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Reader’s poll: Should Tony Abbott stand aside?

By now everyone would be aware of this news (despite the story’s absence from most of our mainstream media groups):

A lawsuit by One Nation Party co-founder David Ettridge against federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will head to court next month.

Mr Ettridge is suing Mr Abbott for damages of more than $1.5 million. He has accused Mr Abbott of acting unlawfully in 1998 by assisting and encouraging litigation against One Nation in the Queensland courts.

If this action had have been against a Labor or Independent politician, Tony Abbott will be screaming that they stand aside. Like he did with Craig Thomson:

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has taken his attack on Craig Thomson to a new level, using parliament to call for the MP’s resignation just hours after the former union leader appealed to be left alone.

Mr Abbott has called for Mr Thomson’s resignation before, but not in parliament.

Or with Peter Slipper:

“. . . it is surely right for the Speaker to step aside to protect the integrity of the parliament”.

It’s good to know that Tony wants to protect the integrity of the parliament. Perhaps he could walk the walk – and not just talk the talk – by at least stepping aside while he faces his own demons in the court of the land which would of course protect the integrity of the parliament . . . enormously. What do you think?

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  1. Cool Pete

    Tony Abbott is a hypocrite. He is also a bully and a liar. Anybody who is prepared to stand by him has no morals whatsoever.

  2. Rossleighbrisbane

    There’s a basic flaw in this poll. Unlike the ones on Channel 9, it won’t let me vote twice.

  3. Steven Subhash James

    tony abbott should follow his own advice, guilty until he proves his innocence ! that seems to be the law of the land these day. I know christopher pyne, julie bishop, & joe hockey believe this. But alas.. only for everybody else and not the LNP ! step aside tony Abbott ! your own beliefs demand it !!!!

  4. Möbius Ecko

    Tony be the fair and honourable will show his integrity to the people of Australia and stand aside immediately.

    In reality he will skirt, shirk, shimmy, shiver, shamble, stumble, stagger and skulk away from this and do anything but the honourable thing.

    His supporters will make every excuse under the sun how this is different to his demands that Gillard, Thompson, Slipper and in fact the whole Labor government stand down when in reality it isn’t.

    Their name is Hypocrite after all.

  5. Cool Pete

    Well, there’s a positive about that Rossleigh, the trolls can’t manipulate the results.

  6. silkworm

    This case just got a mention on The Project.

  7. Murray

    lol @Rossleighbrisbane! someone should rectify this oversight.Get onto it! I have a forlorn hope that man and his reprobate gang of lying ideologues will present an epic fail. Their polling is as high as it can go even by MSN standards and that is a great height from which to fall.

  8. Steven Subhash James

    i wonder who the no voters are ? just kidding… probably the LNP front bench..

  9. Steven Subhash James

    tony abbotts next move should be to call for a royal commission on himself ! : )

  10. Min

    Steven, I beg to differ..the vast majority of Abbott’s front bench would like to see him step aside.

  11. Steven Subhash James

    Min, you know i think you are right, its a pity they are not brave enough to do anything about it.

  12. Roswell

    I see a late charge on Abbott. He now has 20 votes. :mrgreen:

  13. Bjorn

    The longer Tony stays, the better Labors chances at the September poll.

  14. kate ahearne

    Gosh! Would we rather see him stand aside so that Malcolm Turnbull can step up and put the LNP into an unassailable position? Or would we rather that he stay and face the music,day after day after day?

    Personally, I think I’d rather see him stay and watch him dodge the bullets. But I’ll sign the petition anyway.

  15. helenmarg

    We cannot have this man as Prime Minister. He is a bully with no respect towards people in this country.

  16. stevevii77

    Allegations of criminality have been against Tony Abbott. By the standards that Mr Abbott professes, he cannot accept his own vote in the House of Representatives. When a vote is called on the motion of No Confidence he has put on the notice paper for next month, I expect to see him dash for the nearest door.

  17. Amanda Mack

    I voted no. I loathe Abbott, but he is Labor’s best hope.

  18. Buff McMenis

    To be honest, my friend, I don’t give a damn! Hypocrites have never interested me. But Amanda Mack has an interesting viewpoint.

  19. Steven Subhash James

    looks like the liberals have got on this site, they are making up a lot of ground very quickly.

  20. Bruce Williams

    If he’s fair dinkum he should stand aside as he demanded that Slipper & Thompson do ,but I suspect that this won’t happen because the MSM will claim its a beat up by the Gov . It really grinds my gears I won’t buy a newspaper ever again I’m so disgusted with the obvious bias against The PM it makes me ashamed to be an Australian

  21. richard

    I would have voted no for the labor politicians so I will be consistent and vote no for Abbott. Innocent until proved guilts for everyone and just ignore Abbott’s demands.

  22. Marc

    The other case of Thomson is not comparable – Tony Abbot is not in power & is not on the front bench of the Government – Thomson’s case is criminal charges these are civil & its also nothing – He wont get anywhere – any compensation should be paid by the qld Government

  23. Michael Taylor

    Steven, I just noticed on a Facebook page than some Abbott supporters found a way of voting more than once. They’ve been doing it by disabling their cookies (which must be a nuisance to them).

    They have nothing better to do, by the looks of it.

  24. Shawry

    Little chance this is anything other than an attempt to smear Abbott publically. Most of these allegations and issues have already been tested and summarily dismissed as lacking in any weight. Am looking forward to how much this costs Etteridge if this court finds the same way.

    If there was a prima facie case to answer, then maybe this sort of idiotic claim would have weight, but this has already been investigated, tested and cleared.

  25. Marc

    From the findings of the Crime and Misconduct Commission Report January 2004;
    In conclusion, the Commission has not found evidence that Mr Abbott’s involvement in the case extended beyond what is already on the public record and was disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission in 1998. His involvement in the matter ceased prior to the decision by Judge Atkinson to have Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
    deregistered and approximately three years’ before any criminal charges were instituted against Ms Hanson and Mr Ettridge.

  26. Michael Taylor


  27. J.Fraser

    Should be good to watch “Slick” Abbott extricate himself from this one.

    And still there is the Electoral Commission to investigate, as well as Ashbygate.

    “Slick” Abbott’s “Operation Barbarossa” is starting to get mired down early in winter.

  28. Steven Subhash James

    thanks michael, why am i not surprised, is every liberal and national in this country crooked ? they dont want to hear any truths about anything ! they just want to manipulate everything to their own advantage ! they are really just a very nasty lot !!

  29. Shawry

    So, this set of facts have been tested already with no finding of any misconduct against Tony Abbott, but Etteridge decides in an election year to bring another form of the same action on the same facts, with little chance of success, for the (self admitted) purpose of discouraging his chances of winning the election. If this hearing lasts more than an hour, and ends with anything other than a massive costs bill for Etteridge, I’ll be very surprised.

  30. Shawry

    J. Fraser – I think the AEC have concluded their investigation with no case to answer as well. Good luck to you and your hopes though.

  31. ALP are gone

    The attacks on TA will fail as they have zero substance as per usual.
    Labor should focus on getting rid of their glorious leader before its too late, I hear Shorten the ‘Meat pie tough guy’ is gathering numbers…. Another leadership bid on the way, then you can get slimy Simy back as well as Kruddy…
    Best rug up Labor…your political winter is coming….

  32. Bob Evans


    but Etteridge decides in an election year to bring another form of the same action on the same facts, with little chance of success, for the (self admitted) purpose of discouraging his chances of winning the election.

