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Scott Morrison’s “promise to Australia”

Scott Morrison’s 2019 election campaign speech:

“To run a stronger economy requires a government that knows how to manage money.

If you can’t manage money, you can’t run the country.

Have you ever noticed this? How those who can’t manage money always end up spending more of it, and never spend it well? What they say, those who can’t manage money, what the costs will be – if they’re game enough to tell you – that’s only just where it begins.

The real cost comes after their big spending programs fall victim to their incompetent administration. We have seen it every time under Labor.

You know, Labor’s appetite for big spending always exceeds their competency to spend it wisely or properly. You know, that’s the bill you really cannot afford.

And as we know, when Labor runs out of money, they always come running after yours soon after. So, today, I’m not getting into a spend-a-thon with Labor. They’re welcome to it. Reckless spending is not a vision, Australians. It’s a burden on current and future generations. So I say to Australians; do not allow Labor’s reckless spending to start. Vote Liberal and Nationals next Saturday.

Our Government has restored our nation’s finances. We have turned that around. We have kept our Triple A credit rating. We have handed down – well done Josh and the entire ERC team – the first Budget surplus in more than a decade, back in the black.

And by staying on this path we will eliminate the debt within a decade, without raising your taxes. We have achieved this by getting spending growth under control, getting Australians off welfare and into work – and treating every dollar provided to us by the taxpayer with respect. It’s what Liberals and Nationals do.”

Other things Liberals and Nationals do…


Cashless welfare card.

JobKeeper gifted to profitable businesses.

Sports rorts et al.

White elephant NBN.

Torture refugees by locking them up indefinitely in unsafe offshore detention.

Subsidies and grants to the fossil fuel industry.

Signing up for 12 submarines whose cost has blown out from $50 billion to $90 billion before they have even fully negotiated the details.

Use fraudulent documents to attack a political opponent and suffer no consequence.

$40 million gifted to Foxtel whilst slashing funding for the ABC.

Almost half a billion dollars to a few businessmen who called themselves the Great Barrier Reef something-or-other.

Another half a billion to a security firm headquartered in a beach shack on Kangaroo Island.

A fortune spent on consultants and government advertising.

Trash our international reputation through inaction on climate change.

Antagonise China through pointless hairy chest-beating.

Huge money paid to donors for water that doesn’t exist and land that was worth a fraction of the price paid.

Run up a trillion dollar debt.

Uncountable jobs for the boys and girls, stacking Boards and tribunals and diplomatic posts…

I could keep going forever… it’s been a long 7 years 8 months and 6 days.

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  1. Michael Taylor

    Beware of Liberal prime ministers bearing gifts.

  2. Ken

    If you want to see how Scumo reacts to questions just watch his interview on ABC’s 7.30 last night.

  3. leefe

    ” … end up spending more of it, and never spend it well … ”

    Someone needs to quote this back at him and point out the obvious logical conclusion. Another question the premise of which he will reject.

  4. David John Mclean

    Etc Etc FFS ..you only really touched the surface …what about money spent in high court to protect the gov from bad media view of bugging east teimor , fighting to keep refugees in prison ..etc ..etc if i had time i would be here all bloody night ..

  5. New England Cocky

    Very well re-stated Kaye Lee. A pity that all media have overlooked the ”buy me corporate ”political donations” AKA ”political bribes” and executive votes” strategy that undermines our democratic process … as badly as it does in the USA (United States of Apartheid).

    The trouble with modern Australian politics is the SPENDING of government revenues on largess rather than national infra-structure, the COALition focus on the Howard policy of buying the next election because the Liarbral Party has sold out Australia and Australians rather than growing the Australian national interest.

    Once were egalitarian, now deliberately constructing the New Feudalism for the benefit of their uncaring foreign corporate masters.

    Who matters??? ”Me, me me!!!” rather than ”We the people”. Lazy thinking by alleged leaders of society always ready to take the comfortable option of ”somebody else can do it because I lack the vision, ability, skills and ambition to be a tall poppy and stand on our own two feet”.

    Mediocrity is comfortable, no expectations, just tips me lid to the foreign investors as Australia pays for them to take out the natural resources unprocessed to provide jobs overseas and no benefits to Australian workers.

    Perhaps this attitude is best reflected in the abysmal state of Australian Rugby, the sport of the management class; too much spent for too long on too few individual players rather than developing junior clubs and supporting club Rugby for everybody. The nation is bigger than the individual.

    But enough ….. the solution to these problems is in our own hands; at every election


    and in we will remove the remaining 4/8 Nazional$ Party politicians west of the Great Dividing Range from the NSW Parliament.

  6. Kathryn

    Morrison is deluded if he thinks he can run a country! He couldn’t organise a free shout in a country pub!

    Can’t think outside the square!
    Has no foresight!
    No imagination!
    No compassion!
    Is rigidly conservative
    Hates change
    Is a xenophobic racist
    Is arrogant, smug, condescending and deluded
    Has a born-to-rule mentality and a God complex!
    Represents a party that hasn’t achieved a SINGLE thing in eight long years
    Maintains an ideology of bible-thumping hypocrisy
    “Can’t hold a hose!”
    Can’t do ANYTHING, really!

