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Scott Morrison to speak at religious homophobic conference

Twitter just alerted us to the news that Treasurer Scott Morrison will be speaking at the Australian Christian Lobby’s 2016 conference at the Wesley Centre in the Sydney CBD on Saturday, April 23.

This piece in New Matilda reveals that the conference star turn is one Eric Metaxas, a Christian who believes there are parallels between the failure of church groups to resist Nazism in the 1930s and the growing acceptance by liberal US Christians of LGBTQI people. Metaxas has also backed gay conversion therapy.

We already know the ACL and its spokesman Lyle Shelton have campaigned, successfully it seems, to have the Safe Schools program gutted. We also know that the ACL has an inordinate amount of influence over our governments, including that of atheist PM Julia Gillard, whom Jim Wallace persuaded to keep the school chaplaincy program.

Why are our politicians beholden to this minority group of fundamentalist extremists?

Also speaking at the conference are Miranda Devine, Noel Pearson and Dr Jeffrey J Ventrella, whom New Matilda describes thus: A Senior Counsel at the litigious Alliance Defending Freedom, Jeffery Ventrella argued in 2012 that the US government should divert funds from LGBTI health programs and instead spend the money convincing those in the communities to change their sexuality.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if Morrison speaks at the conference without challenging its homophobic slant, he is endorsing that perspective.

He is billed on the conference website as The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia, so we can assume from this he is appearing in his official capacity, and thus as a representative of the Turnbull government.

It is most alarming that the Treasurer of this country should support the extreme discriminatory views expressed by Metaxas and Ventrella. It’s extremely alarming that Morrison should represent the Turnbull government at a conference that seeks to disseminate homophobic perspectives.

There is probably an argument to be made that politicians, particularly those holding high office, ought not to publicly support any religious views in their official capacity. We are a secular country. Our governments are not vehicles for the furtherance of religious beliefs of any kind.

There is definitely an argument to be made that no politician and legislator should publicly support views that are contrary to our anti discrimination laws, such as those held by Metaxas and Ventralla.

As usual, I don’t support no platforming. I do support protest, and support for protesters if you can’t actually be there on the day.

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.


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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I agree Jennifer Wilson.

    Snotty Morrisscum, if he was any true representative of public office, would be well advised to differentiate himself from the anti-LGBTI critics.

    If he fails to do so, then it will be yet another time of his abuse of his public office.

    Furthermore, it will extenuate as to why he is not well chosen for such a presentation considering he serves as the Treasurer of Australia, in an Economic role. Not a Social role.

  2. Robert J Lee

    Hopefully Morrison will make provision in the budget to charter enough 747’s to fill up with Islamics and send them to whence they came from.

  3. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Congrats Robert J Lee,

    for forging yet another chasm of social dysfunction. Social and economic platforms are susceptible to various community assaults which you have shown.

    I don’t want 747’s either for self-preservation of Aussie people’s interests but your depiction is inhumane, don’tyathink?

  4. Wally

    “There is probably an argument to be made that politicians, particularly those holding high office, ought not to publicly support any religious views in their official capacity”

    I agree and if they persist to push a religious agenda it would be appropriate that our government be made up of equal numbers of delegates from each religion and atheists so everybody’s (non) religious views have equal weight in parliament. I know this would be totally unworkable but it is the only fair way to address the problem if religious beliefs are not kept out of politics. Of course we know the LNP version of fair is what best suits them so change from the crap they bestow upon us is unlikely.

    “There is definitely an argument to be made that no politician and legislator should publicly support views that are contrary to our anti discrimination laws”

    The politicians of today, particularly conservatives are bottom feeders, despite the logic in your comment it is unlikely they could even comprehend when they are discriminating because it is a regular occurance.

  5. Ella

    Jennifer Wilson, a scary reality check, but not surprising.

    This is the very same man who screamed about the need for a Royal Commission into trade union corruption but can not see how incongruent it is NOT to support a RC into corruption in the business and banking sector.
    Certainly supporting the PM to fail…but I guess he does not see incongruence in that either.

