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Now, I’m an old, white male so I’m not used to being wrong…

Perhaps, I should clarify that: I’m not used to having to admit that I was wrong.

I actually thought that Labor would win and that all of the scare campaigns would just seem silly once most people understood that rents weren’t going to go up, the housing market wasn’t going to tank and – in spite of Clive Palmer and his ads which switched from attacking both parties to attacking Labor once he’d had a little chat with the Liberals – Labor wasn’t actually going to tax us by an “extra trillion dollars”!

I’d also like to say that the behaviour of both Labor and the Greens since the election loss makes me want to quote Shakespeare and say: “A pox on both your houses”… I don’t mean to be awful here but surely it’s the time to not say anything that may be taken down and used in evidence against you. No, it’s not NOT the time to tweet your support for any leader.. why don’t you just elect a new one? And no, Richard, you don’t get points for blaming Labor about anything. If you want to do that, just go and join the Liberals!!

But all these things are the meanderings of a man who has had too many expectations because, well, old, white males aren’t expected to have to say they were wrong… And let’s be real, most of them don’t, even when they are.

And I want to emphasise that I am being entirely personal here and thinking only of myself and my disappointment that we don’t have a change of government… I mean, even Pauline may have led to more of us taking more of interest in politics next time round…

I’m not thinking of all those who have had their franking credits saved.

I’m not thinking how those who have been found to be refugees who are still on Manus or Nauru who may lose all hope and yet understand that now that Scott has been hailed as the Messiah, they will suddenly find a way to go to a better place… Euphemisms abound in days like these…

I’m not thinking of Israel Folau, who can’t tweet whatever he likes when it offends his employer… Because nobody else has been ever sanctioned for defying their employer and sending out another tweet that they were warned not to send…Still, can’t help but wonder why neither Scott nor Barnaby were upset about the reference to liars and adulterers going to hell!

I’m not thinking about poor Alan Jones, who’d promised us that he’d stop public appearances were Labor to win. That’s all public appearances and not just those for the convenience of the public.

I’m not thinking about… Damn I had another group of people I wasn’t thinking about… It wasn’t Queenslanders without jobs because now Adani’s going ahead it’s clear that any of them who don’t get a go, well, it’s because they’re not having a go…

Um… I’m not thinking about…

No, I AM thinking. That’s why I can’t remember the other cheap shot I was going to have.

Who was it that said that we can live together as brothers or die together as fools?

Doesn’t matter… although I suspect that his sexist language may upset some people…

I’d just like to point out two things:

  1. Since the Liberals lost the “unlosable election” in 1993, Labor has only won one election with a clear majority and another by convincing the Independents that they’d be a better bet than a minority government led by Abbott… which, considering his inability to lead a majority government full time, seems completely reasonable… Anyway, the point I’m making is the Liberals must have learned something. Can Labor – or somebody else – learn it quickly and rid us of this smug, person who may become the next John Howard if we all just keep taking pot shots at each other about the past?
  2. My son had a political conversation with me tonight that made me wonder for the first time ever if he could one day be Prime Minister… ok, I used to have loftier ambitions for him but he’s twenty now… However, I decided that he’d be better off to actually use his political nouse to do some good in the world instead of worrying about convincing the majority that he’s right.

The five stages of grief have, like most things, been popular for a while then forgotten, but let’s go through them as best I remember.

  1. Disbelief
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Make the other fucker go through the same five stages!

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  1. Rossleigh

    I asked to go on Hard Quiz with a special subject of Election Promise Kept By The Liberals but apparently you need a topic with more possible questions than that!

  2. OldWomBat

    As Einstein once said: “There are two things that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. I have a few doubts only about the universe.”

    And from Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials “…the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

  3. OldWomBat

    And a third quote from Dr. Moss Cass: “We rich nations, for that is what we are, have an obligation not only to the poor nations, but to all the grandchildren of the world, rich or poor. We have not inherited this earth from our parents to do with it what we will. We have borrowed it from our children and we must be careful to use it in their interests as well as our own. Anyone who fails to recognise the basic validity of the proposition put in different ways by increasing numbers of writers, from Malthus to The Club of Rome, is either ignorant, a fool, or evil.”