  7. Harry Lime

    Could we replace the constant heading photos of the Liar with ,say, rotating photos of dogshit? It would be a vast improvement both visually and intellectually,not to mention a much needed relief.
    Don’t think he’s that good Kathryn.

  8. wam

    What a list, Kaye,
    What a %&$ $# damning list wonder if any media would print it or any labor pollie would publish it? It should be on the window of every labor office in the land. It should be on the lips of all of us. It should be slowly released onto the pages of our rabbottian friends, including our local, ABC, papers, commercial radio and pollie pages,
    Saw a crawler that illustrates the attitude of the ABC morning show “NSW MP Gareth Ward steps down…” You know he is not labor because it doesn’t say so but it doesn’t say liberal. Wonder why?

    Beauty NEC, Scummo can ignore action on renewable energy because the LNP were given the green light years ago and they spend their arse off because they have unlimited money? They were given the miracle of a third term.
    Any idea of a consistent factor in how that triplet happened?? Diludbansimkim comes to my mind.
    As for the run through and fall over game malaise is the money focus has resulted in neglect of private school support.

  9. Canguro

    I can help you with that Harry, having recently acquired a Kelpie x Rough Collie wee lassie; picking up her casually strewn turds each morning has become another chore.

    You make a good point. Given the unmitigated disaster that the man from that room at Tourism Aust – where they kept the marketing pamphlets and other paraphenalia – he wasn’t of any use to the organisation apart from shuffling & sorting paper – became after his unanticipated & unwarranted climb to the top of the greasy pole via his obscene scramble over the backs of his colleagues – is there anything more ugly in this society that political ambition? – being faced with his idiotic montage on a daily basis is really an insult to the country.

    It’s wearying, to tell you the truth.

    A quick scan of the Guardian’s front page this morning is typical of how each day’s experience begins for those who read that publication:

    ‘Scott Morrison’s warm welcome to Andrew Laming is a rebuke to Australia’s women’

    ‘Environment department tried to bury research that found huge underspend on Australian threatened species’

    ‘Greens propose independent inquiry into Christian Porter’s fitness to be a minister’

    ‘NSW MP Gareth Ward steps down as minister over sexual violence allegations which he denies’

    ‘Tasmanian premier stands by Liberal candidate who denies using fake name while dating two women’

    ‘Scott Morrison denies his ‘one country two systems’ reference to Taiwan and China was an error’

    ‘‘Demeaning’ crackdown on single mothers scrapped, budget papers reveal’

    ‘Federal budget fails to address Australia’s housing shortage and homelessness, experts say’

    ‘New law allows Australian government to indefinitely detain refugees’

    … and this sort of barrage against best-practice behaviour is a daily — dai-fucking-ly – occurrence.

    The barbarians are amongst us, and they’re running riot. God help us.

  10. Harry Lime

    Yeah,Canguro,it’s become very distressing that these utterly incompetent and corrupt arseholes keep getting away with fucking murder and Labor are not making any headway.Albanese might generally say the right things,but theyre still suffering shell shock from last time.The best hope of getting rid of these bastards is that .Morrison keeps stepping into his own big gob.Preferably with a big wad of dogshit on his boots.The only certainty is that the lies and desperation of this mind boggling fake are going to ramp up.The septic tank/ greasetrap that is his mind will be sprayed everywhere.

  11. Henry Rodrigues

    If there’s one thing I agree with most vigorously, it is the constant imposition at the top of any article, of the ugly mug of that the bastard who sits at the top of this rotten government. I can’t stand him, his face and when he opens his gob to spew lies and crap, it makes me throw up. Starting with the lying rodent, then jug ears and now this bible thumping sob.

    So please, can we have less and less of the bastard.

  12. Phil Pryor

    Most of the comments here tell our attitudes well, the usual disappointed ones who care to think on our situation. But, what of the leaders who are supposed to be thinking, who are thought to be able to think? People with an immense level of mediocrity, covered in bullshit and marinated in overbearing self confidence, e g, Morrison, do not actually know how ignorant, divisive, idiotic, incompetent, repulsive they are. You could try, again, to tell this anus how bad he is, but, being an anus, he would not accept or react to that. We are led by people bonedrenched in dogma, superstition, prejudice, righteousness and triumphal self assurance, that modern life is a huge plantation for many, not grim, but rigid, where one may scratch for insecure work, badly paid, consume and exist, pay out to the controllers, read and hear absolute rubbish, get a vote (hah) and take it or leave it. Under conservatives, greed is lord, selfishness is life navigation, extraction is policy, donor and patron control is everywhere, incrowd and networking and mateyness runs the show and outsiders can effing well stay out there. Vote for that, mugs.., and do not expect to advance yourself with affordable education at the highest level, and so become an independent thinker, expecting better. NO.