    Oh………You mean like how Ashby could have brought those allegations against Slipper the whole time he was in the Liberal party, but instead chose to be an opportunist and bring the case against Slipper only when Slipper left the Liberals and there was a slim margin of seats for the government? You mean like that sort of timing and opportunism?

  33. Bob Evans

    I hear Shorten the ‘Meat pie tough guy’ is gathering numbers….

    Yes yes Rupert, I bet you hear a lot of things. Shouldn’t you be back on your own paper manufacturing rage against some Muslim/woman/afhgani/gay/unemployed or anyone who sips a latte?

  34. Shawry

    Exactly Bob. A little different in that the Ashby case still has not been heard on its merits – it was instead dismissed on the basis of the intent of the action. But essentially the same sort of cynical bit of timing essentially aimed to achieve a vendetta goal, instead of a genuine sense of victimhood.

  35. Shawry

    Oh, and Bob, there is the little matter than Ashby brought the action against Slipper barely 12 months after he first met him – not 15 years later. It could readily be argued that he brought the action pretty much immediately (in a sense of time taken in court matters) that it occurred. You couldn’t argue that Ettridge has taken this long to establish what happened, given he seems to have no evidence that wasn’t already considered a decade ago. That little difference as well. But you know, whatever makes you feel better hey?

  36. nev scott

    you dickheads he is being sued nothing criminal there..

  37. Shawry

    Hey Nev Scott – his lawsuit is based on the allegation that Abbott acted “unlawfully”. Is it handy to be able to scratch your nuts when they hang under your chin?

  38. Bob Evans

    essentially the same sort of cynical bit of timing essentially aimed to achieve a vendetta goal, instead of a genuine sense of victimhood.

    Wonder why Abbott didn’t see it that way? Wheres the morals? Where’s the leadership? Where was the religious adherence?

  39. Shawry

    That was the finding of the court – not what the intention of the participants was Bob. I’m sure if you try to, you can see the difference. Those involved still maintain they have a case that deserves to be heard. It was dismissed on an assessment of the judge of the court as to the intent. The Ettridge case has him admitting the intent is to test Abbott in an election year.

    Interesting that you chose to focus on that detail – helped you ignore the other pesky ones?

  40. Bob Evans

    there is the little matter than Ashby brought the action against Slipper barely 12 months after he first met him – not 15 years later.

    If you were assaulted or handled inappropriately. Would you wait 12 months to file a complaint or see the police? As they say, it’s all in the timing. But still doesnt change the fact that Abbott is a hypocrite.

  41. Brian Bell

    Being sued by a member of the public is very different from being invesigated by the police and have charges laid. If it was that easy I’d sue the PM tomorrow for lying to the nation.

  42. Bob Evans

    If it was that easy I’d sue the PM tomorrow for lying to the nation.

    Oh here we go. Haven’t you made enough of a fool of yourself today Alan over the Boston bombing?

  43. Shawry

    Just wondering Bob – at what stage in the approximately 4 months that Slipper and Ashby knew each other while Slipper was still in the LIberal Party should he have brought the action against him? The harassment (according to the text messages) occurred up to late October, with Slipper quitting the party in November. I assume you think he should have quickly whipped up his court case sometime in that 3 week window.

    Yes – that is “the whole time he was in the Liberal Party” that Ashby had available to him. Hmmm. Not sure you have a full and reasonable grasp on events.

  44. Bronnieb There

    This is a civil case between 2 people! Not a criminal case! Hey Shawry…gonna tell me to scratch my nuts too?! Wake up this is a nothing vote anyway!

  45. Shawry

    When did “Brian Bell” become Alan?

    He was bringing action less than 6 months after the events occurred. He commenced that decision making immediately.

    Ooops – I see now. I’ve offended your “waaaa it just is stop pointing out problems I don’ wanna talk about it” sensibilities.

  46. Steven Subhash James

    hey have you liberals forgotten already ? guilty until you prove yourself innocent !
    you lot really are not very bright are you !

  47. Shawry

    “Bronnieb” – Nope – you didn’t declare anyone who thought there was criminal allegations at the root of it “dickhead” after all. But there is a criminal allegation at the root of the claim (one that has already been dismissed but good luck to Ettridge – wonder who is bankrolling him).

    And the PM is being investigated with the chance of charges being laid, as it happens.

  48. Steven Subhash James

    yep ! it looks like the libs are playing dirty again with the votes ! maybe we should call them the liberal nazis ! instead of the LNP

  49. silkworm

    A little different in that the Ashby case still has not been heard on its merits – it was instead dismissed on the basis of the intent of the action.

    Wrong. The case was dismissed because it had no merit. The fact that Ashby undertook it for political purposes was a bonus judgment. Those who assert the case has not been heard on its merits are indulging in LNP make-believe.

  50. Shawry

    Much of the decision to reject the suggestion of offence and humiliation was made on the basis that the entire action was politically motivated. The Justice failed to consider the potential for harassment outside of the paradigm of an existing determination of the reason for the action. This is recorded and known and forms part of the appeal for the case. The contention is that the rejection of any harassment was made after the determination that the action was vexatious was reached.

  51. Pete

    It’s a lawsuit not a charge !
    So on this vein JULIAR Gillard should stand aside while Victorian Police delve into Union theft !

  52. Marcus

    Oh look, all the Liberal trolls are out in force today. Abbott was suggesting Thomson step down-even though no charges had been laid against him, same with Gillard. Ashby’s sexual harassment case was a civil case-but still Abbott demanded that he step aside. That case got thrown out because Judge Rares declared it an “abuse of process” & a “political conspiracy” involving Mal Brough (who still has Abbott’s support, btw), Prissy Pyne & Julie Bishop. Meanwhile, the abuse of process that resulted in Hanson being jailed was *never* properly investigated-by either the AEC or the courts, so Ettridge is within his RIghts to get his day in court. Either way, by Abbott’s own “standards”, he should step aside until this case is heard.

  53. J.Fraser

    “Has Murdoch made up your mind who to vote for” …. a resounding “YES” from “Shawry”.

    Ha, ha ha … and I am laughing at you “Shawry”.

    The “Slick” Abbott sideshow is just getting started and already the Liberal News ltd Party (LNP) are crapping themselves.

    The “Slick” Abbott cheer squad wont know which way to turn soon.

    The communications fuhrer (70%) is not happy that “Slick” Abbott’s Broadband policy was so badly received by Australians that the fuhrer will have to give “Slick” Abbott an in field promotion to resurrect his falling popularity.

  54. Bronnieb There

    Poor little Labor Party stooges…we really are clutching at straws with this one aren’t we?! rofl……your party is heading to oblivion and I can’t wait 😉

  55. Shawry

    Pete – I get the theme. The suggestion that when it came to Slipper and Thompson it was Tony Abbott who said they should remove themselves while allegations were dealt with. Therefore, will he follow the same logic and step aside himself while this is dealt with? They miss several critical differences in the lack of criminal investigation (despite there being an allegation of a criminal act at the core of the allegation) and the fact that a legal body has already tested these facts and found no case to answer.

  56. Marcus

    “And the PM is being investigated with the chance of charges being laid, as it happens”. Yeah, yeah, Shawry, so you LibTard trolls have been claiming for the better part of 20 years. You morons really do exist in a completely alternative universe, where Liberal Lies are the unvarnished truth.

  57. Bob Evans

    When did “Brian Bell” become Alan?

    Sharp as a bowling ball Shawry.