    The three quotes together quite neatly sum up the farce that we call the government.

  4. Rossleigh

    While I agree entirely, old wombat, I think we need to understand the lessons of history. If we say that some are easily manipulated, we must also ask we are we not thes who manipulate them?

  5. Ill fares the land

    The title of your article strikes me as interesting, because for some time I have been really concerned about the surreptitious loss of peprsonal rights and freedoms under the LNP. We have been granted some “freedoms”, but with equa marriage rights, much of Australia sent a pretty clear message, so there was nowehere to hide. But there just seem to be too many things happening by stealth, a bit at a time, so to speak where LNP has given itself more powers to surveil, more powers to coerce, more poweres to incarcerate, more powers to punish whistleblowers and generally quell dissent and attack dissidents and lot’s of other things I can’t recall because I am getting old. These things happens without people really noticing, but they ARE happening under the LNP.

    It is a fundamental tenet of conservatives that they are perenially afraid. They know not what specifically, but generally seem to have over-active amygdalae. This means that their general abiding “fear” is constantly looking for something to be afraid of (it must be a great relief for an amorphous “blob” of fear to finmally have a target, then another and then another. This is why conservative PM’s are always playing the fear angle. Fear that Labor will take your money. Fear that your house price will tank. Fear of refugees that are rapists and murderers being let into this country by Labor and the Greens (except the LNP did in fact appear to let in two men who may have a very dodgy history of violence, rape and murder in Rwanda – as expected, Morrison’s response was “nothing to see here”). Fear that radicalised Muslims are lurking everywhere. Fear that you aren’t having a go so then won’t get a go.

    Like Howard, Mr Shouty McHappyClappy talks up “unity” as though it is some kind of nirvana he alone can take us to, when in truth, he promotes and encourages division. Labor voters made clear they rejected Morrison and that makes them his enemy. To my mind, he seems to need to surround himself with people who not only support him and don’t challenge or question him, but have a suitable level of fawning adulation for him. I fear he sees himself as the head of his own special church – we will get a sense of this from his ministry and whether he favours your garden variety sycophant.

  6. Jack Cade

    After a few days, I reflected that it was not exactly a thrashing. The Coalition, with the help of saturation rubbishing of Shorten by the MSM and Morrison, won by 250,000 or so votes Australia wide.
    What is disturbing is that a majority of Australians could not see the shallowness of Morrison; the smoke and mirrors of the jobs that Adani would bring to North Queensland; the failure of the inhabitants of Dickson to wonder how a copper can become a multimillionaire and how that former copper is actually perceived as an evil man by most non-Queenslanders; how an MP can brag about manipulating water allocations to put money into his mates’ pockets; how a man can spend probably 6 months of each year living in s foreign country , looking for love: how the only concrete promise in the Coalitions policy speech that can be absolutely guaranteed to be executed is the $1.5 billion cuts to the public service, how…
    Ah, sod it! I don’t care any more…

  7. Alpo

    “Since the Liberals lost the “unlosable election” in 1993, Labor has only won one election with a clear majority and another by convincing the Independents that they’d be a better bet than a minority government led by Abbott… which, considering his inability to lead a majority government full time, seems completely reasonable… Anyway, the point I’m making is the Liberals must have learned something. Can Labor – or somebody else – learn it quickly and rid us of this smug, person who may become the next John Howard if we all just keep taking pot shots at each other about the past?”….

