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“My wife says that she had no idea that I was about to announce that I was leaving her for another woman, but look at this text she sent me: ‘Can I expect you home for dinner?’! That’s clear evidence that she knew our relationship was in tatters! See, this proves that I’m not lying when I say that I made it clear that I wasn’t going to stick with my wedding vows, and when my wife calls me untrustworthy, I think that men everywhere should be offended.”

Yes, that does sound rather absurd, doesn’t it? But that’s pretty much what good old Scotty is dishing up to us. Macron should have known that all wasn’t well, so I didn’t need to ring him till after I stepped out with my new best mates and announced that I was moving on.

Of course, Paul Kelly thinks that Morrison had no choice but to mislead Macron, but Paul Kelly is known for putting his blind trust into the government. (That’s Paul Kelly, the guy who works for Murdoch, not Paul Kelly the health guy, not Paul Kelly the singer, not Paul Kelly the ex-Swans captain.) Of course, it does seem a little strange that The Australian also published an opinion piece from Greg Sheridan which argued that Morrison was right to publish the text from Macron to show that he had, in fact, let him know that the subs deal was cactus. This seems to be another occasion when the Murdoch Pravda asks us to hold two contradictory positions at the same time.

It seems that some in the media are starting to question the contradictions in the narratives that Morrison puts out. Not everyone, but that’s pretty much because they rely on his office feeding them stories and if they were to print a story showing him in a bad light, then the backgrounding would stop and they’d have to walk a bit further than one of the Canberra bars to actual find something to write about. So, we’re all just expected to nod when he says that he’s never been against electric vehicles and he never said that they’d ruin the weekend and he’s always supported net zero and we can achieve net zero while opening more coal mines and burning more coal and… by the way, isn’t it great about that little girl being found, I know because I have two daughters and Jen said imagine if it was your daughter and I said, “Well, that’s just so upsetting that I’m going to make a curry that’s one of the girl’s favourites… I can’t remember which one because I’ve spent so much time in quarantine that they look the same to me, but Jenandthegrirls will be in my heart and my photograph this weekend when we have a heartfelt reunion until I go back to Canberra where I’ll be calling on the Governor-General before Pete and Josh find someone who can accurately count numbers!”

Yes, some journalists are actually saying things like: How can it be true that you let Macron know, while simultaneously briefing people that you had to keep him in the dark? Some are even wondering whether other leaders may worry that you could leak private communications and that you’re a bigger security risk than Tim Smith after two glasses of wine, which is apparently enough to put you nearly three times the legal limit.

I expect any day now that the PM will ask Phil Gaetjens to investigate who actually leaked the text message of the French president just so he can refuse to comment on it.

Anyway, I think it’s always worth remembering that even The Titanic sank when the leaks grew too big.

And speaking of the unsinkable, it’s the buoyant Alan Jones last show tonight. Yes, old Jonesy isn’t getting his contract renewed, so I expect he’ll go out with the same grace and class that he’s always shown… I’d be almost tempted to watch if it wasn’t for the fact that I might die of shame if anyone found out!

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  1. Gus

    ” I’d be almost tempted to watch if it wasn’t for the fact that I might die of shame if anyone found out!”
    I wouldn’t want you watching my back!

  2. Harry Lime

    The Liar is guilty on all counts,bring in the Murdoch propagandists to lie him innocent. Kelly? Sheridan? Are they that fucking dumb? Yeah, I know.Exemplars of the trash that is Newscorpse.Let the end be nigh.

  3. GL

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good Rupert.

  4. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Rossleigh. I’d also be tempted to watch it – if I had pay TV!

  5. BB

    I thought about watching the death throes, but as an aged pensioner on a budget I simply can’t afford to buy another TV.

  6. Kerri

    Gold! Rossleigh.
    As usual!

