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Scott Morrison – Putting the CON back into eCONomics!

Ok, I’m a simple man who doesn’t possess an economics degree …

Still the lack of a science degree has never stopped Andrew Bolt or Bananaby Joyce from commenting on their conviction that climate change isn’t real and is simple part of the marxist social engineering that demands that all men either have a sex change or become gay …

Anyway, I must say that it has been a little confusing this week because I’ve actually tried listening to the Liberal Party and when they explain things I usually end up with a headache.

I mean I’m trying to work out how Labor’s decision not to bring back the schoolkids bonus is a betrayal of the voters while the Liberal’s decision to abolish it demonstrates “sound economic management”.

And I’m trying to work out how Scott Morrison thinks that it’s appropriate to add the $19 billion that Labor said they’d like to restore to foreign aid to Labor’s “black hole”, when they’ve only promised to restore less than a billion. That’s a bit like saying that I’ve blown next year’s family budget because I said that I’d like a beach house one day.

Still the Liberals have been operating in Pollyannaland for quite some time. Scott Morrison’s assertion that iron ore will be $55 a tonne because Treasury said it would be so. The fact that it’s less than that at the moment doesn’t matter. We should trust Treasury … Even though prior to the 2013 election, the Liberals were so distrustful of Treasury that they wouldn’t let it cost their policies.

Remember their promises then? No cuts to things, except tax and then we’ll have a STRONG economy and everything’ll be just fine because we have REAL solutions, and the Budget’ll be back in surplus. Well, maybe not in our first term of government, but shortly after the NBN is completely rolled out in 2016.

And stable government. Not like the Labor Party who got rid of a sitting PM.

But now, we need to understand that they have a plan for jobs and growth. Ok, some unkind people have suggested that they only have a plan for their own jobs after the election and the only growth they want to see is in their bank accounts. But I’d like to think that all politicians are only there to serve.

Take Malcolm Turnbull. In spite of the fact that he’s a multimillionaire, he’s suggested that the only reason that we the people are upset that he’s given himself a tax cut – not to mention a company tax cut – is because we all indulge in the politics of envy and class warfare because Malcolm has sacrificed all to become PM … Well, he certainly gave up everything he ever professed to believe in…

Ah, it’s shooting fish in a barrel. I can’t even pretend to be amused by the stupidity of them any more.


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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Your final comment says it all for me, Ross.

    These morons masquerading as the Australian Government don’t know what end to blow their fart bubbles out. No wonder they have bad breath!

    Their monstrosities of political policies and targets bemuse me as to how they would even think that even their most loyal supporters would like them (if they’re not part of the 1% or Big Biz).

    But then Snotty and Malcolm Muck think that we are all stupid and they’re not. I don’t think their doting parents told them the story about how hard the ‘mighty’ fall.

    Oh, I am sooooo looking forward to that!

    PS, I also hope that the AFP is reading every word coz their demise is next.

  2. Direct current

    Listening to the Liberal’s talk about anything simply confirms my belief that they use words, not to inform the voters, but as weapons to confuse us all. The bald face lies they repeat endlessly makes me so very angry.

  3. Jack Russell


    How dare you make me smile while I read your razor sharp observations of LNP excrement!


  4. Jack Russell

    @ Jennifer:

    I’m 70 now, but I worked in the health sectors of both state and federal governments from age 19 and, yes, I had to sign bits of paper to confirm the dire punishments I would incur if I carelessly, or otherwise, spoke about anything they didn’t want known.

    Anyway, my experience of both governments over the years pulled the wool from my eyes and I can say, with some authority, that anyone who even considers voting for a Liberal government of any stripe has rocks in their head.

    Go get ’em Bill!

  5. Florence nee Fedup

    I agree, politicians are there to serve. That is the easy part. It is near impossible to work out who they are serving.

  6. Matters Not

    The LNP want to be elected so that ‘government’ is emasculated. You know, elect us and we will get government out of your life. Yet ‘government’ proceeds on the principle of ‘collective action’ being good and valuable as do unions, professional associations, co-operatives and the like, including political parties. Most people have heard of ‘party discipline’, have they not.

    Yet the LNP (a collective) argue against ‘collective action’.

    The irony abounds.

  7. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes Jack Russell,

    since the LNP have proven themselves failures for not providing safe universal health services for all Australian people as a needs based certainty, they fail, and fail and fail.

  8. kerri

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith you make me laugh! I love reading your comments. Spot on and amusing to boot!
    And oh yes! Cannot wait for the AFP to go down big time! How corrupt can a public service be?
    And OMG! If I wake up on July 3rd to hear The Turnbullshit conspiracy is still in givernment I may well take to the streets with a gun!

  9. Michael

    @ Florence – yes, they take the position to serve us for the 4 minutes it takes for you to complete a ballot paper – after that they are in an untouchable parallel universe umbilically bound to party and those with money – they become the gateway and toll keepers at the expense of our common wealth – till the next time the 4 minutes roll around ……

  10. Keitha Granville

    Where can we go when this lot are re-elected? With every fibre of my being I am wishing for that not to happen – but there are so many in the electorate who have given up on all of them, so they’ll either vote donkey or invalid. How can you get through to people who vote LNP “because that’s who my parents always voted for” ?
    I am encouraged by my youngest child who is politically savvy and will vote according to his own ideology, and he tells me that most of his friends are too. But apparently hundreds of thousands of this younger age group don’t even bother to enrol. Can we blame them ?