    I can’t believe that you are asking that question. The answer is clear and straightforward: Rupert Murdoch and Neoliberalism. But Labor has already learned. Read here:

    a) Let’s start before 1993. Let’s start with Whitlam. Why did Whitlam last such a short time? Because he was a Social Democrat! Who unseated him ultimately? Rupert Murdoch!
    b) Why did Labor win and kept on winning with Hawke-Keating? Because they weren’t strongly Social Democrat, but more lightly- Neoliberal. Who accepted and supported such change in the ALP towards Neoliberalism? Rupert Murdoch!
    c) Why did the ALP finally lose with Keating? Because the ALP Neoliberal program had stalled, but there were still many more Neoliberal reforms to be introduced. Howard had always been Neoliberal and he was ready to take over. Who supported the ascension of Howard?… Rupert Murdoch.
    d) Why did Howard last almost as long (just a bit less) as the combined Hawke-Keating periods? Because he and Costello kept on introducing Neoliberal reforms. Who consistently supported them in the task?…. Rupert Murdoch.
    e) What happened to Howard in 2007? He refused to hand over power to the Neoliberal Costello, he behaved as if he “was in charge” (but he wasn’t, Rupert Murdoch is in charge!), whereas the ALP Rudd promised to do a me-too (“look, look, I am also a Neoliberal). And so, Howard lost…. Murdoch only accepts full submission to his power.
    f) But what happened with Rudd?… Rudd started well, as far as Murdoch was concerned, but he made the mortal “mistake” of not only responding to the GFC in a Keynesian manner (= NOT Neoliberal) but he and Gillard started the shift to Social Democracy within the ALP, step-by-step distancing themselves from Neoliberalism.
    g) What the hell, you don’t do that to Rupert Murdoch! You don’t just abandon Neoliberalism (the Universal and Unquestionable World Paradigm) and start introducing Social Democracy… are you mad?… And so Murdoch declared war on the ALP…. and finally won the war in 2013.
    h) Since then the Coalition has been in total chaos, they have been ruining our country, damaging our economy and society at large… and I could go on and on… BUT they have been consistently Neoliberal, hence they have enjoyed the full support of Rupert Murdoch.
    i) The recent election was Rupert Murdoch masterpiece: Win an election for Neoliberalism when the Neoliberal side of politics is literally falling apart.
    j) The Neoliberal Coalition will continue to fall apart, the ALP will continue to develop their Social Democratic program…. and Rupert Murdoch will continue to age.
    k) In the end the Social Democratic ALP will win…. and Neoliberalism will end, alongside Rupert Murdoch!!!

  8. Florence Howarth

    Morrison not only lied, making up stories such as death taxes, new taxes about Labor. He also lied about his side. Claimed that Labor left a large emission deficit, they managed to fix. He lied they have policies to deal with climate change. Lied that they will meet their target. Lied the budget is in surplus. Lied that they haven’t been undermining Medicare, that health cost has risen. I can’t think of one claim that was the truth. Worse of all claimed he could handle money better.

  9. wam

    Historically labor can only win with an I am fcking great style of leader and is easily defeated by lies about economic management.

    shorten and beasley would have made good prime ministers but they were straight and honest and unsuited for commercial TV,radio or print.

    Against my theory, I hoped and felt labor would win government but I backed scummo because of the odds and my brain screamed double up when the yellow vest ignored shorten’s hand

    I don’t think manipulated is fair but only the strong (50% are below average intelligence) could avoid some influenced so that when confronted by the ballot change did not look better than the status quo a normal reaction??.

    Billy had 6 years to show how labor was dudded by the rabbott but only timidly sold himself or labor on TV. Preferring the un-watched ABC.

    You say ‘A better government’ there would have been no comparison between the leaders as surely the rabbott would have taken 30 seconds to show windsor and oakeschott the amoral ignorance that would prevent him understanding the principles of consensus they were proposing.
    Unless Albo recovers his ‘no no no’ and develops a rapport on sunrise and today he will join beasley and shorten

    ps florence I think it was hanson on the death tax probably from the pynenut throw away line to collect HECS from the estate of exstudents.

