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Robert F. Kennedy Jnr: The candidacy that shakes the USA

By Isidoros Karderinis

Robert F. Kennedy Jnr, son of the assassinated in 1968 Robert Francis Kennedy, US Attorney General, New York Senator and 1968 Democratic presidential candidate, and nephew of the also assassinated in 1963 US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, will be a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the November 2024 presidential election.

But who is Robert Kennedy? He is a lawyer-activist, specializing in environmental issues, 69 years old. Raised in the political environment of the Kennedys and embracing the values and political views that have been transmitted to him, he has said: “My father told me when I was a child: ‘People in power lie. And if we want to continue living in a Democracy we must understand that the people in power are lying. The people in power are abusing the power we gave them”.

It is at the same time a leading figure of the anti-vaccination movement. Robert Kennedy’s public attack on the “philanthropist” promoter of the “vaccines” Bill Gates had caused a global sensation with his post, describing how Bill Gates is using the “vaccine” to impose a global dictatorship (Europost, 9-4 -2020): “Vaccines for Bill Gates is a strategic philanthropy that fuels his many related business activities to gain himself a dictatorial control of global health politics, the spearhead of neo-imperialism”.

Robert Kennedy, before the start of vaccinations for COVID-19, sent a message to the global community in December 2020 sounding the alarm about mRNA vaccines by saying: “Avoid vaccinations at all costs, at all sacrifices, … For the first time in the history of vaccinations the mRNA technology used interferes directly with the genetic material of the recipient-patient and consequently this intervention involves genetic modification, which is already internationally prohibited and considered criminal, … Dear prospective recipients you should know that after receiving the vaccine you will no longer be able to manage the symptoms of the vaccine in an effective way. You will have to live with the effects as you will not be able to remove the toxins from your body. The genetic damage caused to you by these vaccines will be irreversible and irreparable,” “In my opinion these new technology vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never happened before and on this scale.”

On February 11, 2021, “Instagram” closed Robert Kennedy’s account for “fake news!”. “We removed this account because it repeatedly posted false claims about the coronavirus and vaccines,” Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, said in a statement. At the time, Kennedy had about 800,000 followers on his account. It is obvious that the promoters of “vaccines” did not like the public positions of Robert Kennedy, because he himself was staunchly opposed to the so-called “vaccines! “.

Then in November 2021 he visited Italy and spoke in Milan in Piazza dell’ Arco della Pace in a large demonstration, where he was received as a hero by many thousands of people, against the so-called Green Pass, the COVID-19 certificate, characterizing it as “instrument of oppression”. And speaking to reporters earlier in the day, Robert Kennedy said: “The Green Pass is not a public health innovation, it is an instrument of obedience and economic control, just like the pamphlets issued by the Third Reich”.

During his speech at the Milan demonstration he encouraged protesters to go out and fight and resist, telling them: “Reclaim your government, reclaim your lives, reclaim your freedom for your children, for your country, for future generations,” and ended saying amid cheers and prolonged applause: “I will stand by, with you, and if necessary I will die for it. I’ll die in my boots.”

In August 2022, Robert Kennedy was in Berlin and spoke about modern Orwellianism and the bioterrorism agenda of multinational pharmaceutical companies. Among other things, he said: “Governments love pandemics the same way they love wars, because it gives them power, gives them control, and gives them the ability to enforce obedience on human beings. And today we have the distortion of new technologies that give governments the ability to impose controls on populations they never imagined”.

In November 2022, Robert Kennedy made shocking statements about the side effects of mass vaccinations, saying: “We’re seeing a 40% increase in unexplained deaths, in excess deaths, and we’re seeing them especially happening to young people! The number of people dying from mass vaccination is much higher than the number of people dying from COVID-19. Some doctors will say we don’t know if it’s from the vaccine. Then why does the CDC discourage coroners and public health authorities from performing autopsies on people whose deaths are suspicious?”.

Regarding so-called “climate change” speaking during an interview with radio producer Kim Iversen in April 2023, Robert Kennedy warned that the elite are using “climate change” to usher in total population control and take away individual liberties.