    Perhaps a nice little beach hut on Lord Howe Island . . . . . .

  11. Matters Not

    don’t even bother to enrol. Can we blame them ?

    Certainly not! We can’t blame them for a decision (or not) that ‘they’ made. The blame must always be elsewhere. ?

    As for the ‘consequences’ of the ‘choice(s)’ that the ‘they’ made (or didn’t make), perhaps we could blame Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Spaghetti Monster, or perhaps a ‘God’ (been any number over the centuries) or perhaps we could have an education system that allowed and encouraged people to realise that the ‘decisions’ they make are, in the final analysis, ‘down to them’. ?

  12. ' george hanson '

    Just remember people , if 50.1% of the electorate cast an invalid vote then the A.E.C. must declare the federal election null and void , and a New election must be called . And… [you will love this bit! ] …..none of the original candidates are allowed to contest their seats . ALL NEW CANDIDATES must be found for every seat ……… is in the constitution .Be brave and do it .

  13. corvus boreus

    ‘ george hanson ‘,
    Could you please provide a referenced quotation or direct informational link solidly confirming that provision, and stating the exact nature of the circumstances in which it can apply (eg constitutional statute or AEC regulation).
    My brief check uncovered no verified mention of such, and I refuse to spend time exhaustively researching electoral law on a Sunday morning (a technical sin against both personal principle and scriptural commandment).
    I would hate to vote for nemo based upon a furphy.

  14. Robert Dodgson

    ‘ george hanson ‘, ditto comment from corvus boreus

  15. helvityni

    Rossleigh says that he gets a headache when trying to understand the Liberals explaining their policies. With me it’s more serious, my blood pressure goes up.

    I don’t understand Cormann’s monotone ,boring utterings, and I don’t get it how someone like the utterly dumb Barnaby can become our Deputy PM.

  16. kristapet

    I would like the majority of those in the NLP to lose their seats in this election – particularly Abbott – I find it hard to comprehend & digest why anybody would vote for any of the NLP “team” and their benighted, soulless ideology – They do not seem to do much for their electorates, certainly not for a majority of ordinary Australians, or for this country, for that matter. They expose their greed and ‘bloody-mindedness’ every time they open their mouths – I don’t get how a number of them of them got this far, except by corrupt means – or branch stacking, and then I am gobsmacked, about why, a State Premier of NSW can dissolve all the councils in NSW and sack their elected mayors is beyond me – and also, beyond me, is how they can proceed with the West Connex Highway when it was twice voted “NO!” against it – changing laws and disregarding community objections and even still, when, twice rejected – how many times do they have to hear “NO”!? Even when it has been made clear how toxic they have made our environments and precious water resources and catchment areas etc., etc., Attacking the old, Medicare, Health System, Welfare, Education for all, creating inequality – cynical job postings to the UN while flouting it.
    I am 66 worrying about subsisting on the pension,and having no means to purchase Independent Living accommodation or residential old person’s village. Worrying about the cost of living eg., food, medicines etc Paying an exorbitant rent and worrying where will I be able to live if the rent keeps going up – facing being put or go somewhere to “out to woop woop”, away from my community, family and friends – Worrying in a heartbroken way, will I be able to keep my cats?They are the only reason I am functional each day
    Being afraid over the extinguishing of my social structures, unable to replace my CPAP mask or soon, not have the tests required to monitor glucose intolerance,my hemorrhoids operated on (sorry about the gory details) etc., thinking the best offer I have, is death by NLP government, because of their eroding the Medicare – wondering how far this misery will go – and there are hundred like me – in various states of disrepair and despair – watching ones children, grandchildren being deprived of Further Education and Training – or getting a “fair go” – and the whole bang catastrophe- a pox on the NLP. I hope the saying “what goes around, comes around” is true – it is time they repent in displeasure and on the normal pension

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear kristapet.

    You’re not alone in your fear and insecurity. I was handing out HTVs the other day and a lady expressed her fear if the LNP changes to bulk billing go ahead on 1 July 2016.

    My opinion expressed was that even if they do, the New Government which will be voted in on 2 July can reverse the changes on 3 July 2016. Labor must put people’s minds at rest that any regressive changes caused by the LNP scum, will be reversed so that women won’t be afraid to get pap smears or men to visit the doctor, and families can freely visit for any complaint.

    Have you considered public housing? In Victoria, it costs over 55 year olds a quarter of their income (welfare and/or wages) to live there and the waiting lists are much shorter than for younger age groups.

  18. jim

    (I mean I’m trying to work out how Labor’s decision not to bring back the schoolkids bonus is a betrayal of the voters while the Liberal’s decision to abolish it demonstrates “sound economic management”.) me too, it seems that journalists and the Liberals are the only ones smart enough to work this out. got me stumped.

  19. jim

    And another one is that labor cut $10M from the ABS way back when then, the LNP cut $67M from the ABS recently and all of a sudden there’re “just the same” am I losing it eh?.

  20. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    this is my belated thankyou for calling me amusing! I take that as a great compliment. 🙂

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