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ScamMo at it again

Scott Morrison knows full well that teachers are not the ones making the decisions as to when schooling goes back to normal.

And warranted as the criticism and derision that his video address attracted, I doubt he minds that much. It still achieved his aim of shifting national discourse away from anything that he is directly responsible for.

This is classic ScamMo (definitely not a typo)- the guy who has more deserved derogatory nicknames than policies, and Donald Trump’s Australian protege (although he does have to rely on Barnaby Joyce to cover the sexual misconduct side of that equation).

Turning the spotlight onto teachers and the difficulties of delivering distance learning, whilst emoting about the fate of underprivileged families and their education is good clickbait because everyone has an opinion. But ultimately it is just another example of him trying to change the national conversation around COVID 19 away from his failure to listen to warnings and act decisively (to be fair, cherry-picking science is very on-brand for the Liberal Party), away from the perilous state his government had brought our economy to before the crisis; and away from his putting the needs of his Hillsong religion ahead of the safety of Australians (what a coincidence that social distancing measures came into force the day after the international Hillsong conference ended or that the Ruby Princess had Hillsong members and family of a Liberal Party MP on board).

The mainstream media networks try hard to gloss over much of this (no surprise to see a 40 million dollar stimulus for the media industry announced this week too) but even with their cheerleading, the parallels to his failures during the Bushfire Crisis are clear- at least he couldn’t bugger off to Hawaii again due to the restrictions on international travel.

His apologists will say that he is doing his best in tough circumstances and criticising him at this time is just playing politics, but let me be clear, he invited me to this conversation by gaslighting me and my entire profession. Someone is playing politics in this scenario, but it’s not me or any teacher I know.

If this all sounds an awfully cynical way to describe a national leader and supposedly devout Christian (and you didn’t hear him publicly throw a healthcare worker under the bus to promote a government tracking app last week), consider his history.

This is the man who publicly accused aid workers of coaching refugees to self-harm and then- after reaping months of political capital from the statement- quietly paid over a million dollars of taxpayer money in compensation because he couldn’t substantiate the allegation.

He is also a man, who throughout his time in office, has routinely targeted the most disadvantaged in our community, through cuts to social services, domestic violence services and the NDIS, whilst continuing to redistribute more and more of society’s wealth to its richest members and refusing to raise welfare. For this reason, it is hard to see this sudden concern for the poor as genuine. If he was truly concerned with the educational disadvantage of underprivileged students, he would not have fought against Gonski funding recommendations or continued to facilitate the rivers of taxpayer money being funnelled into private schools.

Don’t be fooled by crocodile tears and emotive appeals from a deeply dishonest, cruel and empty human being. ScamMo’s words are not be trusted, as he will say whatever he thinks will deflect attention away from conversations he doesn’t want us having. A lot of conservatives and media pundits will let him, too, giving him a pass for pretty much anything, just like they do with his mentor, Trump.

This article was first published on quietblog

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Conservative clowns, clods, c—s and crooks of the Morrison type are the most untrustworthy people in politics, here and everywhere. Full of superstitious bullshit, leached by lying lugbashing loudness, filled with fantasy, fraud, fibs and frolicking untruthfulness, he is righteous, lives in a world that never ever existed, thus is chosen, saved, blessed and RIGHT. LIE for your LORD and you can still be right. Ignatius knew it, Urban II knew it, Adolf and Benito and all the other imperious murdering, thieving turds knew it. We’re stuffed…

  2. Keitha Granville

    We aren’t fooled, at least those of us with a conscience and any kind of moral compass.

    But sadly I suspect that many of the uneducated fools who voted for him in the first place still are, and of course all of those with wealth.

    Be sure we feel for you, we care about you, just the same as for health and aged care workers, for supermarket employees, and any who must keep working in this dangerous world.

  3. Ill fares the land

    Scotty from Marketing’s obsession with “getting kids back to school” was, I suspect, no more than his attempt to lead the dialogue and “take charge”. He has assiduously dismantled the last vestiges of the power of the Parliament in order to have the sole executive power he craves and any threat to that absolute authority has to be repelled. Of course, his hollow pleas were pointless, because it is up to the states to make the appropriate decisions, but he is trying to exploit his time in the sun to the maximum possible extent to rebuild his shattered personal brand. After the bushfire crisis, it became evident that the “daggy dad” schtick wasn’t working any more and he had been caught out as a petulant, puerile boor who reacted aggressively to any challenge to his carefully cultivated new persona and who demonstrated neither aptitude for leadership nor genuine heartfelt empathy. So, out with that persona and let’s invent a new one – the Churchillian leader who will lead us to the promised land and fight off the forces unleashed from the underworld.

  4. Bronte ALLAN

    Great article Dave! And ALL these stupid ignorant , useless bloody people who support him(?) have, based on the latest opinion polls, placed him so far ahead of Labor that he is almost assured of another election win at the next next election–god help Australia & those of us who have a mind of our own & want nothing to do with this effing COALition lot!

  5. James O'Neill

    I don’t disagree with the author or indeed most of the comments thus far. One is left however with some uncomfortable facts. The first is that he retains support for his party around the 50 percent mark. What does that say about the gullibility of the general public? Secondly, the Labor Party is in lock step with most of his policies and has almost disappeared as a viable opposition. Thirdly, he has closed down parliament for at least four months, a unique response in the so called democratic world and there is nary a squeak of protest from the mainstream media, let alone the Opposition.
    The true casualty of this current epidemic may indeed be the vanishing residue of what was once known as Australian democracy.

  6. Michael Taylor

    Well said, Dave. That hammer in your hand flattened the head of the nail in one mean swing.

  7. Claudio Pompili

    Agree Dave.

    I’m bemused by the apparent surprise by many Australians at Morrison’s comportament especially since last year. Yet his modus operandi and character have been in full view since 2013 during his stint in Immigration and Treasurer portfolios.

    And before that including his executive positions in government tourism agencies in Australia and NZ, where he was forced to resign because of alleged incompetence and gross financial mismanagement. Sound familiar?

    Scotty the snake-oil conman is so predictably sociopathicly incompetent…. He’s got form… a worthwhile read from a few months back…

    Scott Morrison, the flim-flam man who rode the Peter Principle all the way to the Lodge

  8. wam

    The libs have a long and successful history of relying on the short memories and shorter attention span of the public. They understand the processes of::
    take avoidance measures
    ignore/deflect the questions or answer with advertising or, a la the rabbott, just lie to escape pressure.
    capitalising on wars, famines, fires, pandemics and real or imaginary crises

    Labor is honest find a charismatic leader, a cake or wait till the libs cock up so badly we throw them out.

    The rabbott cocked up bit the libs took a new strategy and sacked him and turnbull fell in they repeated the process and smirko fell in(thanks boobby) and, unless my name is don’t download, thanks to a virus and labor socialistic tactics smirko will romp home

  9. MrFlibble4747

    With a nod to David Bowie and his various personas, how about:

    ScoBow – The Fat White Dictator!

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