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ScoMo and co take us one week closer to fascism

“During this campaign we looked like a government in waiting. They looked like an opposition. It is time that the fourth estate held the government to account.”

Albo wants a press that speaks truth to power? Don’t we all? The newly anointed Labor leader takes aim at all press lackeys, hacks and toadies. He certainly gets their attention. Albanese can’t even decide how to pronounce” his own name, sneers our ABC’s Tiger Webb – instantly on Albo’s page – and case. Tiger implies Albo’s an indecisive, bastard scarred for life, by what Webb calls his single-parent upbringing and dramatic, late-in-life, rendezvous with his father.

There’s a mini-series in there, somewhere, along with Kill Bill, but the smart money is on Albo The Musical while Wokka’s World, an aquatic adventure series, where youngsters bolt marine art on to dead coral, is in pre-production. Truly.

Reef Ecologic’s Tourism Recovery Project promises to “lead in the design, creation and installation of underwater and inter-tidal interpretive art pieces across the Whitsunday region, coral restoration and educational activities”.

Dying marine creatures can look quite unsightly, but visitors can now feast their eyes on beautiful, artistic replicas.

The art attack aims to support tourism on the reef. Yet there’s even more good news and not just Adani which has been saved from bankruptcy by Modi’s newly returned BJP government. Adani looks like being fast-tracked to approval so that poor people in Bangladesh and other consumers may soon pay inflated prices for dirty Australian coal from its Carmichael Mine. This coal has a high ash content, causing deadly air pollution. But if we don’t sell it, someone else will.

There’s been some local argy-bargy because India doesn’t make enough electricity to officially permit its export to other countries but Adani has it sorted thanks to its fabulous mutually beneficial relationship with India’s PM Modi and his BJP.

Apart from Adani, news is full of the uplifting story about how Labor stuffed up an “unlosable” election. Got nothing right. By Sunday, Matthias Cormann does his “Labor, Labor” shtick on ABC Insiders. It’s all the Coalition does. A caring media tips buckets of gratuitous advice all over Albo. Look out for shifty Bill! Labor? The Labor Party is just one big factional brawl. Oddly, while ScoMo’s government helps sets fire to the planet, no-one seems to deem it newsworthy.

Nor do half of us seem to care that we are about to get into bed with thieves, rogues and scoundrels and those who question the wisdom of the Adani madness are howled down as being anti-blue-collar, latte-sipping economic saboteurs. Or in league with The Greens, whom everyone knows, are more harmful than any right wing extremist.

A class act, our ABC publishes Tiger’s public interest Albo story, just in case anyone mistakes Albo for a normal person. Doubtless, this comforts former Packer staffer, Network 10 morning show panellist, TV celebrity and “print media icon”, Ita Buttrose, ABC’s latest chairwoman, a Liberal stooge. Buttrose is in a blue funk about how Auntie lets her bias show.

“Sometimes I think, people without really knowing it, let a bias show through,” Ita says; her own pro-Coalition bias in full view, Wednesday, on ABC radio. It’s an alarming, unsubstantiated attack upon her own staff’s integrity. Part of her mission to get ABC “functioning again”, – like a sluggish colon – and with fibre – “stable management” and a varied diet.

“I think, sometimes, we could do with more diversity of views,” Buttrose’s studied indirection parrots the sniping of those who hate being held to account. Stay tuned for Auntie’s Anti-vaxxer and Ratbag half-hour. Perhaps One Nation’s empiricist, celebrity-nutter, Malcolm Roberts, could get his own NRA-sponsored show. Bush-lawyers, guns and money?

Money is a dirty word at our ABC. Under-funding our national broadcaster helps the Coalition keep Auntie under control – along with stacking the ABC board with Liberals and berating senior staff and board members. Last year, the government’s formal complaints broke all records, reports Jonathan Holmes. Its latest three-year “freeze” to the ABC’s annual funding indexation, is a big cut. Announced in 2018, it will cost the national broadcaster $83.7 million.

Now ScoMo’s government is miraculously returned, with some ABC help, $14.6 million of the new funding cuts will begin in July. Will jobs be lost? Buttrose equivocates, “There are many ways of achieving savings, you know. It’s not just people.” ABC staff are overjoyed by Ita’s coyly evasive, enigmatic reassurance. Management is ecstatic.

