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Scott Morrison’s Successful Year!

Scott Morrison has had a really successful year! I know this, and not just because the media keep telling me what a great year he’s had.

Compare his year with Peter Dutton who, at the start of the year, wanted Border Force to be the unquestioned ministry in charge of everything, had to announce that they had nothing to do with keeping our borders safe when it came to quarantine. Or, indeed anything that didn’t involve leaky boats.

Or compare it with Alan Tudge who got caught with his proverbial pants down and ended the year being given the Education Ministry as punishment. (Just before the lawyers get consulted, I’m not talking about Tudge’s personal life here. I’m referring to the way his conduct was described as “criminal” by a judge, which must have reminded some people of when he, Michael Sukkar and Greg Hunt all had to apologise for their comments, so that they weren’t found guilty of contempt of court.) While some suggested that Tudge should have lost his position on the front bench for any number of reasons, nothing he did was a hanging offence.

Undoubtedly you’ve heard that expression before and guess it could explain why no Coalition ministers ever lose their portfolio when it’s established that their actions were the result of incompetence or corruption. “Minister Miscreaent did overlook his purchase of property in the area and failed to declare his conflict of interest before overseeing a change that resulted in a large windfall but he has since updated his assets appropriately and this certainly not a hanging offence.” Given that – in Australia – there is no capital punishment, even for murder, then nothing actually IS a hanging offence, so obviously if there are no hanging offences, then there is no crime or misdemeanour for which a minister could be regarded as having gone too far.

Yes, the expression “not a hanging offence” is silly but not as silly as the phrase “gold standard”. When Scott Morrison said that he wasn’t worried about the recent COVID-19 outbreak in New South Wales because they were the “gold standard”, I worried that our PM had no Understanding of what the term gold standard means. Simply, it’s a monetary system where a country’s currency or paper money has a value directly linked to gold. The USA abandoned it under Nixon and, in 2020, no country uses it. So was Morrison suggesting that NSW approach to the virus was something out-of-date and obsolete or was he suggesting that it was backed by gold?

Either way, one has to conclude that he thinks that Gladys has had the same sort of great year that he’s had. To recap briefly on why it’s been such a great year for ScoMo:

  • He began the year in trouble, not merely for going off to Hawaii while the nations burned, but for having his office lie about it.
  • HIs explanation of not being the one to hold a hose, led to some ribald comments and lots of mocking.
  • He attempted a reset with lots of photos of maps and firefighters, where he was pointing in a way that suggested he had something to contribute, leading to various media outlets telling us that he’d learned his lesson.
  • His attempt to shake the hands of unwilling people undercut his attempt at empathy, leading to suggestions that his empathy coach may, in fact, have been Andrew Bolt.
  • With the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia, he got to show his true leadership by telling us that there was nothing to worry about and that he was going to the football, but because of potential backlash, he changed his mind.
  • He told us that schools were safe just before a number of schools were shut down because of the outbreaks of the virus.
  • The auditor-general released a scathing report about how taxpayer funds were used in the lead-up to the previous election prompting the phrase “sports rorts” to be used everywhere except for Parliament where the term was deemed unacceptable.
  • He left various people out of JobKeeper such as university staff
  • He told us that we couldn’t stay under the doona forever.
  • He showed that even though Australia was a small nation who couldn’t possible take the lead or even influence any action on climate change, we could be the world leader when it came to demanding an inquiry into China and the Coronavirus.
  • His government failed to deliver the promise surplus in the May budget, but they did at least not have a deficit because they announced that there was really no point to doing a budget when they had no idea what was going on.
  • He announced a big package for the Arts which we later discovered wouldn’t be delivered until they were back up and running and no longer needed money as desperately.
  • He handled the escalating trade problem with China by telling them that they were wrong about everything.
  • China has now stopped taking our coal as well as barley, wine and other imports.
  • It was discovered that very little money had been spent on bushfire relief.
  • Various ministers showed themselves to be corrupt, incompetent or both.
  • Robodebt was settled, but the government still insisted they’d done nothing wrong every through they paid out over a billion dollars.
  • His government delivered the largest deficit in our history and went deeper into debt than all the previous federal governments combined which people agreed was necessary because of the pandemic.
  • His government announced that they wouldn’t be worrying about budget repair until unemployment was back down to appropriate levels.
  • Some of his photoshoots are so obviously staged that it’s embarrassing, but in the most recent ones, the idea that standing by oneself in the country with your hands in your pockets seems to suggest that one is wanting to be a model for R.M Williams and not that one is a man of the people who belongs in the bush.
  • There’s so many more things to add to this list that I could keep going for an hour and someone is bound to write one I forget in the comments that I’m just going to say “and the rest”.

