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Scott Morrison Quiet – Is He Isolated With Covid-19 Or In Hawaii?

Ok, I apologise for the terrible clickbait but, unlike most clickbait it could be true for all I know.

Anyway, apart from spreading rumours, I have a few pertinent points to make about the nonsense coming from the Federal Government and, more importantly, I had this great idea for countering the influence of Murdoch’s Minions and I wanted to share it far and wide.

I’ll start with the idea which is really quite simple. On the weekend, I purchased “The Saturday Paper” and took it to the coffee shop where I read it while waiting for my wife. As I looked at the people reading Rupert’s rag, I could help but wish that the shop stocked something a bit more radical like the one I’d just read. Then it hit me. Why not leave it behind?

Ok, I don’t expect one edition of a mildlly leftie newspaper will lead to a rousing chorus of “Do You Hear The People Sing?” before the quiet Australians try to storm Parliament but it would at least be read by some people who’d normally only read the propaganda from people like Andrew Bolt. If it just changed a handful of votes in the right electorate, it may not lead to a change of government, but at least it might get them remembered in the next sports rort.

Or, if you can’t afford “The Saturday Paper” why not print out one or two articles from “The Australian Independent Media” and if you go down for a coffee, slip them into the paper on the opinion pages. I mean, it couldn’t do any harm and if it just makes one person think, who knows, that might spread like…

Mm, hard to think of the right simile without sounding insensitive. Wildfire, nah. Coronavirus? Definitely not!

Speaking of Coronavirus, I couldn’t help but find Scottie’s rationale for keeping schools open a little weird. According to our fearful leader, it doesn’t matter if it spreads in schools because it doesn’t affect young people as badly. Teachers apparently are disposable, as are any older people that students come into contact with after school.

However, that wasn’t the strange bit. He went on to tell us that if they closed schools down, then parents who were health workers would have to stay home to look after them and we certainly couldn’t spare health workers at the moment. When you say it quickly, this sounds all right, but stop and consider for a moment. If schools are kept open, sooner of later, the children of those valuable health working parents are going to get ill and potentially affect their parents. Then, instead of them merely needing a babysitter so they could go on working, they need another health worker to look after them.

The other thing that puzzles me is the testing. Apparently you can only get tested if you’ve been overseas or you’ve been in contact with a confirmed case. To illustrate what’s wrong with let’s imagine Basil hasn’t been overseas, nor has he been in contact with a confirmed case. Basil, in spite of showing symptoms can’t get tested. Now, if he has somehow picked up the virus from an unknown source, he can continue to infect people, none of whom can get tested because until one of them gets tested, there are no confirmed cases in this spread.

So, maybe Scottie could go on television, and explain away my concerns. Or maybe he really has been struck down and is being kept in quarantine.

Nah, surely we’d be told.

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  1. Harry Lime

    Scottie the Pissweak is currently rumoured to be seeking counselling from his mentor Brian the Never was Invited, because the
    Lord has gone on a secret holiday and is incommunicado.Probably suffering from an overload of lies.If anyone doubts that the Liar is an outrageous fraud,they should also seek urgent counselling.Ring 13 11 14 ,but don’t be surprised if their funding has been withdrawn and you get elevator music and a message about how much they care.

  2. New England Cocky

    I agree Rossleigh. I think Scummo is infected with COVID-19 because of the way he looked on television on Sunday night. Then the Bullsh*tting Belgian got back on the air waves ….. no crowd pleasing Scummo?

    I also agree that your subversion of News Ltd mastheads with real AIMN news is an excellent idea. While I am a little shy of losing my copy of The Saturday Paper (Her Indoors lies well matured news at least three days old to lessen the shock), surely a good dose of John Lord, Kaye Lee, Michael Taylor or even GG would brighten the day of any thinking Australian voter.

  3. Kerri

    Goddamn Rossleigh! I read TSP on my iPad to save the trees!!
    The Saturday Paper is legendary like ALL Schwartz Media publications!
    I am immunocompromised and have lung disease.
    My rudely healthy older daughter (28) not only works in retail but also teaches dancing as well as attending several dancing classes per week that she participates in. So she is exposed to many, many school kids on a daily basis.
    Yesterday I refused to kiss her, bumping elbows instead.
    It is sad but necessary to maintain health and peace of mind.
    I pray for Scottyfrommarketing.
    I pray he gets really ill.
    I think it’s the least he deserves.
    That selfish act on Friday of declaring “social distancing” and restrictions on large crowds should only happen after he has watched his Sharks and attended the Hillsong Colour Conference was indefensible and transparent.
    But it is what we are all used to from this ingrate.