Stand by for even more repeats of Antiques Road Show, QI and further, endless renovation of Grand Designs.

But how good is ScoMo’s captain’s (cabinet) pick? Bugger the independent selection panel. Bugger the hapless applicants, gulled into addressing key selection criteria and a stroppy interview panel. No hard feelings, boys. A ScoMo lapel badge to former Fairfax Media CEO, Greg, “Maserati” Hywood, former News Corp CEO, Kim Williams, Film Victoria president Ian Robertson, and Gilbert + Tobin managing partner Danny Gilbert. You were all too qualified for the job.

Ita hasn’t been active in media management or high-profile chair roles for years; her experience running or editing large outlets is decades in the past, and confined to print journalism — the only medium the ABC isn’t involved in. She has no hands-on experience in meeting the challenges of digital media, Google and Facebook, streaming services or producing quality Australian content.” Bernard Keane sums up. But she won’t rock the boat; just what the Liberals are after.

How good is the ABC, moreover? Waking up to itself; realising its true role as ScoMo’s megaphone? Following all the best global trends, this week, our lucky country finds itself gently, but firmly, propelled further along the path to fascism.

As Henry Reynolds, observes, Morrison’s signature slogan about stopping the boats comes from the same deep well of intolerance, xenophobia and racist chauvinism as Trump’s Mexican wall and his recent, lunatic, five per cent tax. The Donald will tax all imports from Mexico until the Mexican government does something about “the illegal inflow of aliens coming through its territory” even though, as US corporations protest, trade and national security are separate issues.

On cue, a phantom boat turnback is reported by Border Force. Twenty people from Sri Lanka including “at least one baby” – now a type of weaponised incursion -seeking asylum are scooped up and flown back to their persecutors in violation of Article 33 (1 and 2) of the 1954 UN convention regarding the status of refugees. Article 33 (1) states,

“No Contracting State shall expel or return (‘refouler’) a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his life or freedom would be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.” It’s a convention Australia helped create. Now we treat it with contempt. But look over there! Mainstream media rush to publish the notion that the asylum-seekers were enticed by Labor.

Keen followers of Cirque du ScoMo’s fantastical illusionist act Keeping Australians Safe will recall Ring Master ScoMo bellowing – hyperventilating about Labor’s Medevac perfidy. Australia would be flooded with fake refugees because of Labor. Labor helped vote in the “Medevac Bill” aka the Home Affairs Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous Measures) Bill 2018 moved by The Greens which provides urgent medical treatment in Australia to refugees detained offshore.

It’s clearly Labor’s-soft-on-borders fault for polluting our Christian charity and national security with feeble-minded leftist human rights dogma. “Look what Labor’s gone and done now” plays well for a day or two. In The Weekend Australian, Peter Dutton warns us we can expect more. An external threat is always a boon to any autocratic regime.

“Obviously people thought there was going to be a change of government… people smugglers have been marketing this.”

Cutting back on ABF patrols to save fuel may have played a part, but that matter is behind us Dutton assures the SMH. Patrols were restored in December after cutbacks were first denied. It is impossible to know, given government secrecy. Scott Morrison pioneered the practice of declaring all on water matters off limits to journalists. It’s part of the fiction that we are at war with asylum-seekers and is a key part of the wall of silence protecting the Morrison government.

On the other hand, push factors are more likely. The asylum seekers may have fled for their lives after the fatal Easter bombing attacks on three churches and four hotels in Batticaloa, an eight hour drive east of Colombo. At least 257 people, many of them Christians, were killed in a wave of suicide bombings on Easter Sunday. The National Tawheed Jamath Islamist extremist group which aligns itself with ISIS, has been blamed for the attacks.

Alternatively, Human Rights Watch warns of Sri Lanka’s unwillingness to begin accountability and reconciliation processes after its thirty-year civil war which ended ten years ago. Remaining in force is The Prevention of Terrorism Act which facilitates torture and other abuses. Muslims and other minorities face violence from ultra-nationalist groups.

They are not alone. As Michael Sainsbury argues in Crikey, Morrison’s push for religious freedoms cannot be taken seriously while his government continues to ignore the religious persecution of millions in Sri Lanka, India – or any other of our trading partners – even if ScoMo does use religious freedom as an excuse to legitimise discrimination and bigotry.