As for the war unfolding in Ukraine, his position is clear. In his statements in May 2023, he said the following: “Let’s be honest! This is a US war against Russia for geopolitical reasons! These are geopolitical machinations that have been going on since 2014 with (US) intelligence agencies and neoconservatives. They are essentially sacrificing the “flower” of Ukrainian youth in a slaughterhouse of death and destruction for the geopolitical ambition of the neoconservatives behind the scenes. To depose, change the regime of Vladimir Putin and exhaust the Russian military so that it cannot fight anywhere else in the world”.

So, we see, based on Robert Kennedy’s entire journey, that we have before us an anti-establishment candidate, a candidate who is not afraid to clash with huge financial interests, a candidate who is not afraid to go against the dominant system, defying the risks.

In closing, I would like to emphatically emphasize that the overwhelming majority of politicians who appeared in the past, before the elections, against the dominant system, when they gained power not only did not change a single hair from it, but instead turned into components of the system. Let’s hope that in the case of Robert Kennedy, if he wins the nomination of the Democratic Party and is elected president of the United States, the same will not happen.

Isidoros Karderinis was born in Athens in 1967. He is a journalist, novelist and poet. He studied economics and completed postgraduate studies in tourism economics. His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and websites around the world. His poems have been translated into English, French and Spanish and published in poetic anthologies, literary magazines and literary newspaper columns. He has published eight books of poetry and three novels in Greece. His books have been translated and published in the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

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  1. Andrew Smith

    He’s a junk science conspiracy theorist being used by, one guesses, forces of the right in the US to split the Democratic vote to favour the GOP Presidential candidate.

  2. Douglas Pritchard

    When it comes to elections, and freak shows, the USA does it in style.
    Just look at the front runners this far out from the day.
    And our media will follow every step of the way. How else are they going to keep it entertaining?

  3. leefe

    What a load of tosh. The anti-vaccine propaganda is more than enough to shred his credibility. Or, at least, it should be in a reasonably scientifically literate populace.

    Anti-establishment is one thing; it can, properly focussed, do a great deal of good. Anti-science is somethiing else entirely.

  4. Michael Taylor

    This guy is despised by Dem voters I know. He has a stench about him.

    Can’t believe he’s not a Republican.

  5. TwainandHume

    He has little chance of gaining any traction for the Democratic nomination. Though I hesitate to say he has no chance … a country that would elect someone like trump to the highest office in the land has opened Pandora’s Box on itself.

  6. Phil Pryor

    The Kennedy family has produced crooks with crosses to camouflage greedy intent, and ratbag rigid rogerers who shaft reality, and upright erectional pseudo-prophets of anything from gloom to tomb or wooing the womb. Riddled with the utter refuse of extreme romanist rigidity in upbringing and failed education, this Kennedy holds up a candle for the others, the doomed mediaevalist fantasy memories of extreme glorious failures, due to cirrhosis of the bent ego. Only in the USA or in Grimm or Disney…

  7. Roswell

    I struggle to find anything likeable about this conspiracy-theorist.

    He probably even thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. Or that Elvis is dead. Or that a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

  8. K

    Tooo funny! Douglas Pritchard, on point.

  9. Terence Mills

    The US have a real problem with Trump on the Right and Biden on the Left : neither one competent to assume the role of President.

    Biden is just too old and dementia is already becoming apparent and Trump is clearly mentally unbalanced.

    I wonder if Barack is free ?

  10. Goog

    I remember any journalists that would look into the background of the Kennedys would themselves be investigated by the IRS , mentioned in some history books

  11. Konn

    Isidoros, interesting. For all but the last paragraph of the article, RFK junior is cast as a conspiracy theorist.
    And then, it’s a case of if he wins nomination, let’s hope he is as good as his word.
    Very clever writing.
    No mention in the article of his background work in exposing toxic waterways around the world eg. Waterkeeper Alliance. No mention of his work to get thimerosal (mercury-based adjuvant that had neuro-toxic effects) removed from vaccines on behalf of parents of vaccine-injured children who had approached him.
    Nope, just throw him into the anti-vax dumpster and add memes. Laziness of the masses will ‘do’ the rest. Docile, some would say indolent, in their inability to search out all sides of an argument, the road lead down to a lake that only came into view after the last turn. The lake looked like it was on fire.
    If not for the timing, Henrik Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy of the People’ could have been a biography of RFK.