  4. LambsFry Simplex.

    Why haven’t they said if Dutton is dead?

  5. Merkin Wetchex


    Like, as in ‘Shaun of the…’?

  6. Bathmat Corflute

    Just quietly, the Coronavirus has kicked the shit out of prayer.

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  8. paul walter

    Merkin, Sort of reminded me of the walk home from the shops today

  9. Kaye Lee

  10. LambsFry Simplex.

    That is the elephant in the room, isn’t it, closing down schools?

    It won’t go away, they will eventually do it, but it is and will be a problem.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Apropos the Hillsong Conference….

    Malaysia has reported its biggest single-day jump in coronavirus cases, announcing 190 new confirmed patients on Sunday (March 15).

    “Based on initial investigations, the majority of these new cases are linked to the cluster involving the ‘ijtimak tabligh’ gathering at the Jamek Sri Petaling Mosque,” said the Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba.

    The Health Ministry had announced on Saturday that 77 people confirmed for Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, were linked to the religious event held at a mosque in Selangor.

  12. Kaye Lee


    We ARE closing down schools shortly for the school holidays. Why don’t we do a two to three week lockdown then over Easter and Anzac Day. Parents already have plans in place and the isolation period would be longer than incubation so we would identify new cases without them spreading as much.

  13. LambsFry Simplex.

    In fact it has been gobsmacking, the breakdown of western consumer capitalist society as a roller breaks and jams on the infinite conveyor belt.

    So many red faces, so many contradictory and unforseen things happening, such odd behaviours.

    What a contrast, between the advertising Brady Bunch world of consumer mall and hypermarket behaviour, all the sanitised blondness, against the buffooneries of fat sweaty morons brawling over toilet paper.

    Restaurants throwing out top quality food after being shut down in a world of starving people.

    The low sitcom of politicians and other public figures trying to look sincere and meaningful, contradicted on basic facts when removed from their scripts,on the non stop news hype mechanism.

    The embarrassing realities of the gig economy voted in by a lazy and complacent public, its flaws laid open like a sore wound with scalpel like precision as the public gets to see a different side of what it bought.

    The attitude that older people and hospital and teaching staff, to name just a couple of subgroups are now expendable, as indeed are kids and the underemployed…all the fear and panic, the mask has slipped, the botox failed.

    Do we see suddenly that the fabric of society is actually a thin and fragile fabric of expediency, apathy, expendability and brute indifference?

  14. LambsFry Simplex.

    Sounds exactly right to me Kaye Lee.

    You seldom miss a trick, do you?

  15. New Bruce

    Was he ever really “alive”

    Its a shame the NRL didn’t go with a “crowdfree” theme over the weekend, because then scottyfrommarketing (in his role of number one ticket-wanker (and prime monster)) would have been able to self isolate in the stands at cronulla just to see the sharks get their arses kicked.
    Then he could have gone on to the hillsong mega-con spreading his “goodwill” to the converted.

    And there would be much rejoicing

  16. Terence Mills

    Strange thing occurred on Sky-after-Dark (SAD) last night, notably on ‘Paul Murray Live’.

    On Monday night ABC’s Four Corners broadcast a disturbing story of SAS troops in Afghanistan executing unarmed civilians. The report included vision of an unarmed farmer being shot in a wheat field and there was first hand reports by formerly serving SAS personnel.

    This reflected on our involvement in this war but the reaction from SAD was to attack the ABC for broadcasting the program. Sky are known for their irrational attacks on public broadcasting, which it seems are orchestrated and initiated by senior management and the Murdoch family, but to be saying that our national broadcaster is disloyal and unpatriotic is nonsensical.

    What SAD are saying is that the report should have been suppressed, that there was no public interest in airing this program and that the Australian people did not need to know what their troops had been up to in what had been called a peace keeping operation merely involving the training of Afghan personnel and ‘building schools’. Presumably Sky would have hidden the facts had they been in possession of the story.

    The ABC did absolutely the right thing in ensuring the accuracy of the reports and bringing them to the attention of the Australian people.

    Former Defence Chief retired Admiral Chris Barrie said of the coverage :

    “The man was not armed, the man was in a docile situation, and he was shot,” Mr Barrie said.