“Congratulations @narendramodi on your historic re-election as Prime Minister of India. Australia and India enjoy a strong, vibrant and strategic partnership, and our India Economic Strategy will take our ties to a new level. I look forward to meeting again soon,” Scott Morrison tweets. In reality, the two nations are not close partners. India and Australia differ on foreign policies, the legacies of empire, the cold war, even the nature of international politics.

Beyond ScoMo’s toadying, moreover, as Sainsbury notes, Modi’s divisive Hindu religious-nationalist government is but one of many regimes across the region, from Pakistan to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines which persecute religious minorities. Above all, we must contend with China’s religious repression of Uyghur Muslims in the name of anti-separatism and anti-terrorism. “Separatism” is a crime which can incur the death penalty.

The officially atheist Communist Party has locked up at least one million ethnic Uyghur Muslims -some authorities estimate two million – in gulags in their home state of Xinjiang that Beijing calls “re-education camps”.

None of this is addressed, however, by deputy PM Michael McCormack or Mick-Mack as the PM prefers in his team coach patter. Mick-Mack will answer no questions at all. On water. Off limits. He repeats the lie that the Sri Lankans were entering Australia “illegally”. Not one reporter at the press conference remonstrates; raises the fact that seeking asylum by boat is not illegal. McCormack simply repeats the expedient lie that refugees endanger our national security.

“No, I’m not going to provide any more details because of security reasons – that’s always the case.”

Enter, “Il Dutto”, Home Affairs Supremo, Peter Dutton, a former Queensland drug and sexual offenders cop whose family trust owns two childcare centres, a situation which may put him in breach of section 44 (v) of the constitution because it seems as if he has a beneficial interest in a trust that has an agreement with the public service. Family First Senator Bob Day, a former Liberal was disqualified by the High Court from sitting in parliament on the same grounds.

Dutto changes the story in the light of damaging revelations from locals that no boat is sighted. Activity involving people boarding a plane is reported. The fake refugees are real enough but the Christmas Island landing is a false account.

The boat arrival is pure fiction. No locals believe it. The Federal Government must have gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal the reported arrival of 20 Sri Lankan asylum seekers on Christmas Island, its Shire President drily tells the ABC. Fine-tuning the Coalition narrative, Australian Border Force claims to have returned 186 people to Sri Lanka from ten people smuggling boats since September 2013. Secrecy shrouds turnbacks, but it’s clear the boats have not stopped.

Last year, Peter Dutton, Minister for Home Affairs stated that, 33 vessels have been intercepted under OSB, with 827 people returned to their country of departure or origin, as of September 2018. What became of these people is anyone’s guess. Now that asylum-seekers have been dehumanised, demonised and the power of the state has grown, few of us dare ask.

The rise of a xenophobic, radical right and its closet embrace by Liberal and National parties worries Henry Reynolds. It’s the big story of election 2019 but it receives little attention. Reynolds quotes The New York Times‘ opinion writer, Ross Douthat who discerns “the global fade of liberalism”. Recent events suggest we are not immune to the trend.

As radical right groups gain more support, they are brought in from the fringe; “blessed with mainstream recognition and even respectability”. Liberals do a preference deal with Palmer’s United Australia. Queensland’s LNP does a deal with One Nation. For Reynolds, “Of greater significance was the fact that the deals worked and there was no obvious backlash from the electorate. Such arrangements are presumably here to stay.” All week it’s the elephant in the room.

Two cheers for Adani. This week sees a big win for the mining oligarchy which runs its pliant, client, ScoMo government. Queensland folds to federal bullying. Giving the bird to scientists, who have yet to learn what’s good for business is good for the nation, a Neocon article of faith, it pretends Adani has a plan to protect our black-throated finch.

Adani shares immediately rocket up thirty per cent on the news. Expect Adani’s flawed “water management” plan to receive similar approval, despite the company refusing to accept scientific advice and recommendations.

A state election looms and the Labor government is widely tipped to lose by an eager Murdoch media monopoly. A bloodbath, shrieks The Courier Mail. Approving Adani is unlikely to provide electoral salvation for Labor if the federal election is a guide, nor will it provide the jobs, nor the economic boost so widely over-promised. Yet that is what the Palaszczuk government is doing. “Tripping over themselves”, writes Renew Economy’s Michael Mazengarb, they rush to push approvals through, even though the state is very much divided on climate change and coal.