So, all things considered, Morrison has had a great year. In spite of doing things that would have had the media calling for rioting in the streets, he has been congratulated, praised and has a high approval rating in the polls. Yes, the fact that he’s made just about every mistake in the book and it’s only been the premiers and the National Cabinet that’s saved him from himself. he’s still PM.

Anybody who’s managed to demonstrate such incompetence, with so many mis-steps and such a lack of empathy and not only keep their job, but actually have the media talk about them having a great year, has certainly had a great year…

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  1. Baby Jewels

    Having the media tell us from all directions that Scomo had a good year is actually brilliant marketing from Scotty from Marketing. People have had a bad year but we can relax because Scomo has had a great year which in our (collective, Australian) minds, negates the long list of broken promises, lies, spin, cruelty, deaths on their watch, corruption, nepotism and cronyism. the massive theft and waste of Australia’s wealth propping themselves and their mates up. Telling the people what a great year Scomo has had means that despite the bad year, we can all have faith in this man to make things better for us next year, and we will continue to show him how much we love and appreciate him. Yes, absolutely brilliant marketing.

  2. Vikingduk

    Mate, maaaaate, the smirking jerk’s had such a great year shirking his day job’s responsibilities that he is now in the process of establishing a new business — comprising all of this pathetic slab of miscreants worryingly called government ministers. No lie too big, no lie too small, we tell em all, for a fee of course. Apparently bankrolled by the repulsive rupert, gina of the rindheart, if a twig fell in the forest and ably spruiked by andy blot and the parrot.

    Rumour has it that houston we have a problem may have a few financial difficulties in the u s of a. That hillsong bullshit thrives on the 10% tithe, needs a bit more to keep the wolf from the door.

    And one last bit of valuable information — don’t let the moose lick your car.

  3. Florence Howarth

    The PM might have had a good year. No one else

  4. totaram

    Florence: You forgot the donors and benefactors. If they didn’t have a successful year, ScoMo is gone!
    You are slipping!

  5. leefe

    ” … suggestions that his empathy coach may, in fact, have been Andrew Bolt.”

    Florence beat me to it. In fact, ScoMoFo’s year has been as good as ours was bad. That is not how “balance” is supposed to work.

  6. Kathryn

    The ONLY thing in which MorriScum and his psychopathic side-kick, Dutton, have had any success is their ability to MAKE AUSTRALIA HATE AGAIN !! The fact that the lying, conniving Murdoch rags are screaming from the roof tops that MorriScam and Dutton have had a wonderful, successful and blissfully happy year in the worst, most horrific, Covid-19 impacted year on record, just puts a CAPITAL LETTER AND UNDERSCORE EMPHASIS on how truly deluded the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance are!

    The sad FACT is that EVERY SINGLE YEAR the totally corrupt, stratospherically arrogant, smug and absolutely inept Morrison/Dutton fascist regime are in power is a woeful Annus Horribilis for the rest of Australia, our economy, what’s left of our democracy and our environment under the reckless, callously inhumane and autocratic mismanagement of the coal-loving, climate-change-denying idiots in the worst government in living memory!

  7. Florence Howarth

    Totaram, you are correct. Still, the numbers are small. Many businesses have voiced concerns, especially when it comes to such things as unemployment benefits, no wage growth. More want actions when it comes to emissions. Not sure many support his actions when it comes to China.

  8. wam

    Your words are delivered like a sun shower, rossleigh, they gleam through my tears, Any chance of albo getting worked up by them??
    Albo must be shattered at the miracles the lnp god has bestowed on scummo and destroyed by the disasters he has wrought on Aborigines, workers and the labor party.
    poor old glad scummo’s Au ended up FeS₂.
    To put a top on her performance – 8 hours line up to get tested. Why???

  9. Regional Elder


    Perhaps you have been a bit hard on Border Force’s favourite pollie pin-up, Peter Dutton.

    After all, as a man with a number of well-placed real estate properties, as well as Having to keep an eye on his family’s child care enterprises, and the government grants that flow his way with this little business he owns with his wife, aside from his Home Affairs portfolio ( Don’t you think it ironic that he holds such a position with this title ! ), we can fully understand why he might have once declared that attending Parliament in Canberra really worked against him getting his work done as a senior Minister.

    Yes, we can appreciate how hard this must be sometimes for Peter.

