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ScoMo is no Messiah nor is his new cabinet blessed with talent

Hallelujah! Sound the trump. All hail the “Messiah from the shire”, blasts Rupert’s Daily Bugle; The Australian, a claque whose long and frenzied coalition applause now induces a vision of Morrison as the son of God, in scribe, Simon Benson, or “Beno”, as ScoMo fondly calls his top press gallery sycophant.

Or is ScoMo just the liar from the shire? His campaign slogan warned us Labor would raise our taxes. In fact, it’s exactly what his coalition will do. When Abbott waddled into office in 2013, federal tax was 21.3 per cent of GDP. Morrison’s 2020 “budget surplus” will bring a tax-to-GDP ratio of 23.3 per cent.

By Monday, Beno is beside himself over ScoMo’s massive new cabinet. Messiah Morrison’s 22 MP monster is purged of all small L Liberals. Behold, at last, a party of hot-eyed Neocons! Banished is the “left-leaning clique” of Malcolm Turnbull, antichrist, technophile and closet socialist.

Off, to a US diplomatic post, is party amnesiac who stood down as former chairman of Australian Water Holdings in 2011, Arthur Sinodinos, a man who was daft enough to publicly question Morrison policy.

Sinodinos doesn’t challenge much. Our former assistant treasurer, told the NSW corruption watchdog, ICAC, in April 2014, he never investigated ballooning costs at Australian Water Holdings. Costs allegedly included million-dollar salaries and a $28,000 limousine bill for which taxpayers picked up the tab.

Nor was Sinodinos aware the company was once in such dire straits that it could not meet tax and superannuation commitments until corrupt ex-MP Eddie Obeid’s family threw it a $400,000 lifeline. With Sinodinos’ special talent, he’ll have no trouble working with the Trump administration, which traffics in alternative facts, or a president who has made the phrase “truthful hyperbole” his own.

Will his new, expanded, Cabinet 2.0 work for ScoMo, now that it’s purged of all “leftist” elements; independent thinkers? Never. It’s big enough to fit those whom he needs to control, but far too big to control. If you gave each minister enough time to begin to discuss their portfolios in any detail you’d be meeting for a week.

Just getting Energy Minister, Angus Taylor whose portfolio is now combined with that of minister responsible for reducing greenhouse emissions to explain how he’s going to keep coal-fired power stations burning, open new coal mines and still get our carbon emissions down would take a fair while.

“Climate damage is one of the biggest risks that Australians face right now, so we need Angus Taylor to understand that and take action to move the country towards renewable energy,” the Nature Conservation’s foundation’s CEO Kelly O’Shanassy tells SBS News.

Ms O’Shanassy says the new government needs to better address the issue.

“Having the same minister in charge as before the elections makes me very concerned that the Morrison government has no plan for changing the way it deals with energy in the way it deals with climate change.”

ScoMo has no such plan. As for team-work, delegation and consultation are entirely absent from his CV. Of course there’s always room for improvement. Tourism Minister, Fran Bailey, sacked him in July 2006 from his $350,000 PA job. “I’m sure he has learned how to work better with people these days.”

Working better with people? It’s hard to explain how he’d keep Barnaby Joyce in the dark about his demotion as drought envoy. I knew about only via a tweet from TV, Sunday, Joyce complains.

“I would have (expected a phone call), but I didn’t and that’s life,” the former deputy PM says.

“That is the role a leader has, they can make that call. But I think it is incumbent upon them to relay that to person to people, not to have them to find out via Twitter.

‘Why it’s important is because you’ve got staff and you’ve got to ring people up.

Expectations, however, are absurdly high. A fawning MSM expect miracles from the miracle man.

Believing in miracles is also a team thing. Nationals’ top cocky, Michael McCormack, is a chap of great faith. Praying for rain is one of his drought responses, a parched nation learns to its immense relief.

“One of many policies, I will always pray for rain, I pray for lots of things. I think people should pray more, it’s a good thing to pray,” McCormack explains. He loses us when he talks of more policies.

Reform will, at best, get some airplay. Ken Wyatt will be kept busy, not only fixing bullying in his department, but after cleaning up aged care, he’ll be up for closing the gap. Then the Uluru Statement from the heart needs immediate triage to put right centuries of government persecution and neglect.

Wyatt is Australia’s first Indigenous Affairs Minister and first Indigenous cabinet minister. Indigenous leaders of all faiths and persuasions rush to back him. But his PM is, typically, much more guarded. Morrison has no inkling of why constitutional recognition matters. Alarmingly, he appears incapable of making any commitment towards equality.