  58. Shawry

    Laugh if you like J Fraser. The ignorant normally do when they can’t think of anything to say. I’m quite happy to suggest that I reckon I’m better informed on most of these issues than the average person, from many sources. If it makes you feel better to pretend I’m not so you don’t have to confront the problems with your side of the debate, whatever you need to do to keep your fragile self esteem intact is for you to do champ.

  59. Shawry

    I’m obviously missing something there Bob. Never mind though – cling to that. You can call that one a win if you need it.

  60. Marcus

    “and the fact that a legal body has already tested these facts and found no case to answer”. Really, Shawry, got any evidence to back that ludicrous claim? Abbott’s attempts to pervert the course of justice have *never* been tested in court, & I’m sure that this matter will result in an actual investigation of the matters that occurred at the time. The problem is that retarded Liberal Party trolls like you are too thick-headed to see how using Courts to destroy political opponents is an abuse of process & a threat to our democracy (just as letting one man control 70% of our media).

  61. Shawry

    And on the poll, it seems votes in favour of Abbott have spoiled the lefty circle jerk. Booo – nobody gets the cookie.

  62. Bob Evans

    Anyone get the feeling that an email has been sent out to LNP bloggers that infest the likes of Bolts blog to come and descend here like flying primates and quiet this story down? It’s almost desperate.

    We even have the mouth frothers. JULIAR, election now! Ditch the witch.

  63. W.Flett

    Regardless of anything else, it appears to me that all most of you are intrested in is bashing Tony Abbott and the Libs, GET OVER YOURSELVES, JULIAR DULLARD, is going bye bye’s very soon , throw up all the B.S. under the sun that you can, you losers will not change that.

  64. Steven Subhash James

    lets just face facts, you liberals continually refuse to tell the truth about anything ! I know and you know it ! and since you lot are practicing christians : ) I am sure that you know that god is watching you, and god knows everything that you have ever thought said and done ! wow your in big trouble now !

  65. Marcus

    ” The ignorant normally do when they can’t think of anything to say” Yep, that describes you perfectly, Shawry. You remind me of the idiots who ran around declaring a Republican victory for the 2012 US elections way back in March of that year. All the polls, they said, were pointing towards a wipe-out for Obama. Well, we know how *that* turned out, don’t we? Still, I guess if you only get your “facts” from News Corpse, then intelligence isn’t your strong suit!

  66. Marcus

    “JULIAR DULLARD” Oh dear, Flett, way to prove just what an ignorant moron you truly are!

  67. Shawry

    ROFL – possibly the most ignorant bit of stupidity I’ve read yet Steven. I plan on voting LIberal, and am not Christian or any other religion. As for the lack of truth crap – seriously? There was some pretty good and sensible discussion going on here from some people who seem to care and are informed. Maybe you should leave the adults to it hey?

  68. Bob Evans

    Interesting to see how many of these LNP staff bloggers have just just theaimn tonight to vote on this poll and derail this thread? With their well worn and recycled ad hominems.

  69. Steven Subhash James

    adults , where ? all i see is a lot of nasty people telling lies ! you deserve the contempt that i hold you in ! your nothing but a tony clone ! and a very pathetic one at that !

  70. Shawry

    Is that easier than answering the questions Bob? You don’t feel shallow and empty inside?

    I can tell you I have never been a member of any political party, or worked for any. I care about politics in Australia, and pay attention to understand what is happening. Not sure about any vote rigging – this is my first visit to this site and have no interest in derailing anything. The article attached to the poll was linked on another site.

    It really is interesting the number of sites that are out there spouting politics and claiming “independence” though. Might be independent from major media ownership, but they are rarely unbiased in base viewpoint. Interesting developments in modern media for mine.

  71. Shawry

    Steven – if you had given me any sign whatsoever that your opinion mattered to anyone other than you, I might be concerned. But I really couldn’t care what someone as ignorant and offensive as you might think. Start by showing some basic knowledge of the topic at hand, and you might be taken seriously.

  72. Mum of 6

    So Gillard will have to stand down too since there is a criminal investigation (not civil) into her actions over the awu union fraud then……

  73. Steven Subhash James

    shawry, how many times have you voted tonight ? naw forget it ! you will just lie about it anyway ! wont you.

  74. Shawry

    Can’t talk for anyone else Bob – but I can tell you I have never been a member of or in any way worked for any political party.

    I am interested in politics in Aus, and work to learn about what is happening. I only found this discussion because someone linked it to another site – didn’t even know this particular “independent” site existed prior.

    I find it fascinating to look at the number of “independent” sites filling in the gaps in media coverage of issues currently. They may well celebrate their independence from major media ownership, but very few are unbiased in their base viewpoint. Most are at least as bad as the News Limited in that regard, without even the slight governance that the major outlets have around them to temper opinion. It is a really interesting dynamic that is changing how information is shared. I’m yet to decide if, overall, more information is good or if the quality of information is being degraded by the lack of “supervision” (for want of a better word) of the “independent” outlets.

  75. Steven Subhash James

    shawry i know it ,and you know it ! your full of shit !

  76. Shawry

    Once Steven – I’d ask but I reckon even if you wanted to vote more than once, you’d lack the intelligence to figure out how.

    Like I said – think what you want. I reckon you should just celebrate that you are thinking for a change.

  77. Shawry

    That’d be “you’re” – not “your”.

    A little effort and even you can get the basics right.

  78. Shawry

    That’d be “you’re” – not “your” Steven. Put in a little effort and you might one day have an opinion people care about and respect. It is hard to take you seriously when you lack the literacy of my 6 year old.

  79. Michael Taylor

    A number of people on Facebook – who despise Abbott – have said they voted ‘No’ because they want to see him remain in Parliament because he’s Labor’s best asset.

    I can relate to that.

  80. W.Flett

    You don’t know me and you are calling Me a liar, you are obviously not a practising christian, our lord does not expect us to be door mats for the likes of you, that witch DULLARD has completely ruined this wonderful country and OMG, what on earth do you think you know about God? God knows everything that I have ever thought said and done, yes100% correct, big trouble, I don’t think so, God tells us to stand up to the likes of you, don’t assume you have any idea about how I or anyone else relates to God, it is none of your business you pretentious little creature.

  81. Shawry

    LOL Michael. In the same vein you would heard the cheering in my house when Rudd failed to stand in the leadership spill recently.

    Neither party is at a high point in their histories at the moment.

  82. Bob Evans

    Is that easier than answering the questions Bob?

    I didn’t realise there was a strict requirement for me to answer yours, but you not to answer mine. Sorry mate, I must of got a bit starstruck with your self importance.

    You don’t feel shallow and empty inside?

    You mean like the Boltites and Jonesian acolyes that shriek JULIAR? I guess they are ok hey Shawry? Yet you single out and deride Steven for similar tactics. Admirable.

    It really is interesting the number of sites that are out there spouting politics and claiming “independence” though.

    You mean like political sites that call themselves “news”? Or Lobby groups that pretend they are institutes and are interested in the public’s affairs?

    Interesting developments in modern media

    Yes and all the more power to them I hope, instead of plutocrats pretending they are being “fair and balanced” and providing unbiased “news” to shape public opinion for vested interests.

  83. Steven Subhash James

    well shawry i am smart enough to have your attention, you pompous prick !

  84. Bob Evans

    @Mum of 6

    So Gillard will have to stand down too since

    Has Gillard asked others to stand aside like Abbott has?