  12. Canguro

    This article (linked), Canada is on fire, from this morning’s Guardian succinctly demonstrates why the future health and well-being of humanity cannot be vested in the hands of politicians of whatever stripes – unless those stripes happen to be Greens or Stop the Oil factions – to be blunt, if we believe that Liberal, Labor, National, Conservative, Labour, Democratic, Republican, far Rights, far Lefts, in the Middle or any other of the plethora of named groups of professional politicians are going to somehow come to the rescue in regards to what is most certainly the most urgent & existential challenge facing humanity planet-wide, we are seriously deluding ourselves and will eventually merely be among the innumerable hordes that lemming-like will plunge to their deaths over the cliffs, yowling all the way that it wasn’t their fault and that they don’t deserve to die like this.

    I’m not meaning to be nasty about this, or too critical; it’s human nature after all to acquiesce to those who purport to be leaders – a time-honoured behaviour deeply embedded within our psyches; unfortunately though, in these cynical times that aspect of our being has been utterly exploited by the sociopathic powermongers whose natural habitat is among the political and corporate fields; witness the fossil fuel corporations who have zero interest or committment to (a) acknowledging their primary responsibility in extraction and marketing the kinds of products that have lead us into this gulch, and (b) winding back their rates of extraction. The nub of the problem though, is that the planet’s political classes have also zero committment to winding back the behaviour of the fossil fuel industry, addicted to revenue flows as they are, and mesmerised by the allure of rubbing shoulders with squillionaire energy magnates.

    A sorry state of affairs if ever there was, exemplified currently on a micro-scale by the disappearance of the submersible vehicle which took a load of uber-wealthy individuals to the depths of the Atlantic to gawk at the wreck of the Titanic and hasn’t been heard from since its submersion; among the passengers a billionaire, the CEO of the submersible company, a father and son set of wealthy Brits and an experienced French deep-sea explorer, along with the hapless and doubly unfortunate pilot. The four paying passengers collectively coughed up something on the order of AUD1.5 million for the privilege of being sent to their deaths… assuming that this is the probable outcome of this tragic & hubristic jaunt; a tale that might just be portent for the fate awaiting Big H – humanity at large.

    Everything else is just a sideshow… not that we oughtn’t pay attention to those matters also.

  13. Clakka

    The promulgation of politics has developed into a self-fulfilling 3 ring circus. At the vanguard is American politics which has degraded to the point where it is not only the practice of the pretenders, but if they succeed, with hubris, they carry it through to parliament. There it now appears to have become the standard m.o., eroding it from the inside like multifarious cancers. It seems lately to have been imported into Oz.

    Yesterday, after reading the Blockade Australia (AIMN) article, and their website manifesto, during an online chat with a friend, Blockade’s actions came up. I defended the importance of protest and free assembly, but said I could not ascertain what Blockade Australia wanted, what solutions they had, and how they sought to give affect to those solutions.

    Rather than a conversation I had hoped for, I received and blistering and hostile attack, loaded with ‘designer’ insults, void of specifics or rationale, but more a rote protestor’s attack designed to vitiate dialogue, all flowed by an abrupt closing of the line of communication. Hmmm, I thought, where to now?

    Is this the type of protest that gives protestors a bad rep?

    An hour later, my nephew called. I mentioned to him my experience regarding the Blockade matter. He said;

    “Unc, more and more that’s the way it is now. You either agree, or are subject to hostility and ‘cancelled’. Despite me being abreast of most things, I just say, “I’m not across it, so I don’t have a view,” And leave it at that.”

    Yeesh, even within my now sheltered bucolic existence, I’ve had a first-hand experience of the prevalence of anti-culture obfuscation. In that it seems to be self-defeating, I wonder, does it only serve to increase hostility?

  14. GL

    Now more than ever the old adage of “You are either with us, or against us.” now with added venomous attacking if you are peceived as being athwart their views is the standard, particularly with the fringe groups that seem to abound.

  15. Douglas Pritchard

    The business of finding a USA president occupies the media on a permanent basis rather like their eternal wars.
    But where do they find their candidates?
    I mean you really do have to trawl the bottom of the pond to find these bottom feeders.
    Its supposed to be a free liberal democracy, but we know full well that its a question of who can amass the greatest number of green backs, and no questions asked about how they acquired them.
    Unless the deep state decides to intervene.
    I am looking forward to the next white house invasion, by some monstrous clown, who may be compromised by age, insanity, corruption, ego…..whatever.
    And we will still tag along because we always do.

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