Seven months ago Morrison rejected the proposal; repeated the lie that an indigenous voice to parliament was a call for a third parliamentary chamber. Yet he introduces a new indigenous consultative agency Monday, a thought bubble, which is no part of the process of a voice to parliament.

ScoMo won’t set a timeline. Instead, he says it will take “as long as needed” the kiss of death. Clearly Morrison is already ducking and weaving; dissembling. How good is ScoMo? Flunks his first test of leadership.

Constitutional recognition and the inclusion of a voice to parliament should be imperatives to any self-respecting Australian federal government. Under Morrison, indigenous issues are already in danger of being fobbed off with waffle, another “national discussion on the best way” to stall for time, a total lack of urgency and a worrying lack of respect for years of work already undertaken by first peoples.

Other appointments already draw controversy. Minister for African Gangs, (AKA Assistant Minister for multicultural affairs) the mono-cultural Jason Wood, a former copper who has just held on to his Victorian seat of LaTrobe by campaigning to “deport foreign-born thugs”, is already drawing the ire of the Sudanese community in Victoria.

South Sudanese Community Association of Victoria, Chairwoman, Achol Marial, finds Wood’s dog-whistling rhetoric to be “quite disturbing”.

“It was a tool for use by politicians to manipulate viewers and voters to make people think there was an issue, it was a trick … But if you look at the statistics, [the rate of crime committed by] South Sudanese and Africans in general was very low compared to other Australians. I find it quite sad that Jason Wood would use it as a tactic to try to get people’s attention.”

Invisible Environment Minister Melissa Price does not make the team despite ScoMo’s earlier assurances. She’ll be outside the tent but as DIM (Defence Industry Minister) a non-cabinet post, she’ll continue to work on flying below the radar.

Sussan Ley, who had to resign as Turnbull’s Health Minister in January 2017 over allegations that she rorted her travel allowance to visit her Gold Coast investment properties, will replace Price. Her opinions, so far, suggest that she is pro-Adani.

In tabling a petition from local constituents opposing the Adani coal mine proposal on February 8th, Hansard records Sussan Ley distancing herself from the petition and attempting to de-legitimise the views expressed in the petition.

“This [the Adani coal mine] is a very important and emotional issue for many of them.”

Ley then says the Stop Adani group has expressed their views to her “very forcefully.” Her dog whistling dismisses calls for evidence-based climate change policies as the “bleatings of bleeding-heart leftists and dangerous political extremists.”

“A new generation is in control,” says Benson. A new dominion is born, based in the ‘burbs and the bush, the suburban, regional outliers where, as everyone knows, true-blue, real Australians reside.

Is it blasphemy or just hypocrisy? For weeks, Holy ScoMo harped on about how we were not just “anointing Bill Shorten”. Instead, we could fall for his policy-free scare campaign, lies about Labor’s death duties and a tax cut, for most of us, of $5 per week. For Chinese language speakers’, Chinese lies:

“Correct way to vote: on the green voting card, put preference 1 next to the Liberal party,” a sign, in electoral commission purple, reads. “The other boxes can be numbered from smallest to highest.” The sign pops up at Weeden Heights in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, and at Kooyong and Chisholm.

WeChat also carried ads warning Chinese language readers that Labor planned to introduce a million migrants over the next ten years and cost taxpayers $10 billion per year. Weibo is reported to have carried advertisements warning readers of Labor’s plans to introduce death taxes.

The 2019 campaign is now notorious for its lies; false or exaggerated claims made by fringe groups on Facebook, such as Labor’s 40% inheritance tax, claims later echoed by Coalition candidates. The process was detected by The Guardian’s project to monitor clandestine political advertising on social media.

Our first social media election involves a place where, Christopher Warren argues, the almighty “algorithm rewards extremism by pulling people’s attention from mainstream political parties, like the Liberal and National Parties, to more right-wing fringe parties like One Nation, Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party and Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party.”

Yet, now, washed in the blood of the lamb, ScoMo’s own, tiny, victory, is heralded as a “miracle” and an “historic victory” by the boys and girls from The Oz, The Daily Tele, The Herald angels- and all other tabloid tattle-sheets, corporate shills and ambulance-chasers who rule our nation’s print media.

Across Australia, all media echoes News Corp, “a propaganda operation masquerading as a news agency”, as Denis Muller calls it out; a definition that evokes News Corp’s 1922 secret origins as News Limited, a mining company propaganda rag, owned by the most powerful industrialists of the day.

Conceived in spin, News Corp’s specialty du jour -relentless personal vilification – is but a short spit. Helping Liberals’ “Kill Bill”, a character assassination campaign to mock, defame and pillory Labor’s leader for the last six years, is one of the triumphs of the coalition’s most powerful backer. More wondrous, still, is how Murdoch’s hacks apply themselves assiduously to the apotheosis of Morrison.