    “Which, if this was to happen on the streets in Australia, would be a simple case of murder.

    “Now, in a situation where you have armed forces which are carrying out tasks in another place, under the appropriate rules of engagement and the laws of armed conflict, this is a war crime.”

  17. Lambchop Simcard

    Dear Lambsfry: I resemble your comment as I am a fat sweaty moron and I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.
    We fat sweaty morons plan to band together. And if we can’t get
    our Kentucky Fried Chicken, soft drink, Toilet Paper and potato chips. We will all do the unthinkable. All of us fat sweaty morons will all let off an all mighty fart at the same time.And it will blow your mind. Take our threat’s seriously because the world won’t know what hit it. Ha Ha Har. The Coronvirus will be nothing compared to the havoc we will cause.

  18. RomeoCharle29

    I am wondering if it is possible to suspend all trading activities on the Stock Exchange? The nightly coverage of this particular casino’s rises and, particularly, spectacular falls is feeding into the narrative of fear seemingly pervading the place. Stop the trading, stop the profiteering. I believe some action is being taken to stop the transactions of computer directed buying/selling but who needs to be told constantly of billions being wiped off people’s Super incomes etc?

    At the risk of perpetuating a conspiracy theory I saw posted online, I wonder if the modest rallies punctuating the downwards slide are because the Chinese Government is buying the shares at bargain basement prices as part of ownership bids? Is this even feasible? I guess someone will tell me.

  19. Peter F

    Terence: All this to ‘PROTECT’ us? Can we get much lower? Those who have served this country well have been let down by our ‘leaders’.

  20. Geoff Andrews

    At last, mate, a kindred spirit. It’s OK for the LGBTI mob to get star minority billing while we FSM’s are sidelined! What the government forgets is that, without us and the apprentices, sales of V8 utes’d fall faster than a whore’s drawers at a Liberal party convention.
    Fat, sweaty morons? A bit tautological innit?

  21. Vikingduk

    Where’s the liar from the shire, you ask? The jerk needed, once again, an emergency smirkectomy. Whilst holding the Special Lump Of Coal at the hillsong conference, his smirk experienced The Rupture, an integral teaching from the book of hillsong. So, his smirk was transported to the heavenly paradise as supplied by houston we have a problem, leaving the rest of the stinking turd behind.

  22. Perkin Warbeck

    May I say that in the photo of Morrison in today’s Age email edition, he is consciously pretending not to smirk, and it is even worse than his default smirk mode.

  23. LambsFry Simplex.

    Terrence Mills, BRILLIANT comment.

    Wonder what the secret police in Canberra could be planning?


    The rest of you ARE fat, sweaty losers and will survive Covid 19 because only the flies and the cockroaches will be left.

  24. Jon Chesterson

    Spot on both these points Rossleigh!

    School’s out and not testing for local community transmission. Morrison and his Chief medical officer’s (Geez forgotten his name already) logic is sublimely irrational, even down to how many parents with children are health care workers, not that children staying in school would make a blind bit of difference to them, other than increase the risk of exposure. They are playing for time, hiding the fact they either do not have the resources, the guts to do the right thing or are unable to get their heads around this. My money, what little I have is on all three, which will end up down the dunny when the shit hits the fan without a loo roll in sight, no test kits, no hand sanitiser, no nurses or ICU beds… still!

  25. jaq

    Once again, #Scottythebraindeadmoron has shown he is unfit for the role he backstabbed so hard to get. His narcissism outweighs any ability to think a situation through and come up with a plan- to be able to see the FUTURE consequences of any action. He was hoping to show leadership in the face of the Morrison Fires in which he let this country down so badly- AND IS FAILING ABYSMALLY and yet he’s still there! It is not enough to comment on these pages to sound our disapproval, although it feels good to find kindred spirits, so I urge everyone here if they havent done so already, to CALL HIS OFFICE. The man needs to feel the STING of his failure and even though one might feel he’s so teflon coated nothing gets through, it will TO HIS STAFF. YES-Leave your papers at cafes’ but please use this window to TALK to people everywhere- as I did in the hairdresser the other day- It blows me away that so many people dont even know the harm this Gov has done to this country. I look at these comments and see people WHO DO.That is an advantage. Get the conversation going!!! * THIS HAS BEEN A COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT*

  26. Kronomex

    I look at the photo at the top of the article and all I can see is, “If I really cared about people there would be a tear where I’m pointing.”

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