  85. Shawry

    My mockery Steven. Doesn’t take intelligence to get attention – you are like a cat video on You Tube. Makes no sense – but fun to laugh at for a little while.

  86. Col

    God knows everything that I have ever thought said and done,

    I(f so, then he/she has lots to answer for. Why can’t you be responsible for what you say? Seems to me you are a child.

  87. Steven Subhash James

    and i have been around long enough to know bullshit when i smell it ! and you really do emit a very foul stench.

  88. Bob Evans

    ay caramba @ W.Flett. Ye Gods.

    Your benchwarmers are inspiring Shawry.

  89. Steven Subhash James

    but you still stink all the same. my thoughts are open, unlike others who say one thing but do the opposite..

  90. Michael Taylor

    My apologies but a lot of comments are getting caught up in our spam filter. I’ll be back in the morning to clear them out, so in the meantime don’t get too concerned if your comments don’t appear immediately.

    I’m working on fixing it. 😯

  91. Shawry

    Several in Labor suggested Mary Jo Fisher should have resigned (I think she should have too, but for the reasons that allegedly led to the shoplifting rather than the charge itself) when she was facing a charge Bob. Both sides find positions on this sort of thing alternately convenient and annoying depending on who is involved. But Gillard has always (so far as I can recall) supported the notion of procedural fairness.

  92. W.Flett

    Marcus? Who the hell do you think you are, do you know me? No. What can’t handle ” JULIAR DULLARD”, TRUTH HURTS DOES IT YOUB TWIT. She is a proven LIAR and OMG, D U L L, can’t stand the sound of her whiney horrid voice, no one I know can stand the stupid red headed witch, for Gods sake, she has done so much damage to this country, don’t call me a moron you muppet, get over yourself and go cry in a corner somewhere, Tony Abbott runs rings around that poor excuse for the “leader”? of our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. freddy

    Gillard should stand aside for her role in the AWU slush fund .Talk about ripping off union members

  94. Shawry

    Seriously Bob – you are desperate enough to build a straw man based on others who share my side of a debate? Wow – how’s Steven working out as your tag-in option?

    And Steven – computers don’t yet distribute smells from other users back to you. If you can smell something foul – it is all coming from you champ. Oops.

  95. Roswell

    Freddy, are you blind?

  96. David

    From what I have seen on this site it appears to be very one sided – to Labour. All I can say is roll on September to get rid of Juliar and the rest of the losers who have destroyed this country.

  97. Shawry

    I do understand though Bob. You don’t like the political view of most of the media, so you celebrate the “independents” who share your opinion and herald them as the coming of fairness. Never mind that they are at least as biased – they are biased “your” way so that makes it ok.

    You must be celebrating this new world of media thanks to technology. You can seek out your opinion and then agree with it.

  98. Roswell

    David, do tell me, what has been destroyed?

  99. Bob Evans

    Well W.Flett, it’s hard to argue with Marcus’s point. It is quite convincing.

  100. David

    My livelihood along with many others.

  101. Shawry

    Marcus – you might have heard of the AEC and the Crime and Misconduct Commission? Both legally empowered and respected bodies? No? Ignorance? Though so.

    Glad you agree that using the courts to destroy political opposition is a bad thing. Exactly what Ettridge has admitted trying to do.

  102. Bob Evans

    You must be celebrating this new world of media thanks to technology. You can seek out your opinion and then agree with it.

    Oh yes, I literally run and skip with glee and twiddle my fingers with delight. Once we get to 70% coverage of all newspapers and 100% of all commercial talkback, I can can feel like you then. What utopia it must be.

    We could even tell people they are buying “newspapers” because it say “news” on it.

  103. Shawry

    Well, this has been fun. Cheers all. Steven – for the laughs, cheers. Bob – been fun.

    Passion is always a positive sign.

  104. Roswell

    David, I’m genuinely sorry to hear that.

  105. Bob Evans

    Exactly what Ettridge has admitted trying to do.

    Interesting . What was his admission exactly? Was that verbatim, or your special sauce paraphrasing?

    I like what the judge said about the Ashby case.

    “”Rather, they read as if the participants were discussing the political ramifications of Mr Ashby revealing material that was sexually and politically embarrassing and that would compromise Mr Slipper and his position as Speaker,”


    ”damage Mr Slipper in the public eye and political arena with any information they could find”.

    Please quote hi exact admission as you see it.

  106. nev scott

    since julier is also under investigation shouldnt she also stand down ,i mean this happened over 15 years ago you lot are really grasping at short straws

  107. Steven Subhash James

    shawry, oh you stink alright, your not christopher pynes love chilld are you ? because like you he is also a pompous prick ! you know people are smart in many different ways, just as people are silly in different ways. but some people have morals, and care about a lot of different things. because everything in this world is connected. if we change one thing it has an effect on another, so we need to be careful of what we decide to do. the problem with the LNP is that they only care about money and power. they dont care about the consequences of their decisions on others less fortunate than them. or for the health of the world . so shawry your main talent i feel is being a pompous prick who is full of shit !

  108. W.Flett

    Well BOB EVANS, Obviously anyone that has a different point of view to you and MARCUS, apparently are morons, I am so glad that I live in a free country and am allowed to have an opinion, I would have to assume from your comments that you would both prefer that anyone who does not agree with you lot be shot or be locked away and never be seen again, do you also think that Hitler was a good guy? Get over yourselves, if you can’t handle others having an opinion, maybe you could move to one of those places where people like you have control of everything, I suppose you both are also in favour of women being bare foot and pregnant.

  109. Ricky (Tory Torcher)

    He should apply his own parliamentary code of conduct, oh wait he has none… Mighty big chickens flying home to roost, wonder if they were on the MSM radar? A delayed Boomerang of bad judgement.

  110. mischmash1

    LOL..The Abbott stooge trolls from Bernardi’s Menzies House are looking so desperate jumping on every poll they can find..what much is Cory paying them? Is it tax payers money Cory?!;) Things are lookin’ good..Tony is Gone-ski!

  111. Matt

    What a crock of shit, why should Abbott stand down, did he make the ruling? No . Did Abbott act as judge and Jury ? No Did one nation file the correct papers and cross all the T’s and dot the I’s ? No . Did One nation manage to offend 60+ % of the nations people ? Yes . The court made the ruling not Abbott. Did Abbott do what his party asked ? Yes, can you blame one man for what a party decides ? No. Did one nation get a fair trial ? who knows only the court knows the answer to that one, but you would assume that the answer is YES. One Nation and the writer of this article are grasping at straws. There’s a big difference between Thompson and Slipper and this stupidity about Abbott. Slipper’s derogatory terms to females and inappropriate behaviour is undeniable whether the court thinks so or not, and that disrespect brought shame on the whole parliament, especially what Mr Slipper said about a female member of parliament. As for Mr Thompson there are how many charges leveled against him ? over 100 and the leftist union is out for his blood to, you really are a mug if you think this hasn’t brought shame to parliament. Abbott has only been accused by one person , by some one crying over split milk. Abbott didnt make the ruling or judgement passed down, this is along way from the actions of the others in this article. How about Julia Gillard. isn’t she under investigation ? A=Yes . Doesn’t Julia Gillard also have another investigation in the magistrate court over treason, that has never been dealt with ? A=Yes Is there not real evidence to that treason case, that’s not been acted on ? A=Yes . So if Abbott should stand aside , should not Julia Gillard, and shouldn’t she face these charges in court ? A=Yes Seems to me the leftists are over reaching trying to shame Abbott, when its the leftist that have far more shame on there hands to worry about than Abbott does. Labor monkeys the lot, the writer of this article and those agreeing that Abbott should stand aside, are a complete joke. Fact is a court ” Magistrate ” made the ruling after careful examination of the evidence supplied by all party’s including the electoral commission, surely you are all not saying that its corrupted ? and that Abbott is capable of corrupting the court, the magistrate and the electoral commissions submissions ? Before you cast a stone or write a piece like this maybe you should think first, engage your brain, cause this is one wild out there piece of crapola. Not a Abbott fan, but this is crack pot bull dust and the writer should be embarrassed. One question to the writer of this stupid article : are you the one writing Julia speeches ? cause I wouldnt be surprised if you are, cause her speeches are as lame as this article ” this muck raking exercise your on”, complete load of bull dust. I know we all have freedom of speech, it doesn’t mean its all intelligent speech though, and judging by this article that applies more than ever to this piece of un-note worthy journalism.