  13. Peter F

    Morrison has a belief in a superior being which directs his every move: Morrison is not responsible. This is an admission that he cannot do anything on his own. I witnessed a three year old girl climb a farm gate this morning: SHE is more competent than Morrison.

    Around 50% of voters will vote for him…….. How is this possible?

  14. Canguro

    Peter F, I know this website isn’t anecdote central, so I do my best to refrain, as do most of the commentators, but my interest is piqued by your reference to the gate-climbing toddler. Care to share the location? I’m just curious, and I know it’s none of my business, but I spent years in the bush and have passed through dozens if not hundreds of gates during those years, most often uneventfully but on one occasion spectacularly when I credited a horse with more sense than he actually exhibited in the moment and after galloping him down the station’s airstrip – a safe place void of rabbit warrens – and approaching the house yard & stables, where he would have had to halt at the cocky gate, he instead hit it at the gallop, took out a strainer post and cartwheeled tail over head with me parting ways with him six feet up in the air. One of my nine lives spent… or twenty-nine to be more accurate, and another lesson learned… don’t credit animals with common sense based on your own perceptions.

  15. Kaye Lee


    That list of headlines really demonstrates what we are up against. There is so much that is wrong that it is distracting and exhausting.

    Meanwhile, Coalition politicians don’t care if what they are saying is true. The fact-free rubbish that some of them post on their facebook is shameful. They court the anti-abortion crowd or the anti-gays or the climate change deniers or the racists and then feed the frenzy just to attract followers.

    It is terribly depressing.

  16. Warren

    Repeating others, Morrison couldn’t organise a crap in a dysentery outbreak. The only reason he opens his mouth is to put the other foot in.

  17. Michael Taylor

    Thank you for that, Warren. Now excuse me while I wipe all the coffee off my iPad. 😂

  18. Gangey1959

    Please add :


    Vote LNP LAST

  19. Kaye Lee

    Another thing Liberals and Nationals do….

    This morning, Matt Canavan, who is getting increasingly weird, posted a statement on his facebook page “Israel has the right to defend itself” which has, as he no doubt intended, led to the usual social media outrage that poor Israel is being picked on.

    Could I point out that, when on the UN Security Council, Australia’s vote was instrumental in continuing the conflict. Eight nations voted for Israel to end its Occupation of Palestinian territories. One, the US, voted against. They needed 9 for the resolution to pass. We voted with the US to allow the Occupation to continue. George Brandis told us it was “unhelpful” to even use the term Occupied territories and Julie Bishop questioned the illegality of the construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

    We had a chance to maybe help. We ducked it.

  20. DrakeN

    …which may be partly why, Warren, that he has to stand up while speaking because his voice is muffled when he sits down.

  21. Vikingduk

    . . . and, DrakeN, how is it so that his arsehole has as big a smirk as his mouth-hole?

  22. DrakeN

    Liberals are under attack!
    A newly elected Tasmanian MP caught by Labor government cops crrying firearms while on his way to seek mental health treatment in QLD.
    Popular bloke , “…fully support…”ed by the re-elected Premier over his false identity while scamming ladies on line, by all accounts, which says a lot for his electorate.

  23. DrakeN

    Vikingduk, might that have been a contributing factor in the Macca’s shop?

  24. Vikingduk

    Could well be, DrakeN, smirked when it should have puckered.

  25. Canguro

    per the above link supplied by DrakeN re. the Tasmanian idiot with the identity issues (Adam Brooks? Terry Brooks?) who in a rich flush of delusion fancied himself as a responsible elected member of the Liberal govt of that tiny appendage to the mainland (no offence intended, Taswegian people… I love your little island state!), the premier Gutwein (which, weirdly enough is almost pedantically German for ‘good wine’) said, when asked if preselecting Mr Brooks was a mistake said that he could “…only take people at face value and on their word”. As did another idiot with identity issues who masquerades as the leader of the federal LNP, when asked about his position in relation to the Redlands Lemming and the bag-carrying lobby boy, the alleged paedophilic rapist from WA. His words were almost identical, in the sense of ‘I can only take people at face value and on their word, and by this alone, they have my full support.’ The coward’s reply. The one that hides the truth. Bullshit and cant, hidden behind the ‘fuck you’ smirk. These jerks wouldn’t have been out of place in the 1940s in a certain western European fascist state. ‘We vuz oonly following orderrz, mein herr! We ment no harmmm to theez people, but you know, orderz iss orderz! Seig Heil!

  26. DrakeN

    Canguru, it can only be assumed that those of wealth and priviledge believe that others of their kind are beyond reproach.
    Getting information on a person’s background is only for the hoi polloi facing the magistrate or seeking credit from the lenders-of-dubious morality which are usually referred to as “leading financial institutions”.

  27. GL


    In the LNP version of reality there are two are two layers of people. The top layer are Australians; Like Twiggy, Gina, Rupert, and the other 10%’ers who there to be fawned, crawled, and bent over backwards to at every turn. Then there are the ‘strayans; who, simply put, aren’t the 10%’ers and are there to be stamped, hammered, and squashed under the gubmint thumb at every turn except at election time.

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