    But with Parliament sitting a record low number of days this year, sly Pete must have been able to quietly, oh so quietly, really get on with his work in 2020. Certainly, as Minister for Home Affairs he has been resolute in making sure that the asylum seekers he keeps as political prisoners in a few select city hotels, can never make a home here after 7 years of indeterminate incarceration, or either in New Zealand, (which has offered to take them in groups of up to 150), for that matter. ( A further irony about his title as Minister for Home Affairs).

    If ScoMo gets a bit on the nose with the electorate next year ( and you have offered plenty of evidence as to why this might well happen) , Pete might just consider throwing his hat into the ring for the leadership again.

    Now there’s a scared thought !

  10. Lawrence Roberts

    Everyday and in every way the Canberra government demonstrates conclusively its irrelevance and that it is an impediment to progressive change.
    The opposition and bless their cotton socks live in some expensive delusion, that they may be able to change something or indeed anything. They could possibly change, with a struggle, Daylight Saving; but why bother.

    They have All managed to get us, by gross mismanagement into an Alice in Wonderland whirlpool where our outcome is only one of uncertainty. Will Anthony Abbott put together an amazing trade deal with what is left of the old United Kingdom? Pigs might fly.

    We will continue to live in one of the least worst places on the planet but they have no view of improvement. Be gone, you pox ridden pests and try not to feel guilty by the super, superannuation that we gave you.

  11. Terence Mills

    The survey that I think the media is talking about is the The Citizen Experience Survey, done regularly and nationally, measures public satisfaction, trust and experiences with Australian public services. The survey was released by the Prime Minister’s Department .

    In total more than 15,000 Australians were surveyed over five waves. The first wave was in March 2019 and surveyed about 5,000 people; this was followed by four more waves, each surveying about 2,500 people.

    These results dealt with services delivered at Commonwealth level, not state delivery.

    The survey does not deal with satisfaction in the PM or any of his ministers but focuses on the performance of the Australian Public Service : as most of the heavy lifting during this pandemic was done and is being done by state governments, the the survey does not really reflect on satisfaction resulting from handling the pandemic. If anything, the federal approach to the pandemic has been to criticise the (Labor) states for not opening up their borders earlier.

    At the height of the Victorian lockdown it was Frydenberg who did a series of interviews constantly attacking Andrews for political mileage :

    “There’s been a callous indifference in Victoria from the (state) government to the loss of jobs and to the plight of small business,” Frydenberg said in a video posted to Twitter. “The bloody-mindedness is unforgivable.”

    When you consider that most if not all instances of COVID transmission have started with people entering this country (border control is a federal responsibility) and avoiding quarantine (also a federal responsibility) Morrison and his merry band haven’t actually contributed a great deal.

  12. Kronomex

    “Scott Morrison’s Successful Year!” Yep, it cemented his success as a lying, scheming, blow hard, corrupt, know-it-all, blame shifting, and blustering scumbag of the highest order.

  13. Artemis

    Emails revealing truth of Trump Covid Plan “We want them infected” the plan was “herd immunity” by infecting as many of population as possible.
    Boris Johnson and Morrison discussed plan, Boris introduced it until he was told how many million Brits would die, he belatedly changed direction.
    When our CSIRO epidemiologists and research scientists contacted Morrison in Nov/Dec 2019 with advice on how to keep it out of Australia, Morrison and Hunt didn’t want to know.
    The Qld Premier repeatedly asked Morrison to call a meeting of all state and territory leaders to discuss covid19, he did nothing.
    Without the excellent work from State and Territory leaders working together, with constant criticism from Morrison, we would now be a smaller version of the USA.

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    Artemis….. and still the braindead 66% gave him their approval. Shows the power of the media’s constant coalition bias, whether it is the mugs who buy Rupert’s arsewipe rags, or the gullible idiots who turn to Ch 7 or Ch 9 in the morning to get their minds saturated with coalition crap, posing as the morning show with dribble pouring from the gobs of Sam and Kochie and the other pair on Ch 9.
    Trump, Boris and scummo, a veritable pack of arsholes.

