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Scott Morrison And Other Ugly Things

Well, ScoMo – as we’re all encouraged to call him – saw something ugly. Not just ugly, but “one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen”!

What was it?

The testimony of those abused by that Royal Commission we didn’t need? No, not the one into the banks. The one into sexual abuse of children at the hands of institutions. Remember the Liberals were dragged kicking and screaming into that one, too.

Or was it the sight of children in detention? No, that’s a deliberate policy. It’s a deterrent. I mean, if you have children self-harming and suicidal that should put people off coming to Australia without their au pair papers in order.

Was it animals dying in the drought? Of course not.

It was, of course, a union official who photographed his kids. Yes, John Setka. tweeted photos of his kids holding a sign telling the Liberals to fu#k off and catch real criminals. He acknowledged that it was a mistake and took it down.

So, if that was one of the “ugliest things” Scottie’s ever seen, I would suggest that he doesn’t get out much…

Although the Liberal bloodbath of the past month should be enough to make Mr Morrison aware that life is not as sweet as we’d like it to be.

I heard on the news that the government was close to reaching a deal over Gonski with the Catholic system. Of course, they don’t have to reach a deal with the public system because nobody who counts sends their kids to a public school.

Scott himself, for example, sends his kids to an independent Baptist school. I know this because I read a little article about how he doesn’t want anyone imposing their values on his children… Apart from him, of course.

Why don’t Baptists have sex standing up?

They’re afraid it might lead to dancing.

And, in that way we’ve come to expect from public apologies, if any Baptists were offended by that, I’m sorry. Anyway, Scottie is sending his kids to a Baptist independent school so that they won’t have values imposed on them!

Which is all very well. I mean he’s suggesting that public schools shouldn’t be imposing values on children. And that sounds fine.

Except for two things:

  1. John Howard suggested that it was the lack of teaching values in public education that was reason for parents choosing a private school. He fixed this by giving every school a poster with a list of Australian values and a photo of Simpson and his donkey. Simpson, ironically, was an “illegal immigrant”. As, if one thinks about it, were all the ANZACS invading at Gallipoli.
  2. It’ impossible to run a school without the teaching of some values. For example, when a teacher chooses to intervene and stop a child being bullied, he or she is making a values decision. “Harden up, princess,” isn’t something that a teacher would get a lot of support for… Front bench of the Liberal Party is another story. Similarly, when one tells people that everyone needs a turn, one is telling people that fairness is important. One could say that we’re basing it all on merit and the white males should get all the turns, but outside Parliament, this is considered politically incorrect and gets lots of criticism.


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  1. phil

    The Liberal parties, both NSW and Federal are irredeemably corrupt. They have no legitimate place in Australian politics, nor in Australian society.

  2. Patagonian

    Good on Scottie for standing up for his kids by making sure that others don’t inflict their values on them. As he is such a principled person, he will of course also be removing all the chaplains from public schools; and along with de-registering the CFMEU will also be de-registering the banks and retail super companies who have behaved so abominably.

  3. Matters Not


    the government was close to reaching a deal over Gonski with the Catholic system. Of course, they don’t have to reach a deal with the public system

    Yes education funding for various sectors (apart from the public) will be all about deals. Predictable and predicted. Gonski recognised deals (not principles) as the big failing of education funding over many decades and recommended a mechanism to eliminate it. Shorten, when Education Minister, ignored that recommendation and proceeded to negotiate 27 special deals.

    Turnbull accepted Gonski’s recommendation and established a committee to facilitate same. Shorten, true to form, negotiated a special deal before the Victorian election – which saw Catholic education become political – and advocate a vote for Labor. Bill’s a real slow learner. No principles – just deals.

    Now the LNP’s back in the deal making game. Even appointed a Catholic to be the new Education Minister.

    Talk about a Labor ‘f#ck up” – at least as it applies to public education.

  4. Matters Not

    If parents want their kids to learn that there’s a cookie monster, a tooth fairy, one true God, several, or multiple, I have no problem with that. But when it comes to what ought to be taught in schools – designed to educate children – I object.

    Want to indoctrinate children with superstitions and the like – then do it outside of school hours. We need to draw distinction between fact and fiction and reserve one for school and the other for extra curricula activity (that is not citizen funded.)

    But probably too late to challenge the existing ‘common sense’.

  5. Max Gross

    phil said it. I second it. Future historians will confirm it.

  6. ceridwen66

    It is not just the LNP. Both main parties are attached to the same bird and have been since 1975. In reality, it is the entire rancid, heaving global political system. Why is this so difficult for people to understand?