Yet the Adani story is not just about Adani. It’s about the host of other miners who seek to open the Galilee Basin. Each year, coal mines may soon spew 320 million tonnes of black rock and toxic dust up into what was once the grassland habitat of the unsuspecting black-throated finch. With the mines will come coal and gas fracking. About to unfold is an unmitigated economic and ecological disaster as other mines close while our exported coal raises global warming.

“Opening up the Galilee Basin” will cripple our existing thermal coal mines, costing thousands of existing Australian coal industry jobs in ten years. As The Australia Institute’s Richard Denniss frequently points out, if this government were serious about preserving jobs in coal industry it would not be agitating to open any new mines. Adding another thirty percent capacity? Complete madness.

Yet the Adani cult is not rational. The phenomenon is less a policy than a cargo cult, a group psychosis in which we beggar ourselves; destroy our natural heritage in the delusion we will become fabulously wealthy. For Adani it is hubris. Faced with an energy market in India where renewable energy is twenty to fifty per cent cheaper than power plants burning imported coal, the company does not want to seem to have gambled and lost.

Modi government subsidies will help. Along with land, water and infrastructure and permission to charge higher prices to the state, these include declaring a special economic zone around Adani’s proposed plant in Jharkhand, which will spare it billions in taxes and import duties on plant and equipment – for a while.

Queensland and the nation is also granting absurdly generous concessions to a firm mining a toxic commodity in terminal decline. Adani may use huge quantities of ground water – free for its mining and extensive washing of its raw coal. It will enjoy a diesel fuel subsidy worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year to darling Adani.

While the Queensland government has updated Queensland’s mine rehabilitation legislation over last two years, Adani is still entitled to leave a very big hole in the ground in perpetuity. Finally, it is granted seven-year royalty holiday – a capital subsidy of $600 million to $700 million, although it has yet to provide the necessary financial assurance.

Meanwhile, Holy ScoMo explodes with sonorous high intent and low cunning. Modestly – no time to waste – he sets his sights on a fourth term. Fronting a lacklustre rabble of spivs, duds and fizzers, surprised to find themselves not in opposition, but behaving that way just in case, the PM morphs into Super-Coach “Sco-Motivator”. Only ScoMo can put spin on spin. He’s incredible. You can tell his speech-writer has been working overtime, taking notes from Sammy J.

“Here we are, a fresh team. A team that is hungry, a team that is committed, a team that is united in the way we were able to fight on this campaign, to do one simple thing; that is to ensure Australians will be at the centre of our gaze. We will govern with humility; we will govern with compassion. We will govern with strength and we will govern for all Australians.”

How good is ScoMo, our Aussie-centric, super-coach? Our nation’s super glue? Mr inclusivity with industrial strength empathy – but strong -our own iron chancellor, ScoMo? No-one boasts such humility. Uriah Heep, eat your heart out.

A fresh team? Parody abounds. ScoMo taps Tassie Peter Pan, Dick Colbeck, Minister for both old and young Australians. He upgrades former Assistant Treasurer, Stuart Robert, to Minister for Government services. (Fellow evangelical, Robert loves government services: he had to repay $38,000 he accidentally charged the taxpayer for his personal internet use.)

Nothing to see here. Brigadier Linda Reynolds (ret) will be beaut in Defence. True. She once worked for global gun-runner, multinational merchant of death, “defence contractor” Raytheon. But there’ll be no conflict of interest. Arms- length detachment. Not that it matters in the Trump new world order. Deal-maker Donald, Scott Morrison’s role model, and latest bestie, owns Raytheon stock. Stocks rose after Trump’s fifty-nine Tomahawk missile strike on a Syrian airbase in April 2017, although Snopes says there is no evidence to suppose that the US godfather benefited personally.

Similarly, Paul Fletcher will make a fantastic Minister for Communications given his previous career with Optus and his position as parliamentary secretary to former Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull will give him heaps of insight into how the NBN lemon was conceived purely to oppose Labor’s better, fibre to the premises concept.

