; have a Good Day.

  2. Andreas

    Fully with you, Bob Rafto.
    For goodness sake end this nightmare for the inmates of these hellholes, and the nightmare for this nation. Enough suffering…

  3. Greg

    Turnbull doesn’t have the power to stop the Commonwealth Bank from committing fraud. Where do you reckon he’ll get the power to close offshore detention centres? I discovered the Commonwealth Bank was operating a virtually undetectable fraud. I complained to the Australian Government. The Australian Government held an inquiry to verify the accusation. At the inquiry a Commonwealth Bank executive actually admitted the bank was defrauding investors. The inquiry concluded eighteen months ago. Eighteen months has passed and the bank is still operating precisely the same fraud in precisely the same way as it was before the inquiry began. I have not seen any refund from the Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Government is doing everything in its power to make sure I don’t.

  4. rhyllmcmaster

    Bob, I posted your terrific letter on to Malcolm Turnbull’s Facebook page to make sure he and his followers see it. So far, you have 2 Likes and about 5 WTF’s. Good going!

  5. philgorman2014

    Thank you Bob. So many appeals to human decency have fallen on deaf ears in Canberra. Perhaps yours is the one that will finally tip the balance.

  6. RosemaryJ36

    It is a matter of urgency that Australia and Indonesia set up a processing centre in Indonesia.
    Any refugees in boats that arrive after its establishment will be returned to that centre.
    Then if not sooner there would be no excuse for Nauru and Manus.
    Whether the refugees there will still want to be brought to their tormentors in Australia is yet another matter.

  7. bobrafto

    I checked Mal’s page but couldn’t see the post.

    Phyl, I have great expectations but after viewing the french terror post and the comments on (one term) Mal’s page my expectations have diminished. There are more Muslim hater’s on one term Mal’s page than I have ever viewed on Pickering’s page.

    There should be a law in preventing pricks like Howard and Abbott from dividing a nation for personal power.

  8. mars08

    @bobrafto… I wish I hadn’t read your comment about the bullis, bigots, bogans and bedwetters posting on Sir Smirkalots fb page. I have had more than enough exposure to hysteria, ignorance and hatred for one day.

  9. Matters Not

    Yes Bob, it’s a good letter. But sad to say, it’s a complete waste of time if the desired ‘outcome’ is the aim.

    In the next election, Turnbull et al will campaign on the assertion that Labor is weak on ‘border protection’ and will again refer to Rudd’s original election and his subsequent decision decision to be ‘kind and gentle’, re ‘asylum seekers’ or if you like ‘desperate men, women and children’ seeking ‘asylum’ as a means to escape life threating violence whether that be real or imagined.

    That’s the political reality. LNP will present themselves as ‘strong’ and portray Labor as ‘weak’.

    For Malware to be ‘compassionate’ would, for the ‘right faction’ in his party, be an act of complete stupidity. Put simply, he’s on ‘trial’ and therefore to fail the test by being ‘weak’ on border protection is simply not an option.

    Both sides want to be seen as ‘strong’ on ‘desperate men, women and children’ seeking ‘asylum’. Sure it’s an obscene contest but the moral ‘resolution will take more ‘political capital’ than any current leader possesses.

  10. bobrafto

    Matters Not

    But sad to say, it’s a complete waste of time if the desired ‘outcome’ is the aim.

    It most certainly was the aim but it was with ‘great’ expectations as I am aware of what you have written above, the Paris attack has not helped my cause.

    I have also posted the story on twitter to one term Mal and other journo’s and so far it has close to 3K views.

    We all just need to keep chipping away the crap before we all get enveloped in it.

  11. mars08

    For what it’s worth… being enveloped in this current crap isn’t isn’t the same as becoming part of it. A trivial distinction, but something to cling to.

  12. Kyran

    The most recent entry onto the facebook site, Free the Children NAURU, is well worth a look.
    “Lot of people are telling us be happy Sarah Hanson Young is telling Mr Turnbull to let us be free from detention before Christmas.”
    Sarah Hanson-Young sent out an email this afternoon.
    “The Senate just passed Greens amendments that say no child will be locked up in detention centres on Australian soil.”
    “Now, the legislation will return to the House of Representatives and it will be up to Malcolm Turnbull whether he reverses the will of the Senate and the people so that he can keep children locked up in detention.”
    Thank you, Mr Rafto. I am under no illusion about the allusion of muddled malcolm, and have no doubt about his tepid personality. Whilst I’m not religious, if Christmas is going to have a meaning, let the children and their families (on and off shore) get their wish for freedom. Take care

  13. bobrafto


    your thank you is best directed to Sarah Hanson Young for obvious reasons.

  14. Kyran

    Indeed, Mr Rafto, she has been a good example of what politicians should and can be. The caveat on yesterday’s vote is that it applies to ‘on shore’ facilities only at this stage and is yet to be ratified by the H of R. The calibre of the members there is, for the most part, unremarkable (other than in derogatory terms).
    “If the claim to have stopped the boats is valid then there is no reason to have these refugees held any longer as ‘examples’ to the world of the ‘torture treatment’ we Aussies dish out to asylum seekers who attempt to arrive here by boat.”
    I very much doubt the current lot have the wit to see past a popularity poll. They have yet to display any capacity for thought, let alone compassion. Take care

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