Rapturous applause echoes up and down our wide, brown-nosing land, a state run by corporate profiteers as the oligarchs of Oz applaud their puppets. No hint of the jeers that greeted Malcolm Turnbull’s meagre win in 2016. Turnbull earned censure for his “pathetic” angry election night speech, “a flabby failure”, according to Mike Carlton, delivered well after midnight at the Wentworth Hotel.

We may live in secular times, writes The Monthly’s Sean Kelly, but there is a remnant of anointment in the ascension of prime ministers, the erasure of the past and the chance to start anew. Before, you were mortal; now, you are divine. What you did before hardly matters in these new, immortal days.

ScoMo is not the messiah from the shire, however, much his cheer-squad insists. Instead, he’s created a vast cabinet to manage and control a coalition of mediocrity and negativity which has just won an election with no coherent policy, beyond the promise of slightly lower taxes for most and a flatter tax system which will greatly benefit the elite.

Of greatest concern is Morrison’s move to stall Indigenous constitutional recognition, a rejection of the Uluru Voice from the Heart, in effect, a response which suggests yet further inaction and delay, an alarming abdication of leadership and humanity.

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  1. Robert

    After reading so many weak excuses for the LNP “miracle”, I am not convinced.
    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
    Two very unlikely elections results in a row, carbon copy miracles.
    Like two sets of identical numbers in two lotto draws! What with recent international examples is there a possibility that political hackers have worked out how to tweak the the results. Could numbers be manipulated at the point where hand counting of ballots goes through to a computer process for consolidation of tallies. How can the software that’s used be checked for bugs or tampering?
    In our new world where Tens of $BILLIONS in Coal profits are at stake and the sacking of a conga line of Prime Ministers over COAL and spending $60Million on scare adds via the gutter press is a cheap option to sway elections, then tampering with computer software is worth a shot for those with the most to gain.
    Follow the money!
    The price of democracy is eternal vigilance.

  2. Baby Jewels

    And so far, not a mention of implementing the recommendations of the banking RC.

  3. Wayne Turner

    The liar from the Shire. The fake fruit cake.

    The disaster,produced by a largely gullible and ignorant electorate.

  4. Peter F

    Preying for rain is man’s attempt to communicate with the weather.

  5. OldWomBat

    As a system without review of any kind, social media simplifies the task of manufacturing and spreading lies, and targeting them at particular groups. Bad as the printed media is, such lies are immediately evident upon publication and can at least be addressed. No such joy with social media. As with so many of our technological advances the positive uses of social media are dwarfed by its negative impacts.

  6. Geoff Andrews

    I’m sure the same thought has crossed the minds of many a voter. It only takes a glitch in an algorithm.
    But, hey, nothing to see here.

  7. wam

    The skill of winners is to use their strengths and the strength of their mercenaries against the weaknesses of the opponents.

    Scummo was able to show that he, and he alone, was the light and way past the devil who will change all you hold dear by killing jobs in coal and mining. A devil intent on releasing unions and greens back into society by watering down our protections from these pariahs. A devil who will let the godless left take your freedom to practice your religion and force your children into a gender changing life of homosexuality.
    Those that chose him would be saved from the evil bill and his fiends, the greens and the unions.

    True no messiah but he knows the techniques to win and his preying was superbly and miraculously answered. Unfortunately he was the cunning lying devil and convinced us that bill was evil.

    Hopefully Albo can make the workers who voted bill out of contention will return by the honest use of his strengths and labor move into a the new era of explanation to show scummo as a false prophet, a destroyer of common respect and decency and a liar.
    Today see a cold scary start to 3 years of ecstasy for the haves and don’t cares and misery for the have nots and carers

  8. John Boyd

    The ‘end times’ are a-coming??

  9. wam

    ps nothing like a half hour in the pool to give a addendum:

    One avenue of joy for albo has the traffic controlling witches hats up as scummo has the two Ws, Wyatt and women.
    So, Albo has to risk showing up an Aborigine and women for their inept handling of their port folios. Still labor has the Aborigines and the women to do the work needed to discover the rorts..
    Go Albo keep straight and honest on sunrise and today
    good point john, the christian and muslim deniers believe only god can destroy the earth. So climate change is his will and design. Not a bad cop out and it would make a question for scummo???

  10. andrino@tpg.com.au

    the price of democracy is eternal vigilance you say. well what have i learned from the last 3 thousand years?

    Democracy is a race to the bottom.

    All those science fiction movies from the 60s & 70s are sounding very ominous now. 1984 and animal farm is just as relevant today, if not more so. The closer we edge to the precipice, the more stupid we become.