“Today 9.28 million premises around Australia are able to connect to the NBN and almost 5.3 million premises are connected,” Fletcher boasts, after bagging Labor’s mess which the poor Coalition is forever having to clean up. We’d be happier knowing we were going to stay connected, Mr Fletcher and the more you add, the slower it seems to go.

Along with a slew of other self-parodying cabinet captain’s picks, ScoMo’s team pep talk is pure parody in motion.

How good is ScoMo the daggy-dad joker? An adoring nation just loves his unity gag. Already, on Sky, Christian Porter, our ambitious Attorney-General also picks up Michaelia Cash’s former Ministry of white-boarding, wage-freezing, penalty-rate stripping and union-bashing aka Minister for underemployment. Keep him occupied. Already, on Sky, Porter chortles about the voice to parliament, poor overburdened Ken Wyatt is tasked to bring about. After he closes the gap.

“Too vague”, Porter pontificates. Chris Kenny is all ears and eyebrows. Christian is not insulting Ken personally. It’s The Voice. He steps up the Coalition campaign against first peoples. Indigenous people need to learn they want far too much. Besides, ScoMo’s government knows best. Voice to parliament? Heavens. Don’t know what they’re talking about.

The great miracle-worker, Two-Seat Morrison will be flat out like a lizard drinking just keeping his cabinet on the rails and the Chinese language helpers of the Broad Church of his party out of court, let alone attempt to achieve anything. And even if the tax cuts don’t go through, it will help him blame Labor and their unholy alliance with the toxic Greens.

But achievement’s never troubled ScoMo much in the past and it won’t bother him much in the future, so long as the coal mines get going, the donations start flowing and he gets to bag Labor and its union bosses every day. So bridging visas have blown out by 147 per cent to a record 229,242 holders at the end of March? All Labor’s fault.

Having Ita’s ABC on speed dial helps, too. Bugger the fourth term. Go for a fifth. A sixth is not out of the question if Clive’s still around with his crazy anti-Labor propaganda.


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  1. Jack Cade

    I’ve felt uneasy about Albo, always. He doesn’t look the part, but my reservations (and it’s only just dawned on me) were based on his friendship with Pyne.
    Something gravely wrong with someone who liked Pyne…
    Right now, I don’t think the next Labor PM is even in parliament. That is how I feel about the country we occupy.

  2. David Tyler

    Speaking of Progressives, how is it that no election analyst has voiced concern that the progressive voice of more than a million Greens voters will be represented by only one Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives. Fewer votes for the regressive Liberal/National Party of Queensland decided the election result by winning 23 seats, which is an incredible bias and distortion of the will of the people that happens just because regressive voters tend to live in the same insular/same interest economic community electorates, whilst the progressive Greens are spread out across the nation.

    The National Party got half the number of votes as the Greens but won 10 seats. The Greens got 20 times more votes than the Bob Katter’s Party, but in the Parliament they won’t be getting 20 times the representation.

    Scomo didn’t win by a miracle. More like a squalid gerrymander. Pandering to the indulgences of these privileged electorates will pretty much guarantee a win.

    Comment from reader Barry Sullivan

  3. David Tyler

    Point taken, Jack. Friendship with Pyne is a fair yard-stick to apply. I’d like to think Albo is being affable and has a generous, compassionate and forgiving nature. Not fair the way he’s been dealt with in the media so far.

  4. Keitha Granville

    We are inexorably on the path to fascism – have been since TA was PM. Large chunks of Europe are going there, again, with the number of far right MPs elected to the European Parliament.

    Humanity does not seem to have learned from the past, they still fall for the same lies about the land of milk and honey just around the bend as long as we can get rid of the scourge of Jews/Muslims/Hindus/ISIS/homosexuals/Greens (insert your own choice of who is at fault), or anyone else who isn’t a card carrying so called Christian.

    Jesus wept.

  5. Lawrence S. Roberts

    Albo is surely just a seat warming occupant and the real messiah-like candidate will be introduced six months before the next election; probably a woman, possibly pregnant.

  6. whatever

    That is a good read, David Tyler.
    Something else that should be noted; Just before the election there was a Liberal fund raiser event at the abode of Justin Hemmes, the Sydney pub and restaurant billionaire. Brings to mind the decadence of the Prohibition-Era where gangsters mingled with High Society.