  6. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Unfortunately, too true to your final paragraph, Wally.

  7. Richard Schmidt

    Sometimes I think that Christians are every bit as repulsive and dangerous as Islamic terrorists. Why does religious conviction seem to equal paranoia, bigotry, and general all around hatred of anyone not like them?

  8. Gilly

    I am not suprised and fully expect for at least one if not two fore fingers to be heavily bandaged afterwards.

  9. paul walter

    I read it earlier at No Place For Sheep and found myself again reeling at the sheer cynicism of this whited sepulchre who pesecuted asylum seekers so viciously and then led the charge against people on welfare before turning this into a wider assault on the Australian community as Treasurer.

    The article is very specific though in its line of attack.

    Wilson’s concerns are not so much to do with a hypothetical discussion on Tankard Reist et al and their conservative but nonetheless to be considered arguments about sexuality, say how kids, particularly girls, are socialised in a capitalist society, as much as a sort of rally, which is par for the course for the fundamentalist right… why do they remain scared of actual debates on these issues and instead resort to what is a sort of ritualised lynch mentality loosing on yet another small and misunderstood scapegoat group, this time gays?

    Why hate speech rather than a rewarding investigation leading to some sort of apprecation of a social issue and a hope for something in future that actually moves society forward instead of campaigns to to remove educationrograms at schools?

    I beleive, perhaps harshly, that this sort of thing is actually a politicised thing, like the asylum-seeker or unions issues, with players assigned roles which are little better than a form of caricature as components comprising a cultural product intended to create impressions based on dubious, slanted or withheld information. Is the example of 60 Adverts that has come unstuck an example of reinforcement of stereotypes for bad reasons, btw?

    There is an election coming up and a bankrupt right is having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for any issue, most of all faux ones that distract from their own dishonesty and incompetence. This ultimately infers the growing of emotive issues designed to create fearful suburbanites fearful of bogey people, who will vote conservative out fear and ignorance.

    It is an evil thing to bear false witness against another innocent person or people to feed one’s own gut prejudices or gain some sort of advantage. It is reckless to do it when as events ranging from lynchings in the US, to anti Semitic pogroms in old Europe to the Cronulla riots and islamophobia today, demonstrating the suffering that comes from scapegoating, caried out through paranoid, emotion driven followers.

  10. mars08

    Did anyone really think the fear-mongering, persecution and demonization would stop at a handful of powerless, scruffy, isolated, vulnerable asylum seekers?

    Hell no! Spreading hate, selfishness and fear is the ONLY tool the tories can rely on.

    Once the general public gladly accepted the sinister characterture spun out by the politicians (and corrupt corporate media), the door was open to tag other groups at a threat to “straaayn values™”. So we have the witch hunts and political attacks against unionists, the unemployed, environmental groups, indigenous Australians and LGBTI people.

    Anything to promote the fear and ignorance which saturates so much of the electorate. Anything to win the votes of the bullies, bible-thumpers, bogans, blockheads, bigots and bed-wetters.

    Our politicians have no shame!

  11. Zathras

    Morrison is a member of an evangelical church who “speak in tongues” which may help explain his tendency to talk relentlessly during interviews to minimise the chances of additional questions being asked.

    His demonstrated compassion toward refugees is typical of how he must feel about those “hell-bound sodomites” and he will find himself in comfortable surroundings with other hate-mongers.

  12. Matters Not

    Metaxas has also backed gay conversion therapy.

    Hmm gay conversion therapy. Well I suppose ‘gays’ are in the minority and a boost in numbers via a ‘conversion’ process will help in their fight for equal treatment. ?

  13. Jaquix

    I remember Bill Shorten speaking at this conference a couple of years ago and was impressed at how he spoke about gay marriage and I thought how brave he was, speaking up for the rights of a minority, and in “the lion’s den” no less. Turnbull would not do that. Morrison will fill his time with forgettable spin.

  14. Peter Wilson

    How was Metaxas given a visa, i was under the impression someone could be banned from entering the country if they spread hatred and vilification?

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