    A people that elect corrupt politicians, thieves, imposters and traitors are not victims, but accomplices – Orwell

  7. helvityni

    It’s all in the education system; where I come from the teachers were not even allowed to put kids in the naughty corner, here we were caning them…. Babies were taken away from unwed mums, who had fallen pregnant only because they had not had any sex education…some private schools students looked and behaved like they were soldiers….or like nuns (wearing all those long Jane Austin gear, totally unsuited to our climate…) Slowly. slowly girls can now, in 2018, wear pants and shorts to school…

    Ancient Anglo customs were adhered to, even when Mother England had already moved on….

  8. corvus boreus

    Scripture classes.
    In NSW there is still legislation mandating that state schools must allow time to be set aside for ‘religious instruction’.
    For those who did not want their children indoctrinated with superstitious beliefs at school, the only opt-out available was ‘unguided study time’, aka dominoes in the library.
    In recent years, proposals were tabled to allow the choice of lessons in ethics to be taught from an approved curriculum.
    This freedom of parental choice was, of course, opposed by intolerant fundamentalists like the Christian Democrats, who protested the removal of their monopoly with some absolutely ridiculous hyperbole (even citing the Nazis, Stalin and Mao).
    In the end, despite the coalition gov granting the God-nuts special indulgences like a commission of inquiry into the possible dangers of children learning about ethical behavior, the amendment went ahead and NSW state school kids now have the option of attending classes examining practical decency in secular society, albeit with the availability of such ethics classes being deliberately obscured within Dept of Ed paperwork.
    The Christian Democrats’ war on ethics (they also oppose ICAC) is just another example of how authoritarian religion seeks to manipulate politics in order to impinge upon the basic rights of others.

    Ps A multiple choice ethical question based on Biblical values;

    You have just conquered the lands of a neighbouring people by military invasion. Having slaughtered all their man-folk in battle, you have rounded up a few thousand women and children who are being held in captivity.
    Do you;
    a) Apologize and atone for killing their fathers and husbands, then let them be about their lives in peace?
    b) Enslave them all en-mass?
    c) Kill all the boys and non-virgin females, but keep the virgin girls as personal chattel?

    According to the prophet Moses in the book of Numbers, the correct Biblical answer would be c).

  9. helvityni

    corvus boreus, we too had a subject called Religion; we learnt about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

  10. corvus boreus

    The study of comparative religions, which I deem a laudable subject, is an entirely different kettle of fish from ‘religious instruction’ aka scripture lessons, which is straight out indoctrination into a single church’s creed.

    Anecdotally, my biological brother withdrew my nephew from (state school) infant scripture lessons when he came home talking about thunderstorms being ‘god punishing people’ and brandishing a colour-in stencil with the picture of a mournful looking bloodhound alongside the Biblical quotation ‘for the wages of SIN is DEATH’.

  11. New England Cocky

    Don’t laugh too hard but … Boynton Hall in Adelaide was constructed with a raked floor specifically so that the evil sin of dancing could not occur in an otherwise wonderful community space.

  12. Pilot

    Hmmmm, according to our latest LNP leader (probably not the last leader prior to the next election), the Baptists do not have any principles. Well how about that! By these words the Baptists have no morals and cannot teach their students moral values or respect. Well done Scott, you bloody MORON. I think it is his way of supporting the Westboro Baptist Church! Seems the WBC shares common values as the LNP. Is that what you’re saying Scott? Of course it is!

  13. Kronomex

    Sigh, it’s business as usual; give the PRIVATE schools even more money and attempt to hammer the unions. Scummo is following the now yawn inspiring LNP play book. Roll on election.

    helvityni, excuse the language in my reply about the ABC…oh for f*cks sake! How much is this kindergarten childishness going to cost. I can’t wait to see to see what Micallef does with this, if they let him return.

  14. helvityni

    corvus boreus,( more anecdotal ,if I may)

    I told my Sunday school teacher, but only after I had finished my piece of cake: ” I’m not coming here anymore, cos you is not nice and you look like a witch dressed all in black, and you say mean things to my mum ”

    My older brother put pencil marks on our doorframe every time she upset our mum….

    I love your post post, Mr Rossleigh, and still laughing about the excellent title….

  15. New England Cocky

    @MN: I find it absolutely incredible, but just a natural response from this Liarbral “National$ prefer Adulterers” Morriscum misgovernment, that they would prop up a third rate church child minding service masquerading as an education system to buy votes and stay on the Treasury benches.

    Perhaps the news from the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse has not penetrated into fortress Parliament …. you know, that bit about RC priests kiddie fiddling and thus abusing their position of power on the excuse that these events should not be exposed “to protect the good name of the church”.

    Or was it that Julia Gillard, and now retired Detective Inspector Peter Fox were ALP voters, and THAT is worse for the fascists and racists in the NLP than any pederasty by priests of any persuasion.

    Let us get serious and hold these institutions countable in a manner they will understand.

    Remove charity status from any and every organisation that has been proven to have protected kiddie fiddlers in the ranks.