  7. Camaban

    The salt from people who’ve continued the tradition of interpreting fascism to mean “things I don’t like” is delicious.

    The people have spoken. Democracy has worked (I’d have been saying this if Shorten had won, BTW. I was saying it as I went to send in a postal vote from Hong Kong. A city that’s part of a country whose government that easily exceeds the worst you can say about the worst in the LNP. Or one nation, for that matter) figure out what went wrong. Adjust accordingly, or be prepared to do even worse next year. Make whatever excuses you like, what was done over the last six years hasn’t worked.

    You lost an unloseable election.

    And I mean this. I’m currently in a one party state (what Hong Kong has is a sick joke). I want Labor to be a viable alternative government. This political rhetoric doesn’t work outside of your own echo chamber.

  8. Baby Jewels

    Sadly, spot on, David. I feel no hope for the future in Australia whatsoever.

  9. David Tyler

    Camaban, have you read the article? The government takes control of the national broadcaster one of the few remaining independent media? Democracy takes a step back.
    Refugees are persecuted as a tactic to keep focus on the other and as part of the increase in state power – an enormous growth in state power where dissent is discouraged and whistle-blowers are against the law in key cases.

    Take the current secret trial of a whistle-blower who exposed the illegal bugging of East Timor’s cabinet by Howard’s government – so that an Australian based multinational could have an unfair share of Timor’s oil and gas resources. Not a mention of this in the MSM. The defendant only gets a quick look at the charges against him.

    Look at the operation of Robo-debt where you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.
    Factor in the constant attack on Labor since the election – and no scrutiny of Morrison’s recycled new government at all – a government up to its neck in deals with powerful interests – the coal lobby – big cotton. Look at the way protest against Adani is dismissed by government as some type of treason – or the indulgence of urban elites removed from the real world.

    Above all look at the collusion between the government and extreme right groups solely to win power. Being in Hong Kong you would have missed Clive Palmer’s propaganda blitz – a constant barrage of lies about Labor policies including a death taxes scare.

    You probably also missed the LNP’s preference deal with One Nation – a party which has been to the US to do a deal with NRA backers to water down our gun laws.

    Just a few examples of the ways in which we are being moved towards a fascist state.

  10. Terence Mills

    The Prime Minister’s Office have been feeding the media with Morrison’s first overseas visit to the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Step Up .

    I was a bit surprised about this but then it was announced that he was actually on his way to London for the D Day ceremonies.

    Got to keep up with the spin !

  11. whatever

    Scotty is going to the Solomon Islands to continue talks about visa arrangements for Tenant Farmer migrants. They are bringing many Pacific Island “guest workers” over to run farms on 3 year visas.

    Scotty is also going to donate $260,000 for a rugby program, so that Solomon Islander youths can experience the joy of long-term spinal injury but nevertheless stay virile and macho and you certainly won’t be going to Poofter Hell if you play rugby.

  12. David Stakes

    Six terms, thank goodness I will have shuffled off the planet by then. Will be hopefully able tp observe its burnt husk from a safe distance. Sorry for anyone left, I cannot help. Wheres the kool aid stashed.

  13. Freethinker

    Quote: ……”Or in league with The Greens, whom everyone knows, are more harmful than any right wing extremist.”
    What I can say, I am not Green but, with that statement in the comment, a progressive left broad front will never going to be formed.
    Is a comment that I will expect to come from another source in the media.
    Keep the fight alive between Greens and Labor so the bastards can be in power for many years to come until some political maturity will start showing up.

  14. David Tyler

    Love your comment, Whatever. Grew up in NZ and had to play rugby at school. Lock. You got caned if you didn’t. Breeds school spirit. Rugby? Never did get the hang of it. But the Home Eco lunches were a treat when you had to play away. It is dangerous. Every now and then you would read of some poor kid who died as a result of a rugby injury. My father, John, who was in the navy saw a plaque in a Kiwi mess in South Korea to fallen Kiwis. “I didn’t know any New Zealanders were killed in the Korean War”, he said. “Rugby”, they said.
    ScoMo makes a great show of being a huge footy supporter. Always a worry.

  15. Smith

    “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices”
    G. Orwell

  16. Wayne Turner

    Spot on Smith. This alleged government are corrupt scum,just like their Main Stream Media.