  112. mischmash1

    LOL..The Alan Gloria Jones boys are here. 😉 Renovation boys..toilets a specialty!

  113. mischmash1

    Sorry Matt..all wrong..The PM is not under any investigation..only from toilet loiterer Alan Gloria Jones..I bet you loooooooooovce him.;)

  114. alexia

    I voted in the negative, howeber I did this bevause l believe that him staying as the leader of the opposition is better for Julia’s chances of maintaining her office

  115. Bob Evans

    I would have to assume from your comments that you would both prefer that anyone who does not agree with you lot be shot or be locked away and never be seen again

    You assume a lot and assume incorrectly. Many of us don’t subscribe to your chaff bag democracy.

    do you also think that Hitler was a good guy?

    Oh hello non sequitur.

    I suppose you both are also in favour of women being bare foot and pregnant.

    Wait, now you are a salesman? I agree with your proposal, but only if it’s by me. Imagine………..if they walked around not covering their legs, or heaven forbid, got naked sometimes *fans himself*, oh lordy lordy.

  116. Bob Evans

    Did One nation manage to offend 60+ % of the nations people ? Yes .

    Matt, I think you miss the point. Everyone ( except for one nation fans) would agree that One Nation were a bunch of nutters. Ironically, they occupied a position on the political compass that Abbott now occupies.

    It’s Abbott’s double standards that are in question. Without trial and before any conviction or outcome, Abbott asked Thomson and Slipper to stand aside. Where was his moral compass? Where was his religious conviction? Where was his leadership, when he asked them to step aside a long time before any conviction or outcome? If it’s good for them, why not Abbott?

    I know we all have freedom of speech

    Sorry, I skipped to the end of your rant, as you failed to break it up with paragraphs and make it into any sort of meaningful construction. But this bit at the end was interesting.

    Australia doesn’t actually have any explicit freedom of speech laws:

    Hence why you don’t find stories about the benefits of being a rock spider or being a member of a hate group. Although listening to commercial talkback, or reading papers, one wonders about the latter.

    “Free speech” has limits.

  117. Min

    Bob, at least One Nation were honest in what they thought and what they proposed..with Abbott one must often have to read between the lines or refer back to his history to know his true intentions.

  118. Min

    On the subject of free speech, yes we in Australia have this but with every freedom there are responsibilities. If a person such as Andrew Bolt chooses to exercise this freedom by writing things which are not only inaccurate but defamatory, for example against Aboriginal people then the consequences are that the person ends up in court with a possible conviction. Bolt retains his freedom of speech and others retain their freedom to prosecute him.

    However, it is Abbott who would deny people this particular freedom via his promise to overthrow s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. People are always free to speak, but of course in any well regulated society there must be consequences as protection against defamation.

  119. Bob Evans

    Bob, at least One Nation were honest in what they thought and what they proposed..

    I guess they had that appeal yes. Despite their failings, their transparency was appealing to many.

  120. Dr Right

    Lol, many of you complaining because there is even any support for Tony Abbott. I thought this was The Australian Independent Media Network.. Everything I have read on this site is bordering radical left wing vomit. I guess you pray on the stupidity of the left. You believe that by placing the word independent in your title that viewers will think you independent. Well it works for those of you with an IQ of 80 or less (actually pretty high for ALP supporters). You are as independent as North Korea is a Democratic Peoples Republic.
    By the way, any mention of Jail time for Abbott proves your stupidity. It is a civil case not criminal. The criminality of Tony’s actions were looked at 9 years ago with no issues the way I have never voted for Tony Abbott.
    To prove your independence, please link me to a story (on your site) where you tell viewers about how close the Victorian police are to arresting Julia Gillard on fraud charges. I wont hold my breath waiting to see such an article on this site,

  121. Roswell

    Dr Right, if you want something right-wing then feel free to lounge about in the safe confines of the Murdoch online media.

  122. Shawry

    To the original post about this story being “absent” from most of our mainstream media groups – I’m struggling to find a single one that hasn’t reported it. Perhaps you could name one “mainstream media outlet” that doesn’t carry this news to back that seemingly inaccurate claim up. I mean I know everyone of the Left likes to pretend all their woes are based on biased reporting, but this seems just a little over the top even by their low standards. Cheers.

  123. Shawry

    There is an inherently good point in Dr Right’s post. We have 2 leaders of the major parties proposing to stand at the next election to become, or remain, PM. One is under investigation for criminal activity by police. The other is Tony Abbott.

    But I guess that is just media bias as well.

  124. Roswell

    Do I look like the sort of bloke who believes in conspiracies? 😉

  125. Patrick D

    Interesting thing is that Etteridge is broke, and to employ lawyers for this type of lawsuit, you would need to cough up the money up front
    So who is paying Ettridge,s legal bills? I don,t think you have to dig to deep to find the answer to my question
    The answer would be either the ALP or the Unions

  126. Roswell

    And you type call us lefties conspiracy theorists. 😯

    Yours takes the cake.

  127. Kimberly Beck

    Tony Abbott can stand down when Julia Gillard, Nicola Roxon, Bill Shorten, Craig Thomson, Peter Sipper and Co stand down. They ALL have very QUESTIONS to answer.
    This article is hilarious. “Independent Media Network”? Yes, of course, just like PIGS FLY.

  128. pterosaur1

    Judging from the troll invasion, I’d guess the far right delusionists are worried by the prospect of abbott’s hypocrisy yet again being demonstrated thjrough his failure to stand aside as he has demanded of others.
    They have plenty to worry about 😈

  129. Bacchus

    What is it with the right and apalling comprehension skills? 🙄 I blame the media magnates for the “dumbing down” 😉

  130. Shawry

    Nice one “pterosaur” – wondered when we’d get the first “I’m too stupid to argue coherently so I’ll shout “TROLL” and feel better about myself”. Took longer than I thought (unless I missed someone earlier, in which case I apologise and move you to 2nd on ladder).

  131. pterosaur1

    How unusual 🙄
    Good to see your honest enough to self-identify.

  132. Shawry

    Bahahahahahaha – how embarrassing. The best you have is “I know you are but what am I?”. Poor little fool.

  133. Bacchus

    You’ve caught a live one there pterosaur 😉 Intellect the size of a pea, ego the size of a planet. It’s pretty obvious he gets all of his “riding instructions” from the likes of Smith, Pickering, Bolt, Jones & Akerman. Not a single original thought to be found anywhere 😆

  134. Shawry

    ROFL Bacchus – is that what passes for intelligent addition to the debate for you? I guess you have to deal with your limitations in your own way.