    Require Church and independent private schools to pay local government rates and taxes on their land holdings and assets.

    Remove all government funding from each and every institution exposed as protecting kiddie fiddlers in the past.

    Consider requiring the institutions to sack, banish, remove from office any and all priests who have been proven to have supported “protecting the good name of the church”.

    In other words, drag the institutions into the 21st century, or replace them with other organisations doing the same work in an appropriate manner.

  16. guest

    Just a point or two about Gonski 1.0 which put the cat among the pigeons. It was a needs based scheme and it contravened the Catholic practice of taking fund money and giving less to rural areas and more to the flag-ship schools in the urban areas. There is still argument between the Catholic system and government and Shorten has put in his two bobs worth.

    As for Labor making deals with individual education entities, it was necessary to do so to get the thing moving.

    Meanwhile, Pyne, who as Education Minister knew nothing about what to do to determine needs, just threw chunks of cash in the direction of the States and said: “I’ve fixed i!”

  17. Matters Not

    guest, re funding for Catholic education and the reactions of Shorten and Pyne. Much of what you write is just urban myth. But possibly, it is widely held. Truth is – it’s real fake news. Just sayin …

  18. Jim Lawrie

    The Liberal Party is doing just what the US Republicans did under Reagan; declaring war on public education – because they know it won’t hurt them or those like them.

    Just like the climate, the economy and the very fabric of society these ‘wreckers’ can’t be trusted with everyone’s future

  19. paul walter

    Good one re the Baptists.

    Goes with his guff about schools and sex education.

  20. Jon Chesterson


    There have been no articles or posts here on the AIM Network for two days, since Tuesday, this being the last post and I have received no email notifications of posts since then. What has happened here?

    We have all heard how the ABC has been targeted and demonised by the Australian Federal Government, should we be concerned what has happened here too?

    I also note ‘Friends of the Guardian Australia’ FB page has been hit, as an Admin in that group all I can see are several of my most recent posts. All other posts (hundreds) are hidden or appear deleted including the AIM Network posts regularly put up by Michael et al, alongside the Guardian and others. I haven’t seen a Guardian news post in the usual FB groups for several days either. Is someone interfering with our news feed?

    Is this mere coincidence? An apparent random event. I think not. Is Dutton responsible for this with his mega department of Home Affairs and undercover au pairs or is this just a technical problem, a bolt from heaven only I and a few others are experiencing? News streams of independent press and social media being blocked, I know I am not imagining it, and if it were just one piece missing in the jigsaw at a given moment in time, I could put it down to the vacuum cleaner.

    …and on the subject of wind, I understand we’ve been told to suck it up.

  21. LOVO

    Scomo knows how to prey, as evidenced by his pre-selection history.
    He understands ‘Branding’ as is conducted by Pentacostal sects worldwide.
    He is playing to ‘his’ ‘base’, the fundamental fringe dwellers of the Xtian sect. But having said that, that ‘base’ has access to.. and the ability to.. raise some serious cash.
    He will be seen as an crusader, finally, bringing ‘the one true belief(s)’ onto the mainstream stage and that will attract large amounts to ‘thier ‘ war chest.
    These self foolers (the faithful) need to be stopped. Their delusions have no place in Parliament.
    But never, ever dismiss them…they are dangerous and full of hate and capable of appalling hypocrisy.
    One wonders if Bill wil pull on another vote of no confidence now the ALP has said they won’t give a ‘pair’ for the missing member for Wentworth.
    Bring on the election!!!
    It’s Time 😤

  22. Kaye Lee


    “There have been no articles or posts here on the AIM Network for two days”

    Sometimes life is more important than politics.

    I have had a family loss. I will rejoin the fray when I feel able.

    And sometimes, we all need a break. In the meantime, I would encourage you to ring and email politicians and refer them to the last ten minutes of yesterday’s Tonightly – it doesn’t say it all but it sure as hell is a good start on the truth.

  23. Peter F

    Kaye, you are a wonderful contributor to this site. You have been missed. Care for yourself, your needs are legitimate. Take your time .

    I look forward to your return when you are able to do so.


  24. Rebecca

    From the moment Morrison finished university he was appointed government roles (in order) as manager, deputy chief executive, general manager, director, state director and managing director all before entering federal politics. In other words, he’s never had a job outside of politics and has zero knowledge of the real world. Being the lacky country you’d think they could do better than the idiots they select for us to vote for

  25. Rebecca

    Jon Chesterson in case you haven’t heard, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc etc etc have all been purging left and alternate news outlets en mass. I believe it’s called censorship.

    Free Julian!

  26. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee,
    Your absence was noted and your presence sorely missed.
    I offer my condolences for your loss of kin.
    The skies weep tears of life in memory of the fallen.

    Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine
    Sláinte chugat, mo cushla.

  27. New England Cocky

    I share cb’s sympathies.

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