    Very sadly,yet predictable,that so many gullible ignorant fools in this country fell for it,and will continue to fall for it…

    Poor Fellow My Country.

    The mediaocracy continues…

  17. jack

    If you talk to a right voter they’ll say the ABC is biased against them, viceversa for left voters. It’s an endless circle of abuse that the ABC cops.
    If Ita happens to be a conservative then that’s the governments privilege to nominate/appoint who they want.
    They’d hardly want to see a lefty in the job, just like the ALP wouldn’t want a righty in there.
    We can moan about biased coverage or non-independence all we like, but then take a moment to think about what you’d do in the same situation

  18. David Bruce

    ScuMo and the Scumbags could be a heavy metal joke if it wasn’t so serious.

    How did Australia get into this mess? Was it the plan of the IPA? Or perhaps it was our security agencies who have the benefit of all the bells and whistles of new “security toys”? Maybe it goes back to Gough in 1973 when he started preparing Australia to become a republic? Every hectare of land and every man, woman and child in Australia is an “asset” to be exploited or sold off to the highest bidder.

    ScuMo and the Scumbags don’t know how to generate wealth and prosperity for all, much easier to lie, cheat and steal! How many industries will the band of derelicts encourage to return to operate in Australia over the next 4 years? Do they have any ideas?

    Maybe we can learn from Indonesian neighbours, who are so ticked off by the fraud involved in the recent election, the regions are now meeting to arrange secession from the republic! Over 600 electoral staff have died from poisoning (confirmed by the Indonesian Medical Doctors), hundreds of cases of fraudulent electoral returns uncovered (referred to civilian police) and stonewalling by government ministers refusing to answer media questions! I have received hundreds of messages from former students who are asking questions about how would we deal with this situation in Australia. I just replied “we don’t”.

    Australia was a great place to raise a family in the 1970’s. 80’s and 90’s. What are you going to do to get us back to that condition Mr Band Leader?

  19. Danny Heaver

    Murdoch is the cause….he is the platform where all the properganda spews from….people are gullible & they dont do their homework….nobody seems to care about “their” country any more, they just care about themselves!
    What happened to…Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!

  20. Paul Davis

    6pm news tonight on Sky

    “The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has no intention to cause anyone trouble but is not afraid to face up to troubles,” according to General Wei, “should anyone risk crossing the bottom line, the PLA will resolutely take action and defeat all enemies.”

    The unannounced arrival of a Chinese naval task force in Sydney today on the thirtieth anniversary of the PLA’s defeat of a fascist coup attempt in their country was welcomed by huge crowds of locals. Whilst the general made no overt threat, reinforcing that his troops are peace loving but ready to protect local patriots, it is understood that there is grave concern over Straya’s potential descent into anarchy and the loss of valuable agricultural, energy and mineral resources.

    The Minister for Border Protection said today the visit was not announced publicly because the government does not comment re on water matters. He urged citizens to remain calm and not to be alarmed if PLA personnel are seen patrolling streets as they are working closely with local police and defense personnel. The Prime Minister and his family are en route to the USA and in the meantime the MBP is acting PM. There is no plan to reopen parliament until the end of the month and a formal government statement is expected tonight on Sky News. Other radio and television services will resume shortly although the Minister said a decision on the future of the ABC will be made in due course.

    Nonsense of course ….

  21. David Tyler

    How good is a 161 year jail sentence? Talk about a repressive, authoritarian regime…

    Last year, ATO debt collection officer Richard Boyle made an extraordinary series of disclosures to the ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age detailing allegations of deeply unethical business practices and a toxic work culture inside the Australian Taxation Office. While that investigation led to changes within the ATO, it turned Boyle’s life upside down — his house was raided by the Australian Federal Police, and he now faces 66 charges and a prospective 161-year jail sentence.

    from $Crikey

    The latest chapter in Australia’s war on whistleblowers

  22. Fran Kelly-Anne-Kennerley

    Wonderful. Best analysis I’ve read. Thanks.
    I really felt I’ve lost forever, at the recent election, the optimistic Australia I grew up in.
    My point of origin for the blame is when the U.S. Libertarian agenda tasked the little odd-bod and ‘man of steel’ from downunder. little Johnny rodent (“please like me Uncle Sam”) to turn the LNP into a Koch Brothers sub-branch.

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