    Sorry to intrude on the circle jerk though. Didn’t mean to – thought there was actual thought going on here. My mistake.

  135. LOVO

    Writers Poll: Should Shawry stand aside??? ….for the use of obvious derailing tactics used by ‘Menzies Hovel’ type echo chamberists……….or should ‘we’ just *scroll* him….. tough choices there I know. 😀
    Tony shoots himself in foot and gets ‘Shawry’ type ‘ilks’ to lick it.
    One wonders whom the Abbortt is going to get the $1.5mil from to stop the case proceeding… wonders how that W.A. women is going to hide the “gift”. 😛

  136. LOVO

    Writers Poll:- Should Shawry stand aside???? .. for the obvious use of derailing tactic(s) favoured by ‘Menzies Hovel’ type echo chamberists. 😛
    One wonders where the Abbortt will obtain the $1.5mil he needs to stop the case proceeding…… one wonders how the W.A. women will hide that “gift”. 😛

  137. Shawry

    Wow LOVO – you really want that cookie.

  138. Bob Evans

    Lol Bacchus @ “riding instructions”. Spot on. Shawry has rage radio on in the background and is scouring the bolt and Ackerman blogs as we speak , trying to work out what to be told to think next.

    Definite case of “Has Murdoch made up your mind who to vote for yet?”.

  139. Michael Taylor

    “Circle jerk” was a term someone else used to use here. Is Shawry a sock puppet?

  140. Michael Taylor

    An interesting observation. Shawry’s last five comments have been submitted from five different ISP addresses. That’s a trick generally reserved for trolls and sock puppets in an attempt to cover up their true identity.

  141. Bacchus

    Most likely some sort of malignant, myopic, malicious, moron Migs :mrgreen:

    A lot of them sound the same because the source of their “talking points” is what they have in common 😆

  142. Shawry

    You guys really love your self reassurance to avoid actually challenging yourselves don’t you. Keep patting each other on the back and pretend all is ok.

    Michael – might just be the result of me being on mobile internet, but, you know, whatever you need to think hey? Should we add ignorance of technology to your other issues?

    Anyway – just wondering if you can name a single one of those mainstream outlets not to carry this story. The point made in the initial post. Just one for a start – don’t even need you to get to the “most” you claimed. Just one to start with.

  143. Shawry

    But – it would be fun to check it out. Can you list the 5 different addresses for me?

  144. LOVO

    Shawries, et al, I only eat biccies……. you might want to consider that at your next tea party 😉

  145. Shawry

    Will keep it in mind Lovo. 😉

  146. LOVO

    Shawries, anyone….. I have been trying to find whom the LP will be preselecting for the seat of Warringah in the upcoming election…. alas with no luck…… should I keep searching or would I be better off waiting until after the LP convention in July???? ….any assistance will be graciously received 😀

  147. Shawry

    I suspect that won’t be announced until after the convention Lovo. I haven’t seen any people putting their hand up for that futile exercise so far. All the evidence suggest the ALP will need all their good candidates to hold what they have. Trying to win new seats is well down the list of priorities I would reckon.

  148. jane

    Patrick D, who’s been paying Ashby’s legal bills? Or don’t you care to discuss that? Probably not as it not only involves Liealot, but also Brough, Sloppy, Prissy, Brandis and who knows who else.

    If that goes pear shaped the Liars MPs are going to be a bit thin on the ground.

    As for the Ettridge case, LIelaot lied to both the AEC & the Parliament about the slush fund he ran to prosecute and imprison Hanson. He should stand down for that alone.

    Then we’ve got the defamation case against him.

    Another reason he should stand down, if he follows his own rules of conduct.

    Another of his high moral stances, which he’s very quick to apply to Labor, but not to himself and the mob of crooks occupying the shadow front bench.

    And there’s his rorting of Parliamentary expenses. Claiming travel and accommodation expenses while on private business.

    God knows what we’d find if we did a sweep of the whole rotten borough! There’d hardly be an @rse sat on the opposition benches.

    Oh, and you have to have a cackle about the moral outrage from this mob of cretins wrt Obeid, until they turned over another rock and found Sinodinos and a gaggle of Liars crouched under it.

    pterosaur,1, you’ve got to feel a bit sorry for poor old shawry,

    Would you like to be a shawry, having to lick the wizened foreigner’s boots, wipe Gina’s bum and listen to Anal, day in, day out. It would turn the most good natured person into a slavering gibber monkey.

    Perhaps we should send flowers?

    No doubt he’s telling on you back at the Liars Indoctrination Centre Menzies House. They’ll give him a quick inoculation of Liars zombie juice and he’ll be let loose again, like all the other Liars trolls.

  149. Shawry

    Fantastic bit of work there Jane. Well done you. So, you are upset that someone wants to know who funds Etteridge, but not Ashby. Then you go on in your delusional little fantasy to suggest that only the Opposition benches would be harmed by a sweep of all rorting.

    Sad thing is you might actually believe that. Clever illiterations though. Well, “clever’ is a little strong but wanted you to know I appreciated them.

    Must be a sad little world you live in – ranting at everyone you are jealous of. Seems to be pretty much everyone. Just think – by all indications in 6 months or so you can actually be angry at the Government. At the moment you are left with nothing to be proud of as an apologist and are sad enough to be ranting and inventing crap about the Opposition.

  150. pterosaur1

    Still reckon they’re not actual people Bacchus, rather the “products” of the sort of persona management software, I’ve linked to in other threads.
    Granted, such sofware needs “drivers”, and paid or not, they sound jointly like the pathetic losers they (and their puppet idol are).

  151. Shawry

    Seems you need to do that to avoid having to actually think about your own opinion Pterosaur. Otherwise you’d actually have to consider the facts. Most likely the result of actually considering the facts once and discovering unsavoury truths.

    But thanks one and all. Been a fun visit into one of the few remaining bastions of ignorance and imagined perception. I feel stupider for spending time with you all, but am sure I’ll recover. You lot on the other hand – keep pumping each other up. Don’t let the real world get you down. Chin up gang – fight the good fight and all that. With practice you might actually stop looking so uninformed.

  152. mischmash1

    LOL..Tony’s fan boys are looking like big sooky dummy spitters..just like Tony all wind with no substance..Great news..Tony’s Gone-Ski!;)

  153. Bob Evans

    Does anyone know if Shawry actually had an argument, as opposed to just arguing?

    Oh well. Back to the loving embrace of the right wing MSM, we he can look around 360 degrees and feel comfort in the knowledge that everyone else there looks and bleats like a sheep also and being guided into pens is the norm.

  154. Möbius Ecko

    And another one runs away sooking not to come back. Problem is like all Liberals they lie and come back time and again.

    Is it that hard for them to be honest?

    Yes. If they are honest they have nothing lucid to argue with on behalf of their distorted right wing ideological position and for a dishonest gormless extreme right wing leader who is morally corrupt.

  155. emailaverse

    I repeat.

    “An interesting observation. Shawry’s last five comments have been submitted from five different ISP addresses. That’s a trick generally reserved for trolls and sock puppets in an attempt to cover up their true identity.”

    …troll would’ve crawled back under its bridge by now – obviously a sock-puppet.

  156. Bob Evans

    Yeah, as much as I didn’t agree with him, I agree it’s possible he was posting from his mobile phone, as I have done the same with probably half my posts. Therefore it is likely he had a dynamically assigned ip from the telco.