  7. Phil Pryor

    Ho Ho and away we go with a small ration of the TRUTH, which is, that Alan Jucking Fones is actually a huge haemorrhoid inflicted on media life by a malevolent advocate of perverted press propaganda; and, that P Kelly the aforesaid scribbler and dribbler of Merge Dog’s menagerie of filthy liars, professional of course; that G Sheridan is an advocate of the manners and methods of Attila the Hun , as adapted for and adopted by Innocent (HAH) the third to main and execute anyone who gave him and the romanist righteous church the SHITS. The SKY STY of unwashed and unclean animals is a terrible pox on Australia’s so-called mentality, being idiocy in corporate form.
    Only a plague of poxed propagandistic pathetic prurient plaguey pustularity can be said to be the genuine Merde Dog reality. What a bowel full of beastliness is this traitorous, treacherous yanko wanko wierdo willywanker, asserting himself over us here, for organised theft, profit, submission, deception, regression and utter serfdom, the greatest, largest, unwiped anus in “humanity.”

  8. Arnd

    … I might die of shame if anyone found out!

    Rossleigh, we’d just stuff you in a chaff bag and dump you out at sea.

  9. Cool Pete

    “This is my leader. And I’m ambitious for him,” said Scotty. The only good thing about Scotty is that he’s not Potty Boy!

  10. Bruce White

    You’ve heard of The Limits To Growth (you know, The Club of Rome in the 1970s) report on malthusian type projections of disaster if continuing economic resource strategies were persued.
    Scotty From Marketing has finally reached The Limits To Marketing when enough trust is destroyed.
    He’s now saying that (other peoples) past lies are now truth. Hahahahahaha.

  11. New England Cocky

    Another wonderful wicked twist of the electoral knife that makes the reader actually think about the events allowed in the mainstream media news.

    But I am confused ….. does your dinner scenario refer to Scummo or the representative of the Nazional$ in New England known as the adulterous alcoholic Beetrooter? Oops!! Silly me!! Beetrooter was playing away rather than at home when he was harassing women.

    Then, the two apologists for journalists, Sheridan and the non-musical Kelly, both better known for spinning the facts to make a cover story, exemplify how Australian voters have been abandoned by the so-called ”bosses”.

    Finally the demise of one A Jones, better known for his frolics in public toilets than a balanced analysis of news events. Even so, he made a fortune reflecting the opinions of Australian voters ….. sad really, we should and can be better.

    You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  12. Harry Lime

    The Liar from the Shire,the Disaster Master,the Gaslighter in Chief,Pentecostal Pervert,International Pariah..all round Loser.How are you going to avoid a smashing at the election? Send in someone else to take the fall?How about fellow fool and incompetent,brother Stuie of the propeller lugs?Surely not the mogodon filled beanbag Frydenberg? Maybe you could feign a hammy? Whatever, your miserable hypocritical arse is toast.Worst fake ever,worst government ever.

  13. Dey Khan Singh

    New England Cocky

    In Australia you don’t have to ‘fool all
    of the people all of the time’; just marginally more than 50%. These days it is simple, with no ethical MSM. I listened to a debate last night on ABC News Radio in which the talking lavatory brush Sheridan was roundly trounced by all other panelists but finished his spiel taking aggressively about – among other US propaganda props – what he now says is 8 million Uighurs being suppressed and all the other shite that his paymaster pumps out. And he mentioned ‘dictatorship’ en route.
    If anyone knows about dictators it’s a Murdoch serf.

  14. GL

    Oohh, it seems, according to our illustrious finance minister and crawling sycophant, the journos and reporters are at fault for asking Macron questions about the sub contract spat. Naughty journalists. They could have asked Scummo about it and they would have only been told the truth by the Village Idiot. Bad reporters for wanting to get another point of view and ending up upsetting the puerile marketer.

  15. Warren

    I don’t care what you think. Alan Jones deserves a State Funeral. Before he dies

  16. GL

    Anyone else get the feeling that Saint Scotty of the Failures has gone into hiding and he’s fuming and trying to figure out who he can blame for his monumental stuff ups.

  17. Vivienne Jean Mendham


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