    Part of me says, when the liberals have totally screwed up they will get the flick, the other part of me says the bar will be so low, nobody will care.

  11. RomeoCharlie29

    It is shivers down the spine time as we contemplate what an ignorant and gullible electorate have delivered to Australia. Anyone with a progressive disposition will be deeply saddened by the prospect of the damage this religious zealot, the liar from the shire, and his team of incompetents will deliver us over the next three years. Michael your list is bad enough but with so many boards and tribunals now stacked with failed or ex-liberal and national politicians I expect the consequences of this election to be far-reaching indeed. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has, in the past, been able to ameliorate some of the worst mistakes of Ministers, but no longer. No matter how egregious decisions are, expect them now to be rubber stamped. We are truly entering a new Dark Age in Australia. I cannot think of one redeeming feature that Scummo has. Let us hope the Senate cross bench has some integrity but not holding my breath.

  12. Josephus

    Another worry is that for some years party political cronies have been and are appointed to key diplomatic posts, either to get them out of the way or as rewards for loyalty, while senior diplomats, who are experienced and have diverse values and beliefs, are sidelined. Expediency over wisdom and non partisan reflection. Not conducive to reliable and thoughtful reports on what is going on overseas.

  13. New England Cocky

    Thank you for a perceptive insight into the unthinking of the COALition misleader and chief propagandist for foreign owned multinational corporations.

    I fear my grandchildren will live in the worst third world economy in the OECD after these self-serving COALition parasites end a three year term of destruction and gifting of Australian natural resources to European and American corporations.

    This is simply the consequence of the 1969 Club of Rome Report that considered Australia as just another mining pit of natural resources to be processed in Europe for the benefit of jobs for their populations and financial benefits to their national economies.

    Capitalism is exploitation of the weak for the benefit of the wealthy.

  14. Christel Nathan

    I’m still deeply traumatised by this election result, the Liar from the Shire and his band of dishonest followers will take us all down a very dangerous path reminiscent of 1930s Germany.

  15. helvityni

    ” Why Australia will never have a Jacinda Ardern”
    by Alan Austin  27 May 2019

    (I just read it on the Independent Australia (IA), and I’m starting to understand why Keating was so scathing in his criticism of this country…..)
    Read and weep….

  16. Jaquix

    Oliver Yates, who stood as an Independent in Kooyong, has taken up the case of deceptive advertising and in particular the Chinese Language signs purporting to be from the AEC, which translated said “The Correct Way to Vote is put a 1 in the Liberal box, then other numbers….”
    He has identified that the AEC rules are very wide, but there is one (which he quotes in in 2nd podcast) which probably covers this as being “directing people how to vote”. As distinct from HTV cards which clearly come from political parties suggesting HTV.
    He was previously CEO of the Climate Finance Council, so no slouch in the business world.
    He has obtained legal advice about these signs, and crowdfunding to take it further.
    One electorate targeted was Chisholm (there were others, with Chinese populations where Liberals Gladys Liu won over Labor’s Jennifer Yang by only 500 votes. Did these signs make a difference? Quite possibly.
    He also theorises that the govt knew perfectly well that the AEC needed reform (because they had done a review of it), but left it lying as it was, and have used it to their own advantage. Oliver is on FB and Twitter as @_Oliver_Yates.

  17. Michael Taylor

    Christel, I truly believe that much of the Western world is marching towards fascism.

  18. Phil Browne

    Hi all . Some incredibly offensive posts on this page from some serious sore losers.Bad luck boys, L is for loser.
    You really believe a L plate treasurer like Bowen and ex grubby union boss can lead this country when neither have the intellectual capacity or decency to even cost their renewables policy. Spare me. Many Christians including myself are seriously thankful the liberals are back in. Many business owners I know were also petrified by an incompetent Labor Govt. guess what God heard our prayers.
    We have a 3 year reprieve. Praise God,

  19. Kaye Lee

    Ah yes. Prayers and fasting is wot dun it because Christians rool!

    But hang on, aren’t you under attack? Yet you have God determining election results for you?

    Keep our government secular and enforce the laws of the land.

    I no more want Christian law than I want Sharia law. Make rules for your personal life and allow others to do likewise.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Hmmm, can’t find anything offensive myself. Maybe it’s only offensive to snowflakes.

  21. Kaye Lee

    The most offensive thing is Scott’s idea of an ad campaign.

  22. Matters Not

    Phil Browne re:

    Bad luck boys

    Says much more than Phil himself could ever realise. (And clearly hasn’t).

    One should note that the analysis to date shows the uneducated, the inarticulate, the lower class … who tend to vote that way.

    Phil provides the living proof.

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