  15. Gangey1959

    Thank the Heavens, and uncle voldemurdoch, for our beloved dealer’s successful year. Nothing that scottyfrommarketing has done (for or by) himself has been even remotely successful, but add some spin and glossy pics and “Awaaaay we go…..”
    It’s an interesting picture at the top of the article. Is the pm waving to the messes, (I meant masses, but I’m tired), practicing for his elevation to deity status, or waving the flies away ? The latter seems the most likely. Someone should tell him that it is best done with mouth closed, but then again, it would make for a great blooper.
    I count myself as an Australian much more than a Victorian, although I did find the amount of crap thrown at the southern mainland dictator quite offensive when you consider how effective Danny boy has been, especially when stood alongside dear old Glad. The poor lady just can’t take a trick. Turn some, maybe, but getting something right just didn’t seem to be in her horrorscope this year. Maybe ’21 will be better…… .
    Talking about shite, the situation with the land of the lying dragon is a bit of a mess. Thank you mr prime monster. Good effort there. Nice timing on the hissy-fit, and a perfect example for the kiddies of engaging the mouth while the brain is in for a service. Not usually a course of action for the politically astute, but….. Sorry, I fell off the chair laughing. Maybe, instead of stampng his feet and screaming at the camera, our pm and his major ministers could have combined their IQ’s (to come up with a double digit number) and hatched a dastardly plan similar to that from north of the equator that involved, oh I don’t know, putting all of the vehicles from overseas through a rigorous testing regime to make sure that those from SinoAutoIndustrialCrap actually pass Australian Design Rules, and oh bugger they have all failed, and what a shame they cannot be sold. With every car brand having to be tested, maybe a bit of legal tit for tat might have some impact. Let’s face it, Wunhung Lo couldn’t say we were trying to protect our own auto industry, could he ? Or test their reo steel and fail that. And lean on twiggy and TELL him to stop for 3 months “because of an industrial dispute”. JEEZ. It’s not that hard.
    Anyway, we’e back to scotty’s great year. It was made even better when the sharks made the nrl finals. Then they lost. Again. The cronulla club is still trying to decide whether to have a trophy shelf for it’s ONE premiership, or think to the future and build a 2 shelf cabinet for when they win one next century. (Melbourne Storm have 2 blank places waiting for the return of the premierships we have had stripped, alongside the SIX we have won, including this year, in a HUGE cabinet. Suck on that one, scotty)
    Climate change is the one area that scummo has let himself down, but it seems that if you don’t deny it outright, but don’t officially accept it and make it Policy, then that’s ok, because when the rapture comes you can decide then which way to go. He hasn’t worked out that by then it will be a choice of either fire or brimstone, but hey, a few more claps and another bag of shekels into the pot and it’s all good.
    I hope that our dear pm has his escape plans worked out already so that he can get away for chrissy, before sydney gets the full Melbourne treatment and he has to come down hard on gladys. Jen and the girls will be REALLY PISSED if they have to spend the hols in lockdown with “daggy-dad”. Maybe he will be able to take them all away for “European Vacation, done downunder” with herr korrmann unt fammily in the RAAF plane. (They can stick the pm’s photographer into the overhead storage locker when he is not in use.) With our squadron of 3 firefoxes grounded recently. it’s the only RAAF plane airworthy, apart from a couple of Spitfires and a WW2 Boomerang at the museum.
    It’s a shame that the canberra bubble has been let down, and all of the participants have gone home to where they “reside”. There is still soooo much of the year to go, and so much happening in the world that it doesn’t seem wise, but I drive a forklift, what would I know ?

    Good health to everyone over the holiday season. Take care of youselves and your families.
    May Santa bring you something you really desire, and no, if scummo gets run down by a bus that is karma, not a christmas wish come true.

  16. Henry Rodrigues

    Well composed and well said, Gangey. If Christmas wishes were to come true, then scummo would be lying flat on his mug in the mud and a bus running back and forth, the driver wondering what that bump in the road is.

    But to everyone, here’s to the end of a very eventful year and many hopes for a better one next. Good cheer and happiness to one and all.

  17. jamie

    it’s almost too disgusting to comment about: the vileness of the vile scum ‘known’ as the LIAR FROM THE WASTELAND!!!!!

  18. 245179

    I can not recall ever hearing / reading, such vitriol towards an australian prime minister and an australian govt….never. We indeed have allowed rorts/lies/incompetence to fester and grow, the disdain shown to voters has been breath taking.
    I also lay part blame on ALP, they are no opposition, they have taken the easy alternative…..lay low. And just recently one of their own bills voters for his trip to murdochs birthday bash. Yes ALP are ‘wanting”, a force in opposition they are not.
    Entertaining and embracing the Murdoch empire has now proven to be aligned with the devil, many a govt now realise that, but allas they are compelled to dance to the master.
    A decade from now is nightmare material, i see no light at the end of the tunnel.

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