    It would be interesting to run those ip’s through a show ip information tool:

    Then see if they are all by the same mobile provider and within the general area.

    I also firmly believe in the HBGary persona management software and know it is widely used by lobby groups and political groups to manufacture fake grass roots opinion. After all, this site doesnt use captcha phrase technology, so it’s easy to do.

    But I don’t think Shawry was one. He answered specifically. The HBGary bots are more like random one off comments and more general.

    It’s also likely that Shawry and others like him voted multiple times from their phones, or used proxies to come in from another address.

  157. Shawry

    And I repeat, ignorance of technology is your problem, not mine. One computer – couple of internet sources “emailaverse”. I though one of the flock here not understanding that was bad enough, but you’ve repeated the stupidity.

    Yes Bob – remember, it was what you spent the last 24 hours studiously and somewhat hysterically ignoring and distracting from. And Mobius – “word of the day” toilet paper is it? Or did you read that somewhere and figured repeating it was worth an effort. Bit like our studious host who has contributed to the “conversation” while studiously ignoring the point that part of his premise for the article being written is patently a lie.

    I am happy to participate in any forum where views from any side are expressed, just like I read every source of news I can find (both independent and mainstream). I like to see opposing views, and discuss reasoning for those views. That reasoning is sadly missing from this little flock of bleaters – little wonder you hide here and pump each other’s tyres up. I guess you make each other feel better – but stand little chance of actually learning anything of value. It is quite amusing though – you hide in here exclusively with those who agree with you, and complain about your fantasy that others do the same. Thanks again – none of you have provided a valuable or reasoned argument, but you’ve given me a laugh.

    Forgot to block out of the email update, and I nearly snorted my coffee at Mobius sad little attempt to sound intellectual. Fixed now.

  158. Shawry

    Well done Bob – one person who thinks (even if just a little). Well done you. I voted once, simply because the poll is irrelevant and I have no interest at all in the outcome. Bit like the site in general really. Check the IP’s – I actually invited the host to do exactly that but it seems he didn’t like what he found and decided not to come back or he might have to answer a point or 2. The sort of mindless one sided behaviour you decry that is!

    I did rate you a chance of some intelligent discussion. You seem to have fallen to the level of those you associate with here though, which is sad.

  159. Bob Evans

    Yes Bob – remember, it was what you spent the last 24 hours studiously and somewhat hysterically ignoring and distracting from.

    What the? I need an interpreter for that. Your blathering. You sure your drinking coffee?

    And what happened to leaving?

    little wonder you hide here and pump each other’s tyres up.

    I think you are confused mate. It’s not a publicly listed company and has no advertisers or anything generating traffic and hasn’t been going for long. Hello? What did you expect? Instant competition with Murdoch? How brave.

    And in case you havent noticed, MSM here, especially Ltd news & Faifaux have been losing money hand over fist. People are tuning out. More and more people are discovering they are avenues for Oligarchs and little to do with providing unbiased information on events around them. You could count the amount of lefties at Ltd News on half a hand. And every blog of theirs is right wing.

    Faifaux is now playing catch up since Rhinehart came on board and you cant honestly say Faifuxs radio arm is anything but right wing 100%.

    Most of the TV is in conservative ownership or directed by and the ABC has an over allocation of conservatives and right wing lobbyists infesting it’s board and organisation.

    You can’t deny people are get their news now increasingly from less traditional mediums. They hunger for both sides of the story and they don’t get it from our MSM.

    Australia’s media is completelt saturated and over represented by conservative to right wing views now, which of course you will deny and be totally unaware of either. Because you sing from the same hymn book.

  160. Bob Evans

    I did rate you a chance of some intelligent discussion.

    Mate, sorry no one can meet your superior intellect that only you can see.

    Getting too many typos, going to bed. But Shawry, don’t you think it’s a bit hypocritical this stance you have about Independent Media’s bias, when you probably consume mainly conservative MSM and nod approvingly at all the comments and stories that agree with each other. Then say to yourself, how accurate their opinions are?

  161. Michael Taylor

    So I’m not on Shawry’s beck and call. Perhaps it’s because I was busy doing other things. Or perhaps it’s because I don’t bother with your rubbish.

  162. Michael Petterson

    In reference to your comment that ” the ABC has an over allocation of conservatives and right wing lobbyists infesting it’s board and organisation.” I think you might be watching a different show to me. On some issues they don’t bother to present the other side at all,as they are required to do by their charter,which if they continue to be paid taxpayers money, I’d expect them to do. The independent Media may have a bias but they aren’t being subsided and if you don’t like them,don’t read them. It’s your choice to do so.

  163. Gilly

    Excellent article Michael, another position TA should relinquish is that of leader of the coalition, remember he won by one vote, Peter Slippers, and that is a vote he will no longer accepts.
    Also thank you for showing that truth is not only anathema to TA, but also his fans. Sad little lot if they had a second neurone it would be lonely, but they are good for a laugh, bless them.

  164. Shawry

    LOL – was just in blocking the email when I saw this from Michael. Nicely done – of course you did enter the debate having read comments long enough to moan about me, but didn’t use that time to actually address the issue. And here you are using the time to do exactly that again. You’ve read the question, and yet find whining is better use of your time than actually answering it?

    Bob – that is basically what I’m talking about. You seem capable of rational and intelligent thought, but don’t bother to try because your cheer squad demands such low standards. You pretend to want to discuss things, but don’t actually read comments and dodge anything inconvenient at the same time. It is funny – I mean the idiots are funny enough, but watching apparently intelligently people squirm to avoid actually discussing an issue is funnier. Cheers again.

  165. Shawry

    Haha – another muppet into the mill.

    Just by way of clarification Gilly – Abbott actually holds leadership of his party by exactly the same margin as Julia Gillard does. There’s a bit of that “truth” you claim to like, and then go and ignore.

    That email block didn’t take for some reason. Better try again. This is fun though isn’t it.

  166. Brian Bell

    Bob Evans – its Brian Bell here just home from work but I doubt if you know what that is from all your comments on this site. Lets get something straight if you ever try to associate me with someone who makes derogatory remarks about something as serious as the boston bombing I’ll sue you.

  167. silkworm

    Oh Shawry, you are so clever. I wish I was like you.

  168. LOVO

    Shawrys still working ….it……I see….. same old, same old…. at first I thought this troll might be a bit….a bit, umm, ‘refreshing’… in so much as putting an different slant on the rhetoric…..but alas….. same old, same old……. I’ve seen ’em come…and I’ve seen ’em go,… same Troll…. different name…. *yawn*
    Tony should stand aside because he ‘stands’ for people like Shawry 😛 😆 ……. Shawry should stand aside because he’s just an nay-saying contrarian trope 😛 😆
    Julia should step aside…… and let ‘Train Wreck Abbortt ‘ do his train wreck…….for me it’s not so much about watching Labor win, it’s more about the joy of watching Tony lose 😛 😆
    Two more terms of PMJG…….. sounds about right to me. 😛 😛 😛

  169. 730reportland

    ” Reader’s poll: Should Tony Abbott stand aside?”
    Nah, l want to see him do the `Full-Hewson` on Sep-14, then get mauled by the `Hanson` crowd. lt will then send the into meltdown. More Fun.

  170. LOVO

    7.30…. I hope he does a Howard at election time… and loses his seat……. now thats what I would call a double dissolution 😆

  171. Bob Evans

    In reference to your comment that ” the ABC has an over allocation of conservatives and right wing lobbyists infesting it’s board and organisation.” I think you might be watching a different show to me.