    Yes jack cade for 6 years I have tried to point out that being fair is not left commo bullshit and 6 years begging labor to point out specific targeted arsehole errors like $50 billion for jobs in france to kill the ship building union instead of $20 billion to build subs here starting in 2015 but no progress from france so far to force the media to chase the big boys to be proactive when the raboott detours on the way to the airport to claim or joyce takes a car out of an airport on the way home from a wedding in india, having been dumped by gina, to claim inspection of a road. Or any of a myriad of errors from labor and lnp

    But I am alright jack pre-baby boomer with my pension and own home as are my children and grand children of ^@^@^#^$ off scummo and the rabbottian trump droolers my facebook is going happy and if you get caught in the squeeze I will try not to gloat.

  10. James Cook

    Totally agree, Alpo. And to the influence of Murdoch I would add the MSMs acceptance of/complicity with any press release from the Coalition. And, until our economy absolutely tanks under this mob and ordinary people are seriously suffering, we won’t see a change of government.

  11. Spindoctor

    Agree totally with Alpo, the awakening for me at a pre poll booth was the dumbed down ON and LNP voters demanding an end to Aunty because it was biased propaganda against poor Poorleen and the spotless Libs. I went to a Shorten public meeting and he was brilliant, fair, open and came over as a genuine caring person. The nation lost the opportunity to elect another Hawke or Whitlam. No wonder Murdicks nationwide rags, Sky,Jones.Bolt etc dominate the news spectrum with KillBill. Rupert with Scomos IPA budget cuts have effectively nobbled the ABC, so apathetic Aussies don’t get any news and information other than ‘crooked lefty unions want your money and leeching your tax dollars. Is it any wonder the lying nasty party won when the death tax/ franking credit lies were not stopped in their tracks. Commercial TV news was complicit in not shutting down Scomo’s shameless hypocrisy and lies. But they gladly took Palmers and Gina’s advert millions. So now we have the same rabble, as Laurie Oakes described, the racists, the cruel, vicious drunks and rorters back in power through fear. FU to the desperate on Manus, jobless living in cars trying to survive on Newstart, pensioners dieing on surgery wait lists and aged care neglect, Fat chance of real justice for 27k bank victims living and dead, or jail time for corrupt CEO thieves. Many called for a federal ICAC, but until we kick this rabble out corporate and billionaire tax haven loving big money will rort the nation still.

  12. Keitha Granville

    People weren’t willing to accept the changes that Bill was putting forward, they were too scared to try. They just wanted to believe the lies because they were easier, safer. If someone tells you it will be all right, that your job is safe, your money is safe, your house is safe – you are going to WANT to believe that, you won’t want to investigate to see if it’s a lie.
    Only when the rivers dry up, and the sun is too hot, and the aircon fails – then people will realise they were lies.

    and then it’s too late.

  13. DrakeN

    Political promises = comfort food.

    Likewise religion and commercial advertising.

  14. helvityni

    DrakeN, well observed, political promises are nothing but comfort food….

    Promises are the manna that makes us fat, then afterwards the unfulfilled promises drive us back to more eating, and we become truly obese….

    Time for gastric banding!

  15. Jack Russell

    The next three years of the lived experience of the fearful who grasped the “pretty” nettle, again, won’t be harvested by right-wing strategies in 2022. The coming dose of reality will be overwhelmingly against more of the same.

  16. totaram

    Alpo: I agree with you, except for the last line. As always, I am unsure that Lachlan Murdoch will not carry on the good work, and don’t forget, the rest of the MSM is now fully behind neoliberalism, with Kerry Stokes and even Peter Costello ruling the roost.
    And I will repeat my claim that you cannot ditch neoliberalism until you stop talking about delivering surplus budgets. That is home ground for neoliberalism and you cannot beat them on that. You have to avoid that at all costs. How exactly you decide to dodge that question is something I am not sure of (not being an experienced political strategist).

  17. Stephengb

    Damn good article with great comments.

    Neoliberalism, will only be defeated when the majority of the population realise that
    Money comes from the government and not from taxation.

    Taxes are not required for government spending.

    Read Professor Bill Mitchell.

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