    We digress. If you are a conservative, that would be your perception. And I hear it parroted by conservatives all the time, passed on by the likes of Bolt, Jones, Ackerman and stable mates. Always backed up by rhetoric and no evidence. In a world where the MSM in our country is saturated with conservative views, it is a shock for conservative fans to hear a view that is critical of the coalition and not fawning over them.

    There are 20 or more conservatives that either went to the ABC from the Liberal party or came from the ABC to the Liberals over the years. To less than a handful of Labor.

    They have their own shows like Counterpoint and numerous Liberal political bloggers. And the right wing lobby group the IPA gets 61% of the air time compared to the other side.

    And Mark Scott is the Md:

    There has been just one single case of bias brought against the ABC.

    And the public trust the ABC as a news source more than anyone else.

    Dont present the other side of the story? Like having Michelle Grattan on every single day to present a conservative only view? Yes, indeed. You see a different ABC than I do.

  172. Bob Evans

    but don’t actually read comments and dodge anything inconvenient at the same time.

    I could say the same about you. Several people have mentioned the same thing. You seem to be here just to argue and be polemic.

    Please state what it is you want answered.

    I voted once, simply because the poll is irrelevant and I have no interest at all in the outcome.

    I think everyone knows that here. We know online blog polls are rubbish. I would say the poll is just a bit of fun. But was WAS funny, is how quickly all these new commenters emerged from the wordwork to comment for the first time & click on the poll. Like defcon 4 went off around LNP circles. What a poll?! Quickly, we have to descend en masse to defend. A poll everyone , a poll!

    By the way, you said you were alerted of the poll from another website. What was it out of curiosity?

  173. Bob Evans

    Lets get something straight if you ever try to associate me with someone who makes derogatory remarks about something as serious as the boston bombing I’ll sue you.

    Being a bit precious aren’t we Brian? Your big on this suing thing aren’t you? Your opening post was about it also.

    Why come onto the thread with a troll like comment you have parroted from the likes of Jones and other right wing pundits? Not only does it lack evidence, but it’s low rent.

  174. Möbius Ecko

    “There has been just one single case of bias brought against the ABC.”

    And that turned out to be single letter written by none other than a good friend of Richard Alston, which was then blown out of all proportion into rabid ABC left wing bias that in the end found no such thing.

    Howard from memory had three enquires into ABC bias and the most thorough one that went on tone of voice, harshness of interviewer against interviewee, questions asked and not asked, reverence/deference to PM etc. did find a bias, a slight bias in favour of the Howard government.

    None the less it did not stop Howard engaging in a wholesale gutting of the ABC and stacking the board and management with his own toadies, and for sake two on the board who were openly scathing of the ABC and wanted it commercialised.

    On the back of that enquiry Howard also employed an oversight of the ABC at great cost, the head was somewhere around $250,000 to $280,000 pa from memory, and got rid of the in house ABC employee representative on the board. No surprise that the oversight was stacked with a Howard appointee and toady.

    The oversight required that every single piece that was to go to air be vetted and approved before it went to air. Talk about stifling freedom of the press and speech.

    As I read and listen to the right wingers go on in their attacks against this government, mostly on projection, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of hypocrisy they continuously display without batting an eyelid, even when it’s laid out on an open sheet in front of them.

  175. Tom R

    So, any news yet on abbott keeping to his own words and standing down? 😯

  176. Roswell

    You really are a pain in the arse, Shawry. You’ve had your fun, now please quietly disappear.

  177. pterosaur1


    The HBGary bots are more like random one off comments and more general.

    I wondered about that – perhaps an “Expert System”, capable of machine learning (with a little oversight) , using a database of stock phrases(output), linked to “trigger” terms, identified with OCR (input) would be up to the task? Minimal supervision of multiple sockpuppets would ensure an occasional “direct answer” override in order to “cement” authenticity?

  178. Bob Evans

    Pterosaur1 , you might be right there. It’s been a couple of years since the first persona management bits were released. So in that time they have probably made some serious advancements.

    But even back then they had a huge impact on twitter manufacturing fake grassroots outrage on behalf of political parties and corporations. Who knows what they can do now.

    On top of that. There are real people who’s job it is to be political bloggers and post comments all day in support of their ideology and attempt to derail any threads/posts/sites that draw attention to their failings.

  179. Bob Evans

    Oops, sorry about the typing, lol. Damn auto correct on the mobile keeps changing the text.

  180. pterosaur1

    Thanks for the reply Bob.

    I’ve encountered (as do we all :evil:) many trolls over time – the occasional inconsistencies wrt “local” side issues, currency, law, favoured enemies and epithets indicate to me that such software is indeed in use.

    The “simpler” software used in “manufacturing fake grassroots outrage” could probably also be “trained” through such uses to “improve” the personae I suspect.

    Another good reason to “scroll the trolls” 😎


  181. Möbius Ecko

    And yet again Abbott’s blatant double standards are on display.

    A Labor pollie says something unsavoury and Abbott’s front and centre demanding they be immediately sacked.

    One of his own staffers says something very unsavoury, and probably a portent of things to come under Abbott, you know the Aboriginals best friend as he’s been there, and it’s a gentle admonishment and let’s move on.

    Why the hypocrisy and the media not demanding Abbott hold himself to the same standards he demands of others?

  182. Bob Evans

    Agreed. More Abbott hypocrisy .

    For the Coalition and LNP there are two distinct subsets of Aboriginals.

    Aboriginals sitting on potential mining resources = Good Aboriginals

    Every other Aboriginal = bad.

  183. Möbius Ecko

    So after initially denying his staffer made a throat cutting gesture and threatened indigenous funding, then saying it was minor and we should move on, Abbott has now demoted the staffer for the thing Abbott said he didn’t say.

    Candle in the populist wind is your Tony. Only acts virtuously when he thinks he can’t get away with acting immorally or if he believes the MSM will give him a free kick in the populist stakes

  184. Brian Bell

    Mr Bob Evans just for your high and mighty record I don’t parrot anyones opinion. I read a news article on line and added my view as I see it. I actually live in Western Australia and have never had the chance to listen to Alan Jones in fact I had no idea who the Alan was that you tried to tie my comments to until you later made that clear. I live by the motto that I respect your right to what ever opinion you have and would never crawl down in the gutter and slag off at you ever time you express them. I see that a form of insecurity that I’d be so scared that someone doesn’t agree with me that I would have vilify them. As I said what happened in Boston was a tragedy and your flipent throw away line was completely direspectful. I wouldn’t waste any time replying to this because I will never be back as it appears its all about trying to show who’s got the biggest dick and mine is too small to compete.

  185. Bob Evans

    Abbott has now demoted the staffer for the thing Abbott said he didn’t say.

    Ol weather vane Abbott. His personal opinion was to dismiss it. Once hearing public opinion, he changes his mind. Predictable and spineless.

  186. Möbius Ecko

    And I can guarantee like Howard who blamed all his failures on the failure of his staffers, promised to admonish them or discipline them but always ended up rewarding them with promotions and generosity at the tax payers expense, Abbott will be rewarding his staffer for taking the fall.

  187. Solusnauta

    The TA staffer that made the throat slitting comment appears to have also attempted to make a deal with the reporter that he would supply inside LNP info (leak info) if the reporter kept quiet. TA is happy to demote him and accepts the fact that he has a rat, or a leaker within his party……..go figure

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